Addressing Sway & Hype House Drama #Teatalk Bryce Hall Boxing Match?

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Josh Richards

Josh Richards

Month ago

Sorry this teatalk had to be more on the serious side. Moral of the story, you will run into a lot of fake people in your life. They will demonstrate one thing in person then when your back is turned completely switch up. associate with people that will lift you up!
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Zoë Monet
Zoë Monet 22 hours ago
6:38 watch Griffin... This is so sad...🤦🏾‍♀️😭😭 Peaches needs to be cancelled.. I think she was but still
Lo Lo
Lo Lo Day ago
all the “griffin is so genuine and sweet” comments did NOT age well 😐 poor Dixie
marcel river
marcel river 3 days ago
"never get into drama" Griffin after cheating on dixie:👁👄👁💧
Lily Jackson
Lily Jackson 5 days ago
No one: No one at all: Griffin, quinton, and josh: all wearing full send hats
Isabella Mouzakis
Isabella Mouzakis 6 days ago
quinton is just a kidddddddd
Francis Odo
Francis Odo 6 days ago
Big vid I love it enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!
sav jet
sav jet 7 days ago
Griffen looked so sad about the peaches things she is like a little sister to him
sav jet
sav jet 7 days ago
Griffen is basically a big bro to charli
yasmin. 8 days ago
i respect josh for doing this because it truly takes guts... no... BIG OL' BAWLS to address rumors knowing that it could be turned back onto him any second.
Rian A
Rian A 8 days ago
when they were talking about peaches josh:mad AF griffin :disgusted and emotional Quinton: laughing his but off
ur mom
ur mom 9 days ago
why is nobody talking ab the fact that quinton should be CANCELLED. he fr just couldnt hold in the laughter he felt watching peaches say disgusting things. that to me, is a hell of a valid reason to not be forgiven.
ur mom
ur mom 7 days ago
@Annaclaire Harper honestly i totally agree with you. Yes sometimes people laugh when they don't know what else to do with their emotions in uncomfy situations. But, he's almost 18 years old, im sure he knows that he is laughing at something which is the total opposite of what he should be doing. Both Josh and Griffin looked like they were on the verge of tears. What I don't get is the fact that he knew what he was doing and watch he was watching yet, it was just to funny not to laugh.
Annaclaire Harper
Annaclaire Harper 7 days ago
I’m not sticking up for him but I know personally that sometimes in weird situations people don’t know how to handle it or only way to handle it is to make jokes or laugh and while it’s not a good habit it’s something that people do and can’t help
Daphny Gonzalez
Daphny Gonzalez 9 days ago
People just want something to talk about
Isabelle Pierre
Isabelle Pierre 9 days ago
Vanessa Harris
Vanessa Harris 10 days ago
Where is Bryce lol 😂
Mal and Mads
Mal and Mads 10 days ago
Josh: I feel a little nervous Quintion: T-t-t-today junior *in British accent*
Dominic Mason
Dominic Mason 4 days ago
Mal and Mads I couldn’t find that part lol
Sarah Biggs
Sarah Biggs 11 days ago
What is it that chase has done?? I’m so behind with everything, peaches is delusional..
Jutter Bot
Jutter Bot 11 days ago
Bro you’re smart as fuck
Ema Stoyanova
Ema Stoyanova 11 days ago
Why is Quinton me laughing in a serious situation
Maisie Armstrong
Maisie Armstrong 11 days ago
ßhà256’ß l8k3 à m3l9d6 8ñ m6 h3àd
Itz Demi D
Itz Demi D 12 days ago
No Cap get it no ok
emmylia_2703 12 days ago
I feel like the fact that Josh is willing to throw hands at people for talking sh*t about Charli, just shows his true colours. Not many people would do that. Others might disagree but still do nothing. I also think he might like Charli a little bit but is worried about Bro code especially cause he confronted Chase about it. People like him wouldn’t cheat in my opinion. I say Josh if you like her or anyone else just go for it. Us fans have your back always 😌❤️ #teamjosh @joshrichards
Nicole Loca
Nicole Loca 12 days ago
Cuties 😂 literally josh looks like my future child
iman ali
iman ali 12 days ago
just find out josh can be mature some times 😂
QC_ Gaming
QC_ Gaming 13 days ago
10:10 griffin😂😂😂💖
Isabella Banow Canavesi
Isabella Banow Canavesi 13 days ago
griffin is a saint
Amelia Clayton
Amelia Clayton 13 days ago
Please help me with my dream I want to hit 10 subscribers tonight 🥺
Kendal W
Kendal W 14 days ago
Josh’s face when peaches said Charles fans bully everyone and he was about to throw handssss tho
yOuReXpOsEd 14 days ago
Me respect for josh in this 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
Jazzy Montano
Jazzy Montano 14 days ago
Jarli ship
Miranda Gillette
Miranda Gillette 14 days ago
That bc Bryce is a strong ass dude...he is also a cute ass dude.
Emma Montalvo
Emma Montalvo 14 days ago
When josh said for the boys it’s ur brothers and for the girls it’s ur sister know one : Me:HI SISTER
Kaida Meraz
Kaida Meraz 14 days ago
That video was fucked up and griffin was like tearing up
Jazelle Alexander
Jazelle Alexander 14 days ago
Josh:let’s cut to the chase Me::0
Kayli-Beth Sanders
Kayli-Beth Sanders 14 days ago
griffin: whispers. quinton:talks normal. josh: yells. my volume button:⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬅️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️
Kylie Scroggins
Kylie Scroggins 15 days ago
Ily guys!! 💯✨💙🥺 I love the things you guys say and address this stuff!
Pig Expeariments
Pig Expeariments 15 days ago
I love how the boys are protecting the girls like charli and Addison and stuff so cute!
Kylene Murphy
Kylene Murphy 15 days ago
Griffin Did not want to be their
Torie Turner
Torie Turner 15 days ago
nobody: literally nobody: quinton: t-t-t-today junior! 1:22
Quinn Cook
Quinn Cook 15 days ago
The fact people thought Quinton Was grinning on the peaches part he wasn’t he was just couldn’t like express his feelings
Hayley Darcy
Hayley Darcy Day ago
Quinn Cook it’s probably because the situation is so dumb he can’t process it if you know what i mean
Oli Sanchez
Oli Sanchez 15 days ago
Peaches is crazy omg :(
Destiny Sales
Destiny Sales 15 days ago
Josh go help you girl
Ava Finley
Ava Finley 15 days ago
He cares so much for charli it’s so sweet! 😍😇❤️
jasmine telan
jasmine telan 15 days ago
im honestly disgusted by quinton cuz he laughed at the part where they were talking bout preaches
Dominque Archuleta
Dominque Archuleta 15 days ago
Awww josh likes charli
Synclair Brooks
Synclair Brooks 16 days ago
U guys are the best so inspirational❤️👍
Kim Yunnie14
Kim Yunnie14 17 days ago
I will say my opinion, isn’t it our fault that we post comments that can hurt people. Like Addison Rae got hurt and insecure because of us, and Charli was heartbroken and at least we gave her love. But all the things, comments, I’d say it’s our fault, but my opinion
Jess 05
Jess 05 17 days ago
Today junior😂😂
Ella Davis
Ella Davis 17 days ago
griff doesnt look happy to be in this bruh
Saron Asfawesen
Saron Asfawesen 17 days ago
U need to address Britney spears situation its getting serious. Even tho its nothing related to tiktok!
Brooklyn Epere
Brooklyn Epere 18 days ago
You can tell Quinton is a freshman he is still immature
cole house
cole house 18 days ago
social media be different now frfr
cole house
cole house 18 days ago
he has a point
Tierra Wise
Tierra Wise 18 days ago
It looked like griffin was gonna cry when they were talking about peaches.🥺 Charli’s like a little sister to him!
Klaus Mikaelson
Klaus Mikaelson 18 days ago
I'm getting so confused bout If you left The Sway or not!?
Lily Butler
Lily Butler 18 days ago
The sway boys actually seem like nice guys and good friends but sometimes social media makes them seem mean. They’re still party animals tho😌
nora eddakille
nora eddakille 18 days ago
Can someone explain what the difference is between sway and hype house
Veronica Norene
Veronica Norene 19 days ago
not a fan of quinton in the tea toks
Mariah Edmonds
Mariah Edmonds 19 days ago
They say oh we are not with the drama but at the same time they are show up to the hype house and causing drama and I was like I want to have a talk with josh jaden and Bryce because they need to calm down and stop making drama and once something happens to Chase they are probably going to be happy and I don’t care they get mad I don’t care they can do whatever they want with my comment I don’t care I would just like to talk with them
carly_ 19 days ago
wait why is everyone dissing Josh, he like, isnt a piece of shit
Sophia F
Sophia F 19 days ago
Peaches is so stupid and