Call of Cthulhu: Shadow of the Crystal Palace

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Critical Role

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Brought to you by our friends at Chaosium, this special Call of Cthulhu one-shot features Keeper of Arcane Lore Taliesin Jaffe guiding investigators Marisha Ray, Erika Ishii, Phil LaMarr, Travis Willingham, Ashly Burch, and Liam O'Brien through a horrifying adventure.
Check out the cast:
Taliesin: executivegoth
Marisha: Marisha_Ray
Erika: erikaishii
Phil: phillamarr
Travis: WillingBlam
Ashly: ashly_burch
Liam: VoiceOfOBrien
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Flando Maltrizian
Flando Maltrizian Year ago
HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing 2:30 Glad Sam could make it 5:10 Traumatizing Travis 5:55 Intro cinematic 7:30 Episode Starts 8:35 Jonathan Lansey gives a fantastic speech 11:35 The latest in cats 12:20 Laying out the heist 17:10 Ida Cogswell 17:25 Septimus Goodfellow 19:10 Hanako Hayashi 20:00 Alexandra Elise O’Neil 20:20 Dr.Mason Pocket 22:45 Cpt. Bentley Badger 23:40 Naming cats 25:10 Septimus raises the stakes 30:05 Premature lantern 32:25 Scooby Doo/Cthulu crossover 37:30 Nigel Peesee 41:40 Edison took credit for other people’s designs? How surprising! 52:25 What spirits do 53:20 Cat react 57:25 Show me what you’ve got 1:02:05 1890 alarm system 1:04:35 Taliesin does not actually own historical Japanese tech 1:06:35 Sam Riegel’s signature move 1:11:05 Current wars 1:14:35 Taliesin knows what you look like dead 1:18:20 Taliesin is not King Arthur 1:22:55 Totally not evil crystal 1:27:05 Thanks for the update, Septimus 1:28:55 Keep the bag closed 1:30:50 Taliesin provided actual secret compartments 1:33:00 Bentley knows keys 1:35:05 Human hair, or humans FOR hair 1:44:00 Lifting Doctor Pocket 1:54:30 Good pun Taliesin 1:57:30 That’s DOCTOR Pockets to you 2:00:05 Figuring out sanity 2:01:45 Hanako and Bentley 2:06:10 Sanity panic 2:09:05 Alexandra and Dr.Mason 2:13:00 Break Starts 2:18:00 Break Ends 2:25:15 Freaking out together 2:28:40 Septimus sees Them 2:38:30 Taliesin makes a curious suggestion 2:40:20 The centipede defense 2:41:25 The shadows cling 2:45:50 Septimus drops the act 2:48:35 These props are amazing 2:51:25 Alexandra loves the adventure 2:59:40 The wheel slows to a stop 3:02:15 Never open that door if there’s no warrant 3:02:35 Ruby vision doesn’t help 3:14:20 Catastrophe 3:22:15 Surrounded by shadow 3:33:45 Ida goes under 3:36:55 A good poker 3:40:40 Septimus loses his head 3:44:15 Dr.Pocket’s curiosity is satisfied 3:46:55 Septimus has turned 3:47:55 Light 3:49:25 Maryweather begins to fight 3:53:45 Debriefing 3:59:45 Goodbyes 4:04:45 Episode Ends Twitch live viewership of this episode peaked around 21,000 people. The in-game start date for the episode was some time in the 1890’s. I’m not sure this timestamp thing really lends itself to a horror game, but personally I really liked this. Congratulations Taliesin, Lovecraft would have found this truly horrifying. Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Halloween yet?
Zrak uredunn
Zrak uredunn Month ago
Thank youuuy
Drucilla Saxton-Wallace
Drucilla Saxton-Wallace Month ago
Very nice spheal avatar my dude 😄
Patrick O'Donnell
Patrick O'Donnell 4 months ago
Thanks, I managed to miss ida's death and used your "index"to go back and figure out where she fell.
M W 6 months ago
2:23:51 The Shared Drink 2:51:36
Jack Barlow
Jack Barlow 7 months ago
I’m sure you meant to say, “Taliesin is smart enough not to reveal that he owns historical Japanese tech.”
KTK 11 hours ago
I LOVE Septimus REELING to himself after actually encountering a spirit!
G Money
G Money 2 days ago
Mega Killertron
Mega Killertron 2 days ago
Profiting from a man's work, regardles of his character, without crediting him by mentioning his name is pretty distasteful.
Agent Zero
Agent Zero 3 days ago
i just wanna say that Marisha looks absolutely STUNNING in this episode
Flamingo 26
Flamingo 26 3 days ago
Every day I have to deal with the fact I'll never be cooler than Taliesin Jaffe
Aron Brown
Aron Brown 3 days ago
Can we get another of these pls
Slipgatex 3 days ago
Call of Cthulhu: Elaborate Ruse to Scare Travis
Makayla Kraus
Makayla Kraus 3 days ago
As soon as they call him a red shirt ya gotta know lol
Braincell 3 days ago
H.P. Lovecraft.
Ian Morgan
Ian Morgan 3 days ago
I would love to get another one of these.
Brittany Davis
Brittany Davis 3 days ago
Thank you Taliesin and company for teaching me so much about history and antiquity.
Prince Mills
Prince Mills 4 days ago
Nick Hoc
Nick Hoc 4 days ago
How many more times do I have to watch this before they make it a full campaign?
Willcheck 5 days ago
I’m waiting for another CriticalRole Cthulhu game for Halloween 2020 😋
Henry Armstrong
Henry Armstrong 6 days ago
I'm so disappointed that the players all dressed up and got in character, but Taliesin just wore his backup pajamas. It's also really weird that they recorded this in his guest bathroom.
Ivanh0e 7 days ago
That face that Travis makes @2:50:57 ... Sneaky Sneak
Adam Bakshi
Adam Bakshi 7 days ago
I loved this!! This was all wonderful
Austin Brown
Austin Brown 8 days ago
Petition to have Taliesins intro monolog as an hour long asmr
Short Insomniac
Short Insomniac 8 days ago
I may be a lesbian but I'm lowkey in love with Taliesin,, is this a normal side effect of witnessing an eldritch being??
Warren R
Warren R 8 days ago
Spoiler: Cthulhu is just the name of Lovecraft's cat.
Warren R
Warren R 8 days ago
Funny to imagine these prim and proper 19th century characters suddenly break out in modern lingo.
Sauge Smith
Sauge Smith 8 days ago
My god the props, acting, and seeing the background behind Taliesin change made this so much better
Adam Bakshi
Adam Bakshi 8 days ago
I love how supportive his friends are!! :)
Will Thacker
Will Thacker 9 days ago
Never played CoC but now I feel the need.... Thanks for this! Also loved everyone playing!
Varius Kidd
Varius Kidd 9 days ago
This, Deadwood, Liam's C1 One Shots, and the Song of the Lorelei are going to be part of my Critterween playlist now. So spooky I turned right back around and turned on a light when I saw a dark pit at the bottom of the stairs. And I am usually very comfortable in darkness! Well done, all!
grymmlyn 9 days ago
Is that phil lamar?
Brooks Brigmon
Brooks Brigmon 9 days ago
Is that Samurai Jack, back to the past?
Pastilla 10 days ago
I will always be in love with the fact that somehow everyone has agreed and accepted the fact that Taliesin himself is a cosmic horror in human form
omega311888 10 days ago
if this is your first time viewing this, watch it in a completely dark room >:)
athenearosa 11 days ago
Taliesin: it's my first time be gentle. **proceeds to have killer props and amazing slow burn storytelling just like how eldritch horror reads** Also has anyone else noticed how after the shadows were spotted...the actual shadows behind the actors started to move?
Darth Bane
Darth Bane 11 days ago
Oh it was the mirror
Leland White
Leland White 11 days ago
Guys, this is the more epic, immersive, graphic Call of Chtulhu session i've ever seen! It's a dantesque piece of art, wonderful work! Congratulations to all the people who made this possible, and of course, thanks to the investigators and to the keeper ;)!
reviewthis18 12 days ago
Do you read Sutter Kane?
MarioGMan25 13 days ago
God I want this specific version of Claire de Lune, anyone got any sort of link to it?
Zackry Rose
Zackry Rose 13 days ago
So, I have a question for anyone what has ran CoC: at 1:55:35 he makes the call that to use the luck points he has to spend enough to get under his number. Is that how it works? Cause I was under the impression that you had to either hit or get under the number to succeed. Granted, it's a one point different but I'm trying to figure out if any Keepers here can confirm whether this is how the usage of luck points work or if that was an ADHOC decision.
Zackry Rose
Zackry Rose 11 days ago
@Kevin Wilson thank you! I remember reading that which is why I was asking if maybe he was bending the rules a bit.
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 11 days ago
You can spend luck to meet or pass your roll. The rules on that are on page 90 of the keeper guide of 7E
Lucas Carvalho
Lucas Carvalho 13 days ago
You guys know we want that sequel. I'll be waiting here.
Aidan Stein
Aidan Stein 14 days ago
I want Travis to narrate my life...
Robert C
Robert C 14 days ago
Seriously we need this for Halloween, come on guys give us the sequel we all want!
Heather Warren
Heather Warren 14 days ago
Its spooky time and i can't help but watch this again! One of my favorite critical role oneshots!
Lindsay Speirs
Lindsay Speirs 14 days ago
Liam's sheer joy when Talisen says "they see your severed head..." Is so fucking hilarious 😂
Cthulhu 14 days ago
Pffffft, nyarlathotep suuuuuuuucks, y'all should run a game with me as the villain
Elimojo 16 days ago
Rewatching this in the spooky month, and man I would kill for a sequel to this. The next adventure for Alexandra, Bentley and Hana with three new characters. And we'll see if Taliesin manages to murder them this time.
Matteo Mangone
Matteo Mangone 16 days ago
I need a sequel!!
Bernie Demuth
Bernie Demuth 17 days ago
Nice one, Taliesin.
Julius Moe-nstar
Julius Moe-nstar 17 days ago
To be honest if i even had an inkling of a chance of surviving that.... i'd have to change everything from the waist down as i'd have shit myself long ago. Also when's Call of Cthulu 2??
Autumn Marilyn
Autumn Marilyn 19 days ago
Tal: “this will be fun” Me: 👁👄👁💧
Ana Beatriz paiva
Ana Beatriz paiva 19 days ago
In this horror vibes, could you guys try the Alien rpg, pretty pleeeeease?
Olle Fjällström
Olle Fjällström 20 days ago
So Liam is from Belfast then, Archie
sts101 20 days ago
Why is talesin smacking his lips like Heath ledgers joker role
Kayla 20 days ago
Me, 7 minutes in at 11:40pm: "this was a mistake but here I go..." Anyone else compleatly distracted by the lights/shadows behind them?? No? Just me? ...liam is so freaking proud of himself I am so happy that I watched the majority of this the next morning. Good lord I did not need to watch that alone in the dark
Kayla 18 days ago
@Dakota Sparks the rugs move?! I was already planning on watching it again but now I know I have to. And ya, I had noticed behind Talison but not the other stuff.
Dakota Sparks
Dakota Sparks 18 days ago
Watch it again and you'll notice that the rugs being them move and have actual hands reaching out from behind them and the black mirror behind Taliesin has hands when the group is being attacked
Chris Begue
Chris Begue 20 days ago
Probably my favorite one shot.
Bernardo Ribeiro
Bernardo Ribeiro 22 days ago
The only thing ALL Travis characters have in common is the hate of cats
Tymon Smitskamp
Tymon Smitskamp 24 days ago
This was SO good
Nathan A
Nathan A 24 days ago
HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS EXISTED!!! I am so hyped to watch this!!
Gene Zhao
Gene Zhao 24 days ago
Peter Bassom
Peter Bassom 24 days ago
Dr Pocket: Works at British Museum Group: Discovers strange red artifact stone Dr Pocket: "I call dibs" 10/10 historically accurate roleplay
Gene Zhao
Gene Zhao 25 days ago
Gene Zhao
Gene Zhao 25 days ago
Steve Treavett
Steve Treavett 26 days ago
0 00 is super-low?! Apart from that (and the idea that they used metres in 1920s England) I'm loving it.
Gene Zhao
Gene Zhao 26 days ago
MonkeyStar 365
MonkeyStar 365 27 days ago
Ah! Look at Taliesin telling stories from his past in the most Taliesin way he could!
Hannah Colbert
Hannah Colbert 27 days ago
I open a document called "Election 2020 Guideline" while listening to this Taliesin, immediately: Make a sanity roll
Bayesian Conspiracist
Bayesian Conspiracist 28 days ago
I love how Taliesin has a dark halo thing going on there
Bayesian Conspiracist
Bayesian Conspiracist 28 days ago
The thing with the compulsions is great but I personally think it would have been more interesting to tell them secretly so it would have been more eery as the madness slowly creeps in even among the group but they don't know what exactly it is
jordanw2009 28 days ago
I hope we get a new one this Halloween
A.O.F gaming
A.O.F gaming 28 days ago
Anyone know what genre or type of music is playing in the background
omega311888 28 days ago
Ive never heard the word "tulpa" before seeing this video. thank you for inspiring me to learn a new word. Kudos to Talesin. Game mastering is difficult if youre not used to doing it and uploading it for the public to view takes a courage i will never possess. well done, sir!
I had to
I had to 29 days ago
Critical Role: We want more Phil Lamarr!!!
I had to
I had to 29 days ago
The costuming is really cool.
NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper 29 days ago
Best rpg hands down
Olivier Borg
Olivier Borg 29 days ago
Ratbag never looked so dapper
Sophia Nicole
Sophia Nicole Month ago
How do you spell the machine at 1:02:37? I want to look it up but I can't spell it
Jupiter Month ago
I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS, especially the fact that they managed to reel Travis in for this, Liam's unadulterated, shameless glee when his character kicked the bucket, how committed everybody was to their characters, all the flirting in between the Captain and Hana, and virtually the entire concept of Marisha's character, she is SUCH a good roleplayer and I was so in love with the way she played Alexandra. And Tal is totally meant to DM games like this. I hope we get to see a sequel in the future, this is probably going to go down as one of my all time favourite Critical Role one-shots--especially the exquisite Egyptian theme with the Cat Show and the antiquities. I really want to run or play a CoC one-shot now.
Snowleaper Month ago
what if you were to try eat the shadow people?
Jacob Underhay
Jacob Underhay Month ago
Hate to be the bearer of "Um Actually" but a 100 is a crit fail. Not a success.
Galmorzu Month ago
I still love coming back to this video. I really hope Tal does another Call of Cthulhu game at some point. He really, really knocked this out of the park.
Corvus Dove
Corvus Dove Month ago
Seeing this in 2020: Taliesin, we want the 4 page speech, fully read, up as a video. Because we have absolutely not a damn thing to do other than listen to that brilliant pet show drivel lol
The Dalriadan
The Dalriadan Month ago
More Call of Cthulhu please!
Sloan Kirk
Sloan Kirk Month ago
I re-watch this every few months when I get depressed because I can't find a game to join.
Ilana Bailey
Ilana Bailey Month ago
It took me far too long to notice the shadows behind Taliesin's head! SO COOL!! Also, why did I decide to watch this at night during the summer when I have to have my windows open?!?! DX
Juliano da Silva Araujo
Juliano da Silva Araujo Month ago
The best is Talieslin enjoying every moment of it
Reid Price
Reid Price Month ago
2:21:15 - Liam and Travis begin slowly eating their own hands.
Jonic_P Month ago
The level of historical detail, accuracy, and follow-though with world wide mythology has greatly increased my suspicion that... "Yes, Taliesin Jaffee is an Immortal Being, Eldritch or otherwise."
Astyron Month ago
Please ! Which Debussy's Clair de Lune version is in the opening sequence ?
nobledonkey17 Month ago
One of my favorite things about this is Taliesin now knows how matt feels when they ruin his planes
Andrew Doroz
Andrew Doroz Month ago
What, Taliesin like Lovecraftian horror?! I would have NEVER guessed...
omega311888 Month ago
@ 1:54, Marisha's Weeping Angel reference. nothing special about it but my respect for her just jumped a bunch :)
timothée bénédet
timothée bénédet Month ago
No one to put some french subtitles on this ? x) If not I will settle english subtitles ! Thanks critical Role for this by the way ! From France !
nathansmathan Month ago
Hey, guys. Did you know that Lovecraft was a racist, and the racism it bad? That means that Lovecraft was bad, because racism is bad. Don't forget that. Despite that every time someone fucking mentions him, they have to mention just how racist, and bad, and evil, and horrible of a person he was. But also don't forget to buy the merchandise we are pushing that uses his mythos. Also, capitalism is bad, but, oddly enough, consumerism is good.
Alistair Crowley
Alistair Crowley Month ago
Me: This isn't spooky 2 hours later Me: I am incredibly uncomfortable right now
Curious Dolphin
Curious Dolphin Month ago
MORE. We need MORE of these. Horror works so well with them and Taliesin is just glowing with excitement. Or maybe that was me.
blueridgeocean Month ago
"Like tasting human flesh" what a freak.
WiseSageBum Month ago
I mean... it's a horror game, so it's not the weirdest thing to say in context
Simone Rocca
Simone Rocca Month ago
These guy runs CoC like it was dnd. Skipping and abusing rules, random skill rolls (stealth rolls to avoid being spotted by shadows?). Boring after a while. It's a shame because the role playing was really entertaining at first.
Charlotte Heinzerling
Charlotte Heinzerling Month ago
Yes, i know im late, but anyone with out captions on, right at the red end screen they read, "Like a symphony playing to an empty theater, Critical Role dines alone without it's audience. Yes, that validating and most enthusiastic congregation on the other side of the fourth wall."
zanshibumi Month ago
Erika speaking in character just melts me.
Rei Kaizra
Rei Kaizra Month ago
You should DM more Tal. You're awesome!!!!
Para Bostonian
Para Bostonian Month ago
This was great and was the reason I picked up the starter kit. I had been on the fence for years about CoC (interested, but didn't know enough), and watching this sealed the deal for me. But the most important part is: please run more CoC, Tal! This and the deadlands adventures were great!
Monark Month ago
I swear to god I could listen to Taliesin Jaffe read a phone book for hours and not get tired of it.
hatchcrazy Month ago
2020 catch-up crew here and I nearly spat out my drink when I heard Ana Bray.
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