15 BEST Single Player Games You Didn't Play

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3 months ago

Defining an underrated title can be tough, as some games review well without lighting sales charts on fire while others are underappreciated in the critical sense. There are also titles which remain under the radar due to the lack of marketing budgets but survive thanks to word of mouth. Let's take a look at 15 of these games in the single-player space and what makes them special.

NGE 17 hours ago
ั‚ัŽ)evil within2, remember me, vampyr,deus ex, condemned, mirrors edge.why?)))
Sanjay Nair
Sanjay Nair 2 days ago
Well most of the single player games aren't played by me because I'm broke
SandCube 3 days ago
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was the shit. Not sure why it was badly received.
Papa Stalin
Papa Stalin 3 days ago
COD WW2 Should be involved lol
Knate 5 days ago
MO Astray is AMAZING!!!!
Jerry Ao
Jerry Ao 7 days ago
I love open world exploration games like Skyrim
Switch-Kriz 9 days ago
I tried Vampyr but couldn't get into it. If your gonna give me a Vampire RPG, let me create my own Vampire, ya know??
SUKA_PT 9 days ago
Deus ex mankind divided just got it and im enjoying it alot โœŒ๏ธ, and its a shame and i mean a real shame, that we dont have on current gen, Condemned criminal origins and Condemned 2 Bloodshot, a remake or a remastered, awesome games that unfortunally i didnt had the chance to play
Clap clap
Clap clap 10 days ago
Yo, they got vampyr here. Was thinking about it when I read the title and it is actually in the vid.
Nifft Batuff
Nifft Batuff 12 days ago
I didn't play cippalippa.
Foxy-CAM TV 12 days ago
Mankind divided has divided mankind..Its one of the worst games i have ever played.
Sya La
Sya La 12 days ago
Last number is very scary ๐Ÿ™ƒ
kryticaldv 14 days ago
Man, Remember Me had me so hype from concenpt - I forgot about it tho
Simon Firth
Simon Firth 14 days ago
Dark Sector should be in there... great game!
Alex D
Alex D 15 days ago
Spec Ops: The line is most underrated game of all time.
Exemplar Gaming
Exemplar Gaming 15 days ago
I was literally just thinking about deus ex earlier the worst thing about the whole thing is that they put microtransactions and preorder dlc bullshit into the game before launch which put players off, when the game didnt meet sales expectations because of it they decided that meant there isnt a interest in deus ex so havent started on a sequel.
Austin Teed
Austin Teed 16 days ago
Only 5 of these I didnt play.... So. Ya. Love Nex Machina
Deepak Ramana
Deepak Ramana 16 days ago
I love Remember Me.
Slyht 16 days ago
Is it only me or did Dying Light take parkour dynamics from mirrorโ€™s edge : o
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski 18 days ago
I loved "Remember Me", moreover I still play it from time to time. The vision of " Neo-Paris" was great, Olivier Deriviere's music was beautiful, memory mixing was fantastic idea, made me feel a bit like Deckard, when he was analyzing photos in the original "Blade Runner" movie... The only problem I personally had with the game was combat system, which lacked real fluency. More often than not it was virtually impossible to pull off longer combos, because enemies would mob you in a tight spots, always finding ways to interrupt you. But overall it was still quite solid game. Not mentioning that Nilin was pretty AND badass in the same time. First "Mirror's Edge" was sweet too...
azae00 Vids
azae00 Vids 18 days ago
Mirrors edge was awesome and I got my VR headset at the time to work with it .. great times !!
Maniar 70
Maniar 70 20 days ago
spec ops : the line
snake21321 20 days ago
accually i played everything on the video
SirArjun Singh
SirArjun Singh 20 days ago
wow man, made my life... nice one, subscribed...keep'em comin...
Clown Boi
Clown Boi 20 days ago
Did you just call Ico "Iko"? Im hurt man. This video was great til that. Still good but oot
Davi Monticelli
Davi Monticelli 21 day ago
I played Binary Domain and Remember Me and thats why i watched this video
TheEru88 21 day ago
I love binary domain. Mindless fun and so awesone as the pieces of the robots fall
TheEru88 21 day ago
Alice was alright.
Nasyacid 23 days ago
Played Alice, Remember me, Deux Ex, Gravity Rush and Mirror's Edge. To this day Mirror's Edge is still one of my favorite games. I had everything: Every magazine that had it on the cover, the hardback Guide, even the messenger bag for pre-ordering the game (the gamestop guy gave me two because they hadn't gotten nearly as many pre-orders as they thought but got all of the bags.)
snow_play 25 days ago
Hellblade too
connor jones
connor jones 25 days ago
I enjoyed Remember Me, although I never finished the game and I only had two missions left. The fighting was just boring and went on for wayy to long.
Nathy Ribeiro
Nathy Ribeiro 25 days ago
Shadow of Rome for me it's a game that still slaps and is rarely talked about ๐Ÿ™‚
Adrian Delgado
Adrian Delgado 25 days ago
Remember Me and Deus Ex cyberpunk!!!
Domingo Buenastardes
Domingo Buenastardes 25 days ago
I think about Evil Within 2 - they didn't want to ''lube'' the critics and make hype of the game. And that's why it went under the radar. However it is A MUST PLAY experience and awesome game.
icad9722 26 days ago
I ๐Ÿ’“ your video. Thanks 4 it. I just would like to point out one thing. When you say "DESPITE" talking about both DEMD (4:20) and CCO (4:55), you are conveying that the "cliffhanger-esque ending" for the former was not "awesome/excellent" and the "overall story" for the latter was not "impactful" in people's view. Well, I think it wouldn't be crazy if someone said the opposite, I mean, that DEMD's ending was awesome/excellent and CCO's overall story impactful. The same thing with Mirro's Edge 5:49: it wouldn't astound me if people praised its minimal story instead of criticizing it. I am not saying you are lying when you say people didn't like these story elements. I am saying they should have liked them more.
Gene Starwind
Gene Starwind 27 days ago
Eternal Darkness. I still have 2 copies and played it recently on my GameCube....
1234androcknroll 27 days ago
Yeah, played most of tyem but whatever - they ARE severely underappreciated so I think it's a good list.
Lutteo Forever
Lutteo Forever 27 days ago
I definitely played remember me it was the first game I ever fully beat
Kam Kalambay
Kam Kalambay 28 days ago
ICO was mindblowing
Google User
Google User 28 days ago
I just couldn't do Mankind Divided. I didnt feel the magic of the first game in it. I really wanted to like it as much as I enjoyed Human Revolution, and it was presented well and played ok. I just- didn't like it no matter how much I wanted to. Seems like a lot of people felt the same or never picked it up.