Cam Newton arrives in New England and says he is tired of being humble | Get Up

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Month ago

Domonique Foxworth and Rob Ninkovich react to the interesting outfit New England Patriots QB Cam Newton wore as he arrived in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and Newton's Instagram video where he said he is tired of being humble.
#GetUp #NFL

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Craig Says
Craig Says 10 hours ago
CAM NEWTON is the reason I am no longer a Patriots fan
Mark Newton
Mark Newton 8 days ago
Hahahaha.. Oh cuz you too much. Man, instead of those Panama Hats, brother is going to be wearing pyramid hat wear with a humble peacock feather on the side.
Honorable Veteran
Honorable Veteran 9 days ago
That's a big guy!
Just Me2
Just Me2 12 days ago
If he thinks he's gonna do things 'his way' Belichick will have none of that.
That_Broncos FAN
That_Broncos FAN 12 days ago
Cam Newton fire
Gary Pruitt
Gary Pruitt 14 days ago
Someone just needs to tell this idiot that he looks like he raided the hamburglars closet...
jimmy5634 14 days ago
We all agree that Cam has a screw loose...maybe two.
rluellam 15 days ago
Really???!! We all know Cam Newton is a media darling. Lots of good copy and pictures! And we know the pats are a media darling. I cringe to think of all the training camp reports that will talk about only 3 teams: Dallas (for some unknown reason since the NEVER WIN--at least in the playoffs n the 21st Century), the Bucs (because of the other media darline, Tom Brady), and now the pats. There really are other teams! Like the two that were in the last SB.
GOD'S CHOSEN 15 days ago
For what?......will football ever come back? Is this all a waste of time?
Mark Meyer
Mark Meyer 16 days ago
Who cares how he dresses. It’s clothing people are ridiculous not Cam.
bluebell595 19 days ago
Denis Rodman of football, both very smart
co122189 20 days ago
This dude looks like Angelicas doll cynthia...
Kevin Westbrook
Kevin Westbrook 21 day ago
Lamar is humble and he way better than cam
Brian C
Brian C 21 day ago
Humble.????..after MVP season he has been average at best...his arrogance is better than his performance 🎭
eliot 22 days ago
Hopefully he brought that "S" on his chest, instead of his Victoria's Secret Wings!
85titans 22 days ago
Cam is taking one out of Reno 911 book with that outfit LMAO
Michael Clewis
Michael Clewis 23 days ago
He needs to get a dictionary and look up the word HUMBLE!!!
L E 23 days ago
Hahaha ha when has this joker ever been humble?!
King David
King David 24 days ago
Cam I wish u plenty weight room success
Leedle 24 days ago
Talking this much before your first game with NE is not being humble...
Justintime2grow 24 days ago
When was Cam ever humble??
Raw Tasian
Raw Tasian 25 days ago
Domonique Foxworth was like, "OHMYGOOOODNESS!"
Lou Diamond
Lou Diamond 25 days ago
why do people have to bring up these athletes outfits? they talk about it like it’s a bizarre thing. just cause they’re not dressed how society wants or expects them to dress they make it such a huge topic. men shouldn’t care what other men wear so much y’all sad. Cam rocks what he’s gonna rock
Kingdom Kong
Kingdom Kong 25 days ago
When he said cakes I thought he meant calves came to the comments to see I was all the way off
Andreas J
Andreas J 25 days ago
Wuxia Games Central
Wuxia Games Central 25 days ago
Cam already practicing his Cheatriot playbook
Wuxia Games Central
Wuxia Games Central 25 days ago
Cam has been humble? I shudder at what's to come.
Lamar Williams
Lamar Williams 25 days ago
You cant be humble, and walk around like superman. Cam is definitely a superhero. They do wear capes sometimes. But he looks like a patriot cowboy. He should of road in on white horse. Don't forget the rope Cam!
Caleb Ledbetter
Caleb Ledbetter 25 days ago
He could take all of u on by himself lol
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes 26 days ago
Here I’ll describe him perfectly. Hamburglar!
Dtrain 26 days ago
Cam is a closet queen.
tom young
tom young 26 days ago
Haha....its're just acting a fool
Chris G
Chris G 26 days ago
Same ol immature Cam. As a Miami fan I can't wait to see them whip on Cam and the Cheatriots
Mike S
Mike S 5 days ago
Oh another loser spouting off nonsense in the comments. You have such a loser mentality you probaly feel sorry about yourself and look for pity anywhere you go.
rock n roll
rock n roll 27 days ago
He has never been humble
Inflamed Wood
Inflamed Wood 27 days ago
I hope he remembered his purse.
Israel Ruiz
Israel Ruiz 27 days ago
He's a clown!
Mike S
Mike S 5 days ago
No he's not. You're the clown. He's a good athlete !
Peter Conway
Peter Conway 27 days ago
the proof has yet to be seen
Screamn’ Eagle
Screamn’ Eagle 27 days ago
This sounds like a bunch of women talking about their cute uniforms!
Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald 27 days ago
C J 27 days ago
Missing Tom:-(
C J 27 days ago
Wilson Gang already ordered my Brady jersey, thanks man
Wilson Gang
Wilson Gang 27 days ago
Go be a buccs fan then lame.
Lawrence James
Lawrence James 27 days ago
I wonder how much the Patriots paid Scams daddy to get him to sign?
New Era
New Era 28 days ago
He look like a swole Oompa Loompa with that outfit
Jack Keesee
Jack Keesee 28 days ago
When has he ever been humble? Super Bowl loss?
It Self
It Self 28 days ago
That didn't take long. How long was he "being humble"? Long enough to find a team?
al karg
al karg 24 days ago
Apparently so. If he doesn't win in N.E., his stay wont be long & neither will his departure be "humble" either.
Sports shows talking about player outfits is idiotic. Get to sports information ladies.
Sons R A Lars Too
Sons R A Lars Too 28 days ago
This Guy is a Clown Ass'd fool and the Circus has come to New England ... I feel for them but I'm gonna Love watching this asswipe destroy another team , the Panthers suffered too long ... Cam is done .
Samuel Young
Samuel Young 28 days ago
Cam looks like he is a Homosexual. If Cam Newton doesn’t Humble himself, he will get Smashed again and he will get hurt and most likely get Smashed so bad that he has to Retire!!!!
silly guy
silly guy 28 days ago
I think money can make you crazy.
Danimal !
Danimal ! 28 days ago
I’m done with the NFL. Black national anthem, kneeling, police bashing, Redskins being forced to change their name, and the commissioner cowering to the leftist mobs. All that is reason enough to stop watching but now Cam Newton is coming to New England. A rude, arrogant, self absorbed, overrated has been is now the face of my beloved Patriots. Ughh, I can’t route for this clown. Smell ya later.
Sock Monkey
Sock Monkey 29 days ago
Dude looking like the zebra from Madagascar
Enviro mental
Enviro mental 29 days ago
Cam could wear a tutu and a propeller beanie as long as he is healthy and hyped and highly motivated to play well. He will be awesome, and he won't be getting hit a lot because he can take off and relieve pressure as good as any QB in the NFL.
Doge Gaming
Doge Gaming 29 days ago
His fashion style sucks
Terminence 29 days ago
Best guy wins starting quarterback let’s see every QB on the roster will have a chance in preseason and one will be cut let’s see who wins
MrAac2020 29 days ago
Looks more like another Willy Wonka going into his candy factory...and put his finger into a light socket. 🤭
Reluctant Human
Reluctant Human 29 days ago
Still whining as usual.
Black Glokage
Black Glokage 29 days ago
He had his cakes out
Robert Miranda
Robert Miranda 29 days ago
Humble?! You're kidding, right?
Noah B
Noah B 29 days ago
Its like he wears baby clothes in men sizes
joshydep84 29 days ago
Trying to think back to a time in his life when he was humble. 🤔 Anyone else coming up blank?
Fishn Giggles
Fishn Giggles 29 days ago
Dominique has the most punchable face on espn