SCP-1048 Builder Bear (SCP Animation)

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3 months ago

TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation KETER class object, SCP-1048 Animation.
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SCP 1048, also known as builder bear, is a small teddy bear, approximately 33 cm in height.
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Tristan Toys
Tristan Toys 3 hours ago
i am a cild you sily
tsukiie 13 hours ago
monokuma in real life..
Princess Lili
Princess Lili 16 hours ago
(Never looking at a bear)
Princess Lili
Princess Lili 16 hours ago
i mean it’s still cute (not)
DMBLaan 17 hours ago
I wonder if 1048 itself is evil or just acting on something like instinct when it makes it's copies?
•Lost Crewmate•
•Lost Crewmate• 19 hours ago
when that D class hugged the bear that was a most wholesome thing I've ever seen.
Charlene Roberts
Charlene Roberts 23 hours ago
why are you so calm about this death
minecraft tutorials
minecraft tutorials Day ago
i have seen the builder bear in real life he was in my,house a few monthes ago i had called the foundation which arrived in 5 days because i live in a different,country bit thankfully i managed to keep it in a glass jarr
Dinah B
Dinah B Day ago
4:52 What the hell did I just hear
scp 5237
scp 5237 Day ago
5:41 Terminator teddy
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Day ago
my niece: can we go to build a bear???? *intense flashbacks*
AmaiKiomi Day ago
aight, I gotta admit that SCP-1048 is actually kinda adorable
darknos Day ago
Glanela Manaloto
Glanela Manaloto Day ago
so i have a scp in my house know?
Master Bonbon
Master Bonbon 2 days ago
That ending was dark
Thành Vinh Đỗ
Thành Vinh Đỗ 2 days ago
adroid game hax
adroid game hax 2 days ago
so this is what the crones of crookback bog wanted the ears for
Dry Bones
Dry Bones 2 days ago
The rubber: terrible death and terror of a teddy bear who makes things using anything and can kill people Also the rubber: OwO
gail chalker
gail chalker 2 days ago
5:13 littie rubber guy in top left
TheBroGamer YouTube
TheBroGamer YouTube 3 days ago
Can you do scp long horse
the Christian teen
the Christian teen 3 days ago
I need a no no square
Cohen Latter
Cohen Latter 3 days ago
How do you get all of this information about scps
FrostcatAnimations 3 days ago
*this is why I never trusted teddy bears.*
• Poley NG • [] [Cupcake Teari] []
• Poley NG • [] [Cupcake Teari] [] 3 days ago
RedRP Studios
RedRP Studios 3 days ago
Honestly cute (the original of course)
don't matter
don't matter 3 days ago
Why did it take so long to shoot the bear that was crawling towards a researcher
don't matter
don't matter 3 days ago
Dumb scp
DJ Snow ,artTM
DJ Snow ,artTM 4 days ago
Wtf no
**_ 4 days ago
Scp 2295 is much better than scp 1048
acbdef987 65
acbdef987 65 4 days ago
R.I.P Lizzy’s Dad And Lizzy’s Little Brother R.I.P Girl Personal R.I.P SCP- 1048- B
Thomas Parker
Thomas Parker 4 days ago
Madeline Shaw
Madeline Shaw 4 days ago
soo cute
Scp-049 2 days ago
@Madeline Shaw yep
Madeline Shaw
Madeline Shaw 3 days ago
@Scp-049 mine is it
Scp-049 3 days ago
@Madeline Shaw eventually it will make a clone of itself out of human ears. And guess who the ear will be coming from
Madeline Shaw
Madeline Shaw 3 days ago
@Scp-049 say what
Scp-049 4 days ago
Cute until you wake up and your ear is missing.
Evil p with a mustache
Evil p with a mustache 4 days ago
0:00 stop describing my sister man (lol)
Alexander Latham
Alexander Latham 4 days ago
Ramcharan Arya
Ramcharan Arya 4 days ago
this thing is like monokuma
Sammie Loves Gundham
Sammie Loves Gundham 5 days ago
SPCS - 1048: *Exists* Me: right time to go hide in my closet and never leave
Pink kitty Gacha
Pink kitty Gacha 5 days ago
awww is cute teddy bear 🧸 I like when we nob his head yes and no
Steven Mosco
Steven Mosco 5 days ago
I think the new nickname for this should be called Freddy fazbear
Chantha Sok
Chantha Sok 5 days ago
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Chantha Sok
Chantha Sok 5 days ago
Know if there I a any for us that we you not like charged allowed anything not this it not happen
Daniel Irabor
Daniel Irabor 5 days ago
Who felt a tingle in the back the instant they saw the ear one.
Shieh Alexander
Shieh Alexander 5 days ago
SCP-1048-C be like: dieeeeeeeeeee! me: stupid, pathetic robot.
Marko Demirovic
Marko Demirovic 6 days ago
Everey person in the 11 meter radius: 😏
ItsMeZackyXD 6 days ago
Nobody, Scp 1048 in bonda videos: Hop Day, Hop Day, Hop Day
Alli's gacha studio :3
Alli's gacha studio :3 6 days ago
Builder bear: *screams* Deaf people and blind: **Ha? Speak louder will ya??
pneumonoultramicro scopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
pneumonoultramicro scopicsilicovolcanoconiosis 6 days ago
I wonder if SCP-1048 created Monokuma
Mon mon Plush production
Mon mon Plush production 6 days ago
I put you in this world and I can take you out of it
mari mtz
mari mtz 6 days ago
thescp that is aslide
DanielTheCake 6 days ago
Alicia Pancik
Alicia Pancik 6 days ago
Why is no one talking about lizzy and the bear? Her little brother was made into a teddy bear and she was like “yeah, this is Dave”
Fandom trash
Fandom trash 6 days ago
The fact that bringing Teddy bears into Site 24 makes me question if some guard went there before this incident with their teddy bear and guarded tge site and it makes me laugh.
LEGENDARYheroBoss 6 days ago
SCP-1048: FORCEFULLY ENTERS UTERUS OF THE RESEARCHER Me: Wait hol up Me:Gets camera* ok ready
Shieh Alexander
Shieh Alexander 5 days ago
Shame 7 days ago
Forcfully enter the uterus* this just left me questioning the existence of everything
galaxy star gacha roblox
galaxy star gacha roblox 7 days ago
Omg this is so scary i would die 😱
Eric Tan
Eric Tan 7 days ago
Me: no babys: *yes*
Skater Tita
Skater Tita 7 days ago
Welcome to your new job where you get insurance benefits, a company car, paid vacation and the occasional teddy bear trying to force it's way up your uterus. Enjoy your work
It was a year ago in 2019 me my brother and my dog we went up a trail we saw a man in an orange hat. we were at the end of the trail so we started running the man had a gun he looked strange he was smiling like the cartoon cat he tilts his head to the right my brother gave me our dog as we ran he said run I ran my brother ran back to the man with a big branch and smashed it on his head the man fell to the ground I was seven my brother was 11 I ran I saw a bear and try to fool it but I couldn't my dog barked getting my brothers attention my brother ran down the trail he stabbed the bear we ran home at night I think about the man and the bear
L͎igԋtᑕσɾє 7 days ago
This is just how to make the conditions for a Five nights at Freddy's parody
a random youtube channel
a random youtube channel 8 days ago
066 : grows eyes (on itself), destroys ears. 1048-A : destroys eyes, grows ears.
Procrastinating Gameplay
Procrastinating Gameplay 8 days ago
A terrifying thought just hit me..... it made instances A-C whilst in containment and under "control" what did it make before it was contained.....
Alaa El Banna
Alaa El Banna 9 days ago
Hello Hello Hello Helo Hello Helo Helll Fu Ck
Scp-049 4 days ago
Hello. I am the cure.
andhrei gajo
andhrei gajo 9 days ago
Did a video about scp-001?
Creeper Freak
Creeper Freak 9 days ago
Is my cat a SCP
Wofry The Wolf
Wofry The Wolf 9 days ago
i changed my commentry so now the guy under me doest not make sence
T P 8 days ago
What comment there is none
Wofry The Wolf
Wofry The Wolf 8 days ago
@T P haha you don't make sense
ChangingPerspective 9 days ago
Wait her brother and dad!?ehhhhhhhhhh
Ink Link
Ink Link 9 days ago
She just cuddles with the remnants of her family
LTX EntitY
LTX EntitY 9 days ago
hehe there all ears
Skyler Mok
Skyler Mok 9 days ago
I hope this is not real
Mochi average bean dood
Mochi average bean dood 9 days ago
It just got mad bc bob the builder stole their spot light
YouTube SJW
YouTube SJW 10 days ago
what a cute little devil
Jimiel Bolasa
Jimiel Bolasa 10 days ago
What about, dr. Bright
madestmadhatter 10 days ago
Granted this is based solely off of the animation, but I kinda get the sense SPC-1048 does not intend for its creations to become violent, and simply does not recognize it's collection habits as being violent, so I gots me a theory that 1048 has since dismantled a and c and is currently trying to create a duplicate that doesn't murder... Well not violently at any rate.
*Purple guy got spring locked* 4:34
coolcookie cookiecat
coolcookie cookiecat 10 days ago
I'm surprised she didn't even car about how the denny bear killed all her family members I mean that's pretty weird
FrostDrive 10 days ago
I cant even describe how amazing these videos are. But I wish there wasn't such abrupt endings. A little summary would go a long way
Nate's Channel
Nate's Channel 10 days ago
I say we burn the SCP at the start
Demaunix Animations
Demaunix Animations 10 days ago
Builder Bear at first sit: He draw he love most importantly, he hug leg Builder Bear a few days later: *GIMME THAT UTERUS, GIRRRRRRRLLL*
Gabulizer 1.o
Gabulizer 1.o 10 days ago
137 is very still with eye contact.
o o
o o 10 days ago
My first scp I learned was scp049
Aylin V
Aylin V 10 days ago
Ok i gess they are girls with have power
J-P Johnson
J-P Johnson 10 days ago
The robot bear reminds me of five nights at Freddy’s I will present you with my evidence number one it’s a bear robot anima Tronic thing number two it is deadly Number three it seemingly jump scares people a.k.a. kills them 😓
JOSHUA BOEY Moe 11 days ago
wait is scp 1048 A the im all in ears badge
Suzzygurl Galagates
Suzzygurl Galagates 11 days ago
My shirt is moving on its own is that a scp
Ace Playsz
Ace Playsz 11 days ago
Monokuma as an SCP
Diab Shahin
Diab Shahin 11 days ago
scp 096: Euclid. a teddy bear: Keter.
Jessica Vanderbur
Jessica Vanderbur 11 days ago
Security team on 5:01: I WEILD THE BORING FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!
Sans the comic Dewde
Sans the comic Dewde 11 days ago
I love how this absolute horror was probably created from some dumbass pronoucing build-a-bear wrong
#Amateur-Madman 11 days ago
Damn I’m surprised that after all the scp videos I’ve watched, this is the first one who’s power has disgusted me. Edit: Wait what? The Foundation doesn’t know how the Foundation came across 1048? That doesn’t make any sense
Raid Commander
Raid Commander 12 days ago
Hey! Whats the alarm called?
Michael Angelo Acap
Michael Angelo Acap 12 days ago
I love your videos rubber
kiew meelee
kiew meelee 12 days ago
robocop takes care
Aiden Ton That
Aiden Ton That 12 days ago
Aiden Ton That
Aiden Ton That 12 days ago
Niko Biggs
Niko Biggs 12 days ago
When I was feeding my dogs I heard a beautiful and confusing song and then when I looked around there was a girl in a green and red dress and looked at me and said who I'm I and do you know who I am Nikolas. I wandered how did it know my name? Then it vanished till the next day
kennova stop motion
kennova stop motion 13 days ago
I actually read about the story of the diary of a young girl.
Smoothi 13 days ago
So, did Lizzy just f***ing think that there is a really big teddy bear covered with "ketchup" and not decide to suspect anything!?
Mariano Jose
Mariano Jose 13 days ago
Mariano Jose
Mariano Jose 13 days ago
I Know that the bear inside the body I a hummanouid meat and can eat kids I know that because i work in scp foundashion So the world will enad at 2034
Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Vest 13 days ago
My teddy bear would kick this thing's ass; Mr. Snuggles is a beast.
Minato D Roger
Minato D Roger 13 days ago
Damn thats fucked up
Jose Argueta
Jose Argueta 13 days ago
Can you make a gaming channel
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