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OPTICAL ILLUSIONS THAT MAKE YOU SEE THINGS! Just some amazing optical illusions that trick your brain/mind. Leave a Like if you enjoyed! LAST OPTICAL ILLUSION VIDEO usshow.info/watch/Ja-Q3ChyT-g/video.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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SSSniperWolf 3 years ago
optical illusions! bo3 and ow vids + vlogs soon :D (also did a summer games x100+ loot box unboxing stream/vid yesterday) have an awesome day!
50 subs with no video challenge
50 subs with no video challenge Day ago
450th replie
Sara Choate
Sara Choate 24 days ago
I only see the people and I'm 9 years old
Kristina Stewart
Kristina Stewart 24 days ago
I love your vlogs
Derhbie Cassie
Derhbie Cassie Month ago
Crystal Saphirina
Crystal Saphirina 5 hours ago
I’m eleven and see the man and women so ummm yeah
Tina O'Flanagan
Tina O'Flanagan 5 hours ago
left is a girl right id a boy
Eric Richardson
Eric Richardson 6 hours ago
"I don't know if it's a dude or a guy?" SSSniperwolf, 2017
le khanhhuyen
le khanhhuyen 6 hours ago
Im a kid but when i look at the picture i see dolphins and and when i look close enough i see 2 people doing something-_-
Sojo Attard
Sojo Attard 9 hours ago
SSsniper wolf: why can’t I see the pic me: Maybe because you look at the pic after 🌌 sssniper wolf: they’re putting on some ketchup and mayo on the hotdog me: it’s not Mayo nope it’s mustard
Fantasy Queen
Fantasy Queen 13 hours ago
Now I'm worried something is wrong with me, I'm not an adult but I saw a man and a woman
SuperForestTiger 13 hours ago
I dumb cos of USshow duh
Lily Caruolo
Lily Caruolo 15 hours ago
Think I see more than dolphins
phh_angelic y
phh_angelic y 16 hours ago
I realised that vid was 2 yrs ago. that's why sniper looks different
Alpha Cookie
Alpha Cookie 16 hours ago
SSSniperwolf : if your a kid youll see dolphins but if your a adult doing dirty things 10 year me:I SEE THE DIRTY...*relization* thing am i grown know i act like a adult but i dont want to do adult bills or a job O-O
Amalia Turcoianu
Amalia Turcoianu 20 hours ago
4:45 You could be right but i think that the piece of glass can predict where ghosts are, cause if it was a reflection the person would be moving when the person moves.
The Dragon Queen
The Dragon Queen 21 hour ago
SSSniperWolf: if you're a kid you see the dolphins me: I'm I kid but I saw the humans ;-;
rubyc garcia
rubyc garcia 23 hours ago
Okay uhm- at that dolphin thing I see both- Who else?
Maddie Trees
Maddie Trees 23 hours ago
Lia: kids will see dolphins Me: .o. ....... why?
Khris Adreian
Khris Adreian Day ago
Onyx Bartman
Onyx Bartman Day ago
on the dolphan one im a chils but XD also REALLY dirty minded so i coulnt see any dolphans at first
casey paulina
casey paulina Day ago
this is like magic
casey paulina
casey paulina Day ago
this is so cool
Olivia Tangohau
Olivia Tangohau Day ago
i see people doing umm s*x HEY i didnt say the WORD!
Brandy Wathke
Brandy Wathke Day ago
I am a kid I did not see dolfins I have seen to much
Eleanor's Gaming
Eleanor's Gaming Day ago
Play time with Angelo
Play time with Angelo Day ago
You should make 911 what’s your emergency merch
Brooklyn McKinney
Brooklyn McKinney Day ago
You smell like vomit
Brooklyn McKinney
Brooklyn McKinney Day ago
Brooklyn McKinney
Brooklyn McKinney Day ago
Why did you put your faces thing in front of the optical illusion that we can't see it dummy
Nur Amanina
Nur Amanina Day ago
I'm actually a kid but I just have a phone my dad gave me and have a account to pretend I am a grown up and I see it I saw that man woman doin' it's thing and I was like ewww..
shaju thaikkattil
shaju thaikkattil Day ago
Job TX hi fed e success hectic intensional gymnasiums unsolicited
Trevor Johnson
Trevor Johnson Day ago
kinda offensive because i was actually dropped on my head no hate lol
Mary Princess
Mary Princess 2 days ago
On the first one things were growing
Isabella Nieves
Isabella Nieves 2 days ago
Oh my by watching these my eyes are watery it also happens
Hoi Tung Chloe Cheung
Hoi Tung Chloe Cheung 2 days ago
im a kid, and i saw people, not dolphins;-;
Andrei0912 PH
Andrei0912 PH 2 days ago
sniperwolf did u really call 911
Ria Kalaw
Ria Kalaw 2 days ago
I’m a kid
Jordis Renz
Jordis Renz 2 days ago
I live in NZ!!!!
kyleigh jensen
kyleigh jensen 2 days ago
i am a kid and i saw the adult thing first
Karis Casey
Karis Casey 2 days ago
I didn't see dolfans
Linda Burrighthbk 4 hi it za p2 A 84p3
Linda Burrighthbk 4 hi it za p2 A 84p3 2 days ago
I'm 8 and right away I saw that doing things
Monta Sofija Bringule
Monta Sofija Bringule 2 days ago
I have 8 and i didnt see the dolfins
Heryflor De La Rosa
Heryflor De La Rosa 2 days ago
•Pearl and Hazel•
•Pearl and Hazel• 2 days ago
I'm a kid and I see the two human!!!! P.s. I subed!!! 😉
PinkSparkleBlade's Story's and Adventures
PinkSparkleBlade's Story's and Adventures 2 days ago
I see a mouse and a skull and my hand is shaking and wow I see color
Judy Wolfe
Judy Wolfe 2 days ago
I’m eight and I see it
Thomas Noneya
Thomas Noneya 2 days ago
When I looked at my hands I saw flower looking thing
Thomas Noneya
Thomas Noneya 2 days ago
Is that supposed to be part of the illusion?
SERAINNA SHI 2 days ago
Umm I am a kid but I see a boy and a girl doing things dose that mean I’m not a kid???
Buttercup 2 days ago
It’s just moveing ur eyes not makeing it
Rozana Oh Na Na
Rozana Oh Na Na 2 days ago
It actually brainwashed me
Cassie B
Cassie B 3 days ago
Ima kid and I saw the people not the dolphins . >. I have my childhood ruined don’t worry ; - ;
Talie Cat
Talie Cat 3 days ago
Yes you are stupid lia
Lorelai Mangold
Lorelai Mangold 3 days ago
After everyone I looked in the mirror and thought my head was getting bigger
Its Alicee Gameplayz
Its Alicee Gameplayz 2 days ago
Leia Rose Johnson
Leia Rose Johnson 2 days ago
I'm 7 years old
M Bailey
M Bailey 3 days ago
I didn't notice the dolphins until you pointed it out😑
Marcus Dixon
Marcus Dixon 3 days ago
Niko Niko Monto Vine Montel is everybody supposed to Kenichi Tata
Archana Sampath
Archana Sampath 3 days ago
😡😡😡😡I am kids
Wissam Toufaily
Wissam Toufaily 3 days ago
ay is that a nathan drake statute behind you
Miriam Major
Miriam Major 3 days ago
I am 8 there not dalfins umm my life is gone
-cookie diamonds-
-cookie diamonds- 3 days ago
I'm 10 and I saw to adults doing things XD
LightPinkClover 4 days ago
I did the same thing but nothing happened😡
Kaitlin Hudson
Kaitlin Hudson 4 days ago
It works
Kellen Simons
Kellen Simons 4 days ago
I see 2 humans and I’m a kid
Pratyush Singhal
Pratyush Singhal 4 days ago
Bro all of them are reall!,!,!,!