Liam Payne - TikTok, Call of Duty, The LP Show Act 2 and a 1D Remix

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5 days ago

Get tickets to The LP Show Act 2 watch along with me now:
Thanks to everyone that joined me for my birthday and tuned in to Act 2 of #TheLPShow! I still can’t believe how many of you turned up!
Stream "Midnight" everywhere:
Official Performance Video:
Listen to the Liam Payne complete playlist here:
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Camila Sereno
Camila Sereno 3 minutes ago
:_( 1D
Melina Fleming
Melina Fleming 31 minute ago
Halloween LP Show! also that little robot is vector and you can get him from amazon
kevin the pigeon
kevin the pigeon 48 minutes ago
Neve Mckenzie
Neve Mckenzie Hour ago
Omg hiiiiiii Liam x
sofia malgueiro
sofia malgueiro Hour ago
LOL Mensch
LOL Mensch Hour ago
Late but - Hbday!
Hazzaandlou Hour ago
OMG YES the 26th IS MY BIRTHDAY !!! It'd make my day so much better πŸ˜„
Hazzaandlou 2 hours ago
I want Liam to wear hats again he'd look amazing with this hair and a hat !! 😍😍 that's not to say he doesn't look great now cuz he's beautiful
Ferelloc AnaΓ―s
Ferelloc AnaΓ―s 2 hours ago
but the question is Liam do you replyβ“β“πŸ’—
yuree Daimary
yuree Daimary 2 hours ago
I miss our all boysπŸ’”πŸ˜­thier skinny jeans, craziness, πŸ˜”remember"this is not the end"just waiting for reunion
Alice Sampaio
Alice Sampaio 2 hours ago
Hey Liam, please react to this video,,It would be really fun, ItΒ΄s you dancing with funk - brazilian music
Succi Kei
Succi Kei 2 hours ago
Liam payen but the Liam is silent
Brisa 2 hours ago
Te amo PaynoπŸ’“
samikshya chhetri
samikshya chhetri 3 hours ago
Love you Payno
Rylee McGilbery
Rylee McGilbery 3 hours ago
the way Liam is always finding a way to stay connected with us and keep us entertained. I have no choice but to stan, we love Liam.
Alex Crismon
Alex Crismon 3 hours ago
If you don’t support Liam, you can’t consider yourself a Directioner
Abi Catterall
Abi Catterall 3 hours ago
i am struggling with fitness, you could say
Valeria Herranz Crespo
Valeria Herranz Crespo 4 hours ago
I need more videos like this, they made my life easier 😍πŸ₯°
Pauline R
Pauline R 4 hours ago
this remix is so good and emotial
Mia .
Mia . 4 hours ago
Liam te amo
mary blues
mary blues 4 hours ago
Harry please make a youtubeeee channel and make everyday videosπŸ˜‚
Candelaria Navarro
Candelaria Navarro 4 hours ago
Te amo
Amaranta Rodriguez
Amaranta Rodriguez 5 hours ago
i love youtuber liam
Simply Elle 101
Simply Elle 101 5 hours ago
liam has been payne-ting a lot πŸ˜‚
jamie d
jamie d 5 hours ago
8:20 i wanna know who the girl that said a lot of swear words was LMAOOO
Rosani Kumari
Rosani Kumari 6 hours ago
12:33 Who else whispered back??! No one?? Oh it's me.... COOL
Lara Catarina
Lara Catarina 7 hours ago
he’s so cute i can’t handle 🀀πŸ₯°
Gwyn’s World
Gwyn’s World 7 hours ago
15:20 β€œtry to figure out if WE can make it if WE tried
Carl Ivan Jayronnie Dimaano
Carl Ivan Jayronnie Dimaano 8 hours ago
Will 1d comeback???
Janine Behm
Janine Behm 8 hours ago
Bunny you are so sweet
tigerita 8 hours ago
ist timezone pleasee indiaaa there aree sooo manyyy indianss who want u to come livee
Rock girl
Rock girl 6 hours ago
payno :) ily
tigerita 8 hours ago
liam said larry . its 3 am. im crying.bye.
Rock girl
Rock girl 6 hours ago
His face when night changes came onπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Anusree Anish
Anusree Anish 10 hours ago
aww bless him πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈβœ¨
Kashika Sharma
Kashika Sharma 13 hours ago
Ok we didn’t search for this, but we all were waiting for this.
abby raymond
abby raymond 13 hours ago
once in a lifetime for the next LP show pleaseeeee
dragon m.n
dragon m.n 13 hours ago
dragon m.n
dragon m.n 13 hours ago
quasitigre 14 hours ago
Also can you release a new song soon πŸ™πŸ™ we miss your beautiful voice
Galilea Ochoa
Galilea Ochoa 14 hours ago
Mi youtuber favorito ❣️
quasitigre 15 hours ago
Also a gym workout video would be amazing