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Dolan Twins

2 years ago

We're phobic about small holes, tight spaces, and chewing so watch us face it I guess?
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Isabella Swanson
Isabella Swanson 18 hours ago
I have trypophobia, I was screaming AHHHH in my head :
Esther Mhlanga
Esther Mhlanga 21 hour ago
Who's here October 2020
Mia Flores
Mia Flores Day ago
The watermelon sent me home🤣😂
Sanaa Brister
Sanaa Brister Day ago
IM TRYPOPHOIC i wanna cry..............
Macy Christner
Macy Christner Day ago
Once I was 8 and I was playing hide and seek with my cousin and friends. I was a hider and my friend was the seeker so me and my cousin went to hide he went downstairs I found a master spot upstairs it’s a VERY tight spot a closet it was one foot wide so I went in there shut the door and I tried opening it but it didn’t open so i start sweating. I try again to open it but it doesn’t work, I start ✨ScReAmInG✨ SO LOUD. So I start crying and my friend comes out and starts screaming my cousin runs upstairs starts ✨screaming✨ so my aunt comes running upstairs and just simply opens the door and I fall to the ground crying and my aunt said “I think you have cloister phobia” I said “YOU THINK”. Now ever since then I’ve been scared of that closet😁👍🏻
Life as Lyssy_thegymnast
Life as Lyssy_thegymnast 2 days ago
Don’t worry I also have claustrophobia to and I have tired everything to get over it but nothing works I got trapped in a wood book about 7 feet long and 4 feet wide when I was 3 years old my brother sat on it for 2 hours and wouldn’t let me out then he got a lock and lost the key my dad had to get a chainsaw to let me out I went to the hospital stayed for 3 days and have never liked tight spaces after that day because of him.☹️😫😬
WhoLikesAnime UwU
WhoLikesAnime UwU 2 days ago
Me: *having trypophobia* ima just click off this video T-T
Mr.Slimy 2 days ago
I have Trypophobia
Strawberry_Sprite 2 days ago
I have sever Trypophobia so I get u bro
Kira Strickland
Kira Strickland 2 days ago
I'm not scared of the dark, I'm just scared of what could be in the dark
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson 2 days ago
yall suck
Millie Goodwin
Millie Goodwin 2 days ago
I swear I have misaphonia but my family says "I hate when people chew loud too, it's not a phobia!" Me: "YOU DONT UNDERSTAND! I LITERALLY WANNA PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE WHEN THE CHEW LOUD!" Family: "Jeez, calm down" Me:"UGH!'
Clara Padron
Clara Padron 3 days ago
Did u Graysons face when Ethan threw up HAHAHAH im ded !!! 6:12
Brianna Grant
Brianna Grant 3 days ago
I have entomophobia
Lexi Jaunarajs 2027
Lexi Jaunarajs 2027 3 days ago
There faces when Greyson did the chewing 😂😂😂😂
Stephanie Fensom
Stephanie Fensom 4 days ago
06:20 made me gag 💀
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 4 days ago
Asmr lol
Lisa Fingland
Lisa Fingland 4 days ago
Ethan your ok I've got the same phobia
Shaqwana McCottry
Shaqwana McCottry 5 days ago
me having a fiery pit in my stomach from his claustrophobia
Hannah Dineesh
Hannah Dineesh 5 days ago
I just discovered I'm trypophobic
Hana's World
Hana's World 6 days ago
gachagirl51 6x973
gachagirl51 6x973 6 days ago
I have trypophobia it just makes me tingle I don't like it this phobia done ruined my life
Deepa Samson
Deepa Samson 6 days ago
I actually have mesophonia and i have had since i was like....6 so ....once i almost strangled my sister cause she kept doing it
Olivia Hancox
Olivia Hancox 7 days ago
I understand Ethan like I have both his phobias like oh my god that was hard for me too watch
Olivia Hancox
Olivia Hancox 7 days ago
I never knew eathan had Trypophobia. Like I have Trypophobia and like I was screaming seeing that slide show like omg it scared the shit out a me
SHAUGHNA crew VLOGS/ 9 days ago
I have both of them 🥴😐
kuroo.testsurou 10 days ago
Im trypophobic teehee 😀🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Mariana Puente
Mariana Puente 10 days ago
Tell me why this video turned into trying to face their phobias into asmr with Grayson?😂😂
Daphne Spencer
Daphne Spencer 10 days ago
Im okay with chewing in general just squishy stuff or chewing with a mouth open. DISGUSTANGGGGGG
xXA_BearXx 11 days ago
xXA_BearXx 11 days ago
Ethan:Looks at strawberry and freaks out Me:yUmMy
xXA_BearXx 11 days ago
If only I was as brave to face my phobias I should try doe-
Romane Belle
Romane Belle 11 days ago
4:27 He past away quietly
Bailey White
Bailey White 12 days ago
Best vid ever
Bailey White
Bailey White 12 days ago
Look at the back of the couch
jaysany wheeler
jaysany wheeler 13 days ago
I have the same phobias as Ethan
lily coward
lily coward 13 days ago
im sad for gray because im trypophobic and im scared even watching it and i hate when people choo loudly its just like asmr 😫😫😪😪
Mahi 15 days ago
I cried during this video due to my tryrophoblia update: im claustrophobic too so well good for me
casey edmundson
casey edmundson 17 days ago
Technically I was facing my fears cuz I'm clastrophobic too
rowyn 18 days ago
the trypophobia freaked me out so much omg gross
WhiteRunner44 18 days ago
My phobia is... Mirrors
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan 18 days ago
Ughhhh fuck the Dolan twins now I have trypophobia they like gave me it or something I can’t watch the video again or see anything with holes and stuff
Justone Breeze
Justone Breeze 19 days ago
Ethan:imma quit the Dolan twins Me:you can’t quit being a twin🤦🤦
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith 19 days ago
When you have trypophobia but its the first one 😐😅😭
Natalya S
Natalya S 20 days ago
Does anyone notice that the couch they’re sitting on should trigger trypophobia but Ethan doesn’t mind?
sadie westhead1
sadie westhead1 20 days ago
when he said trypophobia i litrally scream bcs i have it so when he showed the pics i litrally cryed and i cant help but shake my arms like crazy omg THERE SO FRKIN SCARY
i get u can be born with a phobia but it mostly comes from abuse or trauma with what every your phobia is in your guys case u where born with it
Liana Lebron
Liana Lebron 21 day ago
when he stares
Vicki C
Vicki C 21 day ago
I have trypophobia and I have more lol
Aulia Nurmaila
Aulia Nurmaila 23 days ago
I'm a trypophobic. Once upon a time, my sister showing me so many pics just like *that* and what is happened to me? I got fever for 3 days
Alyssa c
Alyssa c 24 days ago
Omfg lmfao I totally misunderstood the cover thing thing
Indi Bover
Indi Bover 24 days ago
How dose he go with sponge bob?
Vhgcjj Cifdvhh
Vhgcjj Cifdvhh 25 days ago
well i do have tryphaphobia and it sucks i fell uncomfortalble and i feel disgusted idk i can explain it
Marley Ingmire
Marley Ingmire 25 days ago
It breaks my heart when gray cry’s in the box I started crying
Marley Ingmire
Marley Ingmire 25 days ago
Gray:sucking honey of his fingers Ethen:no one wants to watch you suck honey of your fingers In my mind: I do
monica j indradjaja
monica j indradjaja 27 days ago
the fact that there are little holes on the back of the couch...
Natalie roberts
Natalie roberts 28 days ago
i have emetophobia so i can not handle puke like just thinking about it, i want to puke
gabrielle koranek
gabrielle koranek 28 days ago
i think yall just gave me trypophobia because i just got freaked tf out and its really disgusting and i actually just threw up.
Heriberto Reyes
Heriberto Reyes 29 days ago
I have thelassophobia
just kenzie
just kenzie Month ago
those sad moments when you also have trypophobia and the fear of puking 😭😭
Weird Ravenclaw
Weird Ravenclaw Month ago
Idk why, but I read this as facetimeing our phobias 😂
Alex Duran
Alex Duran Month ago
This was on my recommended and I can’t believe this was 2 years ago ?? Like I could’ve sworn this was last year
Takuache Cuhh
Takuache Cuhh Month ago
i cannot stand someone smacking their lips or slurping when they are eating...i feel like slapping them little black holes are so disgusting.
paulisnatis Month ago
The need a fucking tw or cw on this shit. Literally so triggering to watch this if you have any of these and it can make them worse, trigger a panic attack, or other physical, mental, and emotional symptoms
Raen Month ago
Ethan was actually nice and encouraging with Gray's phobia, Gray was just being a dick with Ethan's
1:06 dang Grayson lol
dani k
dani k Month ago
Omg could't watch the last phobia cause that is what i have!!!🤮🤮
beth muller
beth muller Month ago
Omg Ethan almost vomited on Grayson, and he was hitting Ethan head😂😂😂 I cant My phobia is vomit and hearing people vomit😒I'm even afraid of vomiting I littraly cover my phone and put my volume silent🤢
Mia dhar
Mia dhar Month ago
that slapped tho!😂
Emily Kuessner
Emily Kuessner Month ago
I am just like Ethan, I hate the odd hole things and I can't stand people chewing. But I don't mind tight spaces.
Mei Hui Zhang
Mei Hui Zhang Month ago
So Ethan can’t listen to ASMR?
Ellis Jansse
Ellis Jansse Month ago
“Are you chocking?” “No ?” 😂😂
Jade Abbott
Jade Abbott Month ago
Does anyone else realise that the chair Ethan was sitting on at the very start of the video has holes all over
j jenkins
j jenkins Month ago
the dt: i dont like this me:oh helllll no
Nellniss Everstokes
Nellniss Everstokes Month ago
Ethan has a tryphobia fear and he said he can’t even look at a chair with holes in it, but your sitting on a couch with holes in it? 😂
Ava j
Ava j Month ago
I have trypophobia and im watching the slide show so lets see how this goes My inside feel like they have been messed with its worst then I thought oh and i have the phobia of dislocated bones and small spaces so yeah And i hate when ppl smack in my ears like eating food loudly i gets me make and makes me feel disgusting
Team Cool
Team Cool Month ago
Ava j I’m afraid of holes too my whole body gets goosebumps
Amelia Garrett
Amelia Garrett Month ago
Ethans face when Grayson took a bite of watermelon lol
Kim Bok Joo
Kim Bok Joo Month ago
Yes Grayson I’m right here 20:52
Kim Bok Joo
Kim Bok Joo Month ago
I’m also trypobhobic like that shit scares me out
tania espinoza
tania espinoza Month ago
Tom Sachse
Tom Sachse Month ago
I have trypophobia
k cha ta
k cha ta Month ago
is grayson violent
NadYas Borders
NadYas Borders Month ago
I'm watching this in the middle of the night and my trypophobia went 📈 and I almost screamed
Toxic Waste :p
Toxic Waste :p Month ago
DUDE. PHOBIAS.ARE.THE.WORST!!!! I actually have coulrophobia (which is the fear of clowns). Whenever I see a clown I literally cry and curl up in a little ball. 😔
Philip Palacio
Philip Palacio Month ago
Philip Palacio
Philip Palacio Month ago
But when he eats the Mac and cheese 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Evelyn Dominguez
Evelyn Dominguez Month ago
🤣 I love how Grayson just went after E when ever he came out of the freezer 😂
CHOMP-_- 10
CHOMP-_- 10 Month ago
I feel weird 🥴 omg I hate this
Storm Julisen
Storm Julisen Month ago
Ethan and i have the same phobia I feel tingily and it feels like things walking on me 😷😔😂
Kirra Reed
Kirra Reed Month ago
I am literally crying! I have all the ''phobia's''!! I will most likely never get over any phobia I have
Kirra Reed
Kirra Reed Month ago
I thought I was the only one with Trypophobia!! I'm glad I'm not alone...
Creator S
Creator S Month ago
Note on this video- 1-I had trypophobia and this cured me 2-I have claustrophobia and I WONT GO IN THOSE TINY SPACES 3-Wholesome brothers 4-there is a phobia of chewing? I never knew that existed
Jen Eckhardt
Jen Eckhardt Month ago
How do you function in life?
Avery linn
Avery linn Month ago
i have emeophobia and when he threw up i freaked out
exmavia Month ago
who elase relized that the dolan twins have the same voice also watching this in 2020
Emily Gage
Emily Gage Month ago
Ethan: no one wants to watch you suck your finger Fans: 🤤🤤🤤 he he he
Still working on this part lol
Still working on this part lol Month ago
Grayson : Im going home Ethan : We're already home!! Grayson : IM GOING HOME!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Zixqnsツ Month ago
I have tons of phobias
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson Month ago
am i the only one who had to skip the irst half of the video bc i have it to lol
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