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Pretti Hinted
Pretti Hinted Day ago
Wow, its the saggitarius energy for me...yall better listen, PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIVES FOR EITHER A LESSON OR A BLESSING!!! Ol girl sounds so intimidated get up off my good sis bum ass EX!!🖤📝😩
anyone else cry with Clarence?. Keep being a good man to your family! #familyfirst !!!!
mariam cofie
mariam cofie 2 days ago
He sound so emotional 😭 wanna make me cry 😢
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis 2 days ago
I think Queen look better than her honestly...Leslie not ugly but definitely not badder than Queen!
Kameron Reactions
Kameron Reactions 2 days ago
Ymani Shirley
Ymani Shirley 2 days ago
You better Gooo BOY 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾❤️❤️❤️
itsDrene 2 days ago
Nah this video really hit. Like you spoke facts. ‼️
Briana Holley
Briana Holley 2 days ago
I know that’s right claraynce😩👏🏽
Briana Holley
Briana Holley 2 days ago
Because she is bugged if she made that up
Briana Holley
Briana Holley 2 days ago
Adress if you really said you were going to promise to marry here ??
Reenie 3 days ago
Clarence, its to bad that you have to do this kind of reaction but I am so glad you did. I will also say, thank god you found someone like Queen. The reason being what you stated yourself, this woman, Leslie, would have kept holding you back with her toxic controlling insecure personality. To genuinely hate, blame and defame Queen for what happened between you 2 is beyond messed up and she absolutely needs therapy to figure this out. It falls on her alone.
Jazo 3 days ago
33:05 " That's the mother of my KIDSSSS" He said kidss ya'll !! I LOVE IT!
Cajohna Trivers
Cajohna Trivers 3 days ago
You doing your thing Clarence! don't explain yourself or apologize for being a good person you a good nigga fr! Thank you for showing Queen what real love feels like. keep treating the right girl good the one who deserves it the most :) love you Clarence & Queen!
The Spot
The Spot 3 days ago
What is this 'you know what I'm saying?' statement?? Is there a school these boys go to be taught to speak this way? Anyway,man handled this maturely so madam doesn't need to and the church said AMEN.
Dahalia Lewis
Dahalia Lewis 3 days ago
The level of admiration I have for how this dude is being calm and mature is unreal.... I honestly applaud you.
Gkyro 4 days ago
The way you described and talked about queen in such a amazing light damn near made me cry. That is is so fucking amazing bro
Madelon Blanchard
Madelon Blanchard 4 days ago
I just wanna say that I’ve been a fan of queen for a very long time I watched her when her and Chris where together and I love queen and she is such a strong beautiful women and she deserves you I’m saying this loud and clear bash me if you want😂 clarebear😂 is a way better man than Chris sails will ever be not bashing Chris just stating facts and queen deserved way better than Chris and now that she’s finally got it everyone wants to try to tear her down so how about you stop trying to tear down other people and just worry about your own god damn life no one deserves to be treated the way people treat queen and she had a beautiful personality and all around is a great person so why you gotta spread lies and try to get in the way of her happiness just fuck off and stop worrying about queens live and focus on your own😂 ps love yours and queens channels keep being who you guys are ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Shai Shaonie Kasey
Shai Shaonie Kasey 5 days ago
ClarenceNYC definitely was my IG crush 😍😂 and I low key was mad Queen got him lol BUT that girls heart deserves someone like him I watched her from the start I definitely believe GOD knew what she needed so this relationship gets a pass from me frfr🤟🏾💋omg I respect him for this 💎❤️
Keeping Up With the Jones’
Keeping Up With the Jones’ 6 days ago
I love how emotional he got about her this the energy I need in my life 😍😍😍😩😩😩
Michelle I.
Michelle I. 6 days ago
Clearance, you are a Real Man. You put them haters in check. You did the right thing in protecting and covering your family. ❤️ You have a great heart.
Bing BangXo TV
Bing BangXo TV 7 days ago
“And I wonder how your dad feels now.....that you’re doing USshow.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bing BangXo TV
Bing BangXo TV 7 days ago
Hmmm okay I’m glad he cleared this up.
Divine Angel
Divine Angel 7 days ago
I. love. this
Gwendolyn Powell
Gwendolyn Powell 8 days ago
Kiara McClain
Kiara McClain 8 days ago
Clarence you been 1000 from day one you don’t have to explain anything to her shit just try to make a good guy look bad and it didn’t even work this is crazy girl stop the madness because at this point everything you doing making you look crazy TEAM Clarence & Queen ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
MitchGANG Family
MitchGANG Family 9 days ago
You different because you don’t let shit weight you down m... keep that energy I’m the same way and let Queen continue to teach you... you on your grown man... stay real
lcb1010 9 days ago
Niggas from Brooklyn don’t get down like this ‼️
lcb1010 9 days ago
Queen was exactly plotting for him ‼️
Brittany Shaw
Brittany Shaw 9 days ago
I honestly love how honest and open and real this content was !!!!! 🙌 love how you speak on queen it's beautiful ! The best content you have shared because you really spoke your truth
Christina G
Christina G 9 days ago
“That’s the mother of my KIDS” 💚 ugh the way he talks about Queen 😩
Christina G
Christina G 9 days ago
For his ex to say he’s unhappy and doesn’t love Queen ... she’s obviously dumb af
Cruzz Palmer
Cruzz Palmer 9 days ago
Yaas clare ❤️
Darella Johnson
Darella Johnson 9 days ago
I understood where he was coming from when he mentioned being too young and without. When you're without you appreciate things more and sometimes its not what you deserve. Fully developed minds means you've self actualized. Meaning, the growth throughout time in life helped him to see what he really wanted. (Reiterated) Now that he can get his own, he can go his own directions.
Urban King
Urban King 10 days ago
“She’s great in bed”😂😂Clarence is Goated😂
Reese Katina
Reese Katina 10 days ago
Clarence a real one!!! Put some respeck on his relationship period. 💕💕 Queen is the QUEEN!!!! 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️
Brianna Ricketts
Brianna Ricketts 10 days ago
Very wise words! I feel like she kinda of was trying to come off as to emotional KNOWING u was going to watch her video..she knew u was going to see it so she wanted u to feel bad for her. But that’s the complete opposite of what she got. Good job u keep it 💯💥
KMT FAZES 10 days ago
Marry Queen she is one of a kind!!! I''m excited for your future and that baby Girl:))
Cynthia Daughter of A King Mans
Cynthia Daughter of A King Mans 10 days ago
😍The Queen I know🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sunset_Saturday Gomes
Sunset_Saturday Gomes 10 days ago
The way you describe it is better than how ur ex because she was doing the most but how u explained it you just melted my heart for the kids and ur future wife❤️
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez 10 days ago
This is the best USshow video of 2020 💯
Mocchaa 11 days ago
He snapped on his Ex for the clarity 😌
Mocchaa 11 days ago
“I’m picking her over y’all everytime!!!” 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Mel V. F
Mel V. F 11 days ago
I love how he talks about Queen 💙 he sounds so genuine 😍❤
Jayda Ajai
Jayda Ajai 11 days ago
If i was leslie I would be balling tears rn 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jayda Ajai
Jayda Ajai 11 days ago
“ i love it here” awwwwwww clare 🥺
Jayda Ajai
Jayda Ajai 11 days ago
God when someone gonna talk about me like this????
Jayda Ajai
Jayda Ajai 11 days ago
Queen is sooo genuine and people hate that
Jayda Ajai
Jayda Ajai 11 days ago
I love how clare loves queen, i hope I find love like this.
Young Infamous
Young Infamous 11 days ago
It’s so messed up that Queen and Clarence have to constantly defend their relationship.
Am Sou
Am Sou 11 days ago
Well damn
Terry Berry
Terry Berry 11 days ago
You have a kind Soul...😁
Darlene Babydoll
Darlene Babydoll 11 days ago
She was talking about Queen when she said malicious Pay attention dude
Darlene Babydoll
Darlene Babydoll 11 days ago
Apparently not Dude and you at least about honest one thing you are hustler 🤔🤔🤔 Also why you being all tough she a women not a dude She hit a nerve wow
Sincerely, ME
Sincerely, ME 12 days ago
Clarence you gotta react to that CJ - Whoopty video! That's low key your twin 😂😂
Taysia Beaty Brown
Taysia Beaty Brown 12 days ago
Not me crying when he was talking about queen😂🥲😭🤧
Tyler Alexandria
Tyler Alexandria 12 days ago
Rachel Faith
Rachel Faith 12 days ago
The way he talked about Queen ❤️
Rachel Faith
Rachel Faith 12 days ago
Real Sagittarius shit, he watched the video and took notes so he could fess her all the way up !!! 😂😂 He bout to politely gathered her
That Jasmine Girl
That Jasmine Girl 12 days ago
Either tell the whole truth or stfu bc playing victim is lame af, if you’re grown admit to your wrong don’t just point fingers.
That Jasmine Girl
That Jasmine Girl 12 days ago
No one wants to be with someone they can’t learn something from. You will never forget a man, woman who taught you something in life.
Shawnquanette Rice
Shawnquanette Rice 12 days ago
I just love the way he speaks about queen I felt this whole video. I give so much respect. They both have beautiful souls
_.its._kenzie 12 days ago
When he said “the mother of my kids”🥺 I love it
lashonda Griffin
lashonda Griffin 12 days ago
Queens King has spoken, very respectfully done too.#ARealOne
Mommy and kids world !!!
Mommy and kids world !!! 13 days ago
When you In toxic situation for so long you become use to it but that shit is not normal we’re humans you live and learn all you tubers are still human damn ppl be forgetting that
BEVERLY Mccall 13 days ago
Leslie is bitter and she's looking at what could have been. Continue to focus on your family. Because she's the past. I love you , Queen and your family.
Laced By Honey
Laced By Honey 13 days ago
Listen. I don’t understand why men look up to ganstas this is a good man right here. Great nigga. Look up to him!!!
Vonn Dior
Vonn Dior 13 days ago
Don't play with that BOY HE'S NOT ONE OF THEM !! Love you King
leelee96ful 13 days ago
She really mad because he came up and it was without her.
Tatiana Jones
Tatiana Jones 13 days ago
bro props to clare bc i honestly can tell the love for queen. His maturity is sky high.
Veronica Arges
Veronica Arges 13 days ago
You go Clarence, tell them how you feel!! This made me cry, very touching & uplifting!! Always, remember haters will always hate when they’re jealous. You & Queen are my inspiration!! I love you, guys!! Never stop being you!! God’s got you & he’s in your corner. Misery loves company!! Oh & Queen is beautiful inside & out!!
Melissa Reece
Melissa Reece 13 days ago
Never had to explain anything yet thank you for all you guys do 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
IAM KALON 13 days ago
When you said “I’m a 100% single man right hur” You both should be acting, roll out with a movie mayynnne
personaldanceparty 14 days ago
Great video
It’s Jocelyn
It’s Jocelyn 14 days ago
Clarence is a real man I have not seen no other yt say anything as sweet as he has said about queen.there relationship keeps getting brought up cause There jealous that you and queen are working
Everlasting Shamira
Everlasting Shamira 14 days ago
Real One for sure! Mad Respect!✊🏽
Max Gutierrez
Max Gutierrez 14 days ago
Queen is better looking then your ex.. Queen is smart beautiful smart.. your very lucky ....
Betty Walker
Betty Walker 15 days ago
Bella Zayas
Bella Zayas 15 days ago
There love is real ppl need to cut it out and stop being so damn jealous. If I was his ex I would feel so stupid after this video smh girl just stop it let this man live with the women he loves
Armygurl4Life 15 days ago
He clarified EVERYTHING I respect you even more much blessings upon blessings ❤️❤️❤️
Andreane Campbell
Andreane Campbell 15 days ago
He got years in his eyes yo💔😖💜
Andreane Campbell
Andreane Campbell 15 days ago
This got me so emotional😖💜... Clarence u a real one❕💜.. And imma foreva rate you and that's ong❕💜💜
Aaron TV
Aaron TV 15 days ago
Fucking felt this Omms 💯🤟🏾 keep striving broski fr
marissa gonzalez
marissa gonzalez 15 days ago
That whole tangent about why he fw her took my heart. That's a soul connection they have and its beautiful to see. It gives me hope that is still out there.
SimplyXenia 16 days ago
I will always and forever believe 100% of what Clarence and Queen says...You can tell that they love and support each other. Their relationship is so pure, and it's truly sad that people will literally SPREAD LIES just to ruin that.
Angela Thomas
Angela Thomas 16 days ago
It's the everything he said in this video fa me 💯☺️ no w put some respect on their relationship moe 🤨👌🏾
Exotic beauty & IE
Exotic beauty & IE 16 days ago
I’m sorry for those who hit thumbs down YALL haters he loves his girl and queen loves him I’m very happy for y’all !! Y’all need each other
Krystal Lynne
Krystal Lynne 16 days ago
Taler Martin
Taler Martin 17 days ago
Bro...y’all done pulled the WHOLE New York n***a out this man talkin about his girl. He went full blown, sentimental-New York thug in this piece. Don’t play with this man about his family. That’s what I’m talking about 👏🏾 👏🏾. I have followed Queen since long before she was with Clarence and have ALWAYS respected that woman. She is amazing. And these two are completely and totally made for each other and are always in my prayers for nothing but rich blessings and pure happiness for them. I knew that girl was trying to play victim from jump cause EVERYONE was watching all the bs videos her and Chris had put out on their channels in the past. Both of them (Chris and Leslie) are delusional and are the type of people that lie so much they start to believe their own bs. I’m happy for Queen and Clarence. Keep it going y’all. Love y’all 💕 💕
Make up by Tee
Make up by Tee 17 days ago
I love how you speak on Queen your an amazing guy! Probably not perfect but your perfect for her ❤️❤️ you love queen for queen and I’m sure she grateful
Shalaan Friday
Shalaan Friday 17 days ago
Much respect Clarence to you and Queen my fav couple.
Sanai Sanai
Sanai Sanai 17 days ago
There was no flirting but once queen found out he did have a girl she should have left him alone
JjOpoku55 17 days ago
I dont be on this USshow couple drama shit but bro a real nigga and just motivated the fuck outta me salute bro 💯 💪🏿
Paula Pigford
Paula Pigford 17 days ago
say your truth King love ya'll Queen forever
Vazquez Marisol
Vazquez Marisol 17 days ago
Queen is badder inside and out !!!
Vazquez Marisol
Vazquez Marisol 17 days ago
Queen is about to make a whole other baby out of this lmao I love it love y’all together ❤️
Vazquez Marisol
Vazquez Marisol 17 days ago
Yooooo I loveeeeee this video so much like deadass I cried just knowing where Queen came from and being a woman and Clarence being from Ny I just felt this video odeeee Idk this was dope I love that you actually addressed this for real 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
kierra 17 days ago
this video was so sexy. clarence is a real man
N I Y Y A A A B 18 days ago
34:04 "thats the mother of my kid(s)"
True 18 days ago
It's very ironic her father bashed you for chasing your dreams & now you're living nice she wants to do the same while using you for a come up, let her stay flirting with the woman beating ex like it's making anybody jealous... Pathetic 🙄
Libranyc. charm
Libranyc. charm 17 days ago
😂 when she finds out he will renege on any money from a collab video they do together... 🤣🤣🤣
Shanyia Pearson
Shanyia Pearson 18 days ago
Ayo... Clare 😭😂😂😂😂 stop clowning this nigga Chris.. then again he doing it to his self
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