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LaToya Forever

6 days ago

How I feel.

First Time Mom
First Time Mom Minute ago
Leave Latoya's mom and sister out of your mouths... Do not be disrespectful, be supportive. Neither of you live with them or are apart of their families.
healthy and tasty recipes
healthy and tasty recipes 29 minutes ago
Their is no perfect love latoya.i can tell your children looks happy when they're around their dad.
First Time Mom
First Time Mom 33 minutes ago
Sending Love and Good Vibrations ❤
Ricanlove2587 39 minutes ago
I feel your pain..the same emotions you feeling in the marriage.... my husband and I have been separated for almost two years.... while I was took me moving away to another state for him to really understand what he is missing.... I wanted divorce but he wanted to show me that he can be the man I need... so by the end of this year we will be moving in together and giving it one last try.... never settle for less then you deserve ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mizz Moni
Mizz Moni 47 minutes ago
Going through same thing. It’s tuff. If you feel Adam want to give it a go try the counseling it wouldn’t hurt but set a time. If you don’t see progress after time with counseling then... when dating it’s not just one thing it’s many things that need to come together. So your next love just look out for that. Making sure there’s great compatibility and someone who loves you in your love language 💞🙏🏾
Ciara Henderson Stafford
Ciara Henderson Stafford Hour ago
My heart goes out to you. I, too, am going through marital issues and I've learned that marriage has many different seasons that come at different times for different marriages. If you haven't already, please read "What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married" by Gary Chapman, and "Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay" by Mira Kirshenbaum. You will get so much from couples therapy. I pray everything will be what it's meant to be, for healthy, and happiness.
Ciara Henderson Stafford
Ciara Henderson Stafford Hour ago
I've also been learning through working on our communication that the things that come easy at the beginning doesn't remain easy. When things feel like it's not how it used to be, you have to actively work on getting to a place where you're happy with what it is. I also work with a life coach that priorities mindset and I speak with her and her other support coaches often about what happening in my mind and they work with me to take responsibility with how I'm thinking about things and making decisions to act out of a place of mental clarity. I hope the couples counseling happens and both of you show up for yourselves and each other.
Beso Bsma
Beso Bsma Hour ago
Yup I knew it
Simi101 2 hours ago
Latoya, I'm going to keep it 100%: I've been following you from the beginning. Your relationship with Adam was always interesting in that you always seemed to be chasing him for love, for affection, for attention and everything else. I don't know you and I dont know Adam, but Adam used to treat you like a nuisance. I stopped watching because of it. Please know that you deserve MORE than that girl! You're beautiful and successful. Adam either needs to get his stuff together and love you like you need to, or you need to leave. Stop chasing him Latoya! Let him chase you. Or find another person to share your life with. Good luck to you. 💜
Corinn Hunt
Corinn Hunt 2 hours ago
Thank you for your transparency with this video. I don’t feel we get enough of that in vlogs in general. I admire your courage to take that step towards moving on for the sake of your own mental well being. What you desire in a partner is out there and you’re one of the biggest catches in the sea. Feel all the emotions you need to feel now, then live in the greatness that will come :)
kelsz Beautz
kelsz Beautz 2 hours ago
I went thru the same thing with my bf if 7 years , honestly the only way to get the love back is to fully break up and try new things without each other . That way if you’re meant to still be together you will start missing each other and start dating and falling in love again. Staying in the same house is no good. Don’t stay with anyone because of the kids just work out a way to share the kids equally over the week. Sometimes you fall out of love everln wen things are perfect I totally get how you feel. You might be confused if you’re meant to leave or stay but honestly hun leaving is the best option. Take some time to figure out yourself. Try new things date new people and don’t think you need to get back with Adam just because he has someone new that’s just a natural jealous reaction and going back because you feel like that’s my ex husband ‘ won’t make anything better. Take atleast a year apart and see you’re gonna do even better x ok let me stop now I can go on for hours cos I’ve been there. Now me and my kids father are the best of friends living separate lives and it’s the happiest it’s ever been , we still do go out for meals with our son , birthdays and some Christmas were together with our son too xx so yeah hope this helps xx 😘
KimberlyVee 3 hours ago
exactly what I'm going thru...1 baby with him and im 23.i wished he wanted make it work.we haven't filed yet but he has his own place now and ill be looking for mine soon
The devil attacks marriages, it’s all fine and dandy when you’re in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but when you tie the knot, then division and all kinds of battle starts pouring. You sound like you’re on the right path to peace and i be praying for you. There’ll come several times in marriage when you’ll lose sight of the value of marriage and partnerships, it happens, you just need to go back to the basis and start doing the things that made each other happy and feel special. God bless you and your family.
Empowered Living
Empowered Living 4 hours ago
Been there. I too came from a divorced upbringing. Here is how it changed for me.. ----I left (1 child) and came back (now 3 children). Here's what I learned during my 17 years in. I needed to look within. I stopped looking outside of myself . I learned to except him for who he is and that his inability to show me affection didn't have to leave me feeling needy for it. I loved myself harder. I went within. I unconditionally loved him as he is. Yes, having children motivated me to work at it harder than I would have if I was single. Love the one you are with. Focus on what you are grateful for in him. That truly changed it for us both. I shined more glorious than ever as the woman I am. I stepped into my greatness even stronger and expected we would fall apart, but we grew closer. Do what you feel but remember, romantic is often surface, in-depth true unconditional love is what gets you through tough times. Wishing you the best. Self love amplified is the key beautiful! It is the only way to have the love you desire and then, he will fall away easily or draw closer. All the best sister!
Jasminè dolĺĺ
Jasminè dolĺĺ 4 hours ago
Is there reason why latoyas mum is living with her?
BeautiByJ. Nicole
BeautiByJ. Nicole 6 hours ago
Send love and positive energy your way
Bloo Tuth
Bloo Tuth 6 hours ago
Aww man I want to say something but y’all ain’t gonna come for me which ppl always do. Ppl don’t put their business out there for no reason. 👯
Cha B
Cha B 6 hours ago
I don't believe NONE of this seems forced and made up to me.....a storyline for RHOA!!!
Jesus is Real
Jesus is Real 7 hours ago
I ain't feeling none of this. Adam is a good man, you're a good woman. Y'all both are hard working, what in God's name? You know what Latoya Seek the Lord for guidance. Seek Him with your whole heart, mind, and soul.
LAmora1993 8 hours ago
I think you guys should go to marriage counseling
AllAboutNats 8 hours ago
Why do I feel like this should be kept off USshow? Could just be Me tho. But hey... RHOA coming up 🙄
Lea Beauty
Lea Beauty 11 hours ago
What she done to her face?
Lyds ASMR 11 hours ago
Zayn in the background 😂
it’s azmo
it’s azmo 13 hours ago
i don’t know why but this made me cry
ang el
ang el 13 hours ago
you need TONY GASKINS , go to his USshow channel and book him for counseling.
AHealthy StateOfMind
AHealthy StateOfMind 13 hours ago
So Adam doesn't love her? That connection is very important though.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 15 hours ago
don’t ask your mom for advice. Get them out the house and work on your marriage alone
K Brown outloud
K Brown outloud 16 hours ago
I just want to scream 80/20 but I would be typing all day trying to explain just know I was married 17yr and I definitely feel in love with my husband cause he believed in me .He passed 2018 in 2013 I went through what you are explaining but in mine I had a whole affair (regret)we separate first then he came back by then I was in middle of affair. Long story sometimes we just have to do stuff to get it, bottom line the thing that comes to mind when I hear u talk and after I did this is the 80/20 rule what I had and what you have (from what your explaining) some people beg to get a small portion of I am wrestling with how to tell you don't do it with out seem like a crazy person cause I understand feeling something and needing change just be careful how u do it don't burn the bridge you guys get counseling together when you feel ready Know that when you get over this men are different and harder to forgive quicker to go off the rails and it can spiral beyond your control quickly pray pray and pray some more
DSTFITMOM 17 hours ago
If you can, I know it may be hard because you are an influencer, but take a break from social media. Your relationship might have some holes in it, but you guys can mend those holes! We sometimes look at social media and see the image of perfect couples, but we have no clue what they are going through in private. Social media is so toxic. Find your reality and see where that goes. Shut off all outside influence. I promise your eyes will open up to whats important.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 15 hours ago
Praying for you, sis!
Lynnette Perryman-kent
Lynnette Perryman-kent 17 hours ago
They need drama for RHOA
delight 18 hours ago
I just don't feel like this is sincere and if i'm wrong I apologize.
Bryanna Atoyebi
Bryanna Atoyebi 18 hours ago
Adam said that you said you’re for the streets, what was that about?
The Vlog Life
The Vlog Life 18 hours ago
I completely understand how you feel. I’m going through the same thing, but we unfortunately have to live under the same roof because he refuses to leave so my space is feeling crowded with him still here.
TheRealMcCoy's 18 hours ago
Praying for you Latoya! I’ve been there before. Praying that you all make it through.
Honeysweetzinc 19 hours ago
Wow, this surgery is something else.
Aryiona Williams
Aryiona Williams 20 hours ago
I feel everything you’re saying. From not feeling the love , feeling selfish , thinking time apart will help make a decision on rather we should be together or not. My husband don’t agree at all. I look like the bad person bc everything seems to be so right but I just don’t feel the connection I THINK husband/wife should have.
Nyoka Richards
Nyoka Richards 20 hours ago
I really love finally hearing your side, and it’s all making sense now, praying for your family ❤️❤️❤️
Briitteny Williams
Briitteny Williams 20 hours ago
You wanna know something Latoya, I would never imagine this happening with you guys. I look up to you guys as a powerful married couple. All I can say is continue to stay in prayer, continuing being a strong wife/mother and trusting in the lord he never fails. The lord Jesus will fix your marriage if guys truly want to make it work. Don't give up keep fighting! I'm rooting for you Latoya and I'm sure as well the rest of your Huntys are:) Love you Latoya my sister in Christ.
Shadai 20 hours ago
I 120% understand what you’re saying. May God bless you and your family! You will face hardships but you gotta hold your head up high black queen.
Nia White
Nia White 20 hours ago
Do you booboo
thetracyset 21 hour ago
Blessings to you and the family-hope you will find peace along your journey. Trust yourself.