Nvidia tried to bury this… Radeon 6000 (RIP RTX 3090)

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Linus Tech Tips

27 days ago

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AMD’s Radeon 6000 series has finally been revealed - And it looks pretty sweet. Can AMD avoid Nvidia’s mistakes and retake the crown?
Discuss on the forum: linustechtips.com/main/topic/1262703-nvidia-tried-to-bury-this%E2%80%A6-radeon-6000/

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 27 days ago
Official pricing: Radeon RX 6800: $579 Radeon RX 6800 XT: $649 Radeon RX 6900 XT: $999
Eremon1 19 days ago
That's US dollars by the way. Not such a bright picture anymore.
Vasu Rocks
Vasu Rocks 22 days ago
When 1 gpu is twice the price of your entire pc.
TOMciastyy 23 days ago
rly no budget price gpu? lol this is actually a big " - " cuz a lot of ppl will wait for ex 3050 which would be a amazing gpu
Turtle 23 days ago
Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 should be the new baseline test. 🤓
Only MS
Only MS 25 days ago
Noo...i hope 499 for rx6800 and 600$ for rx6800xt.. AMD has actually change...
Swen 14 hours ago
aged like milk.
shamler 18 hours ago
can i have a graphics card?
cheese Day ago
*RTX 3090 has left the chat*
Farid Hisham the cool
Farid Hisham the cool Day ago
Why you look like the most success person in the world You actually are great vid man :)
MrMegaPussyPlayer Day ago
4:12 ... just realized that the title and part of the description (and the title, too), is in German at least kinda sorta. New YT feature?
Olly Plays
Olly Plays Day ago
Wave Day ago
why does he like AMD so much?
Ben Cravens
Ben Cravens Day ago
love this channel, but small nitpick- “200% better” actually means something is an *additional* two times better, making it 3x, rather than the 2x you were referring to in this video. Like I said, hella small nitpick, but I only felt compelled to comment because of your otherwise immaculate thoroughness/attention to detail lol. Keep up the killer work!!
H C Day ago
I thought AMD has dropped ATI name but it's sticked on the GPU🤔
Jessica Sinclair
Jessica Sinclair Day ago
Radeon doesn't have tensor which means it cant do machine deep learning. In 2020, a GPU that cant do machine deep learning is a useless card.
bluegill 15 hours ago
pingu Day ago
Noot noot
uchiha cesar
uchiha cesar Day ago
and im still using an old amd hd7450 1gb xD
Alex 2 days ago
AMD Smart Memory reminds me of AMD Vision
Master Ed
Master Ed 2 days ago
Price cheap + very good graphic card = happy miner
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky 2 days ago
2x is not 200% better performance! facepalm
AndersonJackies RandallFernando
AndersonJackies RandallFernando 3 days ago
Linus looking like a coke dealer with a court date.
imemes 3 days ago
Im so confused the graphics card in the videon is an hd 5770
Red Vino
Red Vino 3 days ago
a powerpoint presentation with an ad in it... ummm
Internet Polizei
Internet Polizei 3 days ago
Warum ist alles auf Deutsch?
Tyler Kim
Tyler Kim 3 days ago
Lisa and Jensen are like that old Jonas and his old gf from Dark trying to keep their worlds safe 🤣
Zoon Geralt
Zoon Geralt 3 days ago
Linus dressed like he wants to sell me some bitcoin connect.
Mike green
Mike green 4 days ago
Is amd a Chinese company ?
Mo Sadik
Mo Sadik 4 days ago
What a coincidence both NVIDIA and AMD CEO are managed by Asians
Gabriyel Aleksandr
Gabriyel Aleksandr 4 days ago
Really??? Clearly its a great time to do it? Do what? Watch toobers yap about video cards that are non-existent? I am down voting every video, from every toober that enthuses about graphics cards or cpus until they are available. SHUT UP, quit trying to sell this vaporware, and get bent.
Steve Merritt
Steve Merritt 4 days ago
what’s the point ? you can’t buy/get a 6800 graphics card!
AK Specials
AK Specials 5 days ago
i hate amd because it doesnt support seus ptgi
Anthony Wells
Anthony Wells 5 days ago
I was hoping that the price was the same as that sad tee-shirt
Christoph Müller
Christoph Müller 5 days ago
I bet the architecture details will be revealed in February at ISSCC.
Kod Adı TÜRK
Kod Adı TÜRK 5 days ago
NVIDIA RTX A6000 *+* AMD RADEON RX 6900XT *+* Asus ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3090 OC
Kod Adı TÜRK
Kod Adı TÜRK 5 days ago
RX 6900XT *+* AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 🔥
super Gangsters FM
super Gangsters FM 5 days ago
Ltt:2 sponser for 1 video Me a small youtuber :don't even think of sponsors
Ian Staudacher
Ian Staudacher 5 days ago
no moners
rice0mon 5 days ago
RIP AMD (in terms of 6800 XT and 3080)
Neurolicious 5 days ago
Cant wait for 10 of each to arrive so I could build another mining rig.
Abel Thomas
Abel Thomas 5 days ago
This video didn't age well, the 6800 suckssss
Howard 6 days ago
Well, it now is a big "bruh"
Kev 6 days ago
anyone know how much the RX 6800 XT would resell for? (Estimate..?)
Teodor Trygg
Teodor Trygg 6 days ago
I heard about a 6950 XT, any truth to that and what could that mean in hardware?
Anthony M.
Anthony M. 6 days ago
The card reminds me of the Atlas from No Man's Sky
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 6 days ago
What's with the Rainman outfit?
Young Erusian Officer
Young Erusian Officer 6 days ago
EmP Zay
EmP Zay 6 days ago
Domenico Vascello
Domenico Vascello 6 days ago
Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Linus: Not too shabby!
Tj LikeFire
Tj LikeFire 7 days ago
First it was the beard now its a suit...
Donnovan Mason
Donnovan Mason 7 days ago
Is this 24 or LTT?
Josh 7 days ago
These headlines are as cringy as those facebook sponsored ads
vankedisi1 7 days ago
I am in love with Jensens kitchen esp that stone
Cheekie 7 days ago
At some point Nvidia's gonna nuke the AMD HQ. It is what it is, technological beef.
Eddie 5
Eddie 5 2 days ago
Why? Nvidia is still very much ahead. LTT's own video on AMD latest cards will attest to that. usshow.info/watch/oUzCn-ITJ_o/video.html
THE Gaming Channel
THE Gaming Channel 7 days ago
but rtx 3080 is compared to it not 3090
2380knight 7 days ago
It’s like the CEOs of nvidia and amd are husband and wife, in a feud lmao
Tom Pinske
Tom Pinske 7 days ago
all sales terminology aside, will they still stutter in games?
nickel 7 days ago
Damn man I feel like I’m waiting forever to wait and see what’s the best gpu
suju sajeeth
suju sajeeth 7 days ago
I dont like how yall keep hating on intel. Sure, ryzen is doing well, but WHY DO YOU HAVE TO INVOLVE INTEL. Even if 11th gen is good, yall keep finding something wrong. Its not right.
Elvir 7 days ago
kinda cheating releasing everything after :)
Joshua Dela Cruz
Joshua Dela Cruz 8 days ago
I don't know if this can match on Autodesk Maya and Blender. If yes, then this is a great deal, if not, no.
PhantasyJL 8 days ago
I don't even care what the specs are. I'M GETTING THE 6900 XT *nice*
Emanuele Guglielman
Emanuele Guglielman 8 days ago
So basically now amd has the best gaming processor, the best professional processor, the best gaming graphics card, and arguably even a better professional graphics card than the rtx 8000 quadro, with the Radeon pro Vega 2 duo..... seems like they beat intel and nvidia at the same time🤷🏼‍♂️
Ephexia 8 days ago
With the new amd gpus I hope to god their drivers get better
Sanket Gupta
Sanket Gupta 8 days ago
Everything is just fine, but Can it run crysis ?
Perry Terry
Perry Terry 8 days ago
linus wore the coat to attend a funeral for rtx 3090
Joseph Böhme
Joseph Böhme 8 days ago
Going Amish Linus? keep the RED triangle for the rear of your transportation mode.
Fantasy Engineered.
Fantasy Engineered. 8 days ago
herro, eye from Uh'merica! don't understand all this lingo! would look nice in cave though!! that's CACH'E not ATACH'E..the end,end. teach Englich in Canada!omg....
Evan M
Evan M 8 days ago
The beard suits you 🤙🏻🤙🏻
MauMau4win 8 days ago
Habe ich was verpasst? Deutscher Titel , englischer Chanel ? mhmm
PRADABOYZ 8 days ago
Imagine using an ugly ass AMD GPU LMFAO
S0mething Mesh
S0mething Mesh 8 days ago
Imagine paying 500$ more for 3090 level of performance.
Dimitri Sainis
Dimitri Sainis 8 days ago
I sold my RX 5700 XT after months of driver issues for a RTX 2070 Super. I'm too scared to buy another AMD GPU.
beckett kaned
beckett kaned 8 days ago
Vvv yuPoo
Mr. Moomoocower
Mr. Moomoocower 8 days ago
Goddamit I just got enough money for the 3090 but I might as well wait longer to get a better GPU
Damoon Mohamadi
Damoon Mohamadi 8 days ago
I love whoever wrote this and I love Linus because he made this high quality content to possible. You are fucking Legend 🧎.
jonathan oxlade
jonathan oxlade 9 days ago
All I can say competition is competition along as nvida has competition they will keep pumping out gpus we want he'll nvida may have to make 100% performance jump again and again if amd are closing in on them
Amateur Hour
Amateur Hour 9 days ago
The status quo of intel and Nvidia had been completely stomped on
Hirday Sharma
Hirday Sharma 9 days ago
This guy is sponced by AMD
phatman808 9 days ago
8:27 Nice.
William Poland
William Poland 9 days ago
When he said "nice" I choked on my water 😂
Nick Eoannis
Nick Eoannis 9 days ago
if you have a 2080 ti card is it better to upograde to a 3090 or to buy another 2080ti for an SLI setup,which is faster.cheaper
Rio Gunawan
Rio Gunawan 9 days ago
For me the question is more like...... how's the drivers will be.
Ovais Aslam
Ovais Aslam 9 days ago
Guys I figured out when Secret Shopper was recorded!
I was forced to
I was forced to 9 days ago
That RX 6800 XT will be a super rare thing!!!! 😲
Munky Ass Productions
Munky Ass Productions 9 days ago
can yo do crossfire with these? that alone would be enough for me to switch over to AMD im pretty pissed at nvidia for abandoning sli
Prince M
Prince M 9 days ago
Maybe just buy another setup
SRA 9 days ago
Oh, so that suit is from secret shopper episode huh
Marc C
Marc C 9 days ago
Why is no one talking about buying gpus from ebay or scalpers is a big risk coz manufacturers such as zotac, evga, msi, asus wont accept your RMA coz youre not the original owner? I had this problem before, never again. EVGA used to have this 'guest rma' (I think that's what's it's called) where you can return something even if you're the 2nd owner but that's gone too. We consumers should be careful with this, but no one is fighting for our rights to push these manufacturers to honor RMA 100% regardless of where you bought the product. It's not like all of a sudden you lose warranty coz you're not the original owner even if the product is only 1 week old. This is something Apple got right -- they base the product warranty based on date of purchase, they dont care who owns it, this is how it's suppose to be. These GPU manufacturers are getting a free ride and it's wrong. Content creators please help us the normal consumers to get our voices heard... sometimes we just need a megaphone. :)
micro gam1ng
micro gam1ng 9 days ago
RTX 3080 Ti / Super 20GB leaked Price, Specs, & Release Date AMD loosers lost again
Sarp Kaan Koc
Sarp Kaan Koc 10 days ago
every dislike here is a Nvidia Fanboi
Kraut .Ripper
Kraut .Ripper 10 days ago
great linus-editing there
gmonkman 10 days ago
you should do an article on USERBENCHMARK.COM INTEL/NVIDIA BIAS
gmonkman 10 days ago
I want to run zangband, should i get a radeon 6000?
nandozieee trachiostoma
nandozieee trachiostoma 10 days ago
I wonder if linus has his sandals on
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal 10 days ago
AMD fanboys can finally stop lying their ebacksides off 24/7/365 ... coming soon AMD fanboys pimples pop and they become an actual human and in some cases, a calm, truth telling man.
Noah Hastings
Noah Hastings 10 days ago
NVIDIA: "GTX 3000 is the best graphics series on the planet!" Lisa Su: "Omae wa mou, shindeiru" NVIDIA: "WTF that's my line! NANII!!?"
Richard Dougherty
Richard Dougherty 10 days ago
'Hey! the 6800XT beats Nvidia's 3080 by 20W...so huge' Then no mention that the 6800 is 250W vs. 220W on the 3070 (30W difference). This is one of the problems I had with AMD's presentation. They talked a big game about their power efficiency over the 3080, but then completely abandoned it moment's later when comparing the 6800 to '3070' (really the 2080 ti). Also, if rage mode is great, why not enable it by default? And if it's not meant to be run constantly then isn't that a red flag? With the 6900XT, how do they achieve a performance gain with literally no extra power draw?! So going from the 6800 (250W) to the 6800XT (300W) requires a 20% power increase, but then to get to 8k gaming requires nothing? Super suspicious. I've been wrong many time before in my life, but something does not sit right with AMD's presentation. From the inconsistent power efficiency brag, to the terrible pricing, and then further to the fact there was ZERO AMD graphics presentation. Go back and watch AMD's presentation, there's literally zero graphic capture from their discrete GPUs. Tell me it isn't suspicious that a GRAPHICS processor unit presentation shows literally no graphical video. The two closest times they came were: 1) GodFall walking down some steps at slow speed and 2) RTX in WoW (which is obviously not taxing). By terrible pricing I mean there is a $200 difference between the 3070 and the 3080, however between the 6800 and 6800XT it's only $80 (no that's not a typo). It's only $80 difference which is around 15%, and the TDP difference is only 20% (250W vs. 300W). AMD's 6800 is competing against the 6800XT which is bonkers to me. Unless you were a AMD fanboy on a SUPER strict budget there's no reason to go for a 6800 over a 6800XT imo. To me this a 'must-wait' to see multiple third party reviews. That Linus also followed hook, line, and sinker on commenting on the power efficiency of the 6800XT over the 3080 without pointing out obvious pricing point disparity in the lower tier (6800/3070) is sacrilege. And further, the 'best in API' on the 6800XT vs. 3080 slide, without mentioning rage mode/smart access, is also a gap given the depth of other analysis.
S0mething Mesh
S0mething Mesh 8 days ago
I think the 6800 was a response for Nvidia response of a 3070 ti. Also, aren’t you a bit bias when comparing 3070 wattage vs 6800 wattage? First of all, 6800 performance is miles ahead of 3070, so perf/wat ratio is actually good (3070 is actually behind 2080ti btw). Secondly, the thing you are missing is binning chip. The cost to bin more efficient chip is why there is a drastic price difference between 6900xt and 6800xt. However, 6800 was the lowest quality and the performance uplift to 6800xt isn’t nothing to scoff at. 6800xt was ahead of 3080 (without any added features). So that 80 dollars can be said to push you to 6800xt but they are, at the end of the day, different price range and they have different performance target. I will also like to ask, would you want to pay 200$ extra to jump from 3070 level of performance to 3080? (From Amd perspective, they are pricing their card with respect to the competitor and 80$ just happen to be the difference between the cost for the jump in perf and silicon quality). I think anyone with a brain would see that unless you are doing something other than gaming, the perf/dollars and perf/wat are on Amd side. However, you are right that we should reserve judgment when they tested, but it is just disingenuous to not give them the benefit of the doubt in their performance claim like Nvidia. Also, no worries about game because the entire console is “Amd hardware”, just be worry about Nvidia pulling some shenanigan.
Sisyphos Aaron
Sisyphos Aaron 10 days ago
you've gotten so good looking damn
Straws _
Straws _ 10 days ago
I totally get people liking and but I’m not a big fan mainly because all the and stuff I’ve ever had rather broke wag to quick or low end so I stick with brands like Intel ROG and nvida mainly
Lukas Aschbacher
Lukas Aschbacher 10 days ago
i want lisa to be my aunt
Tony Xu
Tony Xu 10 days ago
By this point Lisa has solidified her position as every gamer's fairy godmother.
WeGameGood 10 days ago
Gavin McGee
Gavin McGee 11 days ago
So I can still play Minecraft RTX with this right? 😂
Abdul Ghani
Abdul Ghani 11 days ago
Can i explode 5000 TNT on Minecraft with this GPU on 4K ?
2ByQ 11 days ago
4:52 wait, isn't super resolution available since cards like the R7 series?
AMD did NOT disappoint me
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