ASMR Tapping Hero
2 years ago
Tingle Bells ASMR
2 years ago
Trash gacha
Trash gacha 10 minutes ago
So you’re telling me I get to watch this for free without any payments and no premium membership to access it?!?!
불타는유교걸 10 minutes ago
It's like ASMR from 2080
poopy Cat
poopy Cat 36 minutes ago
i got triggered by almost evry sound
AND3GTV 43 minutes ago
Brennen Lycett
Brennen Lycett 46 minutes ago
The thumbnail looked like CGI tbh
Liac Skies
Liac Skies 56 minutes ago
little cute little kittens
Beautiful Ariel
Beautiful Ariel 58 minutes ago
Si cute !!!
Erwin Hour ago
It's invisible triggers right, why aren't you invisible then?
Villainova Hour ago
This is torture, how is this calming to people? You're all psychopaths.
Telvanni Hour ago
You really go above and beyond for your fans. I'm blown away how interesting and effective this is. Keep it upppp.
Braeden Hamilton
Braeden Hamilton Hour ago
Frank: 👂👁👁👂 Zeitgest in the back: ✊👁👄👁👍
Last and first name .
Last and first name . Hour ago
No body Not a soul * aliens at 3 am*
Paola Muñoz
Paola Muñoz Hour ago
Me encanta 💙
JJScene Hour ago
Jack would love this. If only he wasn't so afraid of the one thing he loves most.
the man of mysterious actions
the man of mysterious actions Hour ago
Where are you from
Buff toad is a god
Buff toad is a god Hour ago
Blake tubbs
Blake tubbs Hour ago
Damn I guess the future is now?? Why’d no one tell me?????
Jelo ASMR Hour ago
I was a girl in the village doing alright Then I became a princess overnight Now I gotta figure out how to do it right So much to learn And see Up in the castle with My new family in his store thats for royalty A whole enchanting world is waiting for me Am so excited to be... Sofia the first. I'm finding out what being royal is all about Sofia the first Making My way its an agential everyday. Its gonna be My time to show them that I'm. Sofia the first...
BenjaXZ- Hour ago
You are the god of asmr
Shock Hour ago
Everyone subscribe to him👍
Cross Love ఌ
Cross Love ఌ Hour ago
1:57 just sounds like someone is whispering “ear rape ear rape” in your ears- 💀
Diego Valverde
Diego Valverde Hour ago
Bruh this is so professional, i love it
Belle in Cair Paravel
Belle in Cair Paravel Hour ago
What breed are Rasputin and Ronnie?
islam aliev
islam aliev Hour ago
Hello I frome Russia
Paola Espinosa
Paola Espinosa 2 hours ago
Area 51 be like...
José Henrique
José Henrique 2 hours ago
Where does he buy all these stuff he uses for ASMR ?
Kaiden Rouse
Kaiden Rouse 2 hours ago
Me wondering how he has 8 hands 5:10
MeeZy StudioZ
MeeZy StudioZ 2 hours ago
Gaming Gacha
Gaming Gacha 2 hours ago
What some people can do with kinemaster premium
Kaiden Rouse
Kaiden Rouse 2 hours ago
me looking for the time stamps 👁👄👁
Just Friends Gaming
Just Friends Gaming 2 hours ago
9:12 lockpicking in Fallout
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 2 hours ago
How do your fingers get perfectly sticky on those materials? The tiny blue cups were perfect. Some of the greatest sounds I've heard.
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 2 hours ago
I would pay so much money to sit in place of those microphones and get my whole dome psyched out. Amazing sounds. This is just beautiful.
My Name Is Andrew
My Name Is Andrew 2 hours ago
Tingling is like a soft orgasm
Cameron Marquardt
Cameron Marquardt 2 hours ago
It's all chrome? :o
Boo Radley
Boo Radley 2 hours ago
The ear exploration really fucked me up for a min tho.... The freaky wands are shiver bones a.f. tho 8/10
Weirdos Cosplay
Weirdos Cosplay 2 hours ago
2:20 that rap tho!
Bazzo 7
Bazzo 7 2 hours ago
Cadê os brs comentando no vídeo?
Dragon_ Gamer49
Dragon_ Gamer49 2 hours ago
I can only imagine that when Frank talked about his love story he only liked her cause she doesn’t the enjoy the asmr either lol
Totally Unnecessary
Totally Unnecessary 2 hours ago
how is this free.
Lavinia Lavinia
Lavinia Lavinia 2 hours ago
WTF ? 🤮🤮🤮
user less
user less 2 hours ago
This reminds me of that scene in Shrek where they go to the fairy god mothers factory
kolixd 2 hours ago
If i was going to describe this vid in one word it would be pineapple. Idk why lol
daysha vasquez
daysha vasquez 2 hours ago
Just now seeing this. I love ❤️
Ghosty 3 hours ago
I wonder if he'll ever do a collab
TheDT 3 hours ago
I wonder if asmr would become a company in the future?
Ghosty 3 hours ago
I'm sorry Zach choi I love you and have been watching you for a long time but Zeitgeist is on a higher level of quality than u. NO ADS AND GOOD CAMERA QUALITY!!?? SAY LESS
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head 3 hours ago
2am: yes. Awake: yes. Brain: erect. Jail: prob. Hotel: trivago.
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith 3 hours ago
is it just me or does this guy sound a little bit like Black Phillip at the end of the vvitch?
Kookiethelilbunny 3 hours ago
For anyone wondering what the Korean sticks are, it's from a traditional board game called Yut nori. pronounced as yute•no•dee
Bipod 3 hours ago
Que viaje é essa mermão tô com suvidu estranho , até agora
Jellybean908 Animal Jammers
Jellybean908 Animal Jammers 3 hours ago
This helps my dog sleep. Sounds weird but she’s curled up, pretty sleepy and usually she gets up and leaves when I go to bed so wow. 👁👄👁
Luis Ángel Montiel
Luis Ángel Montiel 3 hours ago
Very weird. I don't like it.
Alyssa Monk
Alyssa Monk 3 hours ago
I'm extremely happy I clicked on this video
ᴛ ᴏ ᴛ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ʏ ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ɢ ᴀ ʏ
ᴛ ᴏ ᴛ ᴀ ʟ ʟ ʏ ɴ ᴏ ᴛ ɢ ᴀ ʏ 3 hours ago
him: does the intro me: *confused insomnia noises*
Theofficial-Blixxykiki UNF
Theofficial-Blixxykiki UNF 3 hours ago
Brooo every time I close my eyes the sound is like I’m in a different universe 🤨😆
Ali Staneva
Ali Staneva 3 hours ago
He really said NEXT LEVEL
Long Furby
Long Furby 3 hours ago
The sound you hear in the middle of the night while looking for your phone in bed: 29:49
Kjdaman 3 hours ago
There are tingles going from my stomach to my scalp good job man
badask 420
badask 420 3 hours ago
I'm colorblind.