The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt - Official Trailer

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The Grand Tour

11 days ago

Because Epic didn't really work. The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt.
Launches 18 December only on Prime Video.

Usman khan
Usman khan 48 seconds ago
James whodat Moore
James whodat Moore Hour ago
Hope to see season 5 in maybe 2 years
Daniel Knight 17
Daniel Knight 17 2 hours ago
How many episode of grand tour
Армен Маргарян
Армен Маргарян 5 hours ago
Хоть что-то хорошее в этом году.
nahom dereje
nahom dereje 8 hours ago
About God damn time!!!!!
Tornike Chkhikvadze
Tornike Chkhikvadze 9 hours ago
keep going guys! :*****
Bubba Bong
Bubba Bong 9 hours ago
LOL WTF did I just watch?
Chopin1995 9 hours ago
I bet it was Jeremy's choice of music! And again a good choice!
Leloko Seupi
Leloko Seupi 9 hours ago
I hope its 10 hours long
Mad Megatron
Mad Megatron 10 hours ago
hammond still cant drive for gods sake
Diamond Fatima
Diamond Fatima 13 hours ago
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OlgasikPatrol 14 hours ago
Когда уже ?
Timmy limmy
Timmy limmy 14 hours ago
I was expecting Richard being taken away in a air ambulance and his car down a hill
WiFi gaming
WiFi gaming 15 hours ago
I want to see but I don't have prime
Zim 16 hours ago
Год ждали!!!Амазон розродился!Ну лучше позно чем никогда!
kcooga 16 hours ago
Everyone: OMG A NEW GRAND TOUR Video:(has 3.8 million views) Amazon:i’m gonna pretend like I didn’t say that
Mahdi Astanei
Mahdi Astanei 16 hours ago
come to iran
fluide fluide
fluide fluide 16 hours ago
It's almost like Christmas has come back !! It's all going tits up but we have the lights of our lives have returned.
Steve Keen
Steve Keen 17 hours ago
"A massive hunt" bit harsh i think jeremy's a sound bloke
Andy Calarco
Andy Calarco 19 hours ago
They got the best job in the world... FACT!!
Peter Gregson
Peter Gregson 20 hours ago
Launches on the last day of school
Omer Mubashir
Omer Mubashir 20 hours ago
kelvin simeros
kelvin simeros 21 hour ago
finally! 😎😁
Haunted Chronicles
Haunted Chronicles 22 hours ago
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!
minij hooi
minij hooi Day ago
"Omg! Omg! Holy shit!" I just took a lap around my living gf -"let me guess, you just saw the new GT commercial"...YESSS
Combo Fails
Combo Fails Day ago
Привіт Українцям 🇺🇦
theodore Dow-man
theodore Dow-man Day ago
What is this, a commercial for a show that we still haven't seen?
Im excited to 123movies this.
Ivo Vasilev
Ivo Vasilev Day ago
I thought this was about Amber Heard, but then I realized it was HUNT with an H. Viva Johnny Depp!!!
Kacper Kuźma
Kacper Kuźma Day ago
Its the Best information in 2020
muhittin samba
muhittin samba Day ago
Bond Lav
Bond Lav Day ago
Бентли танк украли идею у Кости Академика
LordShitBird Day ago
this better be 11 hours long.
Clain Wahyu Darmawan
Clain Wahyu Darmawan Day ago
Sem*n and now a massive *unt.. Well done good sir haha
Kevin Kern
Kevin Kern Day ago
I hope they make it back to Top Gear. 1 special a year is not worth my prime membership.
Ratchet Day ago
Hell yarrrr
Mahmud Hasan
Mahmud Hasan Day ago
Can't wait. Please let it be longer than previous episodes.
Affable-one Day ago
Darin Cates
Darin Cates Day ago
STUPID they paid $10,000 to use that Who song for the fakest lamest forced unfunny bullshit TV show in history.
FurkaannT Day ago
Fınally something exciting at thıs show
Le Patron
Le Patron Day ago
Rio Mahatra
Rio Mahatra Day ago
Grand tour 4?
Feel Maker
Feel Maker Day ago
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Joe 2 days ago
We've missed you guys!!!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 2 days ago
God bless them. Thats gonna be the only good point of this year.
Shivek Aniruth
Shivek Aniruth 2 days ago
James Peterson II
James Peterson II 2 days ago
Lol An Epic Hunt.. sounds dirty
wiktorz 2 days ago
Nothing can go wrong
Jommy 2018
Jommy 2018 2 days ago
They are literally looking for the next episode of the grand tour
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 2 days ago
Finally something to ease off the 2020 stress
Saurabh Gadekar
Saurabh Gadekar 2 days ago
Want way way way more of these guys... Will do with more seasons of JM: Our Man in... Series!
Кирилл Цугаков
Кирилл Цугаков 2 days ago
Ну наконец-то!
Dalle Samllhals
Dalle Samllhals 2 days ago
OH it was Hunt - not ....! Now I get it.
Dalle Samllhals
Dalle Samllhals 2 days ago
@James Peterson II ..and you didn't get IT :-(
James Peterson II
James Peterson II 2 days ago
It was epic hunt ..look at description
joop hillbottom
joop hillbottom 2 days ago
AT LAST !!! Something GREAT for 2020 !!! My Son and I have missed u guys SO MUCH !
Hilux 00
Hilux 00 2 days ago
Is Richard Hammond tony stark?
Ryan Twomey
Ryan Twomey 2 days ago
fucking finally
Thunderdome 2 days ago
my fuckin stunt idiot idol....
QUENTIN30 CDUB 2 days ago
Does this mean they are finally coming
NeedForSpeed2004 2 days ago
A massive hunt… for the cure to COVID-19 I hope
Rallock 2 days ago
Карл Маркс
Карл Маркс 2 days ago
Предвкушаю бомбическую серию
Arturo Chambers
Arturo Chambers 2 days ago
That's awesome.
Anton Beukes
Anton Beukes 2 days ago
Cant WAIT! My Body is Soooo ready!
Alexander Shipman
Alexander Shipman 2 days ago
Finally something to ease off the 2020 stress
Иван Олифер
Иван Олифер 2 days ago
Ну, наконец-то, блять
Николай Огурцов
Николай Огурцов 2 days ago
Да неужели мы дождемся эту серию в 2020...
Слава Искра
Слава Искра 2 days ago
О Господи,это будет шедевр 😁😁
Hâte de voir l'épisode
bear v
bear v 2 days ago
These guys need to do a serious off road Cape York trip.
Alison Lima Music
Alison Lima Music 2 days ago
Hell yeah!!!!
Digital Networker
Digital Networker 2 days ago
I been waiting for a new show for so long this makes me so freaking happy I love these guys me its like im traveling where they are going its awesome please do more series
Johnny Plakidis
Johnny Plakidis 2 days ago
riccardo !!
riccardo !! 2 days ago
Dominik Gardian
Dominik Gardian 2 days ago
Clarkson Has hot aj new bentayga
SleekBlack 2 days ago
Yes... Bring it on!!
HJWB 2 days ago
Aaron Raminos
Aaron Raminos 2 days ago
😶 Well about time. e.eq
MR.REDSTONE 127! 2 days ago
Finally a new episode
Толяныч Толяновский
Толяныч Толяновский 3 days ago
Где и когда можно посмотреть?
Abubakr Bhyat
Abubakr Bhyat 3 days ago
When this is released it will have been 1 year and 6 days since the last episode. The worlds longest wait for dramatic effect
Хозяйские Будни
Хозяйские Будни 3 days ago
Ещё немного)
soinu foig
soinu foig 3 days ago
c21h30o2 3 days ago
Only reason I bought Amazon prime was for these three. When they leave I leave. Keep it up guys!
Leo N
Leo N 3 days ago
They’re back!!!!
aarontheobald 3 days ago
That’s some funny stuff boy awesome !
Ajax2295 3 days ago
What happened to sea men??
Bayer-Z28 3 days ago
It’ll be a sad day when these chaps stop doing this. 😔
Gary Flores
Gary Flores 3 days ago
These 3 need to go head to head with Tanner, Rut, and Adam. The most epic crossover.
Alex Shmalex
Alex Shmalex 3 days ago
Its about time
Steven Retro
Steven Retro 3 days ago
Can't wait :)
Hammy Rakotomanana
Hammy Rakotomanana 3 days ago
Next time call the club tana off road or mud gasy cars We are always ready for that kind of trip
Reefos Jay
Reefos Jay 3 days ago
Ummm excuse me Amazon.... where’s Seamen part 2????
Matt Norton
Matt Norton 3 days ago
"6:15" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $2715 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ
Elbaisland Elbaisland
Elbaisland Elbaisland 3 days ago
Absolutely n 1 🖤 Hail from 🇮🇹
Szalsoon 3 days ago
I cant waitng for
Monkey Wench Team of Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project
Monkey Wench Team of Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project 3 days ago
Robot Wolf Productions
Robot Wolf Productions 3 days ago
Cheehoo! Welcome Back Boys! So Stoked For This!🤙🏼
Karlheinz Wiedenroth
Karlheinz Wiedenroth 3 days ago
Tank You for this present.I Love These Guys😁😁😁😁
Virusnewful 3 days ago
Быстрей бы!
михаил михайлов
михаил михайлов 3 days ago
guernseyal 3 days ago
they should have called it "The Big Hunt" - sounds better!!
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