DODGERS WIN WORLD SERIES! Robert Manfred BOOED Heavily by Fans, Justin Turner (MLB Recap)

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29 days ago

DODGERS WIN WORLD SERIES and beat Blake Snell, Kevin Cash and the Rays! Robert Manfred BOOED Heavily by Fans, Justin Turner (MLB Recap, MLB News, Baseball News)
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Fuzzy 28 days ago
WE MADE IT!! The 2020 MLB Season is over. Thank you all so much for the support this year. I'm excited to keep building this channel with you all and keep creating amazing content!
Baseball News Club
Baseball News Club 26 days ago
@Hayeit Natoo hell yeah!!
Pete Cowboys 4 life
Pete Cowboys 4 life 26 days ago
Your funny fuzzy
Hayeit Natoo
Hayeit Natoo 27 days ago
for kobe
Brooke Thomas
Brooke Thomas 27 days ago
Yes we did it congrats to the dodgers and I will be ready for 2021 next year
GamingWithMELO !
GamingWithMELO ! 28 days ago
HALL OF FAMERS Alex Rodriguez & David Ortiz are ashamed! of the MLB...
Hoswayy 7 days ago
the transition in the beginning of the intro when machado was betting his contract to the dodgers winning had me dying
Tyler Cassamajor
Tyler Cassamajor 21 day ago
Kershaw deserved it
Gabby Hayes
Gabby Hayes 23 days ago
Speech impediment? More like a three dry martini impediment.
Gabby Hayes
Gabby Hayes 23 days ago
With COVID having a 99.9999% survival rate, I believe the Dodgers were justified in playing Turner.
Sergio Pulido
Sergio Pulido 24 days ago
Pay up 🤑
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 24 days ago
Salty fuzzy lol
Rocco Acosta
Rocco Acosta 24 days ago
ngl I think that the dodgers leaving Justin Turner in the game is worse than the Astros cheating
Paxton Garcia
Paxton Garcia 24 days ago
Man imagine being a professional manager and having the stats and still taking blake snell out of the game. I am not from Tampa but I feel bad for everyone that is because the rays had it in the bag.
Jeanne Jereza
Jeanne Jereza 24 days ago
Kobe is watching them while there playing..its there time to shine now.not all the time loss.time for everything.congrats la dodgers.God bless you all.
TheMayhem16 24 days ago
Let’s be honest the only reason we won a World Series is because manny machado said what he said... as for turner 🤷🏽‍♂️ he had been with his teammates for 8 innings
big8dog88 24 days ago
Everybody is making a big deal of this "32 year drought." You do realize that there are 30 teams in MLB. A 32 year drought is pretty close to what you would expect from any team.
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas 24 days ago
If Rona was a woman how would she look ? And would you hit it ?
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales 24 days ago
I feel arazoreana will flop. I hope not but I feel it will happen
Robert Tada
Robert Tada 25 days ago
Great job Fuzzy. Strange but fun season. I’m glad you stuck up for my Hawaii boy Kolten Wong last video. Great content, great attitude, and always classy. Keep it up!
Wesley Broers
Wesley Broers 25 days ago
You’re just piling on what has been a dead horse for a while but not saying boo about Boone and his pitching decisions. And I won’t even mention your boy Shane and the Indians since you won’t. You did say this was a 2020 wrap up, right?
TheCybercoco 25 days ago
CV19 is overhyped scaremongering. As far as I'm concerned, they finally treated it based on reality over the fantasy narrative. It's pretty much like toughing out the flu. It's not so big of a deal. Only issue is the hypocrisy, but that just figures when it comes to something that's BS to begin with.
JJ vids
JJ vids 25 days ago
I honestly think the rays coulda won the World Series if they let snell pitch longer
SOUTHBOUND 110 26 days ago
Well said what you said about Kershaw bro!✌🏻
Lobo 11234
Lobo 11234 26 days ago
Poor Robert manfred he tried to give us a season cm guys
Dwarf in a box
Dwarf in a box 26 days ago
Machado seems like a badass
David Green
David Green 26 days ago
How you take a starter out in that situation is beyond me.... absolutely stupid decision
Camouflaged Rambo
Camouflaged Rambo 26 days ago
Justin Turner can do whatever he wants to do on the field. He just won the World Series. If I was him I wouldn't give a F. I would celebrate with my boys.
kishan sureshkumar
kishan sureshkumar 26 days ago
It would’ve been great if the dodgers won in Houston
Daddy Hack3000
Daddy Hack3000 26 days ago
How is the season already over
William Aquino
William Aquino 26 days ago
Why don’t you get randy
William Aquino
William Aquino 26 days ago
In the show
Grumpycat rip
Grumpycat rip 26 days ago
Robert man Fred is ruining baseball I’m starting a crusade to romove
Grumpycat rip
Grumpycat rip 26 days ago
Masks don’t stop COVID cdc said it 2weeks ago
Ulyses 27
Ulyses 27 26 days ago
Worst decision in a ws game. Astros vs nationals game 7 when hinch brought Harris instead of gerrit cole
mason fulton
mason fulton 26 days ago
you should do a road to the show series
Nick Horst
Nick Horst 26 days ago
They should forfeit the game
Zachary Avila
Zachary Avila 26 days ago
Oh that's a beautiful thing. It gives one the nice velvety tingles all the way down to the cockles. Like the very first time you wear slippers made from the cutest baby kittens you've seen. 🖕 Manfred
subg88 26 days ago
They take him out back and pop his knees for that in the old days
ThirstyLemming 26 days ago
I think Machado meant a real World Series
Cole Marullo
Cole Marullo 26 days ago
They said his test was inconclusive in the second inning.
Sketchy Schnauzer
Sketchy Schnauzer 26 days ago
They are making too big of a deal of Justin turner and how he came to celebrate i mean he has been with them in a bubble for weeks if he had it they probably had it. He also just won the World Series that doesn’t happen everyday he should be celebrating
Dennis Orozco
Dennis Orozco 26 days ago
I would like to know if anyone on the dodger team tested positive the day after. I havent seen reports of a positive outbreak from either the Dodgers or Rays. Given that Turners first test was inconclusive and no one else has tested positive theres reason to believe the test could have been a false positive. Also why is mlb or fox sports just announcing personal health on the air like that. Im pretty sure thats illegal
Jaxon Judah
Jaxon Judah 27 days ago
Justin Turner. One of the biggest accomplishments of your life and you cant even celebrate it. He should be able to celebrate that with his boys. He should be sble to go out there.
Bob Patterson
Bob Patterson 27 days ago
Do more the bigs 2
Alessandro Villegas
Alessandro Villegas 27 days ago
Snell didn’t even give up a run
Sabo Bros
Sabo Bros 27 days ago
Thats what machado gets for steping on my bois heel. Yes im a Brewers fan.
Colestevenbornhop 27 days ago
Always remember this..THE CARDINALS TRADED RANDY AWAY😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Andres 27 days ago
Braves vs Dodgers was the real World Series battle!!! Like if you agree!
Laser Ghost
Laser Ghost 27 days ago
I’m over what the Rays did in the ALDS. Snell has every right to berate Cash over the events that followed immediately after being sent to the dugout. MLB fans at every corner are justifiably disgusted!
ItsGhac 27 days ago
It was the analytics
Jesse Renderos
Jesse Renderos 27 days ago
Go Dodgers!!!!
David Rogers
David Rogers 27 days ago
What you expect? Fans love to boo the league commish.
Show Review
Show Review 27 days ago
Yes I think the rays should of left Blake snell in
Not NoahB
Not NoahB 27 days ago
It was there World Series who cares
Nicholas Zapata
Nicholas Zapata 27 days ago
Since I was a kid I've waited for this moment to see the Dodgers win it all and now I can say I got to live to see the Dodgers and Lakers win a championship the same year I love LA.....we love it!💙❤💜💛
Tofurkey16 27 days ago
Hey fuzzy I’m a top commenter 😎😎😎
DeShaun Harvey
DeShaun Harvey 27 days ago
Man you were so poupse to show the Padres losing then dodgers winning
DrumMaster Bass
DrumMaster Bass 27 days ago
At least the trash can bangers didn’t win the World Series
John Kingston
John Kingston 27 days ago
Justin Turner was completely within his bounds. To think that someone could spend the entire year working, grinding, to get to this point, and then take it away, is completely ridiculous. COVID is not dangerous for anyone under the age of 65, especially some of the healthiest people on the planet, MLB players. The team resoundingly demanded he be returned to the field from 'quarantine,' it wasn't simply his decision. I don't believe he put anyone at risk, and even if he did, the team agreed, demanded for him in the photo.
Dane Ashley
Dane Ashley 27 days ago
Ok the dogers lost to the astros In 2017 that doesn’t mean the dogers get everything they won’t
Bibelot 27 days ago
I was beside myself when I seen Anderson come in.Blake was awesome, Mookie was awesome, an excellent world series overall.
Jo Finn
Jo Finn 27 days ago
He should be booed
King Za'Kari
King Za'Kari 27 days ago
I would said give me that contract buddy I got it on video😂
Conner Lodwig
Conner Lodwig 27 days ago
I would’ve ripped my manager on the mound. Snell should’ve said something.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 27 days ago
Snell should have been left in. It's just good managing sence to leave him in when he's doing that good
Champion or not Dave roberts is still dumb
Champion or not Dave roberts is still dumb 27 days ago
I still think the bubble was unfair, the dodgers had A HUGE advantage, they had been playing on that field for 3 weeks while it was the first time the rays played there. Then, there were barely any rays fans since they are a less popular team. If they had played some games at Tampa Bay, there would be less LA fans for some games. Not surprised they won
Colten Lawler
Colten Lawler 26 days ago
Sounds like you need a Wahmburger and some French cries
Andrew Zaker
Andrew Zaker 27 days ago
People need to stop blaming Justin Turner for his actions; this virus is a scam and Justin should be allowed to celebrate with his teammates. And for all you mask supporters out there, I've got a question for you. Justin should be fine because he was wearing a mask right? Isn't a mask the most effective way to stop the virus? Anybody in Justin's position would've done the same thing and they're' lying if they say otherwise. Politics needs to get the hell out of Baseball.
Cracked Gaming
Cracked Gaming 27 days ago
Champion or not Dave roberts is still dumb
Champion or not Dave roberts is still dumb 27 days ago
If Padres actually get Bauer like they said, they are a very good WS contestant
Ethan Bryan
Ethan Bryan 27 days ago
Yeah i have the same thing when i can here myself
Cflores5683 27 days ago
I still think Rays still would have lost. They only scored 1 run throughout the game. I agree he should have finished the inning at least.
Skrit Skrat
Skrit Skrat 27 days ago
This man legit doesnt mention the world series mvp...
Champion or not Dave roberts is still dumb
Champion or not Dave roberts is still dumb 27 days ago
no one cares about that, there is more surprising stuff
Jake M
Jake M 27 days ago
Just cant take the earpiece out. Just tooo hard.
Rederr L
Rederr L 27 days ago
Turner should be brought to a judge. You now how many people were exposed 😡 f turner
Owen Graves
Owen Graves 27 days ago
Rip MLB Recap 2020 😭😭😭
numberoneballer 27 days ago
Mookie coming around a third time. He is worst in his third ab and awful against lefties
numberoneballer 27 days ago
Football news? I think it would help grow your channel and pick up new fans.
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt 27 days ago
Turner celebrated after his test said positive and got taken out for Rios. Also he is a free agent
Stormy Creed
Stormy Creed 27 days ago
Wait a sec, are we sure that the dodgers needed betts? I mean Seager stepped up and so did Kershaw
KwantomX •
KwantomX • 27 days ago
No offense to the dodgers but if the Rays had the same amount of money they would dominate.
Jovanni Villanueva
Jovanni Villanueva 27 days ago
I am not a big fan of la but I respect them
Danny 27 days ago
Great video fuzzy...
Beastmode Activated
Beastmode Activated 27 days ago
The thing is they’re all in the same bubble so it is practically impossible for them not to get it. However, it makes no sense that the coaches wear masks in the dugout but JT has COVID and he’s good?
Theo Levine
Theo Levine 27 days ago
Manny Machado:I'll win a WS before the dodgers do. Bet u my contract on it. 2021 season:You see a random dude playing third base on the padres
Trey V
Trey V 27 days ago
JT was sick?,,, oh well.
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia 27 days ago
Covid is fake, the Justin Turner situation is stupid that man deserves to be in that dog pile and picture and mookie was not the “missing piece” we needed to win, we could’ve won it without him. But we don’t have to ;) Go Dodgers baby
Chris Palmiter
Chris Palmiter 27 days ago
Blake should demand a trade . This is where the numbers and analyst is overrated
NotTrend RBX
NotTrend RBX 27 days ago
R.I.P Baseball D:
Bryce Vern
Bryce Vern 27 days ago
I felt bad for rob manfred
L1KECLOCKWORK 27 days ago
Manfred was probably hammered
Golgothin Gaming
Golgothin Gaming 27 days ago
there better be an asterisk in the record books since this wasn't a full season
oofy pane
oofy pane 27 days ago
Fuzzy you should do trade recaps when a good trade happens.
Grease 27 days ago
The fact that Justin Turner was isolated during the postseason he wasn't with his family and he's the only one who's tested positive? How? A lot of false positive has come up lately!
1 WORLD NEWS 1 World Magazine
1 WORLD NEWS 1 World Magazine 27 days ago
It's because CV19 is not a real threat! Duh Wake Up Fuzzy😔
OG Weezylamar
OG Weezylamar 27 days ago
Justin Turner celebrating with his teammates with a positiv covid 19 Test was even a breakingnews in Germany LOL. Yes in Germany . Yes somebody from germany watching your Videos
Mordy schwartzbaum
Mordy schwartzbaum 27 days ago
The Snell move reminds me of the Zack Greinke move last year
Sloozer45 27 days ago
Forgive my ignorance but can anyone fill me in as to why people were moved to boo Manfred?
FaZe_ Glizzy
FaZe_ Glizzy 27 days ago
Such a slap in the face to snell, cash basically told him he has not faith in snell. I would demand a trade if I was snell
FREE 4554
FREE 4554 27 days ago
idk why you guys think that snell-anderson thing was because of analytics, pretty much every stat says to A. keep him in or B. bring in another lefty.
Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue 27 days ago
Thank you for keeping me informed in our 2020 journey!!! 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆
Chris SantaCruzSharks
Chris SantaCruzSharks 27 days ago
As a Giants fan I am stoked to see the Dodges win it all. The Astros shouldn't have been allowed to play this season period. They didn't have anything to 'prove' as they proved they are liars and cheaters. It doesn't matter if they are great players, they are cowards, cheaters and the just like politicians, corrupt corporations and bankers, they are everything wrong with the world. At least I don't have to keep hearing you say 'Astros prove everyone wrong' again this season, they have nothing to prove. They should have been thrown out of the game or at least banned for a few years. Good on Kershaw and all the other players who didn't deserve to have their careers and seasons skewed because some of their fellow players couldn't be honest. And, a big FU to MBL for only caring about money, you set a poor example to the youth around the world, gross.
Catharsis 27 days ago
Manfred has been as bad for the sport as the steroid era. Juiced baseballs and no punishment for Houston and ignorant decisions such as NL DH’s and extra-inning shenanigans. Just get rid of this bum. 😠
Pxna -_-
Pxna -_- 27 days ago
This is the Yankees game 2 decision
qvs787 27 days ago
Bro MLB allowed fans! And most of them aren't wearing their mask! Who cares if turner comes back out. When else will he celebrate a World Series!? Plus that's why people wear mask. And he was already on the field and in the dug out. Doesn't make a difference if he's teammates are cool with it.
Shane Gaskill
Shane Gaskill 27 days ago
A heart and a brain you have both for a reason you can’t go all in on analytics you got to see how they feel too
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