I'm Coming Out.
9 months ago
Christin Laurinaitis
Christin Laurinaitis 3 hours ago
This Duivel look is great @christinlaurinaitis
People don't Buy wealth
People don't Buy wealth 3 hours ago
Selena gets the most views
The Andreas Channel V2
The Andreas Channel V2 3 hours ago
Honestly she was prettier Without the makeup.
natty gomi
natty gomi 4 hours ago
A fabulous witch would be awesome to see. 🕸😈🕸 Love you Nikkie, so talented!
Orosmira Alegria
Orosmira Alegria 4 hours ago
Wowww is perfect make up and very very funnyyyyy i love youuu
Orosmira Alegria
Orosmira Alegria 4 hours ago
Hi Nikkie. I love you. Is perfect and funnyyyyyyy. Kis kis 👍👍👍💖👍👍💖👊👊👊👏👏👏
Orosmira Alegria
Orosmira Alegria 4 hours ago
Hi Nikkie. I love you. Is perfect and funny👍👍👍👍👍👊👊👏👏👏👏
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly 4 hours ago
Where is halloweek 2020
Gen Olson
Gen Olson 4 hours ago
2020 has been a weird year but it’s given me time to better myself!
Aditi Rao
Aditi Rao 4 hours ago
Me seeing Nikki for 18:05 minutes straight Also me Champlaining about why am I seeing everything in blue except of red 😒😒🤔
Michell Reynaga
Michell Reynaga 4 hours ago
2020 really is the “duivel” 🤭 IG: michellreynaga
Komal Rohit
Komal Rohit 4 hours ago
She is my favorite ❤️💙💙💙
Amaia de Jong
Amaia de Jong 5 hours ago
20:02 22:11meid jij leeft mij leven🥰
Glory Jinu Mathew
Glory Jinu Mathew 5 hours ago
love selena my role model
alida flus
alida flus 5 hours ago
Dutch word of the day: “duivel” ig: wnuky
Tabby Carriere
Tabby Carriere 5 hours ago
the baddest duivel ever !! @_tabithalynnn
Alicea Collier
Alicea Collier 5 hours ago
Not me buying both these pallets after watching this😌
AlizaxPrice 5 hours ago
"duivel" is my middle name cause baby I slay. @athomasgb_2004
AlizaxPrice 5 hours ago
@alida flus good to know haha. Wish you luck on the giveaway! I hope whoever gets it uses it well.
alida flus
alida flus 5 hours ago
ermy_makeup its my insg
asaratkhandr 5 hours ago
Wait this is the Sia dancing kid? She's so sweet and cute!
sonny honey
sonny honey 6 hours ago
me: 2020 it's the worst year of my life! the duivel: it's is? that means i'm not doing well my job!! @solciar
IGI Offical
IGI Offical 6 hours ago
After watching this video: everything is green!!!
Xx_ unknown_xX
Xx_ unknown_xX 6 hours ago
I still support you 😊
Basmah Moe
Basmah Moe 6 hours ago
Dont be sorry for ur english mama tutorials, we love u as u are, u are awesome
Riiyah Baby
Riiyah Baby 6 hours ago
You are one hot baddie “duivel” (that’s for sure) !!! You did that damn thing girl!! Love you nikkkkieee 🖤 Insta: @_itsfuckingriiyahbitch
skin care routine with saliha salihap
skin care routine with saliha salihap 6 hours ago
I am big fan for u I am Pakistan
skin care routine with saliha salihap
skin care routine with saliha salihap 6 hours ago
I am big fan for u I am Pakistan
Deborah Mouyal
Deborah Mouyal 6 hours ago
Dutch word of the day: duivel Ig: deborahmouyal
Ignacia Bustos Durrury
Ignacia Bustos Durrury 6 hours ago
duivel @ignadurruty
cadence 6 hours ago
snoops voice tho 👀 so soothing.
cadence 6 hours ago
I'm such a new fan and I'm wondering WHY so many people have disliked! How can people dislike realness? Anyways, Thank you for the content and entertainment, Love.
Robert Carty
Robert Carty 6 hours ago
No halloweek this year?
Roneika Jennette
Roneika Jennette 6 hours ago
Absolutely Amazing
Samantha Bernardy
Samantha Bernardy 6 hours ago
Umm candy corn eye look??! Beyond cute! 💛🧡🤍
Lilah Rabaut
Lilah Rabaut 7 hours ago
No halloween for a week
Archita Pal
Archita Pal 7 hours ago
Covers up past,present and future🤣🤣❤❤❤❤you are amazing
Child Of God
Child Of God 7 hours ago
Wow what a great personality Selena has 💖
Julianne Willoughby
Julianne Willoughby 7 hours ago
The day that I told my church pastor and my best friend that I was bisexual, I had a legit panic attack and I cried so hard.
Miryea Shaw
Miryea Shaw 7 hours ago
Don’t curse.
Kensey Quigley
Kensey Quigley 7 hours ago
Honestly this is just a day in my life of being color blind 😂💀
Kate Walker
Kate Walker 7 hours ago
See my boyfriend. We’ve only seen each other a handful of times since the first Victorian (Australia) lockdowns :( that’s what I would do if we were able to go anywhere
The Little Girl With a Blue Rose
The Little Girl With a Blue Rose 7 hours ago
Nikkie looks like a *”duivel”* in this video
Milena Caniza
Milena Caniza 7 hours ago
Ig: milecaniza
Jessica Rentschler
Jessica Rentschler 7 hours ago
ohh it's so good
Natalie's Pets
Natalie's Pets 8 hours ago
Can you do reacting to my high school makeup looks
Tamara Rodriguez
Tamara Rodriguez 8 hours ago
I'd sell my soul to the Duivel to get that pallete, Nikkie! ;P Ig: @misslaporaes <3
Summer Solace
Summer Solace 8 hours ago
To Nikki's black mailer: you know not to mess with Nikki when she has hair clips that say "boss" on them but siriusly, where can I get those? They are so cute!
Colleen O'Brien
Colleen O'Brien 8 hours ago
Why was “I don’t know what I’m doing” such a mood 😂 girlll I feel like that all the time Lmfaoo. Love this LEWK! Very spoookkyy! ❤️ Dutch word of the day: “duivel” Insta : queencolleenxoxo
Ermy Makeup.
Ermy Makeup. 8 hours ago
ermy_makeup its my insg
Sofía Rodríguez
Sofía Rodríguez 8 hours ago
The duivel works hard but 2020 works harder ! ig: @sofia940
Summer Solace
Summer Solace 8 hours ago
I just want you to know that I am here for you. I think we all are. Some of my favourite USshowrs have been struggling with their uploads because of their health, and I want everyone, not just Nikki, to know that we don't care about how often you upload, we just want to make sure you guys are ok and happy. Don't be afraid to take a week off, take two weeks off. Whatever works for you
janana 8 hours ago
how about the one dip makeup challenge with wet brushes?! @nikkietutorials
Andrea Vidales
Andrea Vidales 8 hours ago
Can u do a q & a makin ur normal makeup?
Joseloveschiken 8 hours ago
Love you 😍 Duivel @joseloveschiken
L 9 hours ago
@peters_leia DEVIL "DUIVEL"
MoeE O
MoeE O 9 hours ago
She's perfect though. oh my god
Markel Nickerson
Markel Nickerson 9 hours ago
I'm watching this after binge watching seasons 1+2 of Lucifer.
Andrew Farr
Andrew Farr 9 hours ago
So since you're biologically a guy, I guess that makes your fiance gay?
Chuck Kline
Chuck Kline 9 hours ago
Dance with the duivel 😈 Ig its_chuckk_the_troll
Ava Max
Ava Max 9 hours ago
She said it took her 25 minutes to do her brows it takes me 25 minutes to do my whole I mean foundation eyeshadow concealer I mean everything.
Karla Segovia
Karla Segovia 9 hours ago
I love u, beatiful 'duivel'! This makeup was so amazing! Today I did your 'Demon' from 4 years ago...(I tryed 😂😅). Ig: belezinhasdakarla
Maritza Garciaa
Maritza Garciaa 9 hours ago
I love the look girl <3
Moonlight babe
Moonlight babe 9 hours ago
They literally look like sisters
Lazy And IDGAF
Lazy And IDGAF 10 hours ago
No one: Me at 12:20: YOU HAVE ANOTHER EYE QUEEN!!
Tilly Sharman
Tilly Sharman 10 hours ago
The dutch word of the day is "Duivel" My Instagram is @tillsharms Ily so much, fingers crossed 🤞🏻
giovi simon
giovi simon 10 hours ago
GIVEAWAY!!! INSTA: @giovisimon_ (DUTCH WORD OF THE DAY:“DUIVEL”) i’m so proud of you and i aspire to be as strong as you when i grow up❤️❤️
vito lopez
vito lopez 10 hours ago
Diva total.
2u2a 10 hours ago
Some similar challenges ideas: use a computer creen or tv instead of mirror and 1.set it to have some delay 2. Mirror image on it 3.invert colors on it an you can't look directly on products- you can only see them lookin at the screen
John Paul Magbanua
John Paul Magbanua 10 hours ago
Hi Queen Nikkie ❤️ I hope you can notice this. 😊 Can you do a no powder challenge? Like all of the products you'll use are liquid products. 😄 Lovelots Nikkie ❤️
Madison Silver
Madison Silver 10 hours ago
“Nikita draguuuun” I loved that
Anis 10 hours ago
Morgan Hopson
Morgan Hopson 10 hours ago
@momo9890163 loves your Duevil
Moa Landstedt
Moa Landstedt 10 hours ago
Such a great duivel! 👹🤡👻 @moalandstedt on instagram 🥰🥰
Amy Gray
Amy Gray 10 hours ago
Your duivel is the bomb! You are so creative and talented! @amyleigh1973
H. S.
H. S. 10 hours ago
ik vond gewoon niet grappig dat je vanaf het begin al wist wie de moi was. Derest doet zoveel moeite voor niks eigenlijk.
roylene mcpherson
roylene mcpherson 10 hours ago
Why does this makes me smile
Ash_ Trin
Ash_ Trin 10 hours ago
Ash_ Trin
Ash_ Trin 10 hours ago
Who else is watching this with subs
Damla Dinç
Damla Dinç 10 hours ago
all i wanna see is how Nikkie took this make up off :D
Amy vansteenkiste
Amy vansteenkiste 10 hours ago
i've wanted to jump out of a window at least 20 times now (thanks 2020), but other than that i'm fine lol
gray grey
gray grey 10 hours ago
dutch word of the day: duivel 👹 ig handle: feralratkid 🐀