Draw My Life - Simon's Story

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7 years ago

So, for this week's TL;DR I thought I'd do a Draw My Life video. We couldn't do ours together, Martina and I, because that would be WAY TOO DIFFICULT. Martina's working on her video now, and it should be up next week. It'll be a lot more fun than my video, of course, because she's a lot cooler than I am :D
Anyhow, here's my story, about where I'm from, and what made me the kind of person I am today. Sorry if this became a bit heavy at times. I hope you didn't find it too boring.
I wrote some more in our blog post on our site. I didn't talk much about my brother and sister and parents, so I mention them more over there, if you're interested in that kind of thing. Check it out!
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Bethany Lingle
Bethany Lingle Month ago
somehow im here after simon's tattoo video where he said simon felt like she tricked him into marrying her,, and in this video simon says he feels like he tricked her into marrying him >< that just hit differently after the last video ahah
Scott J
Scott J 2 months ago
The moral to the story is: There is no plan. And if you have made a plan, it will change.
Valentois 2 months ago
18th video of the marathon This conclusion is the best: you can get out of the friendzone! XD
R0ly P0lly
R0ly P0lly 6 months ago
7:35 - Wait... War&Peace and Crime&Punishment are from Russian literature and were wrote by Russian poets (Fyodor Dostoevsky and Lev Tolstoy)
Diux 6 months ago
Oh Simon, thank you for making us laugh so much and cry so much and be soo happy.... I love these draw my life videos, even 7 years later ♥♥♥
Lynette Walters
Lynette Walters 11 months ago
Love you both!
Sharlene Thompson
Sharlene Thompson Year ago
Lmmaaao! Simon with CORNROWS! Lorrrrd! He was hanging with the Caribbeans. Simon lived a rough life otherwise.
Kyla Garbanzos
Kyla Garbanzos Year ago
As late as this is, I have to type this. I relate so much regarding acting as a social outcast due to mistrust from childhood and poor social skills.Heck, I'm still doing it(guilty) except I'm not a good student. Watching this video always fills me with hope and determination because if you were able to bounce back from everything you went through, I can too. Going away to a diff. university just to start anew soon, I will try to hold hope that things will turn out well.
Tundrafire Year ago
watching this for the 5th time, I realize that I have the almost exact same handwriting as Simon, when it comes to curves and such, in the writing.
Carlitox b
Carlitox b Year ago
Funniest draw my life I’ve seen hahah I love your story
SereneC Year ago
this is so sweet
Viv Wallace
Viv Wallace Year ago
Sometimes I feel bad for Martina because everyone is like "Awww, Simon, you are such a good husband!" Martina must feel neglected. But MARTINA, WE ALL LOVE YOU BOTH THE SAME! YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN! It's just not common to have an amazing husband (although I was lucky in that aspect as well) and we also only see what's on camera. Also as you might have noticed it's mostly women who express how great Simon is because they wished they had such a great man as well. I think that you have Simon is also a big compliment for you as well!
Toni Chisum
Toni Chisum Year ago
God. First time I’ve seen this and the way the two of you have grown into yourselves but together is a wonder. My husband and I have been married for 34 years and we could learn from you two. Love your story. ♥️ Amazing
Lexination Year ago
It's amazing how you turned it around and are so well-read now. I came back here and now I recall from your latest video that you're reading Sapiens, Homo Deus and Steven Pinker- all very popular psychological non fiction and its awesome!!
pikachuiloveyou 1982
pikachuiloveyou 1982 Year ago
I thought I heard you mention Windsor in the stream the other day! I was born there. I also lived in a shitty apartment on Wyandotte as well. Such a small world. Holy shitballs eh?
Doogabadoo Swanson
Doogabadoo Swanson Year ago
Almost all of these comments are about when in the video Simon said “And her name was Martina” but to be honest like if you didn’t feel the feels of the feely feels you lying or you heartless.
Kayra Moose
Kayra Moose Year ago
You two were meant to meet. You saved each other❤
HalloIchBinDieGabi Year ago
Jacqueline Heaney
Jacqueline Heaney 2 years ago
I have watch like 90% of your guys videos, since 2010. I don't know how I missed the draw my life videos. Thanks for making them. I really needed them to help build my ladder today.
Victor Wyatt
Victor Wyatt 2 years ago
You rock! You have me crying here.
o o p s
o o p s 2 years ago
Great we are related 🇵🇱🇵🇱
Lu Noizu
Lu Noizu 2 years ago
this makes me cry every time
Katie Desimpel
Katie Desimpel 2 years ago
Holy Crap.... I knew I have met you guys before..... I live in Windsor 😊
RedCaillie 2 years ago
I really loved hearing about your life. I am so glad you both found each other and you were patient!!!
Shaina Estévez
Shaina Estévez 2 years ago
OMG! My school had me skip the 3rd grade as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O
data storytelling
data storytelling 2 years ago
So i was 4 when they met ? So you guy's got married when i was 7. !!@
Jaimie Newman
Jaimie Newman 2 years ago
Forget not being able to draw, your spelling is atrocious. I can't believe you were a literature major. Were you joking?
Voylin's life
Voylin's life 2 years ago
I like how he had to include the big boobs part to give all the details about it xD
Voylin's life
Voylin's life 2 years ago
cute kitty :3
Hi There
Hi There 2 years ago
Laughed so hard on house for sale
vonniesees1 2 years ago
Simon is hilarious! I laughed for 12minutes and 42seconds! :)
Wafaa Mohammed
Wafaa Mohammed 2 years ago
Oh my god too funny
Rajeshwari Pittala
Rajeshwari Pittala 2 years ago
June 16th!Y’all got married on my birthday. It was meant to be.
AllAboutNay85 2 years ago
I must see pic of Simon with cornrows.....
Toad Day Get Toad
Toad Day Get Toad 2 years ago
Dzein dobry! (I think it’s hello? Buffalo Public Schools, 1-5th grade I took Polish....wish I remembered more.) Do wizidna (god that’s awful lol)
Emy 2 years ago
I have recently discovered this channel and I'm really touched by your guys relationship, talk about relationship goals.. And The part where you said you don't deserve her made me sad, I don't know you but I don't think that's true, it's clear to see in these videos how happy you make each other. So, I see this video is a few years old.. But I hope you don't feel that way any more!
Hans News
Hans News 2 years ago
If your parents was so successful in Poland how did they have nothing when they came to Canada
akarihime 2 years ago
Just Words
Just Words 2 years ago
THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY! *Me: runs to watch Martina's*
Lofi Cicada
Lofi Cicada 2 years ago
You both met on my 12th birthday!
Lynn Hall
Lynn Hall 2 years ago
You two are absolutely perfect foor each other. Thank you for sharing your story Simon! I'm glad I'm not the only one who only listened to hip hop and R&B as a youth. As an adult now all of my friends grew up with cool indie, rock music and I'm like, eh?? What's dat? I Al$o TypEd LyKe Dis foR a Couple yeArs.
Setya Ni
Setya Ni 2 years ago
Hello there for fellow English Literature student xD those books are menace. Luckily lot of my classes give us liberty on which book we choose to delve deeper, and I throw all of those sad and sadder books and going for the weird and quirky humour kind one xD
sick little monkey
sick little monkey 2 years ago
OMG I've lived in a house and an apartment that were both haunted !!! Not kidding . my mom's old house had a ghost cat that would walk on your bed . I finally told my mom about it and she looked at me and said YOU'VE FELT THAT TOO !!!!!.
Catherine 2 years ago
Brooke Seiter
Brooke Seiter 2 years ago
Holy shit...my birthday is march 28th, the day they started dating! Coincidence? I think not.
Victoria Hoffman
Victoria Hoffman 3 years ago
Not even 3 minutes into the video and I'm dying of laughter omg your so hilarious both you and Martina are the best!
orginaljun 3 years ago
Simon you deserve a golden medal for getting out of friendzone to the relationship zone. I salute you !, you survived the battle that many failed to do so. I almost had a tear drop for how happy i am for you ^^
Jenna G.
Jenna G. 3 years ago
my home has been robbed too. i wish to god i could have caught the jerk who did it. i've been extremely reclusive and untrusting since then. =(
Jasmine Chim
Jasmine Chim 3 years ago
G l i t c h B a b e
G l i t c h B a b e 3 years ago
Watching in late 2017, love this!
Silverlupa01 3 years ago
love this story thanks for sharing!!
PinkSmol 3 years ago
U talking bout ur waifu made me cry real tears
Jo King
Jo King 3 years ago
You're an amazing good guy Simon. Deserves more credit.
FunctionofLight One
FunctionofLight One 3 years ago
Been a subscriber for years. Have probably watched most vids a minimum of 5 times. You never get old... always make me happy. Wishing both of you the best of the best... two people who are the definition of awesome.
violetsnow 3 years ago
This is so uplifting Simon good job 👍
Pewdiepie E
Pewdiepie E 3 years ago
My name is Simon
Soyachan 3 years ago
Okay I need someone to explain this to me, why did his parents leave poland and thought in canada it would be better for their kids? They had awesome jobs at poland, and when they came to canada they didn't even speak the language, had to clean houses and deliver pizza (nothing wrong with that, but I think you understand what I mean) and the kids grew up poor. I'm not trying to be mean, I just want to understand. Was it bad in poland around that time? Anyone can help me with this?
its me
its me 3 years ago
🐈: I want to be in the video Simon :Move
Ghia Hong
Ghia Hong 3 years ago
The part about martina made me cry so hard. :(( so cute.
Chablis Alegria
Chablis Alegria 3 years ago
Simon is a wonderful guy
Susan Duquette
Susan Duquette 3 years ago
Excellent vlog.😀🇨🇦
Anthologic 3 years ago
Yay! Funny happy story of an awesome people! :) Flipped when I learned you're from London Ontario Simon! Me too! Represent! After high school, I moved to BC for 12 years and got a good taste of Asian culture there... But by fate, landed back in London and am now here raising my daughter. Living vicariously through all your great videos,,, Love you guys. Total relationship goals!
Tender Sheep
Tender Sheep 3 years ago
OMG I can't believe friends would be so shitty! I'm sorry they robbed you! I'm happy you grew from that horrible situation! You are awesome and you have an amazing wife!
Wesley Cruz
Wesley Cruz 3 years ago
"Her name was Martina" this part made me think of that part in a movie when your favorite people show up.
MaryLou Bailey
MaryLou Bailey 3 years ago
You and Martini are such a blessing! The coolest 💕
Laura Wight
Laura Wight 3 years ago
You lived in Windsor!?!? I grew up in Kingsville and now live in Windsor! that's so cool. this is so lame but you guys should do a meet with greet with me in Windsor.... that sounds creepy... but there's some really good foods
MISIOKO 3 years ago
Just wanted a video to accompany my morning coffee. Then the feels hit. Now I sit here crying, reluctant to move and start my day. Crying.
Janie Riddle
Janie Riddle 3 years ago
Hey... You guys...Follow your dreams and it will follow you......Do good and good shall come..
Samuel Wong
Samuel Wong 3 years ago
I was born on September 28 2004
Danielle Hannah
Danielle Hannah 3 years ago
Simon: NOW SHE'S MINE FOR LIFE! me: I'm so touched for Martina 😭😭
marilyn 3 years ago
I know you hated skipping a grade but would you have meet Martina if you didn't??
Miss Doe
Miss Doe 3 years ago
You are such a sweet guy simon you and martina are lucky to have each other
Amal Farah
Amal Farah 3 years ago
This video was so beautiful.
PolkaSunia 3 years ago
Oh that's cool! My family and I are also from Poland but we moved to North America instead!
bpoon2k2 3 years ago
Holy crap. I grew up in Windsor. Sad little town. Lol
Garry Chen
Garry Chen 3 years ago
Must be Kurwa :p
dani kalifornia
dani kalifornia 3 years ago
you got 💍 2yers befor i whs born
dani kalifornia
dani kalifornia 3 years ago
my boyfriend is polish he told me bakein is spek 🍳i like food 😝😛😊
Tina Ari
Tina Ari 3 years ago
rofl my husband is Turkish and learned a lot of bad language by hanging out with his father at the soccer games (ummmm football games, I mean).
irgendein mädel
irgendein mädel 3 years ago
ohhhh you guys are sooo cute !
D.P. 3 years ago
I laughed so much at meemers in the beginning of the video :'D
Mia gamer wolf
Mia gamer wolf 3 years ago
Alycia 3 years ago
I just exploded. You guys were in Windsor at Teacher's college at the same time I was in Windsor trying to make it through their English Lit & Creative Writing program (Ugh. No. I transferred.)!! How weird is that!? I love you guys. I'm so glad I found your channel/channels/internet space. Hugs from London, ON!
Stefan Van Vliet
Stefan Van Vliet 3 years ago
You should react to the other persons vid
Kwaku Appiyah
Kwaku Appiyah 3 years ago
SuperTruffels 3 years ago
"...and she had big boobs!" :') I'm dead
Autumnpixx ASMR
Autumnpixx ASMR 3 years ago
The ending punched me in the gut out of the blue. Tears. Legit English lit major storytelling right there!
Gabriel Lewis
Gabriel Lewis 3 years ago
Lol I got fast-married in University 2007 too. Nice to see you could break out of the credit debt...
Glamdring Vex
Glamdring Vex 3 years ago
HalloIchBinDieGabi 4 years ago
Karyn Ang
Karyn Ang 4 years ago
Aaawwwwwww you're so cute about Martina!!!!!
Kayla Haskin
Kayla Haskin 4 years ago
I've been with my boyfriend for 5 and a half years. We started dating on March 28th as well. I think our relationship is over, and I don't know what to do right now. I just dream that one day I can find my life partner as you have. Things are worse right now, I'm just hoping with everything I have that it will get better. You guys are amazing and I love you both.
OoMASEoO 4 years ago
these both made me cry so much, idk why... Maybe it's the wine... you are very lucky to have found eachother 💕
Glamdring Vex
Glamdring Vex 3 years ago
Drinking wine and crying also...damn
Desek Resek
Desek Resek 4 years ago
I'm Polish :D I live in Grudziądz
appleheadlover 2001
appleheadlover 2001 4 years ago
When are you guys gonna have kids? You guys are literally the best couple ever. Love you guys ❤️ you guys are incredible. Never stop being you!
appleheadlover 2001
appleheadlover 2001 3 years ago
MsDreamGirl098 Oh right 😊
MsDreamGirl098 3 years ago
their pets are their kids! I don't think they will ever have kids because of Martina's condition :( They can adopt them though, so maybe!
Clia130 4 years ago
Wow you guys saw each other one year before I was born
look at all those chickens
look at all those chickens 4 years ago
"she was just so pretty and she had a lip ring and tattoos and she wore chains on her pants and she was really funny and smart in class and she had big boobs (HAHAHA) AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER RIGHT AWAY" her name is martina" me: OMG /ugly sobbing/ THAT IS SO SWEET IM CRYING
India Neta Mae
India Neta Mae 4 years ago
wow crying... so beautiful
Elora Quinn
Elora Quinn 4 years ago
Lmfao!! I'm watching this on the day Simon met Martina.
Hannah Lea
Hannah Lea 4 years ago
When you realize that when they lived in Windsor they pretty much lived down the street from you ;-;
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