Film Theory: Winnie The Pooh's DEADLY Diet! (The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh)

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Film Theorists, did you watch Winnie the Pooh? I did and one of the things that sticks in my memories with sharp clarity is Pooh's huge love of honey. That Pooh bear was never far from a pot of honey. It was one of his biggest passions. It seemed to me like he ate it for pretty much every meal. Now, I may not be a specialist on bears but that strikes me as a very dangerous diet for a bear or any animal! Is Pooh's love of honey actually killing him? It's time to find out!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Gacha animal Queen
Gacha animal Queen 6 hours ago
Wow film theory 9m people are watching
DaughterofThor1 9 hours ago
Winnie the Pooh is actually a rated G horror movie
Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life 13 hours ago
Your channel gives me a reason to pay attention in math😂
Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy 14 hours ago
I watched this at night in bed and I was falling asleep when Matt showed the pic of the original teddy bear and I swear I almost peed myself
Bad Company
Bad Company Day ago
Do the office Toby is the killer
Isaac Siao
Isaac Siao Day ago
If you think pooh's diet is bad, then you should look at paddington bear's marmalade
Dragonfan96 Day ago
Funny, The winnie the pooh crew being based on the 7 deadily sins one is new. I only heard of the theory that each character is a symbolism of a mental disorder. an example being Pooh being Eating Disorder. E-ore is Depression Rabbit is Obessive Compulsive Disorder and so on. You think this theory has better grounds than say that 7 sin idea?
Fiona Meador
Fiona Meador Day ago
Ok but if he eats twenty-something beehives of honey a day, how fast can the bees reproduce that honey? Wouldn’t he run out in about five days?
Dallal Baazizi
Dallal Baazizi Day ago
The minute watches his video his child hood goes bye bye
Mochi Donut
Mochi Donut Day ago
1:09 looks like elephant is going to explode
Croc Cake
Croc Cake Day ago
I love how he uses the same picture every episode
Wubbzy Wow
Wubbzy Wow Day ago
Can we get a Wubbzy theory here
Shreyasi Nandi
Shreyasi Nandi Day ago
Me who always thought pooh was a brown bear: MY LIFE IS A LIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just A Wofie
Just A Wofie 2 days ago
Man,I have no puns oh well BEE-Ter luck next time viewers cuz there is no puns here Also that vid has a THEORY A GAME THEORY!
Joshua Cazenas
Joshua Cazenas 2 days ago
The ending bit was lit
SI - 12ZZ 840149 Fletchers Meadow SS
SI - 12ZZ 840149 Fletchers Meadow SS 2 days ago
Do you have a kid you are a dad wow then who is the mom
Rowan Grisez
Rowan Grisez 2 days ago
Wait, was that Kyle Justin (aka Guitar Guy from AVGN) singing the song at the end?
Mort Ducky
Mort Ducky 2 days ago
CAN U PLS MAKE A FILM theory bout the live action cat in the hat movie plssssss
Furrys Are the best
Furrys Are the best 2 days ago
Leontios Porter
Leontios Porter 2 days ago
I found the site:
ace nuon
ace nuon 2 days ago
wait for this mans commet one the orax
Katherine Tucker
Katherine Tucker 2 days ago
Carol Baldwin
Carol Baldwin 2 days ago
People use 10% of our brain but you good sir are using 60
the Alex Bokiles
the Alex Bokiles 2 days ago
he is just a plushy he dont feel pain he eats honey for fun
jhlev ; .
jhlev ; . 3 days ago
ok jerry
Haben Teame
Haben Teame 3 days ago
Reya Janzen
Reya Janzen 3 days ago
Canadian bear*
Luke Fake last name
Luke Fake last name 3 days ago
LONG LIVE THE QUEEN RULE BRITTANA With our maths Telephone boxes Metres And our busses which are always double deckered
Eshan Ramteke
Eshan Ramteke 4 days ago
bears actually prefer bee larvae. Poohs pots should say bee babeez
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear 4 days ago
I heard that each character in Winnie the Pooh shows a different disorder
zythed 4 days ago
poor pooh
Tony Pham nguyen
Tony Pham nguyen 4 days ago
Fk, did i just potentially learn that i might have type 2 diabetes
Deadly cow
Deadly cow 4 days ago
Wow, I’m saying goodbye to my childhood for the 20,000th time
Man Nguyen
Man Nguyen 4 days ago
Bizzness lol XD hahah
amazingonion 5 days ago
Winnie the type 2
DaisyGracie 5 days ago
People said that the Winnie The Pooh characters represent mental disorders- That totally ruined me :) *Ex. Tigger: ADHD (hyper disorder)*
Camila Vitrei
Camila Vitrei 5 days ago
Type 2 diabetes sounds like a very long hangover
Imani Angel
Imani Angel 5 days ago
What I always used to here is that all the Winnie the Pooh characters were based off different mental illnesses.
Carlitos Camacho
Carlitos Camacho 5 days ago
Watch the seven deadly sins it's a good anime
ElmoCraft 5 days ago
Tip 1: Always listen to cereal and Godzilla websites
Tsubasa 5 days ago
Haha all the parents stuck with their kids at home. Meanwhile I'm enjoying being childfree xD
Megan Flanagan
Megan Flanagan 5 days ago
How to grizzly bear
Leonardo Necaula
Leonardo Necaula 5 days ago
Did not put Pooh meme in intro missed opportunity
BGtv 6 days ago
I live for that Pooh-Zilla-Crunch theme sont at the end!
iBenjamin1000 6 days ago
catch me heading to my thotful spot
Demetrius Hatcher
Demetrius Hatcher 6 days ago
Plot twist everyone/thing in the pooh verse is giant
Alejandro Fernandez
Alejandro Fernandez 6 days ago
This reminds me of the 'Could Simba Survive Only On Insects' theory.
Frosted Ice Pharoah
Frosted Ice Pharoah 6 days ago
Pooh completely turned it around and opened a gym. No more rumblies in his tumblies. Now he is a deity.
ReaperTheGamingWolf 6 days ago
Llama P1ayz
Llama P1ayz 7 days ago
Me: Oh what a nice video about Winnie the Po- MatPat: POOH HAS DIABETES
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire 7 days ago
They also have disorders Pooh’s is obviously an eating disorder tigger with ADHD rabbit with OCD and Eeyore with depression seriously look it up that is some deep dark stuff also mat maybe you should watch the tv show Winnie The Pooh because he does eat apples in one of the episodes not joking either
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309
Itsme_Ivycorn 3309 7 days ago
Why is tigger my brother and im pooh~ At 3 am i eat raw cookie dough
Creative 8D
Creative 8D 7 days ago
The new theory channel, the blue channel on the bottom left “The theory theorists” You theorize on other theories
idunusegoogleplus 7 days ago
Highly recommend people to watch the winney the pooh Meat Canyon parody hah.
Charlie Clapp
Charlie Clapp 7 days ago
Is the 500 acre wood the one that goes from Horsham to Tonbridge to Hastings?
Erica king
Erica king 8 days ago
Yep love the theory .... But why Pooh BEAR
Ferolyn Lyons
Ferolyn Lyons 8 days ago
Me wondering why this isn't a food theory video
Genevieve Martin
Genevieve Martin 8 days ago
me watching my favorite move matpat hes EVIL
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 8 days ago
So this thing is basically an STD?
Rissa M
Rissa M 8 days ago
There is also a theory that each character represents a different mental illness
Kiranmaye Valluri
Kiranmaye Valluri 8 days ago
He talks about an mnm's bag but show a candy bar
Nightmare 8 days ago
This is what my life has come to? Seriously!?!!
•{Nova Playz}•
•{Nova Playz}• 9 days ago
While I start to watch this video (I'm commenting before I finish watching) I already know that my childhood is going to get ruined some more
The 80s man the 80s man
The 80s man the 80s man 9 days ago
Dont you fools ruin my childhood with this dumb!!!!!!! Terrible video ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹
Elena Bäfver
Elena Bäfver 9 days ago
Not me having my winnie the pooh blanket just in case
Luke The Gamer
Luke The Gamer 9 days ago
im here because i cant watch anything else during week days
tibbynibby 9 days ago
Matpat is a poohbear-Godzilla-cereal set of channels now 😂
Binion Stephenson
Binion Stephenson 9 days ago
1:32 through 1:40 Were those the Kingdom Hearts 3 renders??
Vianne That One Rose
Vianne That One Rose 9 days ago
ah yes, my favorite show, *Pooh-zilla-crunch*
Sketchy Todd
Sketchy Todd 9 days ago
Uhhh matpat it’s called diabetis
Super Snoopy Vids
Super Snoopy Vids 9 days ago
OMG I just got a honey ad!?!
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga 9 days ago
To Pooh🐻🐻🐻🐻
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga
Alfonso Hernandez Arriaga 9 days ago
I always thought that hunny was a drug that was addictinge.
Spoopy Time
Spoopy Time 9 days ago
*The cherry on top would have been Honey as a sponsor*
Ronaldo Gente
Ronaldo Gente 10 days ago
Seems like hes gotten himself into quite the sticky situation...
James Priest
James Priest 10 days ago
That's was the worst old navy ad ever! So dumb and a bit racist.
the king of jesters
the king of jesters 10 days ago
The bear that snuck into the honey place to steal honey is funny
Ichigo90 10 days ago
“Should have listened to that Godzilla cereal website” is a phrase I never thought I would hear. Well done. XD
the king of jesters
the king of jesters 10 days ago
his diet is deadly because my friend Sofia has a neighbour called honey who is evil and super rude
Bjergsen Senpai
Bjergsen Senpai 10 days ago
Feeling fatigued? Check. Feeling abnormally thirsty? Check. Get blurred vision? Check. Always feeling hungry? Check. I guess I have diabetes
Richard Liu
Richard Liu 10 days ago
If pooh is 1/3 the height of a normal bear, wouldn’t he be 1/27 the volume of a bear, and calories needed are better represented by volume?
Kingofcool Liam
Kingofcool Liam 10 days ago
Why was tigger digging in the toilet because he was trying to find Pooh
Kay McDonald
Kay McDonald 10 days ago
there's a big difference between brown bears and grizzlies
Tyler L
Tyler L 10 days ago
Should have listened to that godzilla cereal website
Herpy derp
Herpy derp 10 days ago
Matpat: this is gonna be a light episode. No no no theory about death Disney characters. Also matpat: Pooh is probably going to die.
Magnus Madsen
Magnus Madsen 11 days ago
Wait matpat has limits
Jairah Cammayo
Jairah Cammayo 11 days ago
film theory: winnie the pooh needs a balanced diet from eating "just honey" meatcanyon:
Maddux Morley
Maddux Morley 11 days ago
did you see the theory of them all being mental disorder like tigger is ADHD
Shawn The Human
Shawn The Human 11 days ago bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica
Richelle Violeta
Richelle Violeta 11 days ago
justagirpup 11 days ago
They clearly are based off of the seven deadly sins... Just saying
cookiedoodle02 11 days ago
Theory: Pooh eats honey to charge his battery
r v
r v 11 days ago
Bees also store pollen in their hives which contains protein. But I don't know if it would be enough for Pooh.
Jaimee Brooks
Jaimee Brooks 11 days ago
Thats cute! My almost 2 year old looooooves the Spongebob intro.
CanOfAir 11 days ago
I thought bears only eat honey for the larva and grubs inside
DeadFishLovesYou 11 days ago
Pooh is a spirit bear / kermode bear confirmed
JATY 11 days ago
0:05 his matts jar said THEOREEZ lol
ArtistGamerFnafFan 11 days ago
I think pooh might be a grolar bear
ArtistGamerFnafFan 11 days ago
Brown bear cross with polar bear
ArtistGamerFnafFan 11 days ago
These are one of my favorite
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