Rod Wave - Out My Business (Official Video)

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6 months ago

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Directed By @DrewFilmedIt

Alif Alif
Alif Alif 9 minutes ago
I bought Rods 2020 Vette and am rebuilding it 😳🍿
Jacob Sylvia
Jacob Sylvia 12 hours ago
Bro is 21 YEARS OLD. Shits crazy ... big boss
The Flip Side
The Flip Side Day ago
Cătălin Varzari
Cătălin Varzari 5 days ago
Firee 🌌🖤🔥🔥
Bubba Frost
Bubba Frost 6 days ago
I don't care what ever time when you hear this. Everytime this shit hits, I've been wishing for this!! Lol
Blessed Gemini
Blessed Gemini 7 days ago
I have the CD with this song on it and it stays on REPEAT! But since I'm on here, I'll get something off my chest for this one lady who works with me. I can't stand her. She's so busy trying to get me to go out with her (old, broke, dusty nose, trash smelling, living with his mama) friend. So this song and the message below goes out to her. A Man I don't have a man. But if I wanted a man, I can get a man. Yeah I can have any man. Just don't be surprised if it's your man. But since we're talking about a man, I don't need or want that man. Stop trying to be slick. Get out my business trick. - Blessed Gemini
Shamyuia D
Shamyuia D 12 hours ago
Jade Moore
Jade Moore 8 days ago
I love your music keep grinding
Luh Rex
Luh Rex 9 days ago
Not a Love SonG🗣🖤🙏
Boss girl Autumn
Boss girl Autumn 9 days ago
I was smileing when I seen that girl pokeing her booty out to get a pic because that’s my mom
Misteriosi81 9 days ago
I know one thing, this dude stays out the gym...
Blessed Gemini
Blessed Gemini 7 days ago
Stay out of his business, he's getting paper! 🤭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pink Jasmine
Pink Jasmine 10 days ago
Rob is the only rapper who can keep the same flow and not turn boring 💙
Samantha Destra
Samantha Destra 11 days ago
okay but why are they all so fine
Romeo Calhoun
Romeo Calhoun 11 days ago
1:33 have anyone been scared to stop the elevator with yo pinky
Showout vs gaming Yttt
Showout vs gaming Yttt 14 days ago
U in my town rod wave I see u lit
OutLawTy X
OutLawTy X 15 days ago
Katelynn Davis
Katelynn Davis 15 days ago
Cracka Zach
Cracka Zach 15 days ago
"They don't wanna see us ball, they just wanna see us fall offff".... 💯💯
Misteriosi81 9 days ago
Shut up
Torri Andrews
Torri Andrews 15 days ago
Brian Checo_joseph
Brian Checo_joseph 16 days ago
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Russell Headrick
Russell Headrick 16 days ago
Hey Brian checo_Joseph, I remember I had doubts at first but thanks for those snapshots they boosted my confidence to 100% to try it out. I received my withdraws this morning and I'm re-investing.
Yung Hurst
Yung Hurst 16 days ago
IM THE NEXT BIG THING IN MUSIC I PROMISE ❤️ If you don’t believe me then just give me 3 minutes of your time to check out some of my music and see for yourself 💯 Even if you don’t check me out I still appreciate you reading this 🙏🏾 But if you did and you like me....... Thank you 🔥
Shug Nelson
Shug Nelson 16 days ago
i seen the snack put thim back
matthew bruce
matthew bruce 17 days ago
Street sh.. 🔥🔥🔥
OFCLTrapStar 17 days ago
It’s back up 👍🏾
jquan meyers
jquan meyers 18 days ago
Favorite track from Rod wave hands down🔥🔥🔥
reaperz 18 days ago
That was me riding in the car with him I swear to god
gabriel Tobierre
gabriel Tobierre 18 days ago
Stay a true fan
HolyGhostHotBoy Official
HolyGhostHotBoy Official 18 days ago
Naheem Henry
Naheem Henry 19 days ago
Tachelle Griffis
Tachelle Griffis 20 days ago
“...yea that’s the one boi he gone get it done boi...” 🤞🏽
John Wagner
John Wagner 20 days ago
Naithyn Peterson
Naithyn Peterson 20 days ago
they don't like it but they gone respext it, get up off ya ass get a xhekk.
Jean Louis
Jean Louis 21 day ago
Rod wave is showing a ton of potential and promise
Slay Bando
Slay Bando 22 days ago
Shanta Ezzard
Shanta Ezzard 23 days ago
Naheem Henry
Naheem Henry 24 days ago
i love dis song
johnny green
johnny green 24 days ago
johnny green
johnny green 24 days ago
johnny green
johnny green 24 days ago
Zaylen Jones
Zaylen Jones 26 days ago
Tony Davis
Tony Davis 26 days ago
Money, Gunz,and cars. Life complete huh? WTF! A DAMN SHAME
Freakkie 26 days ago
I was listening to this song driving down the road an couldn’t find it no more now it’s back
drew23 Tv
drew23 Tv 26 days ago
Green Bean
Green Bean 27 days ago
"lets take a trip" yea ok rod
brittany rainey
brittany rainey 27 days ago
“Now da be mad cus da see we went from Rags To Riches” 🔥🐐🔥
Callme-tav 28 days ago
How come the and I still song was made for kids it said
kapxlot 29 days ago
how didn't this get 10mil+ views weird
Janice 28 days ago
This song originally came out in May, and rod put it on private less than a month after that because his label was getting strict on him putting out new music for some reason. I see him say that on his insta story. So he just put it back up a little over a month ago
HOT BOI 29 days ago
21secs sour cream Pringle’s 😂 nigga be munched out to
vClampx -
vClampx - Month ago
This finally back up😭😭
jamareion love you me
A Million Users Later
A Million Users Later Month ago
My girl was murdered and this is what motivates me to chase it for her and her children FUCKING LOVE YOU ROD WAVE THE GOAT
3A3YJ Prodigy
3A3YJ Prodigy Month ago
A tell me why I’m thinkin dis song new shoutat li kris
Keii G
Keii G Month ago
Florida has their own dances idk why they doing NBA dance 🤦🏽‍♀️ EMBARRASSING!!!
Keii G
Keii G 29 days ago
@Chino Vegas I really don't know these famous people do you.?
Keii G
Keii G 29 days ago
@Young Boul Not true
Young Boul
Young Boul Month ago
That’s Florida shit!!! nba stole that stop playing
Chino Vegas
Chino Vegas Month ago
😂😂man stop dhat that's kodak shit, the shit pop smoke did that's yak shit too c'mon now yall should know this by now..
Cee Foe
Cee Foe Month ago
Cee Foe
Cee Foe Month ago
Cee Foe USshow Asap🔥🔥
Your Boy zay
Your Boy zay Month ago
Rod wave you like that
Tyla Collymore
Tyla Collymore Month ago
Cornbread to the world. PS
Tyla Collymore
Tyla Collymore Month ago
In Bahamas i live Nassau St.
Alexandro Jeune
Alexandro Jeune Month ago
only real fans saw the video before it was taken down🤦🏾‍♂️😭😂😂
Karmen Welspom
Karmen Welspom Month ago
hey shay
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Month ago
Tajgie Ent
Tajgie Ent Month ago
hard bro keep confident do right thing
The CMM Month ago
Hardest song off the album
Space Juice
Space Juice Month ago
Yoo put it on playback speed 0.75 😳😳
Synx on iOS
Synx on iOS 27 days ago
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz Month ago
Straight from rags too riches., 3 years ago I use to worry about getting drug tested (I only smoke weed), or being fired for whatever reason... 2018 I made 30k 2019 I made 82k 2020 I have made 95k and the year isn’t over yet lol Staying on my own lane 💪🔥💯
Yunh Mona
Yunh Mona 17 days ago
@Fernando Diaz 🔥 listen to this in the background while trying to get my first deal. what type of real estate
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz Month ago
I have multiple sources of income, but my main would be real estate
TkM x2
TkM x2 Month ago
What do you do?
YEGAER Giants Month ago
Destan Williams
Destan Williams Month ago
0:43 the best part
Destan Williams
Destan Williams Month ago
this the best song yet
David Ikechukwu
David Ikechukwu Month ago
By far his best song
Leslie Menichetti
Leslie Menichetti Month ago
Repo Diamond kennels.
Repo Diamond kennels. Month ago
Rocca Bauleth
Rocca Bauleth Month ago
Rod wave is still a softy!
Rhulani Shirinda
Rhulani Shirinda Month ago
I just don't understand why people dislike rod wave's songs because they all have a meaning and message to it. Rod Wave Thank You for blessing us with your great talent and great music may god keep you safe and bless you.
ST-Money Month ago
This s song when you and all your boys just having a good time living life.
Christine Martinez
Christine Martinez Month ago
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قناة زمردة للوصفات المتنوعة Month ago
Tezzy 2GG
Tezzy 2GG Month ago
Shåmar Våleska
Shåmar Våleska Month ago
Yall Ever Wonder Who Was The First Viewer Was ? Or its just me !?😕
Larry Lamar
Larry Lamar Month ago
Wick city bitch 727
Jasmine Crowder
Jasmine Crowder Month ago
All his riders crazy about him...& making sure he make it that’s how I know he got some real ones around him..💯
ThatRacing Guy
ThatRacing Guy Month ago
MonnieMuzik Month ago
Letlotlo Maphunye
Letlotlo Maphunye Month ago
I like you men🤞😥
ATEAM ForSure Month ago
Jojo Cox
Jojo Cox Month ago
This video soooo hard,the whole world gotta hear this
ParadoxKnight Month ago
1:21 best part 😂😂 the dance
NFL Josh
NFL Josh 7 days ago
On me
dream 2 speed
dream 2 speed Month ago
Was up man check me out I’m building a 8th gen si coupe stance time attack starting my channel #dream2speed
Alex Williams
Alex Williams Month ago
Rod wave steady dropping 🔥
Kwan 250
Kwan 250 Month ago
darkest_Times_6667 6 Vevo
darkest_Times_6667 6 Vevo Month ago
Luh Kodak
Luh Kodak Month ago
music vid snap🔥
Norf Boy Entertainment
Norf Boy Entertainment Month ago This song screwed and chopped.
p Johnson
p Johnson Month ago
Yo did you find your vet after you crashed it into a pole 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜😜 lmao.
SheLuvsAdrian Month ago
Damn I just notice he got the video back
Daridinho Month ago
Hardest fat rapper rn 🙌🏾💯
Shane's Hip Hop Channel
Shane's Hip Hop Channel 26 days ago
@Deedee Nix lol or weight classes
Deedee Nix
Deedee Nix 29 days ago
So who is the hardest SKINNY rapper then 🤔... I didn't know rap had sub- categories 💀✌🏾.
Juan 86
Juan 86 Month ago
The guy who brought your car brought me here keep dropping good Music you got real talent and get that C8 back on the Road So Rod can see u starring at the world through your Review
Taiy 1K
Taiy 1K Month ago
Wow this my favorite song on the album i never knew it was a vid
Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor Month ago
He crashed both cars damn
Diontae Points
Diontae Points Month ago
now i see how you crashed the vette
Trigga C
Trigga C Month ago
This is your best song, fvck what anyone says....
john williams
john williams Month ago
Al-Boi_Tide Month ago
Anyone knw where he from
EP 93
EP 93 Month ago
St.Petersburg , Florida
john williams
john williams Month ago❤️🔥
Pretty.luh. Lay
Pretty.luh. Lay Month ago
Rod Wave - Gambling (Prod.By BOOGZYBeats)
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