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3 months ago

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Hit My Line · Logic
No Pressure
℗ 2020 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2020-07-24
Producer, Associated Performer, Synth Bass: 6ix
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Bobby Campbell
Associated Performer, Synth Pads, Electric Guitar: Steve Wyreman
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Anna Elyse
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Keenan Ivory Wayans
Composer Lyricist: Sir Robert Bryson Hall II
Composer Lyricist: Arjun Ivatury
Composer Lyricist: Alan Hawkshaw
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Stale Corn Chips
Stale Corn Chips 2 days ago
Can’t believe mans is already retiring😔😭
Sickobamba 3 days ago
Ngl I was making fun of logic when coadm came out
Michael Chapko Jr
Michael Chapko Jr 8 days ago
Thanks for everything man - much love from AZ
Jim Ally
Jim Ally 14 days ago
State of mind , train of thought .................nano
Jim Ally
Jim Ally 14 days ago
Nanoed The fuk out
Marik Apol-Murphy
Marik Apol-Murphy 19 days ago
who else is from Maryland like it so I Know
Ryne Mo
Ryne Mo 19 days ago
fire emoji w a fist bump
campbellcaelan 20 days ago
You’ll be back Logic have a nice vacation tho
James Joros
James Joros 21 day ago
This is my first listen through this album and I am blown away so far
Chris 23 days ago
Really hoped those likes went up 24k, great song brotha ✊✊
Liz Jordan
Liz Jordan 24 days ago
I love logic idgaf what anyone else says
Paper Company
Paper Company 24 days ago
"Too many kids outlined in chalk, scared of drive-bys when they should just be scared of the dark," I feel that.
Skump13 25 days ago
This is that hip hop healing
Skump13 25 days ago
Gah still making me feel alright over all these albums
Ethanprø13HDツ 28 days ago
most of yall probs only know his new stuff like "No Pressure" But REAL Logic Fans Have Heard "Young Broke, And Infamous" Or "The Adventures Of Stoney Bob" back in 2010, 2018, But 2020? What do yall really know about Logic? huh?
Ethanprø13HDツ 8 days ago
wait what?
Ryboy1122 27 days ago
While you wait baby 😏
FLAZiTV HipHopToday
FLAZiTV HipHopToday Month ago
The people disliking prolly juss dont want him to retire.
Jim Pap
Jim Pap Month ago
Misa 23
Misa 23 Month ago
im trying to find the logic song that start with logic saying that some girl is a whoe Why? Because the beat is incredible
OutManoii Month ago
Samples Tyler's smuckers F**king young Boredom Igors theme Running out of time
OutManoii Month ago
Bruh he used running out of time and igors theme for this
Gummy Slushy
Gummy Slushy Month ago
Whoever gave these songs a thumbs down is smoking di**
xbox jo3
xbox jo3 Month ago
To me this song is about having faith in god that things are going to get better and to let go of your troubles, fears, and worries to god. It’s a song about faith and I. And I love it ✌🏼❤️➕
Johan Wik
Johan Wik Month ago
N05_Vertigo Month ago
GG mate, GG.
Flarpy_Marty Month ago
Templarknight456 Month ago
Not gonna lie but 1.25 speed is not that bad
Notorious N8
Notorious N8 Month ago
Bobby may be callin it quits but his music will go on forever, every song is just hit after hit. I hope he finds inner peace and enjoys the beautiful things such as raising a kid. Father to us all thank you for the wisdom you spit, young Logic now grown into a prophet, the pressures off your mind so family is the main topic. Thank you Bobby, you will always be the greatest and never be forgotten. 💯🙏
Christian Adjei
Christian Adjei Month ago
Bruh This Album Deserver to be in the billboards but Mumble rap controls it ..
GZ zen
GZ zen Month ago
This should have been the soundtrack to cloverfield
onpoint1180 Month ago
That fuckin beat!!!!
Gray Tiggerson
Gray Tiggerson Month ago
"Can u hit my rhyme,come to think it,u hear this all the time" he talking to God... WOW😮🌋.God plz hit his line...
Diego Calvario
Diego Calvario Month ago
He heards it everytime you listening to hes music.. He would always ride with you. Stay safe out there prayers to you and your boys family.
Samuel Edri
Samuel Edri Month ago
Gungo Stunk
Gungo Stunk Month ago
At 3:02 you hear a sample of someone saying message. That was sampled from the movie “don’t be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood”. In the movie, every time they would talk about problems with society, or something deeper than the movie, a mailman would come out of no where and say “message”. Logic is saying that this song is his message. Well done Bobby
Arnaud Blase
Arnaud Blase Month ago
finally hit 1M views
Jamie Fox
Jamie Fox Month ago
Justin Sinnett
Justin Sinnett Month ago
FIRE!!! 100% logic is smart to leave now, most "RAP" is trash anymore.
Γιωργος Τσιουκας
Γιωργος Τσιουκας Month ago
ive been listening to this song everyday since is came out for many times,im listening to the whole album song by song everyday,im very stuck to it but i LOVE IT so much,these beats give me life
Is9ac Month ago
Dude this slaps so hard
Liz Jordan
Liz Jordan Month ago
Deshaun Blackett
Deshaun Blackett Month ago
is it me or the beat sounds like igor's theme a bit.
Der Wunze
Der Wunze Month ago
This song especially fits to the cover of the album. Everytime the chorus comes up I can imagine the music video of how Logic would start to float up in the orange sky, smiling and looking back down proudly. I get so emotional everytime I listen to this.
Adam Bronson
Adam Bronson Month ago
MESSAGE! Good movie!!!!
lt_juice Month ago
every song on this album is a fucking banger, how doesn't this have more comments
XChainiX Month ago
still underrated asf. or doesnt he use fake views like some rappers? I think so
Bissmoo Month ago
This is such a chill song, Idk why but feels like an old 2010 beat (like those relaxed ones, compilation ones idk, forget what they are called) but I love it.
Evs Month ago
Honestly probably my favorite song off No Pressure. Everything about this song just worked so well together. Logics energy, his lyrics, this production, the vibe, the upliftingness, the chorus. So damn vibey. This really gave me that feeling I used to get pre 2015 listening to Logic. It makes me happy and freak out like I used to way back in the day listening to this mans music. So glad he came through and blessed us with a quality fucking album before he retired
simeon Maldonado
simeon Maldonado Month ago
High key this shit sommin crazy beautiful wish I realized his talent sooner
Russell Kirkpatrick
Russell Kirkpatrick Month ago
truth truth
truth truth Month ago
"the only way hes coming back is through his unborns" @ 1:33
truth truth
truth truth Month ago
his shoes are the biggest thing on him i swear
Shaheed 2 months ago
dylan tehgilera
dylan tehgilera 2 months ago
First rapper who stayed real after the fame
RADICORP 2 months ago
I hear heavy inspiration from Tyler the Creator's "Igor's theme" especially in that drum break, combined with the percussive vocals sprinkled throughout. Definitely not a criticism though, I love that shit.
Eric 2 months ago
I feel his pain, his fanbase definitely dying out😓
Dolphin 2 months ago
Rip Creare, Logic will forever be the soundtrack to our memories, shame you never got to hear this. I'll miss and love you everyday youre gone
Ali S Allamy
Ali S Allamy 2 months ago
this deserves more views and likes lowkey masterpiece
Boot united
Boot united 2 months ago
Logic leaving us with a visual painting of just how much talent he had to offer to the game...
taboekoe1 2 months ago
Hell yeh! Just found it on spotify
Cranburied 2 months ago
Cranburied 2 months ago
I think it's gonna be a good day
David Rosas
David Rosas 2 months ago
Igors Theme drums
Ralph Anderson
Ralph Anderson 2 months ago
This shit fire asf
Lxrd JxJx
Lxrd JxJx 2 months ago
Anybody else think this sounds like igors theme?
Fajar wisanggeni
Fajar wisanggeni 2 months ago
Logic was my freind blake favorite artist he passed away last month and didn’t get to hear this last album makes me think of him RIP
chase starr
chase starr 2 months ago
stop stealing comments especially the top one's that are true and it makes you seem disrespectful
TourLoupas 2 months ago
Will be missed.
Ultra Mmm
Ultra Mmm 2 months ago
Dislike this post if this is fire...
HC Vibes
HC Vibes 2 months ago
I just realized this song is entirely clean
Legit26 2 months ago
he be spiting facts though
Lucas Wasdin
Lucas Wasdin 2 months ago
Dope.....gives people ease and peace of hope...
mok .-.
mok .-. 2 months ago
People say this is a igors sampled but i dont hear it
mok .-.
mok .-. 2 months ago
I can't believe were not getting something like this again 😢
random user
random user 2 months ago
sounds like kanye 100%
FRANIXON 2 months ago
KillerSpike 25
KillerSpike 25 2 months ago
this is dope.
Paul S
Paul S 2 months ago
This guys beat selection is fucking amazing.
Bergy 2 months ago
I get Under Pressure vibes from this song and lets be honest its his best album(not including his mixtapes)
Terminegger _
Terminegger _ 2 months ago
Sounds like old logic with the singing I fucking love it
Moritz Meyer
Moritz Meyer 2 months ago
Somehow this beat reminds of infinite...
OriganlGaming 2 months ago
I think it's gonna be a good day, homie got the nine in the glove and he don't play. Had a lot of hard times but it's okaaaay~ 101 on the 405 OJ 🎵 🔥 Somebody tell God right now he need to hit my line. Banger all around, been on repeat since release.
Creative Username
Creative Username 2 months ago
Fuck this is my new favorite song
RG Energy
RG Energy 2 months ago
So.. this sounds Similar to Amen. Does anyone else notice or just me
Jonny Zone ジョニー ゾーン
Jonny Zone ジョニー ゾーン 2 months ago
james ceballos
james ceballos 2 months ago
To bad we couldn't hear 44 bars pt 3
velvet arcade
velvet arcade 2 months ago
The production on this album is on a whole different level. Thank you No I.D!
blofyy Rl
blofyy Rl 2 months ago
This gave me goosebumps, first time since soul food
James Wise
James Wise 2 months ago
igor drum break. tight.
miathegoat 21
miathegoat 21 2 months ago
The stream was so sad I cried love you logic. Your so positive I hope you see this I'm day 1
Son of Odin
Son of Odin 2 months ago
That chorus though
WK Studioz
WK Studioz 2 months ago
Onako Biyashe
Onako Biyashe 2 months ago
best song on this LP
O8WI? 707
O8WI? 707 2 months ago
Anything is possible, Logic will come back!
Loop'n'Mix 2 months ago
Its 2020 and I just discover Logic! Shame on you all for keeping it for yourself! Lol
GerardoGalle 2 months ago
Checking in to see history in the making
sawce 2 months ago
“Too many kids in the community outlined in chalk” holy shit that bar hit different For anyone that doesn’t get it: at a crime scene, they outline the body of the person that died, in chalk. It’s pretty self explanatory from there
James Daniels
James Daniels 2 months ago
This album is just making me tear up. I swear! The bars, the flow, the meaning. Shame its the last album. ✌️
Joe Pecora
Joe Pecora 2 months ago
This album is incredible. As good as Music to be Murdered by
Joe Pecora
Joe Pecora 2 months ago
Logics best album by far. Listened to the whole thing 3 times already
Memes 2 months ago
GoodDaysIn TheSouth
GoodDaysIn TheSouth 2 months ago
Best song i really am in love with the beat , it's different. Good song to kickstart the day , Logic the Goat.
Keith Biz
Keith Biz 2 months ago
shit bumpin
man i is
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