Rod Wave - Freestyle (Official Music Video)

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3 months ago


Nona Trigg
Nona Trigg Hour ago
My Boi Done Ran It Up FaShitSho
D'khadi 5 hours ago
Don't put you trust in men believe in God, that line I'd be on 🔥
shamar francis
shamar francis 10 hours ago
who else listens to this everyday
FOXXI'S PLAEHOUSE 13 hours ago
And to think he was put on in my city! Much love and respect 🙌 😍
MarkOfTheBeastResistance 17 hours ago
Dottie Farmer
Dottie Farmer Day ago
We can’t lose another one
Tyana Carter
Tyana Carter Day ago
“They rather go blind then see me win” felt that
02Wrxfan 2 days ago
He has bands those don’t look fake 😳
Tayvion Newton
Tayvion Newton 2 days ago
the wet 903
lyiah _.legend
lyiah _.legend 2 days ago
"try to tell my mama she don't gotta work no job but she the one who taught her baby boy to hustle hard say don't u never put your trust in man believe in God" and my favorite line 💗
Dwayne Morrison
Dwayne Morrison 2 days ago
Kaimi Kalama
Kaimi Kalama 2 days ago
Sexy Diamond
Sexy Diamond 2 days ago
This 🔥
SMD JUHURR 2 days ago
That guitar hit different at “ran it uuup” towards the end
King Wiley
King Wiley 2 days ago
Mommy Lil Wayne
King Wiley
King Wiley 2 days ago
King Wiley
King Wiley 2 days ago
Taminavanessaa🌹 3 days ago
rip BD my big brother 1/16/1996 - 9/16/18 😭💔 I wonder what he was listening to before he crashed we never got to slap rod wave together but I know he would’ve been up here with me💔
Willensky Celestin
Willensky Celestin 3 days ago
Lorenzo Coleman
Lorenzo Coleman 3 days ago
woah vicky need to stop
Franc 3 days ago
That beat is nasty ( who are that)
Sur 4th
Sur 4th 3 days ago tryna pop out of Florida like rod
Off x White Tjayy
Off x White Tjayy 4 days ago
God Bless everybody reading this Jesus is Lord Jesus is our Savior and King Jesus Christ died On The Cross for our Sins God wants a Relationship with y’all God Wants y’all in Heaven and always remember “I Can do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me” Ask God for a Relationship and ask For Forgiveness God Loves Y’all pray for your Friends and Family and Spread The Gospel and the word of God. God Bless 🙏🏽 Philippians 4:13✝️Thank God for everything and every day and every second because he didn’t have to wake you up but all he wants is for you to live his way and spread his word he Loves Y’all and Always will✝️💞
A.E. WSpoon
A.E. WSpoon 4 days ago
Man the flow of this song sounds very similar to another song but I can't put my finger on it....damn! But good hit though
chauntill 4 days ago
Drove off the car lot bumping this crying 🤑🥂🙏
Mekhi oso
Mekhi oso 4 days ago
RogerThat 4 days ago
Lose weight my nigga. You have so much life to live nobody wants to see you gone. Shit I'll get my bands up while you get the lbs down
Raymond Tiger
Raymond Tiger 5 days ago
Yeah ROD WAVE BITCH YOU yeah you deserve it This coming from a passionate place of endearment gangsta keep that coming thug all the way from Tulsa Oklahoma much love and respect gangsta may Allah bless you and your family and your love ones on your journey with a loyal family and child hood friends who solid as concrete and never changed it’s only up so protect your energy and keep ya eyes wide gangsta salute
Teresa Segura
Teresa Segura 6 days ago
Shut up
Demitri Ridley
Demitri Ridley 6 days ago
#RodWave I did the dash in an Impala engine. On me. Fuck the Indiana State Police
Eloïs Lambert
Eloïs Lambert 7 days ago
il a l'air heureux d'être riche wallah
John Gurule
John Gurule 7 days ago
6 mil already? fuck yeah ! happy for dude he deserves all those blessings coming his way!👌
Bam Bam
Bam Bam 7 days ago
How couldn’t you like this
Marquette Goodwin
Marquette Goodwin 7 days ago
My song. Lol that dude duke dennis stay singing this
Messiah Ward
Messiah Ward 8 days ago
if you dont like the video you lame
StuartLittle 1st
StuartLittle 1st 9 days ago
To the 6.5k ppl who disliked this.. do u like 6ix9ine
Cyrus Fassihi
Cyrus Fassihi 10 days ago
The guitar may be an instrument created for the dyslexic The guitar's "B" string inherently has 5 #s/bs; and naturally its relative major is at the "D" string, with 2 #s/bs: The napkin shows in writing that all "written" music can thus (theoretically) be transcribed and transposed into a single picture/pattern super imposed on the guitar's fretboard
Nila Frye
Nila Frye 10 days ago
This type of s*** don't phase a player but this of s*** is what makes a hater
Strike 10 days ago
@qiucher fax 🤣like get on wit that shii
Krystal Wilson
Krystal Wilson 11 days ago
bruh everymusic vid he rubbing his hair
Kahari Miller
Kahari Miller 11 days ago
He really hit that "ran it up" best vocals ever smh
BellaB TV
BellaB TV 11 days ago
I wish he rapped more on this one than sing fr
RattPack Home
RattPack Home 11 days ago
Tf is this? 2XL?
Pierson Russel
Pierson Russel 12 days ago
love your music
dom groovy
dom groovy 12 days ago
Jean Paul
Jean Paul 12 days ago
Jackboy goes so hard on this, never disappointed. He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
Alayja Jenkins
Alayja Jenkins 12 days ago
Try to tell my momma she don't got to work no job but she the one hwo taut her baby boy to hustle hard keep your head up never let no body get you in trouble I'm only 10 years old and your about 20 years old and my hole family even me is a really big Dan of you and I'm trying to supprise my sister she's turning 13 years old so can you meet me at the at the dollar store in moriville wish you luck live long and grind hard keep your head up
Alayja Jenkins
Alayja Jenkins 12 days ago
I did not mean that you are a good rapper rod wave
Alayja Jenkins
Alayja Jenkins 12 days ago
You smart and dum at the same time
Carmellion McMillan
Carmellion McMillan 12 days ago
And I gotta it out tha mud
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo 13 days ago
@lessica thomas it said in the article that the african american celebrities in hollywood use a japanese skin lightening /bleaching lotion that lightens their skin from dark to mixed race or light skinned in appearance,although they deny it they should just admit to using this lotion unless i guess they want people to think they are naturally light skinned.
Tachelle Griffis
Tachelle Griffis 13 days ago
“....Super futuristic coupe 2025...” 👉🏾👈🏾
PEEPEE POOPOO 14 days ago
He do be eating good tho
Wavymacho 14 days ago
Rod Wave is the GOAT
Sandra Rose
Sandra Rose 14 days ago
I loved your video! You need to really team up with the lit singer Katishan. You should check out his page out and give the artist a subscribe! 👉 #KatishanRaps
Jacoby Johnson
Jacoby Johnson 15 days ago
With all that money he going to my buy some food for his family not for him
ROSELAWN CAPO 15 days ago
John Doe
John Doe 15 days ago
I'm gonna run it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Queen zhy
Queen zhy 15 days ago
Love this song it put me in my feeling
Elijah Chambers
Elijah Chambers 15 days ago
Bro the dude at the door at first was my juvie correctional officer lol hell yeah he was cool af
Shavaughn Bailey
Shavaughn Bailey 16 days ago
Hi I was just thinking about you
Delon Nedd
Delon Nedd 16 days ago
His music inspires me to work hard ⚡
sebile roud
sebile roud 16 days ago
wow, this is amazing
SG Loyalty
SG Loyalty 16 days ago
Jason Gonzalez
Jason Gonzalez 17 days ago
ya gotta hear this
john williams
john williams 17 days ago 💪🏽💯
Guapo DaDon
Guapo DaDon 17 days ago
KOBEBEATS 17 days ago
Crazy this has done 20+ Million views. I did the guitar on this track, proud to be a part of the record with Timmydahitman and TnT 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
john williams
john williams 17 days ago 💪🏽💯
MuzeSick -.-
MuzeSick -.- 17 days ago
Only rapper atm i can listen to non stop. Sick foo
john williams
john williams 17 days ago 💪🏽💯
M J 18 days ago
He the only fat boy I would love on 🥰😍😘 and his nickname would be bear 😚
OSN SavvE 18 days ago
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
FB_Brobot 18 days ago
Engine came in the trunk the only reason he alive, Crazy
Bianca Jones
Bianca Jones 18 days ago Heatseekers
Bianca Jones
Bianca Jones 18 days ago Gooooo heattt
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
Michael Donaldson
Michael Donaldson 19 days ago
These new artist need to thank God they didn't come out in the 80's and 90's era flashing money aka money phone's that ass would've gotten robbed the nx following week, somebody would've been laying on that ass some where close or at their show's being flashy is not classy just show's you're not use to anything not even a silver coin ijs
Angie Mitchell
Angie Mitchell 19 days ago
This was very enjoyable.
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
Smooth Canbe
Smooth Canbe 20 days ago
Top three best freestyle songs in past 5 years
Ada Martinez
Ada Martinez 21 day ago
Hardest rapper out💯⛽
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
Marlaychia Hines
Marlaychia Hines 21 day ago
Rod wave is that type of person that tells the truth in his songs .
Javious Spann
Javious Spann 21 day ago
This song go so hard
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
tilly dean
tilly dean 21 day ago
Did he freestyle this song?
Roberto Maldonado
Roberto Maldonado 21 day ago
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
VerifyLix 22 days ago
listen to the ad libs at 1:20, your welcome😁"run it up, run it up, run it up uh"
Sir Void
Sir Void 22 days ago
Who seen the video of rod wave falling 😂
Blunt ManJay
Blunt ManJay 22 days ago
Still bumping happy Halloween 🎃
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera 22 days ago
This is pura mierda.
john williams
john williams 18 days ago 💛💯
Steve J
Steve J 22 days ago
awesome Video. Keep hustling 🎹
da khash
da khash 22 days ago
who else decided to listen to this song after that one tiktok dude was singing it?
yogurl. naya
yogurl. naya 23 days ago
His smile 😩🤤
kingmar kingmar
kingmar kingmar 23 days ago
rod wave is in my top 3 best rappers
Jonathon Mctatsney
Jonathon Mctatsney 23 days ago
My favorite rod wave song
Weirdkid100 23 days ago
Rather go blind then see me winning 🤯
Malaki Spencer
Malaki Spencer 23 days ago
Faxssss quincher😂😂
The_kidd Smith
The_kidd Smith 23 days ago
Oh yeah rod this 🔥🗣
Unknown-_Troop3r 23 days ago
2:00 - 2:15 hit different
Melle Smith
Melle Smith 23 days ago
"And I got it out the mud..i always knew this day would come..they don't know nothing bout where we was...fin-ally ran it up, ran it up, ran it upppp🎶🎶"
Sv. Omhoog A2
Sv. Omhoog A2 23 days ago
papa jake
Antwon Kemp
Antwon Kemp 23 days ago
Finally a rapper i can relate too!!!
Chandler Tirey
Chandler Tirey 24 days ago
Hard to tell ah n***a not to shine when all he know is hard times TRUTH
STB Lando
STB Lando 24 days ago
Remind When I Come Back In 2025
Cam_ Tc
Cam_ Tc 25 days ago
He need to do this more
HIP-HOP BAYOU 25 days ago
M M.
M M. 25 days ago
Abdiwahab Abdi
Abdiwahab Abdi 25 days ago
love to see a black man working.
Timmydahitman Beats
Timmydahitman Beats 25 days ago
20 million 😳😳😳😳😳
Kjay 302
Kjay 302 26 days ago
Hard to tell a nigga not to shine when all he know is hard times 💯
Trudy Howell
Trudy Howell 26 days ago
Rod wave is so talented please stay focus and sont get caught up
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