Dia Rui
Dia Rui 31 minute ago
I love her but she talks so sloooooowly
Alice Travys
Alice Travys 34 minutes ago
Aoife Otoole
Aoife Otoole 36 minutes ago
I love Hyram 😍
Bishwa Sharma
Bishwa Sharma 37 minutes ago
Dami 😍
Music Anonymous
Music Anonymous 41 minute ago
I love Rihanna!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 Is there anyone who started a USshow channel in this quarantine ?? Let's grow together ❤️😘❤️
Christopher Persaud
Christopher Persaud 46 minutes ago
How about “ go to the studio with me “
Aoife Otoole
Aoife Otoole 46 minutes ago
0:09 😂😂😂😂
Martine elisma
Martine elisma 48 minutes ago
I don’t use makeup. But, I love her . She’s simple women and simple star gorgeous.God bless her!
Ellena Nortje
Ellena Nortje 50 minutes ago
Such an amazing incredibly stylish woman!
wafaa Ben
wafaa Ben 52 minutes ago
How cuteeee she's wtffff
Isabel 57 minutes ago
is it good for your skin to put sunscreen on before bed though? i thought it wasn’t
jxmer vien
jxmer vien 57 minutes ago
"what pores?" AaaaAAaaaahh! She just stabbed me
Aitana J
Aitana J Hour ago
I want a cleanser like then i met you but they don’t sell in spain :( Is there any alternative similar to it which doesn’t have plastic in it?
Nia Orea
Nia Orea Hour ago
My name is Nia Orea and I wanna produce a track for Rihanna one day ❤️
Susan Andy
Susan Andy Hour ago
Love your music 😊
mynameis jeff
mynameis jeff Hour ago
she looks so different from when she was doing pll. she has grown so much in the best way.
vasu306 Hour ago
Aloha Hour ago
When ever i see celebrity doing night routines all they show is their skin care routine not include brushing teeth.. He is the explanation of hygiene who think people can get uncomfortable from hearing the sound of cutting hair
Silvia Paula
Silvia Paula Hour ago
Linda maravilhosa😍💕
Aloha Hour ago
His eyes is beautiful, I said again his eyes is beautiful
Send Help
Send Help Hour ago
Why does she look completely different? Dude HER EYES!
Reyhan Çokay
Reyhan Çokay Hour ago
Who else is waiting for Hyram to react??
emiliarebecca13 Hour ago
I like that her skincare routine is minimalistic and that she thought about making the toner a consistency to fit w/o cotton pads :) however, I don’t think it’s “clean” skincare per definition since it does have a few irritating or non-sustainable ingredients + dyes and perfume
Pj Neethling
Pj Neethling Hour ago
Now we know how to wash away black eyes.
José Gonçalves Neto
José Gonçalves Neto Hour ago
What a gorgeous woman ❤️
Tiffany Tan
Tiffany Tan Hour ago
Moisturizer with spf for night time? Hmm
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hour ago
care line is this magical thing that would solve all problems in an instant.
Sparkling Water
Sparkling Water 2 hours ago
Rihanna : why would you use SPF to go to bed ?
Lif Pan
Lif Pan 2 hours ago
7:51 Is so cute
Saniel Underwood
Saniel Underwood 2 hours ago
The whole time I wondered what his thoughts on the whole EllenGate Staff Mistreatment thing is??? He has probably signed a non disclosure so he can't comment. Just curious on his input.
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M 2 hours ago
"Eating" coffee?
Lisa 2 hours ago
interesting how shes kept a natural face no cosmetic procedures or veneers, thats a hard thing to resist in her industry
diane 2 hours ago
I love how environmentaly concious he is 👌
Rebeka Tomišić
Rebeka Tomišić 3 hours ago
Anyone tried?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hour ago
She is reading script on the right side and this all crap is pure 100% advert and nothing more... Don't forget,that people like rihanna has their own makeup artists who takes c
Access to my energy is YOUR privilege
Access to my energy is YOUR privilege 3 hours ago
Beautiful house, the slaves did a good job 🙄.
bhawna sharma
bhawna sharma 3 hours ago
Ohh wow this is surprising as price is really reasonable like 150 mls 28 dollars otherwise products these days are really mami g money like seriously 35 mls 70 dollars.
Veronika *
Veronika * 3 hours ago
So she doesn't wash her teeth?!
Renu Yadav
Renu Yadav 3 hours ago
I just notice her beauty nd her wasting of water
Godi Kgabo
Godi Kgabo 3 hours ago
So, when is the new album cummin out?? :)
Kath Collins
Kath Collins 3 hours ago
So why is he going back to bed at 5pm? Working with USA times I guess.
Micaella Bah
Micaella Bah 3 hours ago
What happen to putting your serum and moisturize on your neck and decolletage. Your young so you better start now. Very important step Rihanna.
ashroom 98
ashroom 98 3 hours ago
Love you
Always Smile
Always Smile 3 hours ago
Am i seeing Harper's Bazar or Hyram's channel 😂.... Oh my goodness! Skincare junkie is always on point no matter where they are🙏🙏🙏.... Loved it!👍
Jasonlalnunpuia Sailo
Jasonlalnunpuia Sailo 3 hours ago
She is naked 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😶😶😶😶😶
dramatic virghoe
dramatic virghoe 3 hours ago
The way I'm Asian but I'm not rich I was robbed 💔
Eifion Phillips
Eifion Phillips 3 hours ago
Using no paraben and gluten free products is a must, too many chemicals in products today.
Smile Pathak
Smile Pathak 3 hours ago
After marriage camila cabello would be camila mendes 😁😁
christina pinho
christina pinho 4 hours ago
my queen
Lys Acid
Lys Acid 4 hours ago
Snif snif your nose Rihanna?maybe she is flew sick😂😂😂😂months joke
Anna Kastil
Anna Kastil 4 hours ago
Why would she use SPF in her night skin care routine? 🤔
Akhila Shetty
Akhila Shetty 4 hours ago
OMG! There's a Camila Mendes? It's like Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello get married and name their daughter Camila (Jr.) Mendes
Emoondust 29
Emoondust 29 4 hours ago
You look older than you are... happy that you’re taking care of your skin.
Gargi Singh
Gargi Singh 4 hours ago
I saw a totally different Rihanna in this 💓
Letty B
Letty B 4 hours ago
Falto ludubika a tu lado
Letty B
Letty B 4 hours ago
Te páreses ala de la familia peluche , y por que tratas de hablar como las gringas ridículas 🤷‍♀️
littleXannie 4 hours ago
Unpopular but popular opinion: DROOOOP THE ALBUM
Happiness Matters
Happiness Matters 4 hours ago
Look at her.. 🤗 QUEEN of her own Castle 👑
Tota LeClipsue
Tota LeClipsue 4 hours ago
semieitaismine 5 hours ago
BallEqualsLife 5 hours ago
How he not have diabetes
Vanessa Cortez
Vanessa Cortez 5 hours ago
Strangely, she reminds me of the Mexican version of Celine Dion.
Jason Santoro
Jason Santoro 5 hours ago
I get being healthy and eating right but I’d rather have meat on my bones than look like I weight 60 pounds and be nothing but bones. There is nothing sexy about this woman or her neck being stretched to China. When for you a cheat meal is an egg is really time to start rethinking your life.
Thia C
Thia C 5 hours ago
Idk who she is, but I'm grateful for her openness and willingness to provide education and support for women with mental conditions.
Megdee 5 hours ago
musichotness 5 hours ago
Natural beauty 😍😘🥰💕
kiza Amanda
kiza Amanda 5 hours ago
Woow.. She is so pretty with out makeup for real. 😘😘
Ant Mullenix-Fielder
Ant Mullenix-Fielder 6 hours ago
Mally is one of the absolute nicest people I have ever met in my life! What you see is what you get, period. Love you girl!! 💓💓
Žurkulēns 6 hours ago
She is reading script on the right side and this all crap is pure 100% advert and nothing more... Don't forget,that people like rihanna has their own makeup artists who takes care of her every single morning !!! She is never putting on makeup by her own ! Also she is rich enough to have even the most expensive artist out there... P.s. she has hangover or she is already high,can't tell exactly and that doesn't looks good,since there is a lot of kids watching this advert...
Alberto Ramon
Alberto Ramon 6 hours ago
Let’s make M
mbarly khumalo
mbarly khumalo 6 hours ago
"Baby... LIFE CHANGING" 🤣🔥🔥🔥
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Freelee please
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Jennifer Gardiner
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Gordon ramsay
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Tabitha brown
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Kim k
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Jessica Brooks
Jessica Brooks 6 hours ago
Jennifer Aniston
Léa Leboisne
Léa Leboisne 6 hours ago
I love her so much but nobody's suppose to sleep With an SPF protection, its the same mistake that sleep with make up...
Kirby JK
Kirby JK 6 hours ago
tan after washing his face with very hot water: anyway my skin gets dry so
Kirby JK
Kirby JK 6 hours ago
cute but also watching him tug on his face like that stresses me out
rgl14 6 hours ago
costco is the best
King Selyn
King Selyn 6 hours ago
I love this woman,,,,, rihanna you are my model,, I believe I will get to meet you one day,,, you r so amazing,, naturally beautiful 💖💖😍😍😍😍😍,,,,
Kavitha Sree
Kavitha Sree 6 hours ago
So high the hill and the way walking on the flour.😒
Sade 7 hours ago
Everytime I look at Rihanna I realize she has a big forehead but then It makes not really care about my forehead because she’s beautiful and people makes it seem like having a big forehead is a bad thing or models/actresses usually have smaller foreheads or get surgery for that but embrace your insecurities
lily mae
lily mae 7 hours ago
oh dear lord
shanty town
shanty town 7 hours ago
Oh Lord I neeeed to be rich, sooooooo much.
Alejandra Chavez
Alejandra Chavez 7 hours ago
Salma Hayek please
CW 7 hours ago
Is she like 12?
son of archimedes
son of archimedes 7 hours ago
Wait she drinks litters of mizo soup??Mizo soup is high in sodium and her face isn't bloated🤔🤔
Van Huynh
Van Huynh 7 hours ago
even his child is healthier than me
Tami Fatemi
Tami Fatemi 7 hours ago
Why Stupid people in America paint their skin call tattoo how ugly
Aubergine Girl
Aubergine Girl 7 hours ago
You look better without make up
Tami Fatemi
Tami Fatemi 7 hours ago
If my Country Iran be free i prefer to live there im really get disgusted of people in America is no culture they eat every garbage fate ugly they dress ugly they not healthy and dirty
Aubergine Girl
Aubergine Girl 7 hours ago
You look like Ashwarya Rai Bachaan!
Aubergine Girl
Aubergine Girl 7 hours ago
You look like Ashwarya Rai Bachaan!
Prophetess Tammy Collins
Prophetess Tammy Collins 7 hours ago
you are still beautiful Ms lady
two by two
two by two 7 hours ago
I love her voice and face so much. She is the most beautiful woman in the planet. ♥️😭😭
Jennifer Jenny
Jennifer Jenny 7 hours ago
Shes si cute 🥰🥰♥️💁🏻‍♀️like the perfect woman
maya tiririt
maya tiririt 7 hours ago
All these ladies are pretty ! I love their mono eyelids looks good on them but Heart E . She is extremely talented and skilled I saw her art exhibit OMG! I can’t even draw an emoji lol! She can paint a woman’s face artistically!