Fernando VILLARREAL 23 hours ago
Sounds like you have to lose you licence to get all torque available...
Denis Baraniak
Denis Baraniak 23 hours ago
The important question is now : What would you take, the 2013 RS5 or C63 of its generation.
lee spowart
lee spowart 23 hours ago
your reviews are great, really wish I had followed my dreams and tried this, dream job and loving the channel. Already got me on auto trader looking at RS4 with v8 as looking for a car replacement early next year, seems an interesting option to a C43 estate all of a sudden, stupid choice but interesting never the less
Debpreeo Sarker
Debpreeo Sarker 23 hours ago
Throttle House is proving that 10-15 year old cars might be just fine, if not better. Feels like watching Dave Ramsey show, for cars
Thunder Pants
Thunder Pants 23 hours ago
"Inside Metallica's lead guitar". Car quote of the century.
Anson Liu
Anson Liu 23 hours ago
surprised to say this, old one is more exciting, the look & the sound just better, got more soul
Dennis Germishuys
Dennis Germishuys 23 hours ago
"Shu up throttle hoose" XD
ROB BROOKE 23 hours ago
Excellent review and true ! That Rs4/ Rs5 is the best engine available! Like he says it doesn’t matter that it’s a little dated in side it dosent matter that V8 is superb
mistreku 23 hours ago
being a very good car for getting from A to B is just an euphemism for being soulless. not necessarily a boring car, just a bit clinical.
Y0mAmA84 23 hours ago
Plus the B8/8.5 design is timeless and is way better than the B9. I can't stop looking at my S5 through the window at home and at work.
Steven Robertson
Steven Robertson 23 hours ago
You’re absolutely spot on...The B8.5 RS5 is and always will be one of the all time greats. It’s the last of the N/A V8 engines with an incredible 8.5k redline...this WILL be a future classic.
Consigliere Egidio
Consigliere Egidio 23 hours ago
Would be nice comparo from you e92 m3 and this audi rs5 :)
MeChan 23 hours ago
due to the older cars lights it still makes it look like a recent new car
Elliott Manning
Elliott Manning 23 hours ago
If you want cooled seats, you can't have the sport seats. I know, it's silly.
David Kelley
David Kelley 23 hours ago
Slap a supercharger on the V8 RS5, an intercooler, cold air intake, exhaust, a tune, and then you will be set to make a good bit of more power.
Carlo Zaramella
Carlo Zaramella 23 hours ago
Thanks @ssh**ls! Now you guys are going to dive the market up on my dream car!
asahrs 23 hours ago
Would you buy the 2013 RS5 or the 2013 W204 C63 AMG?? Maybe you should do a head to head 🙂 🤪
EOtekk 23 hours ago
Knowing that the RS5 is 100 grand makes me realize how much of a steal the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio is. At least that car has personality and heritage.......And the possibility of catching on fire any second is exciting. God I love Alfa Romeo.
Brandon Dreher
Brandon Dreher 23 hours ago
I’m so confused. The Hellcat has racing stripes. That should make it way faster....
Captain Nemo!
Captain Nemo! 23 hours ago
there arent any sedan verson of rs cars and that really sad
Stanley Flooring it.
Stanley Flooring it. 23 hours ago
Everyone:*clicks* ebay app, searches for 2013 rs5
gopala krishan repudi
gopala krishan repudi 23 hours ago
Old vs new , old wins every time 😁
chocolatewheelchair 23 hours ago
What kinda person would buy a 7 year old Audi for 35K
M Ralte
M Ralte 23 hours ago
German Cowboy..... That's actually good joke
avenuePad 23 hours ago
Why does Ontario force drivers to ruin the front grill of every car with a hideous license plate? Here in Nova Scotia we have one plate in the back. I think that's common amongst most provinces. Shame.
Shardul Jagtap
Shardul Jagtap 23 hours ago
You need to drive an E92 BMW M3 if you love the 2013 RS5 exhaust. Sounds even more amazing imo!
Blendi Elezi1
Blendi Elezi1 23 hours ago
They need a bmw m5 e60 to hear what real engine sound like
niklas johansson
niklas johansson 23 hours ago
Old one is sooo much sexier
Striving with Steph
Striving with Steph 23 hours ago
Loved the video guys! For the next video can y'all do the E92 M3 compared the the F80 M3 and than another idea is compare the E92 M3 vs the 2013 RS5 and include a drag race!
cyberspectre 23 hours ago
I really like these old vs. new comparisons.
David Strauss
David Strauss 23 hours ago
Can someone PLEASE tell me what rear spoiler is on the 2013 RS5. I have a 2014 and have been trying to find something similar.
dolmat21093 23 hours ago
Where the drag race???
Peranavan Sithy
Peranavan Sithy 23 hours ago
Im definetly getting the older RS5 now after my TDI+ Jetta. You guys sold me. Bloody buggers.
Αντώνης Σάμπαλης
Αντώνης Σάμπαλης 23 hours ago
Honestly before dieselgate Audi's were the best cars out there,after though not so much🤷🏻‍♂️
Thokozani Gabela
Thokozani Gabela 23 hours ago
And I saw the previous gen s5 yesterday 😭
Mr DFC 23 hours ago
Kia got BMW engines...
Damian Silva
Damian Silva 23 hours ago
Gtr would smoke both
Draggy654 23 hours ago
That is true any shortcomings fall under the tsunami of joy that is that exhaust sound
Beckham 23 hours ago
Where was this filmed?
Scott Lowe
Scott Lowe 23 hours ago
Nice content fellas!
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas Smith 23 hours ago
Not only does the old RS5 sound better but it also looks better.
niklas johansson
niklas johansson 23 hours ago
Thank god for depreciation but that costs like 50-60 grand in my country
Radicool Gaming
Radicool Gaming 23 hours ago
just doesn't seem as appealing as a c63 amg coupe or an m4...
Leon Ted
Leon Ted 23 hours ago
I like the way you guys do your videos... Fantastic 🔥
Layne Dingman
Layne Dingman 23 hours ago
The answer really isn't even close. B8.5s across the board have aged unbelievably well, and Sepang blue is the color to have on an RS5. Absolutely perfect.
ajay choudhary
ajay choudhary 23 hours ago
this is my dream car if i ever come to the USA i am definitely buying one
NAKIB SAYYED 23 hours ago
I never even imagined of getting an RS5 but after watching this...I want that 2013 RS5.
Sahil Sahjani
Sahil Sahjani 23 hours ago
Been here since 10k subs, awesome job guys
Amir Khan
Amir Khan 23 hours ago
Don't forget c6 z06 boys, right now u can buy one for a great price
dee sheppard
dee sheppard 23 hours ago
German scrappers fast yes comfortable to drive yes and all the gadgets inside yes at a very high price reliable no anything goes wrong and it will quite often at a high price to fix good luck to anyone who get 3 years trouble free motoring with them
James 23 hours ago
I live near the Audi dealership you guys are awesome
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores 23 hours ago
Weird intro
Rishabh Bhatt
Rishabh Bhatt 23 hours ago
Please do make similar video on e92 m3 🙏
Mitch Velasco
Mitch Velasco 23 hours ago
That eargasm brought by V8
Tim Samaroo
Tim Samaroo 23 hours ago
and this why V8s need to be saved
Aymane Brini
Aymane Brini 23 hours ago
6:26 😂😂
Louis Lochner
Louis Lochner 23 hours ago
Love my A4 - Audi all the way 🤘🏻🤘🏻
Adam H
Adam H 23 hours ago
That puff sound killed me QAQ
T Vo
T Vo 23 hours ago
Pretty sure once you drive the new RS5 off the audi dealership lot, it’ll drop from 100k, down to 50k
Devam Bhagat
Devam Bhagat Day ago
What kind of exhaust does it have?👀 that’s def not standard. The standard is great but it doesn’t have the volume that this one does🤤
Ali El iraqi
Ali El iraqi Day ago
Audi V8 RS5 VS Mustang Gt comparison?
Easy Come Easy Go
Easy Come Easy Go Day ago
Wonder if they still have the timing chain issues of the old 4.2? Or the carbon build-up issues. But with that said I probably want the B7 RS4 😊 just because of the manual
Chief G.
Chief G. Day ago
Hands down the older Audi RS5 is the most beautiful car ever made.
Shazbot Day ago
Almost got the RS5 and “doesn’t want to play” is the perfect description.
SS Finesse
SS Finesse Day ago
The Corvette is the business!
Collidiscope Day ago
2013 and it looks so so good. There’s a white one for sale down the street....and I have to drive past it constantly.
Tanmay Jamwal
Tanmay Jamwal Day ago
Guys, subscribe to them, so justice can be served to them having this little subs
Matej Cubela
Matej Cubela Day ago
17:54 nice save bro
Jaggy FPV
Jaggy FPV Day ago
Don't forget about depreciation there. The old one will probably not lose too much value, whereas the new one is going to tank. The old one will probably hold value better as well due to the desirability of the engine.
Chris Gilligan
Chris Gilligan Day ago
Is the sport exhaust on the RS5 different than the titanium exhaust. Asking for a friend.
Brian Wahl
Brian Wahl Day ago
Was this the only RS5 year with this screaming engine?
tigerbalm Day ago
All these newer models are overpriced rubbish! I like a 2013 front end a lot more.
Robin Niehaus
Robin Niehaus Day ago
Well, if you race the top of the line c8 when it comes out. Then it would dust the demon. That c8 is base model too. Just think about it
Alejandro Day ago
A friend of mine have same blue one, it is tunned with upgraded pipes and titanium exhaust. Sounds amazing, he doenst even need to hight rev.
Kevin Sibiya
Kevin Sibiya Day ago
gear changes on the new one sounds like someone nodding
Ahmad Qandil
Ahmad Qandil Day ago
Which one is quicker
Alp Uzun
Alp Uzun Day ago
Camaro? Shouldn't it be a Mercedes? The trio, mercedes-bmw-audi? Camaro belongs to another competition
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Day ago
I’ve found my next car
Dylan Zeck
Dylan Zeck Day ago
I dont like that you guys make one win. The toll race if the truck has 770hp and the Corvette has 450, the truck wins. HP wins in a roll
Audi still only makes off the line cars with stupid understeer and slow responding auto gearboxes..
K_ Jojo97
K_ Jojo97 Day ago
Old RS5 >>>>> New RS5 and it's not even close.
Marvin L.
Marvin L. Day ago
Next time on the street: "HP matters!"
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez Day ago
Now I need an old rs5 to pair with my rs3 lol 😂
Grocery Grip
Grocery Grip Day ago
"Keys...gimme the keys...."
Vunene Mutarini
Vunene Mutarini Day ago
Before Audi was forced into Soft Limiters and sound mufflers. 😐😤
mondo odnom
mondo odnom Day ago
My fave audi <3
Youngish C
Youngish C Day ago
Love the way the old one looks
David Kutschke
David Kutschke Day ago
BRB looking for used RS5's on Autotempest.
Omkar Apugol
Omkar Apugol Day ago
The only reason you should sell the 2013 RS5 is if you own 2 of those. It sounds are a vehicular orchestra!
Alp Uzun
Alp Uzun Day ago
Yeah they are right, supra's steering wheel looks more like a Toyota Yaris. It should have been a more sportive one.
Sergey Akinin
Sergey Akinin Day ago
In a world where Tesla exists there is no point in a fast dull turbocharged sedan... it'll always be slower and have worse tech compared to the electric, and it'll never be as exciting as the older NA cars. I'll take the NA V8 please.
Jam_life_2194 Day ago
"Its like a Jetta on all of the crack" lmao...Thats it i`m getting one!
Sanjan Vlogs
Sanjan Vlogs Day ago
Great video
SupraJZA80 Day ago
I’m hopping on car gurus now to start my ‘13-‘15 rs5 search! 😂
Chris Day ago
The New RS5 v6 garbage is not a RS to me. RS5 V8 is the only true RS5. W204 C63 and the RS5 v8 two of the most iconic v8's of all time.
Alessio Mariotti
Alessio Mariotti Day ago
Wow the old RS5 sound is.........probably one of the most orgasmic V8 naturally aspirated in the history.I could listen to that sound all year long
Tommy Leyva
Tommy Leyva Day ago
I love throttle house with my whole heart. Especially their intros.
Rob O'Sullivan
Rob O'Sullivan Day ago
I'm glad that happened
Alp Uzun
Alp Uzun Day ago
Yeah dude supra had a different exhaust sound, it was obvious dude
Uber Gamer
Uber Gamer Day ago