10 BEST Games of 2020 [FIRST HALF]

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2020 has already seen tons of great games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more. Here's what we've been enjoying.
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#10 Maneater
Platform: PC XBOX ONE PS4
#9 Gears Tactics
Platform: PC XBOX ONE
#8 Half-Life Alyx
Platform: PC
#7 Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Platform: PC XBOX ONE
#6 The Last of Us Part II
Platform: PS4
#5. Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord
Platform: PC
#4. Call of Duty: Warzone
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
#3. FF7 Remake
Platform: PS4
#2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Platform: SWITCH
#1. Doom Eternal
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Resident Evil 3
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Nioh 2
Platform: PS4
DBZ Kakarot
Platform: PC PS4 XBOX ONE
Platform: PC

Czarina Artagame
Czarina Artagame Day ago
Dragon city is the best its number 1.its totally great try it plsss
P N 4 days ago
I would have replaced gears tactics with chimera squad.
neo Aliens
neo Aliens 4 days ago
They made this video 'cause they can't resist the idea of putting The Last Golf of Scavanger in it and try to sell it. Not gonna work fools. Black Mesa is better!
Hayze Productions
Hayze Productions 6 days ago
Man eater? that looks like a complete rip off of the Jaws game back on PlayStation 2 and Gamecube.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 7 days ago
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traderpax 7 days ago
I didn't like the new FF7 game. Preferred the old one.
Sandeep Reddy
Sandeep Reddy 9 days ago
Where is resident evil 3?
Sayooj Chikku
Sayooj Chikku 9 days ago
The last of Us part 2 should be in No.1. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Pathetic gameranx
lmzsource 9 days ago
Kamil Jurewicz
Kamil Jurewicz 9 days ago
They are adding swimming to Animal Crossing? That's CRAZY!!!! Gameranx should be in dictionary under overreaction definition.
Dražen Ban
Dražen Ban 10 days ago
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if u subscribe i will sub u back
if u subscribe i will sub u back 11 days ago
Olajumoke Alex-Bature
Olajumoke Alex-Bature 11 days ago
DaddyManThiccBoi 11 days ago
no persona 5 royal or xenoblade de, yet tlou2 is on here.....yeah okay.
Weltschmerz 12 days ago
Bannerlord is the worst -,-
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
cool video keep up the amazing content
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
coole video
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
cool video keep up the great content
Jeronimo Boymans
Jeronimo Boymans 12 days ago
great video keep up the great content
Zacktlb1995 12 days ago
Get The Last of Us 2 out of this list and add Ghost of Tsushima
Stephen Blake
Stephen Blake 13 days ago
Terrible top 10!!
Beastassassin 132
Beastassassin 132 14 days ago
There’s just no good multiplayer games anymore everyone is just making shitty BRs
The worst 5k subs until school starts
The worst 5k subs until school starts 14 days ago
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Kuro Kage
Kuro Kage 14 days ago
Best Video Game Characters on my channel, you guys may like it. ✌🏻
Sayan Naskar
Sayan Naskar 15 days ago
Free fire is a no 1 game in the world
alberto nunez
alberto nunez 16 days ago
Fallout 76!!! lol
Keon Goring
Keon Goring 16 days ago
You lost me at last of us 2
MichPi 18 days ago
Last of us 2 higher on the list than CoD, yhm
Neil Allhand
Neil Allhand 18 days ago
We can all vouch for the fact that vr is great but it’s expensive and takes a lot of space
Homare Tokutomi
Homare Tokutomi 18 days ago
Where the heck is persona 5 royal
Kicks n Audio
Kicks n Audio 19 days ago
What game would u suggest of i wanted to start a gaming channel
Thirty Thirty
Thirty Thirty 19 days ago
🥰 mount and blade 2 🥰 the rest is boring as usual. CoD-Warzone too pretty good. yes. currently the best shooter and the best battle royal game. the only pc game where the developers do something against cheaters. top. best anti-cheat software & verification system right now. very, very, very less cheater. 👍i haven't had such a good feeling and fun with a first person shooter in a long time than with CoD Warzone (support of the developers is too very good) much updates and every month a new season pass etc. etc. love it. top.
Yasin Hasan
Yasin Hasan 19 days ago
thanks for reminding me that i have a switch, such a lame console
Connor Roberts
Connor Roberts 20 days ago
Brisk Clown
Brisk Clown 20 days ago
Agree to disagree definitely sound like you were bought smh🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Ali Hani
Ali Hani 20 days ago
TLOU2 is my favorite
Zyro 20 days ago
Gunther Wurm
Gunther Wurm 21 day ago
I hate battle royale games like I genuinely hate this genre of games and am seriously tired of these bigger companies wasting their damn time putting these horribles games out just for the sake of making tons of money.
Isteal L
Isteal L 21 day ago
doom eternal deserves that spot 100%
JTWO 21 day ago
I love watchingg gameranz Awesome content. Kudos
Jerry 21 day ago
the best game in my opinion for build Make warriors and attack game is: world of warcraft 3
Ced dad
Ced dad 21 day ago
Nioh 2 best
Zarni Maung
Zarni Maung 21 day ago
The only thing I'm dreading about FF7 Remake is that I have to watch Aerith died AGAIN! The original was already damn sad and heartbreaking. Now, we gonna have to watch it AGAIN with more detailed modern graphics. My heart is already aching as I type this.
Lucas Russo-Weatherly
Lucas Russo-Weatherly 21 day ago
How is this telling us which games are the best your just telling everyone the most popular titles out there that most people already know about
卍36卍Wa44en 22 days ago
Banerlord nomer one☝🏾
Samuel Romans
Samuel Romans 22 days ago
Is that "manhunter" or"maneater"? Make yah damn mind up boi
Lyneo 22 days ago
Bro animal crossing is def not number 2, heck i even think stardew valley is better than that game. But then again its just my opinion, so dont take it to heart if you actually like the game
Noob Master96
Noob Master96 12 days ago
He said the cultural impact the game had is why its in top 2
JTWO 22 days ago
Awesome content, this is my favorite channel
Maher Gaming
Maher Gaming 22 days ago
be like youtuber
be like youtuber 23 days ago
bad channel
Stiles Stilinski
Stiles Stilinski 24 days ago
I can't Take this list serious because there is no Persona 5 Royal
nicholas richards
nicholas richards 24 days ago
Where is spongebob battle for bikini bottom rehydrated ????????
kill Bill
kill Bill 25 days ago
No dragon ball z ?
Don Bebe
Don Bebe 25 days ago
The Last of Us Part 2 gets too much hate. I’m not gonna be like those people who claim it’s gonna win game of the year or it’s as good as the first one because it’s not. At least story wise. Although the story was incredibly unsatisfying and I mean really unsatisfying the game was still most definitely really good. The gameplay was great and a huge improvement from the first. It felt really satisfying. And oh my the graphics were amazing. Even the story was good. Was it satisfying? No. However, it still left an impact on me days after playing. Though the impact it left was feelings of sorrow and anger. But I think that’s what Naughty Dog was aiming for, which means the story achieved its goal. Still the story wasn’t great, satisfaction aside, the writers made some really dumb decisions like making us play as Abby for half the game. I have my problems with the game (not gonna list them all), but it’s still the best game of 2020 so far for me personally. To not even put it in the top 5 is a sin.
Aleksandar Aleksandrov
Aleksandar Aleksandrov 25 days ago
Gears Tactics was so boring and kinda bad... such a pity :(
XxDivine EnigmaXx
XxDivine EnigmaXx 26 days ago
Ya whatever you say iceman Chuck liddell
Moses Douglas
Moses Douglas 27 days ago
2nd half 2077 for sho Ghost of T maybe I hope Maybe AC Valhalla?
Shyamak Vaibhab
Shyamak Vaibhab 27 days ago
Resident Evil 3 Remake?
Helgrafs 28 days ago
Desperados III was very good
Godzilla 14
Godzilla 14 28 days ago
We’re is predator hunting grounds