What If You Create The Cure For All Diseases, But It's TERRIBLE?

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6 months ago

You discovered a cure for everything, they called it.
You treated as a messiah as the savior of the new world, and it was indeed a new world to be enjoyed by all kinds of people.
Imagine what happen if you Create The Cure For All Diseases, But It's Actually TERRIBLE!
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In this animation video we share funny story about What Happen If You Create The Cure For All Diseases, But It's TERRIBLE?

The Unofficial StrikeYT
The Unofficial StrikeYT 12 hours ago
scp 500 all over again
Hooty Hoot
Hooty Hoot 17 hours ago
So this can cure the coronavirus?
Dd Aaa
Dd Aaa Day ago
Well time to kill of half the population of America.
Dd Aaa
Dd Aaa Day ago
And for legal reasons thats a joke
M. Isa
M. Isa Day ago
Kan boppy can take COVID 19
Tenya Cresento
Tenya Cresento Day ago
Sounds like twitter
Duck Man
Duck Man Day ago
*the scp foundation would like to know your location*
soggy dog yeetman
soggy dog yeetman Day ago
Wait ur a real Scientist
Joe No
Joe No 2 days ago
So the anti-vax movement and Boppy is vaccination.
HSIA YONG JIE Moe 2 days ago
Coronavirus: HOHo luckily they don’t use boppy HOHOHO
Sir Noobinton
Sir Noobinton 2 days ago
1:23 that's about the description of my food that I cook
Reallylongweshanks YT
Reallylongweshanks YT 2 days ago
Little did anyone know, this was SCP-500
Kerplis Elernel
Kerplis Elernel 3 days ago
Well, just take some water!
sahid alegria
sahid alegria 3 days ago
This is a good video I know but... Why is no one talking about the rubber is a father???
Cihloun 4 days ago
This will be great start of end Because if we make something like this our imunity system will just say "ok they don't need us" After this something new will come and We will die.
Elijah Rush
Elijah Rush 4 days ago
can It cure covid?
Andy Song
Andy Song 4 days ago
I need one now in case of Coronavirus
Claudia Santana
Claudia Santana 4 days ago
Wawertu iopsa SCP-500
Thomas Bolinger
Thomas Bolinger 4 days ago
Shame that I found this 6 months later. I've got a few good paranormal stories.
Alexander Fukes
Alexander Fukes 4 days ago
planet: literally explodes media: ITS GOVERNMENT CONSPIRCRACY
Mochi average bean dood
Mochi average bean dood 4 days ago
I’d not care on taste- I can’t taste anything really- I just like how weird things feel in meh mouth like Mochi or sum
sakila khaliluna
sakila khaliluna 5 days ago
Its Scp 500
Eyad Elzayyat
Eyad Elzayyat 5 days ago
TaxEvasion 1452
TaxEvasion 1452 4 days ago
Juan Miguel Angat
Juan Miguel Angat 5 days ago
what if boppy or scp-500 can cure covid-19?
TaxEvasion 1452
TaxEvasion 1452 4 days ago
they can, boppy was aid to cure everything, same with scp 500
Juan Miguel Angat
Juan Miguel Angat 5 days ago
HoW dO u kNoW wHaT mOlTeN gArBaGe In A cOw TaStE's LiKe?!
ChillSlender_ Scripts
ChillSlender_ Scripts 5 days ago
The Rubber, suffering from success
Lokustellus 6 days ago
I can’t believe his child looks normal when he has a very weird head
trixie cake
trixie cake 6 days ago
I am a face toll
trixie cake
trixie cake 6 days ago
Opp USshow update
Rahmat Abdullah
Rahmat Abdullah 6 days ago
Me: lets buy "BopPY" now to stop the corona aka covid-19 now! LatER * Founding out that " Boppy " didnt exsit * Me: * SobS *
newb 6 days ago
someone: *makes very good cure but it tastes so bad* people: WELL WE WONT EAT IT BECAUSE IT SUCKS covid 19: haha *eat it or be positive*
haleigh daughtery
haleigh daughtery 6 days ago
I'm sorry man
Gerasimos Nektarios
Gerasimos Nektarios 6 days ago
The story is an insecure guy unreality. OmG im goNNA suCCess so haRD anD CReate thE aLl cuRE aND eVEryOne wIll HaTE mE... a realistic approach to this is, they find you, they buy your "recipe", every pharmaceftical company makes different variation of the all cure. many people loses their jobs...in the millions, so the gov intervenes, research continues as normal and the pill is given only when other treatments are impossible to heal you.
Your Mom
Your Mom 6 days ago
if the pill cures every disease but its terrible, then it should give you ALL the diseases B)
100K Subscribers With No Videos
100K Subscribers With No Videos 7 days ago
He changed the title. It used to be something like "but it sucks" or "but it's crap"
Ceddy Carandang
Ceddy Carandang 7 days ago
is a scp 500
M N 7 days ago
me:takes red pills before dieing from cancer whats hapening wile every one looks at me evryone with a dise:GET THE PILLS
Mohamed Salah Ammar Mouhoub
Mohamed Salah Ammar Mouhoub 8 days ago
CatGirl Nya
CatGirl Nya 8 days ago
Boppy cured everything except for their stupidity. Boppy is a lie. Edit: also those guys are basically selling drugs.
Lokustellus 5 days ago
Ohh right, I read that wrong. Sorry!😅
CatGirl Nya
CatGirl Nya 5 days ago
@Lokustellus boppy did't cure their stupidty and the other thing is basically drugs. DRUGS I SAY, DRUGS
Lokustellus 6 days ago
No they are not. It just tastes really bad.
Blue Shark RBLX
Blue Shark RBLX 8 days ago
I have a paranormal story but how do i send to you?
Phil hatch
Phil hatch 8 days ago
Buy sister looks like your kitty
Metal Nerd
Metal Nerd 8 days ago
Like my mother used to say and I still believe it to this day: "The worse a medicine tastes, the better it will work."
SJM458 8 days ago
Boppy: treated every diseased and cured all medical diseases. The world: wE DonT LiKE iT bEcaUsE OF ThE tAstE
Edgar Edgar
Edgar Edgar 9 days ago
Everyone with Corona: I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!
Mirza Ramish Baig
Mirza Ramish Baig 9 days ago
Please do scp 1591 next please
I made you read this
I made you read this 9 days ago
My paranormal story. I like cycling. One day i was going to do 200km, beat a record. At 130km at an intersection i got a huge nail entering from the one side of the tire and leaving the other. I changed the tire completely. The next time, 3 days later i was with a friend cycling. At the same intersection my tire got flat. Not by a nail. From inner pressure. I was at the exact same spot the time i felt the tire going flat. I've only been to that intersection 2 times. It makes no sense. 3 months no flat tire. Suddenly on that same spot, 2 flats 3 days apart? For different reason? I don't plan on ever going there. I call it the curse road now.
Karl Aldrin S Sumalinog
Karl Aldrin S Sumalinog 9 days ago
Scp 500: **Wow. A replacement**
bee bee bee
bee bee bee 9 days ago
Mohd Hafizuddin Ruslan
Mohd Hafizuddin Ruslan 9 days ago
It taste good if hates it i will kill evrebody hates it and goooodbye
Mohd Hafizuddin Ruslan
Mohd Hafizuddin Ruslan 9 days ago
Oh you going down condor nobody mess with therubber
Clint Stroble Jr
Clint Stroble Jr 9 days ago
Why the hell are they chewing it USE WATER AND IT WONT TASTE BAC
Lard Lover
Lard Lover 9 days ago
1:09 *OR CORONA*
Sparky 10 days ago
Is like SCP 500
AdmiralPixxels 10 days ago
is this acctully true
zFerretHakai 10 days ago
Hmm scp-500 ripoff
Diler Mohammad
Diler Mohammad 10 days ago
No one even can make a cure that cleanse the diseases.
John Carl Ortiz
John Carl Ortiz 10 days ago
I hope HOPE that the media isn't this stupid and will never be this stupid.if this is real,god were dead.
my hand
my hand 8 days ago
It partially is These special snowflakes
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 10 days ago
Corona : Okay,my turn
Joshua Tordillo
Joshua Tordillo 10 days ago
there are many medicines that can taste like spoiled milk, and yet, they dont complain about it
Joshua Tordillo
Joshua Tordillo 10 days ago
they are stupid
Just A Sunset
Just A Sunset 10 days ago
is may taste like sh*t but its good for ur health just like yo mama told u to eat veggies :3
BEAST GAMER 10 days ago
Are you Indian because messiah is an Indian word
Jia Liang Tang
Jia Liang Tang 10 days ago
can boppy cure covid
Mr Owls
Mr Owls 10 days ago
People are that dumb but a temporary bad taste for a permanent cure sounds amazing even if pure fiction
Jesse Boykin
Jesse Boykin 10 days ago
Does it cure co 19
BlackTrap 10 days ago
*Covid-19 Is Quaking*
Happy Door Handle
Happy Door Handle 10 days ago
Yeah the story definitely doesn’t take place in a country with freedom of speech. Edit: Karen wants to speak to the manager of medicine.
calvin8ter aka speedr5303
calvin8ter aka speedr5303 11 days ago
Wait can it fix kidney.
Bolin CPR
Bolin CPR 11 days ago
Boppy was made *SCP Foundation wants to know your location*
Wuffi 01
Wuffi 01 11 days ago
so basicly scp-500 but not as good
Shaurya Banga
Shaurya Banga 11 days ago
ah yes a pill that will cure everything but karen syndrome and coronavirus
_ Ashley _
_ Ashley _ 12 days ago
Hold up- did this happen in real life????
Alex EMT Studios
Alex EMT Studios 12 days ago
People: We don't like the cure because it tastes bad Me: You are some idiotic wastes of food, oxygen and water.
Mr Juko Yt
Mr Juko Yt 12 days ago
We need that for corona virus 🦠
Boot Sticky
Boot Sticky 12 days ago
Now That My Friend Is Just Called A Suicide Pill
Spooket 12 days ago
i dont know why but i kinda feel angry now
Bouarapha Duong
Bouarapha Duong 12 days ago
Hey Make Boppy Scp 500
TheDarkness SideSon
TheDarkness SideSon 12 days ago
._. "ThIs PiLl Is HoRrIbLe" Say the ppl that think taste IS better than a cure to everything My friend if that pill really exist won day, i wouldn't even care about the taste Like, screw the taste, im sick and i want a medicine to help me ._.
Volts_Hype シ
Volts_Hype シ 12 days ago
Imagine having a pill that tastes bad but literally can cure ANYTHING but people bully you over the taste. Thats like saying "wow, cancer is way better then no cancer"
Chenterr 12 days ago
There is actually a scp that was a pill that cured everything even scp 008
Jiron Studio
Jiron Studio 12 days ago
all ya really gotta do is eat boppy THEN eat condor and boom ur cured and u gotta good taste in ur mouth
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen 12 days ago
*fuck those ungrateful bitches*
Aidan Jimenez
Aidan Jimenez 13 days ago
I’d try Boppy.
cubix rohan
cubix rohan 13 days ago
I dont give a shit i will eat a shit if it means getting rid if diabetes
Chris Ong
Chris Ong 13 days ago
I hope everyone that is against boppy have their whole family die because they think that stupid conder pill is good for them.
Super_Shotgun 13 days ago
scp-500 in a but mass produced and with a horrible taste.
Salvator Dracerta
Salvator Dracerta 13 days ago
It would taste better if you all DONT CHEW THE CAPSULE!!!
Tmb Potatoe
Tmb Potatoe 13 days ago
I think that's a good trade off at least your cured and the taste is just a couple of seconds
Andy’s Place
Andy’s Place 13 days ago
Uhh why
Tiki Studios
Tiki Studios 13 days ago
It's like scp 500!
Kristine Sharara
Kristine Sharara 13 days ago
who here searched up scp-500?
Kawaii Bear Girl Playz Roblox
Kawaii Bear Girl Playz Roblox 13 days ago
Someone:you a a-hole Rubber-that’s not me Someone- your a a-hole Me- *kick in the a-hole* how u like that?
AVNW FTW 14 days ago
The people are stupid because medicine or cures aren't supposed to taste good
Nepomuk Roblox
Nepomuk Roblox 14 days ago
Nepomuk Roblox
Nepomuk Roblox 14 days ago
Nepomuk Roblox
Nepomuk Roblox 14 days ago
Nepomuk Roblox
Nepomuk Roblox 14 days ago
Kenny Lile
Kenny Lile 14 days ago
Waverton 14 days ago
Moral of the story people are fucking idiots
ลมัย ศรีเทพ
ลมัย ศรีเทพ 14 days ago
scp 500
Phillip V.
Phillip V. 14 days ago
Scp 500: are you sure about that?
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