Beyonca De La Paz
Beyonca De La Paz 3 hours ago
Aunt J.... the nails... DARLING!!! DETAILS PLEASE!!
Pretty and Depressed
Pretty and Depressed 4 hours ago
lizzfrmhon 4 hours ago
That bone structure. So stunning.
•NotLovera 4 hours ago
I came here from tiktok anyone else? 😌
Nikki Black
Nikki Black 4 hours ago
Violet is THE bad bitch! Yaaaasss!
Isabel K-G
Isabel K-G 5 hours ago
I was curious so I looked at their website, and a lot of the images are straight up 1 image with different hair jpegs tacked on and edited to look like different outfits. Nasty.
lexie heart
lexie heart 5 hours ago
I woke up like death 😂😂😂 me too everyday 😂😂😂
Thomas Family
Thomas Family 6 hours ago
Your makeup looks flawless
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 7 hours ago
A Very Beautiful Chocolate Woman.
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 8 hours ago
Jackie you look so Bomb. Also my favorite ytbers are women of color aside from Kristi, and Bailey. I find it more to my taste less problematic and my kind of humor.
Bangtang team AmEn SiStErS
Bangtang team AmEn SiStErS 8 hours ago
“Just trust me when I say this trust ur local black girl” Me:I always listen to u with makeup bc last time my sister made me do it wrong I was like “I’m gonna go listen to my friends” Sister:who’s ur friend? Me:My local black girl she good with make up Sister:-w- Me ŪwŪ
Questions With Queens Podcast
Questions With Queens Podcast 8 hours ago
Great video @jackieaina
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 8 hours ago
God you look Beautiful. The lip with that green print robe is killer.
Darkwing Duck
Darkwing Duck 9 hours ago
As Always Flawless.
Peter DePoire
Peter DePoire 9 hours ago
“Trust your local black girl. So you are gonna put, wait is that a USshowr?” 😂😂😂😂
Catherine Poole
Catherine Poole 10 hours ago
Hi Jackie. I have been watching ur tutorials non stop. I think ur the coolest🤓😎 so much information. You are hilarious, full of confidence and so inspiring. Thank you! I have learned soooooo much.🤍🖤🤎💜
TheNineTailedKitten 10 hours ago
Jade is absolutely precious! And of course auntie slays!
The YouTube Noob
The YouTube Noob 10 hours ago
Girl you NEED to review Profusion PALETTES! I’ve been thinking about getting one but I need auntie Jackie to tell me if I should or not!
Letia Hampton
Letia Hampton 10 hours ago
Yes please!! My birthday is next sat and I don't want my face to come off on my mask 😩
Carter FBR
Carter FBR 11 hours ago
Just because it’s African doesn’t mean it’s better
urthebest1122 11 hours ago
I’m obsessed with your rainbow 🌈 eye look. Love your personality, too. Subscribed.
ikram ikram
ikram ikram 11 hours ago
They look like chloe x halle those singers
chevy morrie
chevy morrie 12 hours ago
Andi Liggins
Andi Liggins 12 hours ago
Guurrrllll, your intro tho!!! I love it! Freakin’ hilarious 🤣🤣
Rennaa77 13 hours ago
Thank you so much for sharing. It us so helpful to actually see the products in motion. I'm in love with the lip gloss💜💜💜💜
dottie mathews
dottie mathews 14 hours ago
woo Jackie gurl!! you are Stank-gorgeous! can't stand you!! lol!! (highest form of sista to sista compliment!) work it diva!!!
Stargirl 14 hours ago
Not only are her videos informative, they are ENTERTAINING!
Erica A
Erica A 14 hours ago
You play toooo much I love your personality 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carrington Ladawn
Carrington Ladawn 15 hours ago
I have perfected my ig feed and explore feed honestly. Because I search for things I want to see and like so it’s nothing but makeup , nails and interior design stuff
Chynna Lee
Chynna Lee 15 hours ago
JACKIE YOU ARE HILARIOUS!! 😂 I love your sense of humor, but you also know when to be serious. say hello to your newest subscriber ❤️
Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas 15 hours ago
29:48 - 29:55 is so true.
loveme2oo 15 hours ago
If only I had leg like Jackie 💃🏿
That One
That One 15 hours ago
Omg so sad one time I saw this one high school show choir perform and this one black girl had the same color tights as the white girls. Like, y’all couldn’t look into that? 😭😂
The Seasons of Womanhood
The Seasons of Womanhood 16 hours ago
Congratulations on FORVRMOOD Jackie .Would love to have you on my WCW Chit Chat Series on my channel 🙏🏾 Keep shining sis !
T. Hardy
T. Hardy 16 hours ago
Could you please do a tutorial on how to keep your makeup under a mask?? Could you do it using Fenty Beauty
sushimamanj 17 hours ago
I tried allowing my concealer to dry down a bit before blending and it changed my life. Thank you Jackie
Just Jude
Just Jude 17 hours ago
Love love love this video! Happiness💖🌺🌴🌈
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Keratile Tsoeute 19 hours ago
Come through pink😍😍💕💕
Clarissa M
Clarissa M 19 hours ago
I've been wanting to get into soft glam and HONESTLY this.
Joyce Kim
Joyce Kim 19 hours ago
Girl, that puff tho
Kaylynn Martin
Kaylynn Martin 20 hours ago
yeah i really need that mask makeup trick😅
Tangled Pisces
Tangled Pisces 20 hours ago
The big influencers are definitely the Cardi B or Dream Doll girls. They do look the same body wise and skin complexion. Everyone knows Cardi will do anything for money, and she’s no stranger of bringing down dark skin women
Alyssa W.
Alyssa W. 20 hours ago
Damn this whole time I thought I was subscribed 😅. For some years now, that’s crazy.
Chocolatè Ice-cream
Chocolatè Ice-cream 20 hours ago
7:36 the part ik some of yalls came her for
Jessica Eisele
Jessica Eisele 20 hours ago
Tip: when soaking nails off, fill a bowl with hot water, put acetone in a sandwich bag, put your nails in the sandwich bag with the acetone and then put it in the hot water and you can rub the nails with your fingers while in the acetone to help remove them but they will soak off so much faster this way.
C Tran
C Tran 20 hours ago
wow her natural lashes look AMAZING, i could never 😭
Jan Mil
Jan Mil 21 hour ago
You look snatched!!!! I love this look!
Slaylyn M
Slaylyn M 21 hour ago
DEFINITELY need that mask proof makeup tutorial Auntie!
Clayton West
Clayton West 21 hour ago
Jackie and Dennis are goals they are both so freaking sweet.
Breona Willis
Breona Willis 22 hours ago
"Yes darling, leave them at the front gate." BYE.
Ana Martinez
Ana Martinez 22 hours ago
lol I'm a silent follower! I will comment more! haha I love the matte foundation looks! And the eyeshadow! I'm trying to use more bold colors like u do!
Native Civilian
Native Civilian 23 hours ago
But these men are not good quality anyway so is they staying away from us a loss?
Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley 23 hours ago
Just stunning ✨
Lisa Scank de Alejo
Lisa Scank de Alejo 23 hours ago
Can i just say i love the whole 90s vibe of this look oml it's crazy in the best way!
TheTDizz81 Day ago
Soooo cute!
Frid Herting
Frid Herting Day ago
This video is so informative and I'm so glad I found it! I don't really put make up on that often, and when I do I pretty much always go for like a barely there glowy make up look, so I really don't use a lot of products either. Like my makeup collection is so small that I sometimes struggle to even find it lol. I still want to support african-owned make up brands though, so I'm gonna purchase some products from some of these brands when this month's payday has arrived!
Danica J
Danica J Day ago
Yooo, I was not here for any of it till you set it right near the end. I dont like blush but that was bomb!!! I'm definitely ordering!!
TP Mash
TP Mash Day ago
I love M.A.C’s Lipstick and Studio Fix foundation.That’ll always be my staple. But MAC needs to check their customer service! L’est they become the NOKIA of makeup!
YinkaMariaDaniels Day ago
The Nigerian side is fucking sexxxxxxyyyyy 😍😍😍🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬.
hannah bacolod
hannah bacolod Day ago
love the look jackie! ❤️❤️❤️
Filukkas univers
Filukkas univers Day ago
Hmmm the grills, dont like
Filukkas univers
Filukkas univers Day ago
Im thinking jamaica with the colors shes using
Tabitha Akers
Tabitha Akers Day ago
Just found out my lotion has skin lightener in it! I just thought my face had naturally become sickly white compared to my darker body (half-Japanese and face is very Caucasian). It's a Japanese brand and I know skin lighteners are sneaked into most products so I looked up the ingredients. Thank you for this video or I never would have realised!
Zsane Wrice
Zsane Wrice Day ago
Video saved for ordering for when I return home from deployment lol 🤗🤗🤗
Lulu Abuelshar
Lulu Abuelshar Day ago
I need the USshow algorithm to be as good as the tik tok algorithm...
Just Jude
Just Jude Day ago
Omg! you are gorgeous! Love from Maui
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Yolanda Michele Day ago
I had to subscribe this black girl magic lol I love love this look just beautiful 😍
Jessy Morel
Jessy Morel Day ago
MUM IS SNATCHEDDDDD if only mine would let me do this on her🙄🤷 oh well,sigh🙄🙄😔😑😑😑 nd if I could on dad 2
mandi22ify Day ago
Jackie you are the besttt!!!!! Gosh. I relate to all of this so much. You are beautiful and I love how you keep it real :)
Jaklyn McElveen
Jaklyn McElveen Day ago
So there is a quote from the author Erma Bombeck that is "one size fits all is an incomplete sentence.. What does it fit all of"? Same for Nude as a descriptor. Nude for whom. Much love to you
Jess K
Jess K Day ago
I would love a vid on how to avoid mask transferrrrr please Jackie ❤️🙏🏻
Mario Andres Lopez
Mario Andres Lopez Day ago
Absolutely stunning 🔥
Maria Moctezuma
Maria Moctezuma Day ago
Te miras muy GUAPA! ❤️
Gentle-Storm Wyatt
Gentle-Storm Wyatt Day ago
Gentle-Storm Wyatt
Gentle-Storm Wyatt Day ago
This look is so fireeeeee
Planners and peonies
Planners and peonies Day ago
Dig up the archives babyy!!
thedrasc14 Day ago
How have i managed to watch mua videos for the past 4+ years and still not know how to ~really~ do makeup?
Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle Day ago
I didn't know Pat McGrath was black.
Linda Phifer
Linda Phifer Day ago
Hey Happy birthday 🎈🎁🎉🎊🎂 such beautiful flowers on Instagram your one are sending you such beautiful flowers 💐 I love watching you get all those beautiful flowers they make me smile 😊 so many beautiful flowers can’t even pick my favorite they all are winning enjoy your beautiful flowers I know you really love flowers and they are your favorite especially the color pink and tones HAPPY BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY 🎂 LINDA 💙🙋🏽‍♀️😊😍
Danny Curtis
Danny Curtis Day ago
Wow. This may be the most beautiful eye look I have EVER seen!!!!
Ana Clarke
Ana Clarke Day ago
I'm Naomi. 5 minute girl haha
Brittani Thomas
Brittani Thomas Day ago
Molly didn’t come thru for her like Nathan did when she really needed it and could have bc her man was so down for it. She trash for that.
Gbreal1971 Day ago
Really beautiful makeup look.
Kumi Owusu
Kumi Owusu Day ago
I love how Jackie loves makeup 🤗
mss nikita
mss nikita Day ago
i live for you hunty🧚‍♀️✨💋💋👑
Ameera Muhammad
Ameera Muhammad Day ago
Such a beautiful look 😍
Kailey G
Kailey G Day ago
Wow! I stumbled across your channel- you are so beautiful!! Your skin looks amazing!! the prime bronzer you used looks sooo good on you!!
bellaroserela Day ago
Love this look 💜💖
angelxfenty Day ago
Jackie I’m in love with your coils
Allison Stanley
Allison Stanley Day ago
“In a little entanglement” HAHAHAH
Njambi Mugoro
Njambi Mugoro Day ago
Yaassss I'm here for that!!! Yass on ... 💯how to control your USshow algorithm so that it works for you.... The video was awesome.... ❤✨💯
SuperSetTimo Day ago
Whewwww I gotta take a break .. I’m actually taking time to invest in my makeup and this honestly just made my head hurt 😂🙄
Bridget Day ago
I'm over here in quarantine binging on your videos right now. I'm your age, but super late to the makeup game. I just absolutely love watching your videos. You are weird (in the BEST kind of way, I swear), funny, know what you're talking about, and you are honest af. I really appreciate how many tips you throw out for *all* of us throughout your videos. You are black. I'm extra white. This channel is SO educational regardless of our skin tones, and I absolutely love it. Thanks for keeping me company during such a hard time. ❤
Apoorva S
Apoorva S Day ago
You know quarantine has fuked you over when you panik when she says "I'm coming down with a virus"
Ariel Stephenson
Ariel Stephenson Day ago
Man... how can you sit still for that long. Lol 😆
Amani Motloung
Amani Motloung Day ago
I love the T-shirt and the person wearing it
Celena Yancy
Celena Yancy Day ago
That green looks sooo good on you!! <3
Erin Richardson
Erin Richardson Day ago
Shmake Shmauls lmaooooo
cece unity
cece unity Day ago
Going to Walgreens to buy cranberry juice... i currently been suffering from bv for 7months now and im honestly at wits end with this shit, the doctors just keep prescribing the same shit and at this point im fed up!!! And frustrated