Bananas As We Know Them Are Doomed

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5 months ago

There are thousands of types of bananas but Americans have eyes for only one kind -- the very marketable yellow Cavendish, which accounts for 95% of global banana exports. But this multi-billion dollar industry is under threat. A fungus called Panama Disease is rapidly infecting the world's Cavendish crops and could spell disaster for the monoculture-dependent worldwide banana trade.
VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung heads to the heart of banana country in Latin American and the Philippines to see the devastating effects of the disease and to investigate what the loss of the banana would really mean besides a less colorful lunchbox.

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VICE News 5 months ago
VICE correspondent Isobel Yeung heads to the heart of banana country in Latin American and the Philippines to see the devastating effects of the disease and to investigate what the loss of the banana would really mean besides a less colorful lunchbox. WATCH NEXT: These Botanists Are Scaling Cliffs to Save Endangered Plants -
Our crops in philipines is devastated
Forty 9er
Forty 9er 25 days ago
Bananas we know them unnatural anyways.
Feezie F-Baby
Feezie F-Baby Month ago
Nick Dizzle She’s a fine ass VICE reporter yo! Damn she’s fine! She just has that sex appeal! Lol
Todd Conklin
Todd Conklin Month ago
I think America would buy different types of banana’s if they are affordable and taste good even if they ripen green
kingpest13 Month ago
@lll870621345lll we've been through this before. That's how we got the Cavendish.
Rishad Rish
Rishad Rish 8 hours ago
If you want to taste different variety of bananas, welcome to Kerala, India.
Astro Nautik
Astro Nautik 2 days ago
Gary Sharp
Gary Sharp 3 days ago
Bananas contain TNF which can kill or slow down cancer cells so I would not be surprised to see them disappear
hardiehardley 4 days ago
AKA, EXACTLY what happened 60 years ago!
friendly misanthrope
friendly misanthrope 8 days ago
2020 is rough
Lawrence Lustiva
Lawrence Lustiva 8 days ago
pale yellow bananas look so unsavory
a5a5a9 9 days ago
she needs her banana 4:23
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike 11 days ago
Isobel. How beautiful is Chinese mixed with Anglo-Saxon?
Ian Beddowes
Ian Beddowes 13 days ago
We get a different banana with a different flavour in Zimbabwe.
Simon Low
Simon Low 13 days ago
If you have not eaten local grown bananas from Malaysia like Pisang Emas, Pisang Berangan Pisang Tali you don't know how tasty bananas are yet. After trying those local grown bananas i find Cavendish bananas are tasteless
All mighty banana feels threatened
Steago 876
Steago 876 15 days ago
I could marry the reporter, cute
J cool
J cool 15 days ago
this video was BANNANAS !!!!!
The Blue Wave
The Blue Wave 16 days ago
I cant eat bananas, they are way to hard on my stomach.
Eliyah Yacob Ban Lawya
Eliyah Yacob Ban Lawya 16 days ago
No wonder ....🤔 !!! The Earth is given in the hand of the wicked 🧐 !! To controle people, you have to controle Their food. I now see who the Children Of the Devil 😈 are... Hhhmmm !!!
Joy Mills
Joy Mills 17 days ago ඉතිරිව ඇත
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki 17 days ago
Nature take back anything what USA Imperialism spread around.
lad 18 days ago
11:50 the face 😂😂
lad 18 days ago
how many people did you have to lay off? 4 😂
supersonicwings 19 days ago
Dr. Aguilar: "we need to make love" Isobella: (covers boobs)
john dumas
john dumas 20 days ago
Maybe we should eat them as bread, or canned. The inedible part would not have to be shipped. Aesthetics would not be relevant.
Brad Gies
Brad Gies 21 day ago
I spent a lot of time in the Dominican Republic in the 1990's, and I always ate a different variety of banana because they tasted so much better. They were much smaller, often had black spots on them, but they tasted great. I've always wished I could find them in the stores in Canada... but those people are correct. Canadians wouldn't buy them, they don't look perfect. It's a shame
mel niel
mel niel 22 days ago
I would really love to show a cancer resistant banana to Iso!!!!!!!!!!
Jp Palm
Jp Palm 22 days ago
I guess Pelosi won't make as much
Pierre Alie
Pierre Alie 22 days ago
Many of us eat a banana every morning, the makeup of the world was shaped by bananas, the makeup of human reproduction shaped by bananas. We are really still nothing but baboons.
Rijan Dhakal
Rijan Dhakal 22 days ago
lmao imagine sitting down and trying to sound the state of bananas sound ominous
Scott Rensel
Scott Rensel 23 days ago
Her eyes could save the bananas. Swoon.
manikanta bandham
manikanta bandham 23 days ago
I love her isobel....
Christophe Breland
Christophe Breland 23 days ago
hopefully the reporter and crew visited the infected farm last as to not accidentally transfer to other visited farms.
HonestyFirst 23 days ago
ventolin63 23 days ago
Very disapointing . I thought that, considering this is a Vice production, the very hot reporter will take a banana from the tree and...well, you get the idea. Instead they talked about bananas having cancer? Where is the vice in that?
Bob Adkins
Bob Adkins 23 days ago
Americans, or anyone, can be trained to not shop bananas with their eyes. This is something that one with no experience will do. Once we learn that "the round-ish, ugly banana" tastes great, they will be in great demand.
Destry Welch
Destry Welch 23 days ago
Fascinating !! Thanks for sharing.
Isca S
Isca S 23 days ago
I do agree, we do buy with our eyes. We need to change our attitudes when buying. We need to be more flexible in many areas of our lives. The corona is going to push us in that direction.
67Stu 23 days ago
Taranizs 24 days ago
Pay attention folks, you're watching one of the most future-resistant industries in the world. While automation is going to affect more and more sectors and likely eventually going to take over everything, this kind of industry is most definitely going to be one of the last to go, just by virtue of how obscenely difficult it would be to properly automate. I guess what I'm saying is, maybe everybody go look for jobs on plantations?
Tricia O'Connor
Tricia O'Connor 24 days ago
Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) is abundant and kills fungus. Needs to be considered.
Reggie Dollahs
Reggie Dollahs 24 days ago
Which insects used to pollinate the bananas etc... You would then find the clues to reincarnate the original banana our ancestors used to eat...
Reggie Dollahs
Reggie Dollahs 24 days ago
I've seen red bananas and humans used to have monocultures...
TheJanka51 24 days ago
fake news
azri abu bakar
azri abu bakar 24 days ago
Dan the bananan man my man
Media Design
Media Design 24 days ago
EVERY banana grown around the world started its journey in England. i just cant stop laughing.
Liz Swedlund
Liz Swedlund 25 days ago
This infection is a blessing in disguise. A monoculture isfoolish and destructive on many levels. Nature is trying to teach us a lesson. So we pay more for our fruit, that's not the end if the world.
Moonlight Paw
Moonlight Paw 25 days ago
It make me really sad when the banana tree get infected and worker have to get lay off work.
Moonlight Paw
Moonlight Paw 25 days ago
Different species of bananas tasted different. Some of them you can even cook it or roared it before it rips. It’s yummy.
Allen Tremper
Allen Tremper 25 days ago
Ever since the M.E. bananas have been flipped upside down. In your thumbnail, you show a picture of bananas the way I remember them growing from trees, but they have been flipped upside down, and it makes no sense to nature as water is not running off of the fruit, it's gathering in pools of water and God knows what is incubating in those filthy waters. I kid you not bananas are growing upsidedown ever since the M.E.
L B 25 days ago
Greed will be the fall of mankind
Gaius Baltar
Gaius Baltar 25 days ago
Monoculture bad. Just ask the Habsburgs.
A.R. G.T.
A.R. G.T. 25 days ago
I love the way he described how Americans buy their products...."Americans buy with their eyes"....
Ben Joseph
Ben Joseph 25 days ago
Avocados & both have become icons of corporate greed & oppression in my mind.
Curtis Blanco
Curtis Blanco 26 days ago
In Taiwan they have the Cavindish banana but also another one that is a little bigger around for it's length. It is a little sweeter I like it better.
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher 26 days ago
The Cavendish does NOT "taste bad." It's a good banana and it's far from "too small." In Hawaii, they grow the "apple banana." It's so small you need three of them for a bowl of cereal or a snack. Since each is so small, you end up PAYING for more PEEL, and LESS fruit!
Mayeline Santana
Mayeline Santana 26 days ago
haha. My man! You Miss, almost gave me a heart attack. I saw green and for a moment thought you were talking about platanos. Thank God, at least the platanos are safe. I'm talking about the green ones.
Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom 26 days ago
come mista tallyman tally me banana translation - hey boss can you count my banana pickings for today
Isis Antonio
Isis Antonio 26 days ago
Well, we humans could just conform with eating what's available in our region (like in the past when we had no global warming!) I mean... If you don't live in a tropical region why would you have bananas? Or if you live in the tropics why would you have grapes and berries? Just cause someone wants money?? It's unfair! It's unfair we have no more planet to live just because a bunch of money grubbing jerks want easy money.
Geographer 4 fun
Geographer 4 fun 26 days ago
She can said that again.... Yea mami , Why not ?
RoboJules 26 days ago
Yes! We have no bananas! We have no bananas today!
SuperAgentman007 26 days ago
Bananas are not doomed they use a DNA strand from a good banana and that’s how they keep the bananas going.
thomas 26 days ago
There doomed? You talking bananas . They grow fast& everwhere.Nothing stop them, You be in the ground long before they are threatened