The Story Of My Nightmare Biochemist Job Interview

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Puffin Forest

2 years ago

In this video I talk about an interview I had that did. . . not go well, to put it mildly. Pretty much everything which could go wrong did go wrong.
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timberwolf 818
timberwolf 818 2 days ago
Yo, when we gonna get the worse story? I love your videos
uncontained ARMY
uncontained ARMY 9 days ago
I can almost hear the cringe in his voice as he's recording😂😂😂
Kevin Palmer
Kevin Palmer 13 days ago
Hey that worse story, have you told that one?
Dominic Tringali
Dominic Tringali 16 days ago
So you tried to get a highly specialized and technical career while lying about your level of knowledge or experience? Hmm...
Byron Swain
Byron Swain 19 days ago
I'm cringing my entire spine out watching this... More!
Niarbeht 24 days ago
Given that there are different manufacturers for spectrophotometers, it might be entirely understandable that you don't recognize one that wasn't, y'know, made by the same company that made the one at the last lab you worked at.
xXTheBl4ckC4tXx 26 days ago
I never had an interview were I was not hired.... Though I ditched one position without ditching it "myself", I just said that I forgot to say I have to do an apprenticeship in 7 months and then they said I should come back after that. So I didn´t have to burn the bridge even though the contract was already signed. All becouse I had found a position where I got 30% more hourly wage.
Pandaboi 26 days ago
It would not have been a true Puffin Forest episode if things didn't somehow workout despite all the wrong things being done.
Popcan Videos
Popcan Videos 28 days ago
When the sequel coming out
thetony458 29 days ago
One of these days I'm gonna screw up and say what I'm really thinking during a job interview Interviewer: "Why do you want to work here?" Me: "No one WANTS to work here. I just need money and you have money."
DayInDaLife 29 days ago
3 years and still waiting for the other day to come
Mason Wheeler
Mason Wheeler Month ago
0:50: "So I arrived [at the interview] with the sweat outlines on my body and greasy helmet hair." Pro-tip: carry a comb in your suit pocket and ask the receptionist where the restroom is before the interview starts. Won't help with the sweat, but it definitely does help with the hair.
ericb31 Month ago
this reminds me of a story where a guy interviewing for a programming position was given a written test with BASIC questions about programming...and INSTEAD of answering them, he wrote LONG rants about how STUPID the questions were! he DID NOT ACTUALLY ANSWER A SINGLE ONE! ps: I read that on "the daily WTF".
vannz cooper
vannz cooper Month ago
So are you going to ever say what was worse don't do me like that
Dragonfly Month ago
Please tell the story of the worst interview
jayjaydeth Month ago
Bennnn. It's been almost 3 years now. *What was this other interview like?!* D:
Alex Brown
Alex Brown 2 months ago
my first biochem job interview went the exact opposite of this it took 2hrs and the sent me an offer before i got home
Dereck J
Dereck J 2 months ago
Yeah I'm a recent biochem graduate. Going to try and get into a PhD program
Positron Decay
Positron Decay 2 months ago
This experience you shared is actually a good way to demonstrate that the stereotype of the D&D basement dweller is not accurate. Geeks do pursue serious careers and do want to be part of society.
Jermaine Race
Jermaine Race 2 months ago
"Little speccy over there doing it's thing..." >.
Tom B
Tom B 2 months ago
I drive a truck for a living. My current job (been there for six months), asked me, "What are you looking for in this job?" I simply said, "I've been over the road for three years, I'm tired of being in the ice and snow, and you guys are offering work that pays 25% more and I can put in 25% less weekly hours. You also had the best local benefits package." I didn't say I wanted to grow as a person. I simply stated I knew my worth, and the company I interviewed offered a decent wage for my professional skills.
Fuzzy Images
Fuzzy Images 2 months ago
**Awaits the worse interview story**
Loxorius 2 months ago
I remember one of my interviews for an R&D Downstream position and the man straight up asks me why the sky is blue and why the grass is green. Turns out he used those to see if I knew the basics of photometry. I was so confused.
theHedgex1 3 months ago
you're Biochemist Job Interview dnd campaign squeezed by just to get a nat 1. blame the dice gods
christopher fuller
christopher fuller 3 months ago
Maybe one day we'll get that worse story
Cold Blazze
Cold Blazze 3 months ago
when they show you a new brand of spectrophotometer and you can't recognize it cause the one you were using in the univecity is a Russian one from the mid 40-50's ah... good ol' Spekol 11!
Syke Unsent
Syke Unsent 3 months ago
Thinking about it, the job I have, the interview was pretty terrible. It was so bad that I never expected to hear from them. not quite 18 months later, I'm still employed (if stuck on Furlough) and I don't think the job is going too bad. But honestly, at 35 (was 33 back then) it's my first proper job. So sometimes bad interviews can lead things to actually go well (mostly).
Molly Shepard
Molly Shepard 3 months ago
genuinely, thank you for this. i've been through so many terrible interviews and it's just... comforting? to know i'm not the only one.
College Chemistry
College Chemistry 3 months ago
I hate biochemistry so freaking much! Pchem 5 lyfe!
Lazaros Zissis
Lazaros Zissis 3 months ago
Hey! You promised a worse story, it's been close to 3 years already!
supanerd reviews
supanerd reviews 3 months ago
Did we ever get this worse interview video
rbelobrov 3 months ago
We were promised a worse story. Its been almost 3 years!
Rachel Doss
Rachel Doss 3 months ago
I hate to laugh at your pain, but I’ve never laughed so much.
Jared Crawley
Jared Crawley 3 months ago
I'm guessing that you likely used this different models spectrophotometer In school
Shalucard 3 months ago
I have never seen this machine in my life lol he really should've said the one we had was a piece of crap and the color was gone that's why I didn't recognize it. Lol
Chris O'Bryan
Chris O'Bryan 3 months ago
Next interview story please! :P
Mundy Lunes
Mundy Lunes 4 months ago
I dropped out of college, now I work for the space industry. I used to worry all the time about interviews.
triccele 4 months ago
I'm still waiting for the story of that second interview...
fluffybobber 4 months ago
Where’s the second story?
Victor Davila
Victor Davila 5 months ago
The other candidates must have been really weird if you land it xD
David Bentz
David Bentz 5 months ago
Why did we never get the other Story @Puffin Forest :O?
Triodore U
Triodore U 5 months ago
My Brother was really special while he was looking for a Job. He just Walked into the boss Office absolutly ignoring the secretary and just asking... "Im looking for a Job. Do you have something for me? I can do this this and something else." And... he Got the Job... In a Bank...
Kerry Stromire
Kerry Stromire 6 months ago
As a manager, I budget half an hour to an hour for an interview and that leeway means if their nerves are tanking them in that first half hour, I can ask some more questions and try to lighten the tone of the conversation so they can get back on their game. Better for them and better for me so I don't let a good candidate with a case of interview jitters go.
Door Animates
Door Animates 6 months ago
Hey Ben. Once you’re done with the Curse of Strahd series (which I love, keep it up!) TELL THE STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY But don’t push yourself. Take breaks if you need to.
JQ Dan
JQ Dan 6 months ago
Ben give me more of this
KA Mraz
KA Mraz 6 months ago
I love your stories Ben. You seem like a really cool dude.
665 The Neighbor of the Beast
665 The Neighbor of the Beast 7 months ago
The only thing worse than going to work is...looking for work.
SilverVampire42 7 months ago
Still waiting on that worse interview story
MonkeyJedi99 7 months ago
Every job I've had except one the interview process ended with the phrase, "Can you start today/tomorrow?" - Until I looked for work related to my BS in Physics, I would walk in and be employed that day in the first place I visited that was actually hiring. I sent out about 50 resumes after graduation and got two calls, leading to one interview for which I was competing with a PhD candidate. - So I quit that idea and got hired at first meet at the first electronics manufacturer I found, and parlayed that into better paying jobs at two other consecutive companies in the same industry. - - - The lessons I learned: 1)A college degree only proves that you can spend a lot of money to prove you can complete something that takes years to do. 2) That degree may have nothing to do with who is hiring, or where you end up working, so be flexible. 3)Knowing all the buzz-words and software means less than being seen as a competent person. 4) Number three in my list applies most when talking to the people who actually do the job your applying for. The cookie-cutter answers are for the HR drones.
Rapter891 7 months ago
I want to see the other interview story did you make a video for it yet
bluedeathva 7 months ago
This is hilarious lol
Kal-El 702
Kal-El 702 7 months ago
I still really want to see how the other one got even worse then that
PMP1337 7 months ago
After seeing your vlogs. I'm certain they hired you because of how you looked. You look nerdy, not meaning to offend you, but you look like you know stuff, and nice to people and you are tall so people will respect you if you have good posture. You look like you could say any shit you wanted with confidence and people with think you are a great scientist. Unlike your avatar, your avatar looks fat, slob and a simpleton.
Green Apple
Green Apple 2 months ago
back-handed compliment much?
Matthew Wills
Matthew Wills 7 months ago
1:56 isn’t DNA made of protein
lemonboy • 9 years ago
lemonboy • 9 years ago 7 months ago
Cool cool
Justin Buergi
Justin Buergi 7 months ago
Well arguing with the interviewer shows a passion for the field
Sean Marchant
Sean Marchant 8 months ago
Puffin: "that's a story for another day :)" Me, two years later: "he-hello? Is anybody here? I don't mean to bother you, but I heard we were getting another video. Is that almost here? O-ok..."
Stitch 8 months ago
Oh I want to hear that other story
ⰎⰋⰕⰜⰑⰓⰡⰁ225 8 months ago
Story of my life. Only for me the one question they focused on was 'You know the formula for calculating weight right?' despite never using it in the actual job.
alex evans
alex evans 8 months ago
hate when i go in for some mundane job interview, like washing dishes, and they play it up like its some kind of life altering career, and i have to grudgingly act excited. they always ask you questions to which the answers make you feel excessively over qualified. i'd rather just tell them i'm only here because my rent is due in 2 weeks and i shant be staying very long.
Black Wolf Cosplay
Black Wolf Cosplay 8 months ago
I recently had my worst ever interview, that wasnt actually even an interview it was a pre-interview test. Went in feeling over confident because it was for an alterations job and I'm qualified to make clothes and patterns from scratch... I turned up realising I had completely forgotten to clean my glasses, had toothpaste on my top 😅 (that I managed to wipe off in the car) and before the test started the other lady was like "oh is that a blablabla machine?" And I'm stood there thinking... there's a machine for that?? The other lady finished early, and in my panic I had to redo a couple of things and didn't finish in time. I was devastated because I knew I could do the job with my eyes closed, but I was so nervous I didn't show them that 😭 needless to say I didn't get asked back for an interview!
Green Card
Green Card 8 months ago
I want the worse story where is it
Todd Hobza
Todd Hobza 8 months ago
More d&d videos less personal stuff.
17Scumdog 8 months ago
Fake it till ya make it!
Razar Campbell
Razar Campbell 8 months ago
I'm a chemist, not a biochemist, but we generally use the same type of lab equipment. Back at uni, the spectrophotometer we had looked like a computer from the 50s! It was about a 1 meter cubed box with a tiny access panel. Come to think of it, that might have been our gas chromatograph...
Matthew Street
Matthew Street 8 months ago
Holy shit I thought I was bad at interviews.... You have given me confidence.
Nym Alous
Nym Alous 8 months ago
Anytime I do an interview and it goes really badly I end up getting the job. It's really weird. I remember one interview the person conducting it just laughed at me for a solid 20 minutes, it wasn't what I was saying, because I didn't say anything. Not a word. Another one was for a completely different job than the one I thought I had applied for. I didn't realize until the very end that I had been interviewing for the wrong job.
Prototype 176708
Prototype 176708 8 months ago
See there’s hope for all of guys!! Eh huck ah huck (goofy laugh)
Inun 8 months ago
Lying on a job app?
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne 8 months ago
How is it even possible for an interview to go worse? Did you sneeze and a big old booger flew out of your nose into your potential boss's mouth?
Louis Chang
Louis Chang 8 months ago
Did you get a job with the next 'worst' interview?
Verdigris 8 months ago
I'm quite lucky. I landed a job with some moderate growth, stayed with it, they have a great retirement program and benefits. While I don't make as much as my peers, I'll still be done much sooner than them. I strongly sympathize with anyone that is sending out resumes every two to three years (Like my fiance) just to stay competitive in the job market. I'm so glad I'm "done" and really wish that everyone else in the world doesn't have to hustle so hard just to put food on the table (because really, at this point, that's actually a concern for some people with good jobs and good saving habits which baffles me).
friday boy
friday boy 8 months ago
That was the fastest interview I’ve had (15 minutes) meanwhile in Mississippi asks three or five questions and then they ok we’ll call you
Mark Strickland
Mark Strickland 8 months ago
Its time for the worse interview story!
GamingKid 8 months ago
well no dtory
Brandon Barker
Brandon Barker 8 months ago
When is the worse story coming out?
Vagabond 8 months ago
*Ahem* You still owe us the story of the other job interview...
Jesse Law
Jesse Law 8 months ago
Spectrometers come in all sizes, and shapes.
potato cat empire
potato cat empire 8 months ago
Hi fellow science boi
Tyrnak Fenrir
Tyrnak Fenrir 8 months ago
Hey Ben, today is another day...
Hello World
Hello World 8 months ago
Soooo about that story ... It's been 2 and a half years already...
Ceece 8 months ago
Like I’ve had the most random interviews in the world. The ones I got hired for were literally ones I was overqualified to the point they didn’t even ask me any questions other than “when can you start” or they were desperate enough to just check my references and a simple phone interview (both scenarios do overlap at times). The ones I never got a real chance took questions to the extreme, quizzed you on things, or generally had a HR person in the interview at any point. Background: degree in mechanical engineering for auto industry. My overqualified interview was after the desperate interview, which I later found out they were also desperate. Either way, helped me get just enough “experience” to land a full time job. Seriously just aim for that 2 year mark, even if it’s just contract work.
Ricky 8 months ago
Why is no one talking about the fact that he literally LIED in a job interview about having experience with certain machines? Also the fact that he was very vague on the size of the batches was kind of edging it for me tbh... If you’re not qualified to do a job you shouldn’t even be applying. (I’m not a biochemist but I assume that this statement is especially important in the field of biochemistry because of the dangerous and expensive substances)
Robert Gorman
Robert Gorman 8 months ago
Did you ever make the story of the next interview mentioned at the end?
Rederen 8 months ago
I, Jakob [Last Name], have a dream to get a PH.d in biochemistry, and help with the advancement in antibiotics. And I’m 13. I don’t get chemistry classes until 10th grade. And I’m sad
Lonewise Creatives
Lonewise Creatives 8 months ago
I knew what that machine was from your drawing. Lol
Divert 8 months ago
Still waiting on that story of the worse interview.
The Trainmobile
The Trainmobile 8 months ago
If someone told me a bachelor's degree wasn't enough I would have straight up punched them in the face.
Shadowbow1000 8 months ago
We were promised the story!!! ITS BEEN 2 YEARS!!
oxy 75
oxy 75 8 months ago
It's all about bullshit, how do you think Trump is the president?
CaptBackwards 8 months ago
Gotten 3 jobs all off of my nerdy intetests: 01) Moba games 02) MTG 03) DnD All three jobs have nothinh to do with those things. At all.
Quetzal Coatl
Quetzal Coatl 8 months ago
Its just that you rolled so high desception that they couldnt even save on wisdom
Otakuyaki 99
Otakuyaki 99 8 months ago
Umm.... I'm actually interested in taking a biochemist course, so tell me people of the internet, am I going to foock myself up???
Youtube University
Youtube University 8 months ago
We were all foocked long before we were born. Taking any course is equal levels of foock, as is taking no course.
Alex Ruggiero
Alex Ruggiero 8 months ago
I can relate to the interview burnout.
ZozoCreates 8 months ago
I love your vids! Very cool to see something other than dnd! I do love your dnd vids also, I play for hours with my friends! But it’s also nice to see something different
TheLost 9 months ago
when is the next story in this series
buildtherobots 9 months ago
As someone in a similar boat (cellular biology) I relate to this video way too much. My only question is: they didn't ask about your GPA? Because that was the question that I did the hand motion with your fingers indicating the very small nature. I didn't start hearing the phrase "C's get degrees" until after I graduated.
LeftWing Dragon
LeftWing Dragon 9 months ago
Biochem that's what I do
BanditOfBandwidth 9 months ago
3:56 relatable
Victor Olson
Victor Olson 9 months ago
This had to be the best Puffin Forest yet.
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