Do It - Live at GLAAD Awards - Chloe x Halle

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Chloe x Halle

Month ago

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James Spencer
James Spencer 3 hours ago
Glad awards this is how you doing baby want to sound like Beyoncé LOL
James Spencer
James Spencer 3 hours ago
But she makes it look good
Faith-Jada Jonas
Faith-Jada Jonas Day ago
Miss Vanjie😍❤
Yunikon Day ago
Does anyone else think halle and diana ross have a similar stage presence??
Gabriel Augusto
Gabriel Augusto Day ago
Everyone should come to the table, because they definitely SERVED
youdbettertube 2 days ago
I want an official single release of this song with all the different versions they've done
Michael Camats
Michael Camats 2 days ago
i can't stop smilling while watching them omg
Jujubee Jujubee
Jujubee Jujubee 2 days ago
Yan Gonzalez
Yan Gonzalez 3 days ago
bocaplayz 3 days ago
Naomi 3 days ago
This doesn’t make sense but their voices are like butter
Chanoknan Chaisukho
Chanoknan Chaisukho 4 days ago
Thought it was Hikaru Utada sing this song.
Saint 4 days ago
1:03 gets me every time!!! lmao
RNurseJoy 4 days ago
VANJIE Miss Vanjiiiieeeee
Vitoria Oliveira
Vitoria Oliveira 4 days ago
Meodeos! São duas lindas essas garotas! Merecem todo o sucesso do mundo!
Jontae Boyd
Jontae Boyd 4 days ago
I like them but they dead ass wrong for having them damn wannabe women non dancing ass on here. they should of chose REAL women
Marcela Summer
Marcela Summer 4 days ago
Spice Girls forever!!!
24Sevyn 4 days ago
Yasssssss!!!! I got all I needed from this performance. I am getting my life from these girls. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Pedro Tirado Heras
Pedro Tirado Heras 5 days ago
The fact that i watch this 5 times a day at least says something
Pablo 331
Pablo 331 5 days ago
same queen
Gagged bae this was excellent!!!!
The Steel Prophet
The Steel Prophet 5 days ago
Christ Jesus is returning soon to save us from these abominable whores
Kyla’sNailTutorials 5 days ago
the guy in the middle Lmfaooo
OTDLD 5 days ago
I’m loving the Spice Girls theme they have going!
Drunk Goofy
Drunk Goofy 5 days ago
CAN y'all stop comparing them and appreciate them both...I keep seeing"Chole is awesome she took it away" "Halle has those vocals, she out did everyone" like stop comparing they are a group. y'all comparing them is gonna break them up😐
MINA 5 days ago
so much love for you two all the way from Korea! Can’t get enough of you twoooooooooooooo 💗🤩💗
PimpLivesMatter 6 days ago
A couple of these " chiccs" in tha video look like a crossdresser 😬
Jimi Borgue
Jimi Borgue 6 days ago
Leonardo Beltran
Leonardo Beltran 6 days ago
Carnal, at first I was like them some ugly ass dancers... Then I was like them some Drag queens 😂 In deep drag voice : Shit I'd make a better drag queen putas
Joshua steve
Joshua steve 7 days ago
This is what's wrong with humans.... So just bad... But y'all go love it
Juan Esteban Guerra Agudelo
Juan Esteban Guerra Agudelo 7 days ago
What's wrong with Naomi? hahahaha omg, a fridge in a move moves more than that bitch.
Bry San
Bry San 7 days ago
Why does Mrs.Smalls look so uncomfortable and off dancing...... aha or is it just me????
Zorc 8 days ago
I prefer when they were holsome
all smiles
all smiles 8 days ago
I’m sorry that I don’t know her name but the girl with the gold dress has the prettiest voice I’ve EVER heard!!!! Also they all snapped❤️
Malachi Gblee
Malachi Gblee 8 days ago
Mikeila Carlos
Mikeila Carlos 8 days ago
Their voices are so perfectly perfect AND THATS PIRIOD!!
Gerardo Romero
Gerardo Romero 9 days ago
So 90s vibe... I’m over all these new artist making music that sounds like from past decades.
AlexIsLive ESP
AlexIsLive ESP 9 days ago
That titty slap gave me life 2:45
eduardo sousa
eduardo sousa 9 days ago
Seriam anjos? 😍
North444 9 days ago
Why are there men in this video? I want to see Women, that were BORN Women.
Diego Don Roger
Diego Don Roger 9 days ago assistam essa
Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez 9 days ago
they looks like sailor scouts