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The VFD that isn't
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The Weird World in RGB
Space Heater Nonsense
The Time-Lapse VCR
rougenaxela Hour ago
I was totally fascinated with the impact sprinkler when I was a kid. I ended up playing around with my parents' one and trying to figure it how it did what it did.
bipollarbear 2 hours ago
I would watch the shit out of you if you streamed on Twitch
Simon Gie
Simon Gie 2 hours ago
Eloquently put, sir. Great vid :)
Daytona Sixty-Eight
Daytona Sixty-Eight 2 hours ago
UK plugs are garbage. Bulky and stupid. I really don't think they are much safer to warrant their horrible design functionality.
Soulan 2 hours ago
I own one of those and know about this issues, so I actually isolate the output hose (like others in the comments also said) and make sure my windows are also a little bit more isolated, so the device replenishes air first of all other rooms, hallway and stairwell (the air there is at least not as hot as the outside). That all had a tremendous effect and the device actually manages to reach the target temperature and turns off now and then. Also a friend of mine has one on his attic (window sther eopen) and hoses the cold air into his room :D so that also works if you have a room you can use for that. The worst thing baout that one is that the device does not know the temperature and you have to turn it off from time to time when it gets too cold
Ptolemy 2 hours ago
I see this video, then my mom goes ahead and buys two of these. I'm in a pretty humid state. Pain.
rhuttrho88 2 hours ago
What about the Dukes Of Hazzard horn, or the Vato lowrider horn?🤔 Do those next!😁
Dodge Coronet
Dodge Coronet 2 hours ago
the name of this device aged well until 2020 when it immediately started aging like milk
Wim Jongman
Wim Jongman 2 hours ago
Very informative and a nice rant to conclude the video. Well done.
javier salazar
javier salazar 2 hours ago
ahhahajajajajaja "las quejas " jajjajaja
DonKangolJones 2 hours ago
I thought I was ready for anything until he said he has a Chromebook and a laptop...
dfpguitar 3 hours ago
the US is also secretly metric. The units of sale for most products are just metric quantities converted to US customary.
anonymous anonymous
anonymous anonymous 3 hours ago
Wow 8k dislikes people really dont care about safety and that's kinda sad imo.
Sam Sowden García
Sam Sowden García 3 hours ago
I'd love to know why fridges use less power in Canada than in the US...
Ricky Norris
Ricky Norris 3 hours ago
I love the fact you put bloopers at the end like you show how real you are instead of pretending you don't make mistakes and non human lol
Tim Ypp
Tim Ypp 3 hours ago
Talking of light switches... I find it strange that in the land of many that it seems in america there's only one style of light switch. That one... Same with american mains sockets. Why only one style? Across the world the light switches are so different. Button switch, lever switch, etc.. same with mains with different styles.. I mean you have various different types of taps (water taps) etc Same for door knobs in america.. It's round - useless if you have dirty hands, hands full, person with disabilities etc but you have different type of doors but just round knobs.
tuomollo 3 hours ago
Never seen one of these in Europe. Looks like someone tried to recreate a moka pot and failed miserably.
Rusty Little
Rusty Little 3 hours ago
So Trump is a light brown?
P Andersen
P Andersen 3 hours ago
Oh wow! That brought back memories. Looks to be the same era as my father's teletype & hamradio collection. How does the electromechanical tape reader for the electromechanical teletype work? Those older teletype machines appear to have similar sized springs ... as would the classic mechanical typewriter.
jcardboard 4 hours ago
I've never seen either a swamp or a swamp cooler.
Turtle777je 4 hours ago
no you're "quick flash" Wierd
InflatablePlane 4 hours ago
We had swamp coolers when I lived in New Mexico. The relative humidity of the air was too low for air conditioning to work properly.
Shane the Freestyler
Shane the Freestyler 4 hours ago
By some amazing coincidence, I was served not one, but _two_ ads for that hardware store where you 🎵 save big money 🎵 while watching this video!
Andrew McJannett-Smith
Andrew McJannett-Smith 4 hours ago
What an excellent explanation of the US power circuits. Being British and now living in the US I found the whole home electrical circuit panel a mystery compared with the UK version which to me is simple. 3 Wires, Brown = Hot (240V), Blue = Neutral and Green/Yellow = Ground and the plug design is excellent. The reason for the switches on the UK system is mainly for older people, it used to be unsafe to leave electrical devices plugged in and it caused fires, so to avoid this switches were added which allowed older people especially with arthritis who find it hard to unplug a device (as the UK plugs stay in the sockets very firmly) to switch them off instead, there is no building code that requires them, but you find older people's homes that mainly have them. About safety the UK plugs are not only a better design as they will not fall out or be pulled out easily but they also have metal only on the end of the prongs that plug in with non conductive plastic near the plug so you cannot touch the Hot or neutral terminals. Now you have explained the differences it has made me way more understanding of the differences and therefore you may have saved a life ;o)
Olenkie Tebogo
Olenkie Tebogo 4 hours ago
I gave up on buying one because of those pipes to the windows.
Stephen Fasciani
Stephen Fasciani 4 hours ago
Alec:Water is, believe it or not, a substance. Me: *worried look* ...I have a substance addiction...
zetachaox 4 hours ago
How about Moka pots?
pradeep bayalkoti
pradeep bayalkoti 4 hours ago
Yeah I had same type of light when only lasted few month.
5Andysalive 4 hours ago
This is remarkably funny and wittyly edited fo no effort.
Alexander Kirk
Alexander Kirk 4 hours ago
It always irked me when I saw photos and film from the 1940s which look AWESOME res today. I'm like, WTF today, look at yesterday.
Official DRIVER Studios
Official DRIVER Studios 4 hours ago
What I wonder most is why gay people put way too much emphasis on “S’s”..
Hannah Miyamoto
Hannah Miyamoto 5 hours ago
I just set up my mom's stereo system, and even though it has a dual reverse cassette deck (broken) and five CD changer player (working), I found that it was built in 1994. Pretty late date. Anyway, I bet it has a backlit LCD like this one two. The real beauty of ELD to me is that green light. I have loved that eye-soothing ELD green since I got my first Casio 6 digit calculator, probably in 1975.
Ender Reaper
Ender Reaper 5 hours ago
No offense, but am i the only one who thinks this dude sounds kinda like mickey mouse? Like nothing against him, its just kinda weird
JAMESMANHUNT9 5 hours ago
raise your hand if you have a dvl700 raises hand mine still works and has never been sent for repairs
Jackson Parker
Jackson Parker 5 hours ago
Me re watching this... “holy cow that’s a clean panel, mine is a rats nest of wires!”
Trump's Neck Vagina
Trump's Neck Vagina 5 hours ago
Huh huh huh, he said "Yeah there are also some less appealing substances out there but on the whole" uh huh huh huh!
Maui Randall
Maui Randall 5 hours ago
An interesting fact about computer duster is that they're sold in packs because they lose their effectiveness after a few seconds because of the temperature drop reducing the rate of evaporation and you have to cycle them.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 5 hours ago
they are miniature swamp coolers - i been saying this forever
Hunter Hill
Hunter Hill 5 hours ago
“More power to them” lmao
Clinton Davis
Clinton Davis 5 hours ago
16:16 "we have WAY more opportunities to be shocked".... I am shook lol
JJS 6 hours ago
Ummm you don't quite get this, do you? Shoes how many people will follow blindly. Take a hairdryer at 2000w, and a Nobo panel heater at 2000w. Same wattage, but the Nobo will heat up the room much, much more efficiently and quickly (not talking about the amount of energy used). It comes down to the size. This is not science, this is voodoo science. Wow cannot believe nobody has pointed this out.
Magnus Arendt
Magnus Arendt 6 hours ago
hahahaha, "just ask your Anti-Clockwise" <=== Made me laugh, thanks!
Narcoleptic 6 hours ago
"there are still people who refuse to wear seatbelts" Well a deadman switch can only help that, now, can't it?
Rose Richardson
Rose Richardson 6 hours ago
Seems to me the biggest challenge to modernizing one of these is that a "Bagel Mode" would have to look for a different radiant temperature from the uncooked backside of the bagel. I'd also be concerned about the thermostat "looking" through the hole in the middle.
Flat Riverbend
Flat Riverbend 6 hours ago
I love your t-shirt in this video
AlexSDU 6 hours ago
1,1,1,2-Tetraflouroethane huh? Back in my days, we use CFC - Chlorofluorocarbon.
Emily Odhiambo
Emily Odhiambo 6 hours ago
I currently have a “swamp cooler” running next to me and I can tell you that it does not change the temperature in the air around me. It just blows slightly cooler air at my face to cool me down
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 5 hours ago
inconsequential,” says atmospheric physicist Fred Singer, an outspoken global warming skeptic and founder of the advocacy-oriented Science and Environmental Policy Proj
aXymmetrx 6 hours ago
Did I just saw this man clean a PC using vacuum cleaner?
Nicolas daniel laskosky mota
Nicolas daniel laskosky mota 6 hours ago
Honestly, Americans don't know how to make coffee
Canilash 7 hours ago
I rather like the irrigating sound of these sprinklers.
Chris Buckler
Chris Buckler 7 hours ago
Would you consider doing a video on portable electric coolers - like the Coleman kind you plug into a cigarette lighter?
Srcsqwrn 7 hours ago
Please make educational videos forever!
David Waring
David Waring 7 hours ago
You get what you pay for. Had a quality one and it turned a 110 degree room into a freezer! Portable Air Conditioners are awesome!
A Fraser
A Fraser 7 hours ago
That opening music, pipe dream. That old ass like ed space ship thingy that played music with lasers
Erd Tird Mans
Erd Tird Mans 7 hours ago
He keeps saying coaxial when he means composite. It hurts :(
Hirnfaser 7 hours ago
i have a samsung tv whose only audio output is toslink. I mean, why is that a thing? Why toslink but no 3.5mm jack?
Tom Keehn
Tom Keehn 7 hours ago
Fun fact, on irrigation sprinklers there's a second little hole on the backside to help with watering stuff close to the sprinkler.
monika laosi
monika laosi 3 hours ago
thank you for taking a look at these, ive always wondered how they moved around, and why the slamming arm was on them, wonderful video!
Zogger568 8 hours ago
I just want an ereader that i can comfortably read a pdf on
David Eissler
David Eissler 8 hours ago
Just saw this video and guess what; they use to make led lights where you can interchange the colors. We bought multiple sets of solid colors lights, unscrewed the tops and made our own unique strands.
Aaron Julien
Aaron Julien 8 hours ago
Id love to see a video on how glucometers work