Vlog Squad Best Moments of 2020

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3 months ago

Who misses when david uploaded!?

Replay 3 months ago
Before 2020 went downhill 😂
Maxwell Racker
Maxwell Racker 12 days ago
I met Natalie looks like did the sloth
Ashley Maguire
Ashley Maguire 14 days ago
David L
David L 18 days ago
Luke Cardy what’s rewind
Serenity Stano
Serenity Stano 20 days ago
NspireGuy 26 days ago
Bum Ares
Bum Ares 6 hours ago
Before 2020 went downhill 😂
Manuel Vegatorres
Manuel Vegatorres 10 hours ago
I couldn't hear can someone translate pls 0:53
George and Scott Morio
George and Scott Morio 10 hours ago
I love how David goes "Fine, a deal's a deal" and shoots himself in the knee four times and he takes it like a man.
Kery Sujana
Kery Sujana 11 hours ago
I’m surely not the only one that is jealous of david
Cam Lampe
Cam Lampe 15 hours ago
Before 2020 went downhill 😂
Sklee z
Sklee z 16 hours ago
0:55 what did they say, 2.... what?
Schroeder Bartosiewicz
Schroeder Bartosiewicz 18 hours ago
anyone else’s mental health get significantly worse when David stopped posting😂
Steve French
Steve French 20 hours ago
Why is David so scared of Corinna?
Reese Star
Reese Star Day ago
I bet the vlog squad is the Emergency room's worst nightmare
Nayops 19
Nayops 19 Day ago
3:52 Cyndi’s so talented and stunning like always♥️ 1:28 Charli did not talk in the entire video lol
Vicki White
Vicki White Day ago
na.to/girllovex413x කියන අසිහියෙන් ඇත කියන්න නිසා ඔහු පාසල් කාලය
Sire Day ago
Imagine Danny Duncan n the vlog squad
Christian De leon
Christian De leon Day ago
Peter David
Peter David Day ago
Man David loses big if he loses.
clumzy YT
clumzy YT 2 days ago
"0:22" Try and set the amount you want as you like *I got the amount I really wanted **pyptolmon.xyz* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක
Dalton Mann
Dalton Mann 2 days ago
Jason Nash: David you find the coolest shit Also Jason: Ends up turning into an alien
Ayla Harper
Ayla Harper 2 days ago
Tf is wrong w corinna, girl chill out
Genesis Perez
Genesis Perez 2 days ago
My dad has a car the low rider
astrid paoletti
astrid paoletti 2 days ago
12:56 wholesome moment :)
EvolveNation™ 2 days ago
Alex Nestmann
Alex Nestmann 2 days ago
Scotty: god dammit it should have been me 😂
neon clipz
neon clipz 3 days ago
This dudes done everything
Toxikk 3 days ago
Whats the Song at the End?
Izabella Piñon
Izabella Piñon 3 days ago
Charli zooted
Cmounts5 3 days ago
Bro y he putting coreana off like that I mean like I wouldn’t if u know what I mean
Snator 3 days ago
to this day i dont what they said at 0:52
Norsk tog mustang
Norsk tog mustang 3 days ago
JustBella 3 days ago
The Jesus take the wheel part had me dead 💀 LMFAOOO 16:26
17:46 you can see Natalie is getting a phone call
Stafouf 4 days ago
Guys when Kevin heart freaked out he startled me and i dropped my phone im dying 😂😂😂 btw the phone is fine
Swanner 4 days ago
To the person that is reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌈 ☁️ My dream is 1k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎❤
That one missing plane in bermuda
That one missing plane in bermuda 4 days ago
why do i think that david is waiting for liza
Benjamin Medrano
Benjamin Medrano 5 days ago
Unpopular opinion but I hate Jonah or whatever his name is nick
Wiki Moreno
Wiki Moreno 6 days ago
Who watching this in October
George Gillette
George Gillette 6 days ago
Love you guys!!!
Fahad Ameer
Fahad Ameer 6 days ago
Who's here after borat called him David Dabrovnik😂
Brooke Bjorgen
Brooke Bjorgen 7 days ago
Lazer 7 days ago
Something only Steve would do Fill a garage with weed
Velin Aleksiev
Velin Aleksiev 7 days ago
life is a joke for those
Jessica Marc
Jessica Marc 7 days ago
The peak of my depression started when David stopped making videos
Cameron Soto
Cameron Soto 7 days ago
I'm curious, why are these people so popular? The way people throw names around and the fact that they're so rich makes it seem like a soap opera lol
Skylar Swafford
Skylar Swafford 7 days ago
Bro this is funnyyyy😂😭😭
TasTheo 7 days ago
What the actual fawk 😍
Swasti Nanan
Swasti Nanan 7 days ago
18:46 the snake just wanted to be with david and david only
Molly Calvert
Molly Calvert 8 days ago
after the year we've had this literally feels like a breath of fresh air, thanks David x
Nightowl333 8 days ago
Corinna is literally the most attractive girl I’ve ever seen, David turning her down almost makes me think he could be gay. It makes no sense she is perfect.
Jirka Bureš
Jirka Bureš 8 days ago
24:00 song??
sumthin girly
sumthin girly 8 days ago
And the girl with her mouth open @ 7:29 is doing too much to look like Megan fox. It's not happening sis.
sumthin girly
sumthin girly 8 days ago
This is my first time watching these people and I do not understand how people like them. Ignorance is bliss I guess.
Eric F
Eric F 8 days ago
when 2020 went uphill usshow.info/watch/69pcqRPBNQo/video.html
Joe D'Amico
Joe D'Amico 8 days ago
What song was that when he spit up the frog
Theodore Gingras
Theodore Gingras 8 days ago
i-boo 20
i-boo 20 8 days ago
The best 24 minutes of my life.
Isabel Hipolito
Isabel Hipolito 9 days ago
Isabel Hipolito
Isabel Hipolito 9 days ago
Audrey Becerra
Audrey Becerra 9 days ago
i mad jony and sosoy a gift
Lil_lazer10 9 days ago
Maryn Hart
Maryn Hart 9 days ago
its weird without liza being every single video
genevieve capilano
genevieve capilano 9 days ago
nice vid!
Douglas Ha
Douglas Ha 10 days ago
Kristerio Lv
Kristerio Lv 10 days ago
what is the song called at the end of this vid in that party?
Hector Ochoa
Hector Ochoa 10 days ago
I respect a man that honors his deals. lol
Mystical Z
Mystical Z 10 days ago
At this point David is best friends with that snake
1000subscribers With no videos
1000subscribers With no videos 11 days ago
Look at my name😳😳
Maxwell Racker
Maxwell Racker 12 days ago
Corina looks like Sid the sloth
Nxbx Kdbdbd
Nxbx Kdbdbd 12 days ago
Tricky Dicky
Tricky Dicky 12 days ago
how annoying
Landen Shelton
Landen Shelton 12 days ago
Natalie must have that wap for tod to write a song abt her
Justin 12 days ago
Wtf these racists again?
Ludsto Target
Ludsto Target 12 days ago
nice video
Sophia L
Sophia L 12 days ago
Don’t be Natalie’s friend because she will break girl code 😂👎
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia 12 days ago
Best 24 minutes of my day. All I needed after a long day at work.
Keran Ekeuh
Keran Ekeuh 13 days ago
How the fuck does he resist Corina every single day 😂
Kyra Juarez
Kyra Juarez 13 days ago
i rewatched natalie kicking the door open about 6 times lmao
DarkPotato657 13 days ago
no matter how many times I refresh this is always in my recommended help
veh rodriguez
veh rodriguez 13 days ago
how tf i could read that someone called Jack Reed was calling Natalie that fast
itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha 13 days ago
This channel is fucking LIT
eza serrano
eza serrano 13 days ago
“No shit, Susie”
Kendall Goddard
Kendall Goddard 13 days ago
they all really living their best lives
sara maklai
sara maklai 13 days ago
still waiting for liza and david to get back together 😀
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg 13 days ago
.....I don’t recall him doing stuff with Kevin Hart??
Dirty camel Rider
Dirty camel Rider 13 days ago
OH SHIT I thought something else was gonna happen when them guys came in
Macka 13 days ago
1.54 Hahahaha
Xavier Benton
Xavier Benton 13 days ago
The snapchat filter with jonah was fake the first time he used the filter it was 4:24 so it was 3 minutes until he got another day character and could've taken multiple videso
Martin Del Rio
Martin Del Rio 13 days ago
“It’s like I’m hot” 🤰 u always been 😏
Flash6ordonRox 14 days ago
Damn I wish I had friends
ShaRp Cloudy
ShaRp Cloudy 14 days ago
5:43 is sooo funny
Rain 14 days ago
Nice Vid!
sdfgdsfg sdfgsdfg
sdfgdsfg sdfgsdfg 14 days ago
You mean “the only moment”. Why did David stop vlogging? Did he ever say why. And I don’t wanna hear corona. Cause everyone else is back to it.
Skarenox 6 days ago
@sdfgdsfg sdfgsdfg haha
sdfgdsfg sdfgsdfg
sdfgdsfg sdfgsdfg 6 days ago
@Skarenox lies
Skarenox 11 days ago
He got deported
g ff
g ff 14 days ago
Who was the girl doing the tricks on the bicycle the one standing on the seat
Dank Meme Master
Dank Meme Master 14 days ago
Nany Singh
Nany Singh 14 days ago
Jason in the back yas yas yas
DPCG 14 days ago
Nice Vid!
Mizztle 14 days ago
21:39 now thats what you call a hotbox
Ane Adams
Ane Adams 14 days ago
shorturl.ca/girlxxxg10 සමච්චලයට ලක් සරදමක් බොහෝ විට පවතින
Quon Boing
Quon Boing 14 days ago
Lol housekeeping
Jocelyns Boredom
Jocelyns Boredom 14 days ago
I love david more than draco
tulip 13
tulip 13 14 days ago
Their life seems so fun I wish I had a friend group like theirs
Meamans 15 days ago
18:19 look at the photos on the bottom you find the picture