Barack Obama Surprises Us + First Time Hearing Bob Dylan | BookTube Trailer

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4 days ago

We listened to Bob Dylan, the 60’s counter-culture icon, after seeing his name mentioned in President Obama’s book A Promised Land. We also got to ask President Obama a few questions, and we'll ask him even more on the December episode of BookTube only on USshow 12/16/20.

Miss Janus
Miss Janus 19 minutes ago
I don't know who I'm more proud of more, Obama or the twins!
Raymond Johansen
Raymond Johansen 20 minutes ago
That was good fun:) keep on going!
Flavius Maximus
Flavius Maximus 42 minutes ago
They played that very cool!
Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Johnson 48 minutes ago
WONDERFUL! How go listen to The Temptations Ball of Confusion
blackkatt777 51 minute ago
It's funny you should mention storytelling and campfires because that is exactly what type of music this is, but the genre is labelled Folk music. A lot of this type of music was big in the 60's and 70's. There were many life changing stories to tell from those eras that paved the way. Music has always been a motivator, and a timestamp of where the world was in its growth as a species. Music is life.
Anna J
Anna J 51 minute ago
And this is why regardless if you agreed with he man's politics you can't deny he has been the best modern day Prsident of this country simple because he is grounded and for the people, regular people who live normal lives and not only relatable to the elite. He has lived a life that almost all Americans (even those that wont admit) have somerhing in common. He can and makes anyone at ease. 💪🏾❤ thank you #44, my president 4 life 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤
beth goldman
beth goldman Hour ago
How is it the words are still relevant even now? The words to his music is so freaking important!
Lady Ashley The Iron Underneath
Lady Ashley The Iron Underneath Hour ago
What a beautiful surprise! We subscribed awhile ago for the same reason- were old too! We're in our 40's & we love watching you guys bring back our beloved old music to introduce it to others who've never heard it. It is important what you're doing. You attracted the best president we've ever known! Congrats, guys. Much love to you, stay healthy & keep making videos! (So happy you played Bob Dylan, Times They Are a Changin'. What a perfect song for the moment!)
Melvin Pena
Melvin Pena Hour ago
omg, y'all have to listen to jeezy's "my president"
Catherine Carter Parker
Catherine Carter Parker Hour ago
Queenager is here for all of this fabulousness!! Omygosh twins! That was out of the stratosphere, Wow! I'm so proud of you and what a Blessing you have been to have reached the attention of Barack Obama-44th President of the US! Hold on for your magic carpet ride continues!
Beth Parsons
Beth Parsons Hour ago
This is amazing!! So happy for you guys!! I miss him as President ❤️❤️❤️
J L Hour ago
bob dylan is the man and you guys are too
Brenda Swann
Brenda Swann Hour ago
Opened minds and opened hearts. Barack is the best. I so miss grace and dignity of the POTUS
Kathy Williams
Kathy Williams Hour ago
That was so beautiful !!!! Way to go guys! President Obama is a once in a lifetime person. We are all honored to have had him as a President in our lifetime.
Andrea Peters
Andrea Peters Hour ago
Who doesn't like Bob Dylan. Great poet and song writer.
Fletcher Christian
Fletcher Christian Hour ago
How cool is this. Congratulations you guys....Just awesome.
beth the fam
beth the fam 2 hours ago
I find that some dark skin people are listening not only to bridge the gap but to better understand. Thank you guys for doing this!! Keep being an inspiration.
Gina Delgado
Gina Delgado 2 hours ago
I adored this. Obama listening to Dylan makes my heart happy. I recommend listening to the Bob Dylan of the Millennials - Conor O’berst in the band Bright Eyes “the first day of my life” is a great song to start with.
Damian Wilson
Damian Wilson 2 hours ago
this is dope. congrats twins!
P.J. Whitman
P.J. Whitman 2 hours ago
The video you started, was 1964. When Dylan was first being heard. When president's had music performers at the White House, he was one of Obama's first performers there.Dylan was already around 70 in 2013. Dylan has won Nobel Prize for his lyric poetry. I saw him live with Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn from Byrds in Army in 1987. He wrote All Along Watchtower and Jimi Hendrix covered it. listen to Dylan and Hendrix version and notice a "slight" difference between the 2 versions of same song. Kinda like Disturbed cover of Simon & Garfunkel 'Sound of Silence", or Dolly & Whitney "I will always Love you". Congrats on Obama call... peace out
Vicki Ellen
Vicki Ellen 2 hours ago
Amazing!! Look what you guys are cultivating in your life! You have our attention and have the ability to bring so many people together :) The ultimate commentary from Barack Obama!!!!
Erik Vandever
Erik Vandever 2 hours ago
Look up Mahalia Jackson, trouble of the world from Imitation of Life. That clip is legendary!
L Burke
L Burke 2 hours ago
Thank you, Mr. Obama. He has it right. The things I love about your videos, besides uplifting and sweet, you listen with open minds AND you are positive. You send a quiet ‘message’ about just enjoying music and love, taking out all the other negative factors. From someone dealing with chronic pain during this pandemic, you brought a smile and laughter into this woman’s life and I thank you..
Stan Miller
Stan Miller 2 hours ago
Very cool...Obama checks in with the twins!
Barbara Cardis
Barbara Cardis 2 hours ago
Bob Dylan was a voice in a time of so much unrest in our country,we had the civil rights movement,Vietnam war,War, and people had the guts to say hey that's not cool
Hettie de Korte
Hettie de Korte 2 hours ago
You guys were great! You’re so wise already at 22 years old. You deserve the best. I love your positive attitude. We really need it now more than ever. Thank you so much.
AvecPoésie 2 hours ago
Check out the film "I'm Not There." Incredible. Bob Dylan is and has for decades been a poetic voice of truth. "Deep" is right.
Tim Correll
Tim Correll 2 hours ago
Absolutely love this guys! Thanks for what you're doing and who you are.
Debbie M
Debbie M 2 hours ago
Wow, what an honor! You both have some influence, use it to make great changes. Keep doing what you are doing!
Diane Fiske-Foy
Diane Fiske-Foy 3 hours ago
Excellent 👍🏻💫💫💫🥰‼️
jay coopz
jay coopz 3 hours ago
This may be the first time I agree with 44
caroline g
caroline g 3 hours ago
A wonderful President.
Shari Hardinger
Shari Hardinger 3 hours ago
So fun to watch this! You 2 are amazing!!! Oh how I miss Obama! Oh, and Bob Dylan is crazy good too. 🤣
oshifish2 3 hours ago
My heart! What a special moment! xx
Francie Taylor
Francie Taylor 3 hours ago
So many more changes ahead. Always relevant.
Judy Newman
Judy Newman 4 hours ago
Bob Dylan was awarded a Nobel Prize for his poetry. I am thrilled that you are introducing him to your subscribers.
Francesca Cangialosi
Francesca Cangialosi 4 hours ago
This is fabulous but then so are you two! Twin power! BTW, I have twin granddaughters.
Kate 4 hours ago
You guys appeared in my feed and I was hooked after the first video. I am glad President Obama stopped by to say hello. Very cool indeed.
ruth keiser
ruth keiser 4 hours ago
Just simply amazing !💕💕😊 First congratulations on the acknowledgment from Barak Obama, and second I agree with President Obama in that you are and have been bringing people together with music! 💕💕💕😊
Nj6305 4 hours ago
Now this is pretty cool
Simon Coombes
Simon Coombes 4 hours ago
fantastic. hats off to you guys.
robert gibson
robert gibson 4 hours ago
I like Obama more now fellow Dylan fan...
Chris Smiles
Chris Smiles 4 hours ago
That was heart-warming to watch
Tracy Mattocks
Tracy Mattocks 5 hours ago
Beryl Pegues
Beryl Pegues 6 hours ago
I love these guys💖💖💖
Cheryl ann
Cheryl ann 6 hours ago
That was awesome
Diane Ross
Diane Ross 6 hours ago
Hi Yall and Wow!! Just wow!!!! Been watching since the beginning and am so proud & happy for you young gentlemen. God bless...
Carol Davison
Carol Davison 6 hours ago
Love watching you guys!
miko foin
miko foin 6 hours ago
My dude just said "what's happenin man" to Barrack Obama. 😂😂😂
Nicole Cooper
Nicole Cooper 7 hours ago
Wow! Just Wow!
Patti Criss
Patti Criss 7 hours ago
The coolest president-EVER-visited your show. How cool is that? Wow. Couldn’t be more pleased for you guys.
miko foin
miko foin 6 hours ago
LOL Barack describing mix tapes dilemas.
Anthony Lanni
Anthony Lanni 7 hours ago
Congrats guys, this is awesome
Didier Rey
Didier Rey 7 hours ago
luchy you are to have this discussion with the amazing Barack....and all that he means for your country....bye...from France
iChristy 7 hours ago
Bob was a great lyricist, but a great singer he was not lol. His son Jakob Dylan has the better voice in the family and he’s a great lyricist as well. Check out any of his bands songs, they are called The Wallflowers. They had a huge hit called One Headlight, but you should also check out their other songs. 6th Avenue Heartache is really good and I also love Three Marlenas. Also kudos that a former President knows who you are!! My mom used to work for a former President, she’s retired now. Her former boss was Jimmy Carter, such a great man!
davidsixtwo 7 hours ago
Congrats y'all! Very impressive
Lorraine Davison
Lorraine Davison 8 hours ago
This spoils it a bit for me knowing that they have producers waiting behind their camera and Obama coming on merely to plug his book which he mentions 3 times! We thought you were more organic than this , just the two of you and a couple of iPads sitting in your bedroom. Keep it real.
Latoya Smith
Latoya Smith 8 hours ago
Y’all made HISTORY! No other USshowrs got to do this. I’m really happy for y’all! Congratulations
iNewsTV 8 hours ago
Do you know who his grandfather is? lol
Tom Clemens
Tom Clemens 8 hours ago
Obama! I remember that guy, he’s cool!
minna finland
minna finland 8 hours ago
Hello to President Obama!
Lorraine Davison
Lorraine Davison 9 hours ago
Can't help thinking Obama came on partly to promote his book to their large audience!
Cathy Sokolewicz
Cathy Sokolewicz 9 hours ago
Oh Dear Lord. Now I must unsubscribe..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Talisman B
Talisman B 10 hours ago
OMG, I’m only a minute in, and.....WHY IS IT SO DUSTY IN HERE?!!! Dylan. That harmonica. Every. Single. Time. I am ded. But I’ve arisen because I’m so old I’m immortal, and must continue this because I know MAGIC IS ON THE WAY. Fired UP! ADDING ON: There are no words to express how much I miss having a real, kind, decent, hilarious, and intelligent human as POTUS.
Hidden Royalty
Hidden Royalty 10 hours ago
Omg im sooo proud of yall Congrats 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
ChrisRobinson420 11 hours ago
There are currently 580 complete and total assholes who have clicked onto this video. What is their major malfunction that could cause those 580 trolls to hit the 👎🏼 button other than their own not so secret insecurities about themselves causing them to be a racist and or hater of other peoples’ success? Obama woulda been the best President since FDR if the oldest internet troll in the Senate, Mitch Mkkkonell from the shit state of Kentucky, hadn’t been Senate majority leader for 10 years of this great man’s presidency.
Stevie Mac
Stevie Mac 11 hours ago
I love you guys. Keep doing what you are doing. We need it now more than ever.
Jen Shea
Jen Shea 12 hours ago
LOL Barack describing mix tapes dilemas.
Kate Johnson Kiefer
Kate Johnson Kiefer 12 hours ago
This is just incredible. These boys have done more for Americans this year than any politician. Y'all are the saving grace of 2020, and even the President Obama recognizes it.
Dave March
Dave March 12 hours ago
Glad the youth are discovering the Dylan that I've loved for so long. Not too many singer/songwriters I know that have won Nobel prizes. He deserved it, IMO.
Katie Young
Katie Young 12 hours ago
Hilarious lol love Obama goin in on the whole experience of making a mix tape 🤣 I love this man and can't understand for nothing, even if your political views differ, how you can't love this man as a person!!
tania P. Bear
tania P. Bear 12 hours ago
That's crazy! Just look at you guys go! Great work you two, you should be very proud of yourselves.
TechnicalHotDog 12 hours ago
Wow, this is crazy cool
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes 12 hours ago
Obama is very classy. This makes me so happy to see him encouraging and surprising you. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
C-Man Cleveland
C-Man Cleveland 12 hours ago
Way to go fella's. Thanks!
Peg C
Peg C 13 hours ago
Wow, how cool is that!!
tammie longino
tammie longino 13 hours ago
That was awesome. You talked the best President we have ever had. God bless both of you.🇺🇸
Ellen Knight
Ellen Knight 13 hours ago
Your both such humble gentlemen. Two beautiful souls. 🦋
J.R. Fox
J.R. Fox 13 hours ago
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 13 hours ago
That makes me sad their religion prohibited them from listening to music 😞
Stephanie Crosby
Stephanie Crosby 13 hours ago
So happy for you guys. This was amazing.
T H 13 hours ago
You guys don’t need to pretend , when you hear a shitty song just say it
2v_5r 11 hours ago
How is it a shitty song
Catharine Armstrong-Larock
Catharine Armstrong-Larock 13 hours ago
President Obama is talking about empathy and that is the root of everything!
Voice of Wings
Voice of Wings 13 hours ago
Well done kiddos.❤👑
catlinhollow 14 hours ago
President Obama is right. You are doing good and important work.
BigDapPacino 14 hours ago
I heard of Bob Dylan but I never really got too deep into his catalog ...that song was featured in the movie Watchmen during a crucial montage of scenes that depicted real life events with a is cool...that Barrack Obama was paying attention to what these Young Men did over the past couple of years...he did not have to take time out of his busy schedule to participate in this video and a lot of Men of his status do not things like this...that is why I respect him...he always took time out to speak with young people and did not alienate them....basically he tried to relate to them...probably one of the coolest Presidents to ever sit in the oval office...even after several years out of that position...he is still trying to make some things happen!
Nicolas weed
Nicolas weed 14 hours ago
Worst president :/
huascar66 13 hours ago
Go troll somewhere else. Pres. Obama was elected to two terms and did great things for America, in spite of Republican intransigence and people like you. Pres. Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. The guy currently in the White House, not so much.
Marion 14 hours ago
They are great!! I’m a 65 year old lady but I love the music they listen too! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💕
Sonia Smith
Sonia Smith 14 hours ago
Oh wow! That was so cool. I love watching you both and how amazing that Barack Obama made a surprise appearance. I teared up a little bit just knowing what an amazing experience and one you will always remember. So cool!
Randi Silverberg
Randi Silverberg 14 hours ago
Love this! What an honor to talk to President Obama! If you like story tellers and musicians, please check out John Prine abd Bonnie Raitt Angels From
Marian Jablonski
Marian Jablonski 14 hours ago
Wow - really cool for Obama to drop by!
vtekeatr 14 hours ago
how does this video not have 100 million views already
Look What We Found
Look What We Found 14 hours ago
You guys rock so hard.
Bluelotus 14 hours ago
Wow! This is amazing! Obama is such a cool, down to earth man. You two are making your mark! Congratulations!
WAXO THE FOOL 14 hours ago
Man :’) twins yall shining
Nancy Fox
Nancy Fox 14 hours ago
Like the circle of life things go round and round. Bob Dylan sang Blowin in the Wind. Always a question he asked.
LBY 14 hours ago
I knew you two were a fantastic reason to Love you, both. It is you wanting to listen to different music and appreciating the art form. You both just spoke to Barack Obama..How cool was that? That is Great!
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 15 hours ago
The Judds have a song... Love Can Build A Bridge. Congratulations you guys. ❤
B K 15 hours ago
Oh cassettes still have some of them laying around yes they could be a pain
B K 15 hours ago
Let's stay together
Teri Sullivan-Elmore
Teri Sullivan-Elmore 15 hours ago
Welp, this one made me cry!
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