D&D Story: The Hero of Parnast (Part 2)

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

This is an animated part 2 of the story from the video "The Hero Of Parnast". This story is from my Dungeons and Dragons game, where the crew returns back to Parnast to uproot a nefarious villain who is sabotaging the town! Can the crew frame Wallace?
Part 1 found here: usshow.info/watch/AbWwHKYPSjc/video.html
End music from the USshow Audio Library "My Train's A Comin'"

oldmandandan 10 days ago
I know the newer stories are created through a different process of narration, but I find I enjoy stories like this more than some of the newer stuff. When Ben has had time to fully digest and internalize all of the characters, the narrative feels much more homogeneous. In these older stories, you can tell how Ben's memory washes out the original characterizations except where he goes meta to talk about the player's or GM's quirks. These old stories feel more like a Monty Python sketch where Ben plays all the parts. The new stories feel more like Ben covering the source material as accurately as possible, trying to get the story straight and respect the people who helped create the experience. Both methods are good, but perhaps they achieve different goals. I think I would really enjoy, in time, if Ben could do rose-tinted remakes or anecdotal outtakes of the new stuff into distillations that resemble these old stories closer.
Ragnarac 10 days ago
2 years later and I still want a part 3
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 20 days ago
I wanna see Wallace fight Abserd
Will Lavine
Will Lavine 23 days ago
I think WE all hate Wallace well at least I hate Wallace
Alex Ushcheka
Alex Ushcheka 25 days ago
Fuck Wallace
Niilo Fridén
Niilo Fridén Month ago
imran meers
imran meers Month ago
What campaing is this ???
Freeshbananadoo Boi
Freeshbananadoo Boi Month ago
I feel bad for Wallace
Average Gamer
Average Gamer Month ago
I hate wallace too ngl
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin 2 months ago
I wonder if Ad&d has this story
Erran Gale
Erran Gale 2 months ago
To be fair Wallace is just some dumb kid. The town is also a bunch of idiots who aren't doing him any favors by making him think he's a hero. So to fix that problem the players should slaughter the whole town and burn it to the ground leaving only Wallace alive, that way he has a standard tragic backstory to start him on the true path of becoming an actual hero.
The Wrusty Wrench
The Wrusty Wrench 2 months ago
My players would’ve vaporized him so I’d say yes, yours are lawful good for not actually doing anything to hurt Wallace.
Xien Tau
Xien Tau 2 months ago
Our DM once tried to insert a "Wallace" during a quest. ... As soon as we left the village, the group's spellcaster petrified him. We stashed him in a safe place and didn't turn him back to normal until after we'd finished the quest and gotten our pay. The excuse to the mayor went something along the lines of; "Yes, that's what happens when you're young, naive and think that trying to charge a basilisk from the front with no protection is a good idea." (He actually hypnotized "Wallace" into thinking that's what happened.) You know where your group stands on an NPC, when they specifically take a long rest before they set out, just so they can prepare the necessary spells to ditch them. And It's not evil because; 1) He's still alive, we just needed to uncurse him when we're done. 2) He's in no danger of being harmed, because he's safely buried and none of the local monsters eat stone statues.
Rodrigo Bueno
Rodrigo Bueno 11 days ago
And at my table, my group tried to make every ncp join then in the quest with them lol
Neg Leyk
Neg Leyk 2 months ago
Villain:Don’t move or I’ll hurt my hostage Party:Dance off bro, me and you
Yooran 2 months ago
I really would have just helped frame Wallace even if I was a lawful good character
Yooran 2 months ago
@Xien Tau it was mercy to what we should have done
Xien Tau
Xien Tau 2 months ago
@Yooran Player1: "Don't you think it was a little overkill to leave a forged confession note with Wallace's signature on it?" Player2: "...No, no it wasn't"
Yooran 2 months ago
@Xien Tau the villain can't fram Wallace if we already did
Xien Tau
Xien Tau 2 months ago
Villain: "I'm going to burn down the tavern and frame little Wallace for it!" Players: "Hah! You're too late, we already did that!"
manny dani
manny dani 2 months ago
Silver lining, next time trouble finds the town, they'll be relying on Wallace to save them from it...then you don't have to worry about going back to Parnast ;)
StateBlaze1989 2 months ago
I find it hilarious that whatever this module is just automatically assumed the players would instantly like and care for such a useless npc. This is D&D. The majority of players, when encountering annoying characters, would more than likely just kill them off regardless of alignment.
RednaxG 2 months ago
I feel bad for Wallace jesus
jay quickblade
jay quickblade 2 months ago
You know.. I think the reason this party hates wallace and the turtle freinds like the secretary of gaberiel is because they had a choice like they could dump her off if they wanted.. This party couldn't do that People hate not having choice
Jodeana ODonnell
Jodeana ODonnell 2 months ago
I'm kinda wanting to see more "Wallace vs the party" (thats what my friends call it)
nightwing 0186
nightwing 0186 2 months ago
And that's how parnast got two headless statues and one headless boy
Jayden Davis
Jayden Davis 2 months ago
Is it wierd that I made an adventurer based on little Wallace but a future version of him. He is human paladin btw.
Knyteshade 626
Knyteshade 626 3 months ago
Wallace's only crime (as far as the party is concerned) is that he exists.
that one Guy
that one Guy 3 months ago
is this from the campaign 'parnast under seige?'
PyroSparton117 3 months ago
So this has probably been asked but what module was this from?
Wildfire 432
Wildfire 432 3 months ago
Wallace is like a DnD version of Scrappy doo, replace him with Scrappy and you got another reason why they hate him
Herman Francis
Herman Francis 4 months ago
The villain was the writer of the module.
tootallforyou112 4 months ago
My evil sorcerer would love this adventure
Chris Leonard
Chris Leonard 4 months ago
Any one else just appreciate bens voices 😂
Matt Colin
Matt Colin 4 months ago
So, do you play without alignment penalties? Seems like your players should just be chaotic neutral. And before anyone says what I know they are going to say, you're wrong. CN is not 100% psychopaths that murder murder murder. Chaotic, despite what you think, means the PC DOES NOT care about the laws of any given region and WILL follow them if they suspect they can't get away with breaking the law. Neutral (good/evil not lawful/chaotic), means the player is free to take what they feel is the best course of action to inact justice or revenge. I can go on listing obvious and gymnastic-level-reasoning excuses as to why your lawful good character, whether paladin or not, would kill hitler if he didn't force you to. But I am tired of screaming into the void that should be your brain.
Richard Scanlon
Richard Scanlon 4 months ago
Hey sometime entire villages burn down at night....
Tsukiroll 22
Tsukiroll 22 4 months ago
Is this a module if so is it 4e or 5e I want to play it
The Weird and the Wonderful
The Weird and the Wonderful 4 months ago
To be fair, the party basically deserved exactly this kinda outcome for wanting to burn people alive to frame an innocent person just because they didn't like him. Karmic justice in action : D
Vee Plushie
Vee Plushie 4 months ago
Just because this is a module doesnt mean you cant MURDER WALLACE. I would sooner take no xp, no gold, change my alignment, and accept that i failed this campaign, then let little wallace get a statue.
jesternario 4 months ago
It took me a bit to find this adventure, Bad Business in Parnast. If that ending actually happened, I have to applaud Ben for the trolling he did to his AL group.
Andrés Prochnik
Andrés Prochnik 4 months ago
In a mutant and masterminds campaign I played the Anti-wallace. I saved hundreds of people from a falling plane by piloting it and the media framed me as a terrorist. I was a very skilled human with no powers and a ton of bad rolls. The name: The meta-hater
drag b
drag b 4 months ago
Gosh I would love to see this in person
Dragon Wolf3
Dragon Wolf3 5 months ago
The end where wallace got the fame I died
Orange Fox
Orange Fox 5 months ago
My DM tried to make a character similar to Wallace We decapitated the boy immediately.
Lotus 5 months ago
Love the idea of this random idiot child constantly failing upwards and becoming a Legendary Hero entirely by accident.
Braedyn Goodro
Braedyn Goodro 5 months ago
Take the shot...
undertale gamer
undertale gamer 5 months ago
Please return to parnast so you can finally kill Wallace
siobhan Dredge
siobhan Dredge 5 months ago
that new player srewed the plans to screw wallace
Rodrigo Bueno
Rodrigo Bueno 5 months ago
I think is just karma that the town loves the npc not the jerk ass characters...
Gamer Man
Gamer Man 6 months ago
5:10 and your fully grown adult gold dragon that you use for accounting!
Yellow Slug
Yellow Slug 6 months ago
Wallace is an absolute sweet roll in my opinion.
Thought Bubblick
Thought Bubblick 6 months ago
I legit want to see Wallace dead
Lord Lantern
Lord Lantern 6 months ago
Can we get a part 3
Raymond C
Raymond C 6 months ago
"We deserve a statue why does he get TWO statues?!"
ToxicMatter 6 months ago
I want to play this module just so I can hug wallace
Þórr 7 months ago
I would've just stabbed him
Mason Climax
Mason Climax 7 months ago
Listen, I get the entire point of this is that Wallace is just an annoying NPC, but he legitimately is a bad person. He is praised for actions done by others, and not ONCE does he correct ANYONE and give proper thanks to the party. This level of egotism, where you don't care about the actions of others as long as you get praise and revel in "your own" success is goddamn sociopathy. Wallace is a fucking sociopath.
Brainstorm1230 ID
Brainstorm1230 ID 7 months ago
Part 3: Wallace is found “mysteriously” dead.
Lisa Gaughan
Lisa Gaughan 7 months ago
The party hate Wallice out of jealousy. Wow.
Vinicius Pamplona
Vinicius Pamplona 7 months ago
4 some reason i think that as useless as he was he didn't deserved what he got in part 1 so i can't really hate him enough to not think the party asked for it.
Sean Pfister
Sean Pfister 7 months ago
Love your Eric cartman voice I get flash backs to stick of truth
morpheas m
morpheas m 8 months ago
we could use more story's with Wallace
Zemo Shade
Zemo Shade 8 months ago
They should have decided to track down the actualy villian and kill them in secrete so that the truth that would exhonerate Wallace would never come to light.
Carson Sugden
Carson Sugden 8 months ago
Is this from Hoard of the Dragon queen?
Kevin Stephenson
Kevin Stephenson 8 months ago
The party absolutely deserved Wallace taking credit twice.
Joseph Hanicak
Joseph Hanicak 8 months ago
I don't understand why they don't just throw Wallace off a cliff and laugh. I know I would.
Deadly Golem
Deadly Golem 8 months ago
I like Wallace Still wish he died tho
Neg Leyk
Neg Leyk 8 months ago
I keep seeing the sword of warning in the comments so I have a question What if a day went by where nothing bad happened? What would the Sword of Warning do that day?
dale wilson
dale wilson 8 months ago
Ad: pvp, polyethylene glycol Me: ah... no that means player vs player.
Kevin Mammoser
Kevin Mammoser 8 months ago
When I DM, and I need a Goofy character, I channel puffinforest
Leopold 8 months ago
I hope there's a part 3 someday.
A Different Channel
A Different Channel 8 months ago
I love the description
Diamond Knight
Diamond Knight 8 months ago
This is why I am caohtic good so I can behead Wallace unlike my lawful good party
Sandvich make me strong
Sandvich make me strong 9 months ago
I would have burned down the entire town and murdered everyone. I try to play to my chaotic evil alignment
bigbaddawg101 9 months ago
In my friend's campaign, a prominent noble hired somebody to kill us on a quest. When we returned, we were bitter about the whole incident. As a result, my character spread a rumor around town about the noble having intimate relations with a horse. The rumor spread pretty quickly and another party member feigned ignorance and spreading pamphlets around town for everybody to meet in the center of town. He then went out of his way to tell the story about the noble and the horse while using illusion magic to demonstrate what had happened...just as the noble and his wife arrived back in town.
Hero Smith
Hero Smith 9 months ago
After watching these, and having played these modules for myself before seeing them, I find the interpretation you guys went wrong the of Wallace interesting. At the table I played at, the DM depicted him as a stand-up 17-19 year old who just thrown in over his head with the sabotage because he was easy to frame, and with the fey journey, h only was sent to guide the party because (through sneaking off with his girlfriend) he was the person in town most familiar with that specific part of the woods(which means he's still not very familiar with it). My ground actually found him to be a nice character who wanted a stable life and to not be bothered by the political nonsense between his father and the Mayor(aka his gfs father).
Dara Kelly
Dara Kelly 9 months ago
i also dislike walace
songbird studio
songbird studio 9 months ago
I'm waiting for part 3
Andrew Severance
Andrew Severance 9 months ago
Is this an actual module? I'd love to see how my players react to Wallace. Or if you can share the homebrew puffin
Sir Platypus
Sir Platypus 9 months ago
shuldve framed wallace
lizardprotector 9 months ago
If I had never watched any of your videos, I might start playing in a session you were dm-ing, but I'd leave within 15 minutes. Having seen how you dm, I WILL AVOID YOU LIKE THE PLAGUE.
Stephan Reiken
Stephan Reiken 9 months ago
Oh yea, we are all Lawful Good here.
Piccolok the Forged
Piccolok the Forged 10 months ago
Please we need a third statue
Sage2000 10 months ago
No... they are evil as they can be and maybe chaotic (only worried about their feelings, ignoring little things like truth and honesty).
Desterii DelQuonomonna
Desterii DelQuonomonna 10 months ago
the best d&d story i've heard yet!
Blaze Helios
Blaze Helios 10 months ago
Wallace did nothing wrong.
Night 10 months ago
SubAtomarGuy 10 months ago
0:20 I didn't understand the joke at first but after learning what "railroading" means...
Cerberus G-7
Cerberus G-7 10 months ago
Wallest should be in jail for stealing there victory
BanditOfBandwidth 10 months ago
When the Adoring Fan becomes known as the Champion of Cyrodiil
BlueEngland 2 months ago
The comment below. This has more likes than this
Markis2bi4 11 months ago
Was this a massive troll module on players or something?
Ali Oktay
Ali Oktay 11 months ago
GermfreePizzaWI 1
GermfreePizzaWI 1 11 months ago
When all of your party members have at least one level into bard. The amount of verbal abuse is staggering. They make my annoying NPCs kill them selves almost every time.
Thatoneothergamer 11 months ago
*when even the criminal is a lawful good* me:so if they are good and they hate walace...holup
Kendrick Roche Lanzot
Kendrick Roche Lanzot 11 months ago
Tye bandit being lawful hood was the best part.
angus jones
angus jones 11 months ago
did he kill your familys or something? worse... he... MILDLY INCONVENIENCED US
「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」
「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」 11 months ago
I swear to god, if I ever had someone like Wallace in my party, I'd use all my third level spell slots for fireballs that would just barely scratch him with their 8d6 dmg each.
christopher wilk
christopher wilk 11 months ago
Poor Wallace
K.R. Jester
K.R. Jester 11 months ago
4:02 I waaaaarned you
Auron3991 11 months ago
So, the party is saddled with a useless NPC that doesn't realize their own incompetency, has to save him, and then gets shunted aside so the village can praise said NPC? I'm pretty sure that scenario was listed in instigation column of 'killing with Summon Swarm' for recognizing PC responses.
Egg king
Egg king 11 months ago
Damn it Wallace
Future Fox
Future Fox 11 months ago
Amazing how i INSTANTLY hated Wallace among hearing like TWO WORDS from him in Part 1. Not even Arena from Dingo Doodles campaign is that dislikable, and apparently alot of people dont like Arena
KatarlOnineko 11 months ago
Wallace shall meet a horrible end next time I see him
LuckyRabbit33 11 months ago
Next installment: The Slaughter Of Parnast
robert westerlund
robert westerlund 11 months ago
still waiting for part 3
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