Sneaky Ways All-Inclusive Resorts Get You To Spend Money

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10 months ago

All-inclusive resorts seem great. You pay an up-front price, then you get to spend a week drinking on the beach, dining under palm trees, and relaxing next to the pool. It can even feel like you're saving money. And for those with a big appetite, that’s probably true. But for others, you could actually end up spending more.
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Sneaky Ways All-Inclusive Resorts Get You To Spend Money

Nicole House
Nicole House 5 days ago
whoever nameed Nick is trash born
Nicole House
Nicole House 5 days ago
vietnam suxks
sportsMike87 5 days ago
Most of these is common knowledge. Yeah just read every document you get
Elise Erickson
Elise Erickson 5 days ago
The part about free scuba diving is stupid. You can't dive without a certification and certification courses come with materials that PADI charges for. $100 for a certification course is actually extraordinarily cheap - courses can be up to $2000 sometimes. Do your research, Insider :(
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 5 days ago
Just say no. Seriously. How hard is it to just not buy extra stuff? And don't do the excursions from the resorts. Go find your own. This is a list for rookie travellers or people who are too lazy to research things themselves
Lit Nation Forever
Lit Nation Forever 5 days ago
Are we going to act like that couple just sitting in the ocean with clothes on is normal?
Ameenah Hantakas
Ameenah Hantakas 6 days ago
Don’t go to the resort you’ll pay too much ...also don’t try to enjoy something cheaper outside of the resort that is also too much.. moral of story don’t enjoy life
Zab Zab
Zab Zab 6 days ago
Ehm... it's not unusual that only food/drinks etc are in the price and other stuff like diving is not... Check the list what you get and all should be clear 💁
Char Reign
Char Reign 8 days ago
If i go to such resort I really dont mind
kittykattastegood 8 days ago
Who has 10 days to vacation...
Indra Lin
Indra Lin 9 days ago
Aaand boom! Corona hit you like your ex
Marianellyy Diaz
Marianellyy Diaz 10 days ago
Mannn I just want to get away !!
The Investment Corner
The Investment Corner 10 days ago
The minibar in Most all inclusives are Normally included.
Sean Barratt
Sean Barratt 10 days ago
Why would I tip somebody for opening a door hahahaha
•karina gasi•
•karina gasi• 11 days ago
What this video is trying to say: save money & be careful with what you pay for. What i understand: NO MORE TRAVELING
T B 11 days ago
Ah, vacations. Those were the days.
Addy K.
Addy K. 11 days ago
WTF?! Can't a person even get a money splurging week or two in a year.
Igor M
Igor M 11 days ago
yea lets travel during the hurricane period... it will be cheaper... no shit sherlock
Mohamed Mohammed
Mohamed Mohammed 12 days ago
3:32. Commentator said, “Butlers can tack $900.” She did not say, per day or per week. Terrible and irritating lack of clarity and precision.
Adam W
Adam W 12 days ago
I am at an all inclusive resort right now, costs $10,000 or more, and you have to test to get in! People keep trying to teach me things, and the food isn’t that good...
rachit balani
rachit balani 12 days ago
Seju 13 days ago
Bruh did stupid when I went to the resort I ate like 10 meal a day because it was free i banked off their asses
Yvette Aguilar
Yvette Aguilar 13 days ago
All I heard is that a lot of people dish out their money too easily. 😎 I am always thinking about the charges, I like deals for my money not less for my money.
Kokoro cala
Kokoro cala 13 days ago
at this point just stay home
Sarfaraz Erahdun
Sarfaraz Erahdun 14 days ago
I dont care how much i spend , only thing i care is that its a wonderful experience , however i dont have money 🤣
Nicolas Kitchin
Nicolas Kitchin 15 days ago
this completely misses the point that Sandals and Beaches are LUXURY all-inclusive. the standards are 10x higher than other hotels. Sandals doesn't cater to guests pinching dollars. the lower end all inclusives are better deals. Basic hotels in the US charge $100-200/pn and everything other than the complimentary breakfast is $$$$
samet mutlu
samet mutlu 15 days ago
Bullshit! What you understand from all inclusive? If you are not idiot you will know almost all or if you read before booking!
Kj Solomon
Kj Solomon 17 days ago
It's not bad.. It's business.. And all of your pay goes to tourism sector of that place.. It's not a trap but what you do is helping the community to grow.. And what you pay it's for the services given to you to make a pleasurable experience..
Z Herrera
Z Herrera 19 days ago
This is so true!!i went to a resort in mazatlan mx !! I paid $3,000 pesos per person. The resort charged for wifi, towel card charge. food was bad, drinks were watered down.
Gymnasmic 20 days ago
Obviously if we don’t want to spend more money we’re not gonna hire a butler... butlers are clearly not included
Mitul Sawant
Mitul Sawant 20 days ago
Sneaky ways by which business insider makes you watch their videos
Mina Pešaković
Mina Pešaković 21 day ago
I'm lowkey confused because i am going all inclusive next year to Montenegro, my family doesn't need to pay anything, my mom got it as a gift for 4 people because she was the best nurse during quarantine-💀
Maestrul Gamer
Maestrul Gamer 22 days ago
Step 1:Eat. Step 2:Go to cardio to burn the calories. Step 3:Eat again.
Dave Henkin
Dave Henkin 22 days ago
The first step to not get ripped off by All-Inclusive Resorts is not booking at Sandals or Club Med. They need to pay for the hundred million dollar ad campaigns somehow by fleecing their customers.
Orange 23 days ago
I ain't gonna spend 20k dollars just to sleep in a really expensive hotel.
AA A 27 days ago
2:44 *laughs in costa rica*
Lightning Hobby
Lightning Hobby 29 days ago
This video is a fail.
Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Month ago
I went to Riviera Maya in a Resort in Mexico. It was a All-Included, it was the best idea !
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee Month ago
Milking tourists as much as possible before they leave
Subscribe Now
Subscribe Now Month ago
Its All a Waste of Money