Brad Paisley - Today
Brad Paisley - Water
Brad Paisley - The World
Brad Paisley - Alcohol
Brad Paisley - Me Neither
Brad Paisley - Celebrity
Reamy Achirobe
Reamy Achirobe 8 minutes ago
This song really get me all emotional 💔😢😢
Mayelin Espino
Mayelin Espino 2 hours ago
I love country music and I believe this is one of the most beautiful country songs. I wanted to find someone that could actually feel this way about me, until I discovered that I don't need anyone to tell me what I already know about me. When I look at myself in the mirror I feel proud about the kind of person I am. I sing this song to myself knowing that I don't need anyone, except me, to make me feel special. I know that I am enough and if someone does not see me that way, their win.
Cheryl Davenport
Cheryl Davenport 3 hours ago
Cry every time
Juan Vela
Juan Vela 3 hours ago
Brad Paisley, awesome since of humor. Perfect song for the times. Was that No. 18 Mr. Peyton Manning? Hey what about No. 10 Eli Manning he's a beer drinker. Oh well salud y'all 🍻
Kana D.
Kana D. 3 hours ago
thats the dude from the lost battalion
Tawsiful alam
Tawsiful alam 3 hours ago
All love betrayed me...
carly Carson
carly Carson 3 hours ago
i love this song
C Carson
C Carson 4 hours ago
She's Gorgeous
C Carson
C Carson 4 hours ago
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite duet of all time.
Kimberly Dane
Kimberly Dane 5 hours ago
This song reminds me of my ex cause we had a kinda of a date and we listened to this song together and sang it together then we broke up and ever since that day I cry myself to sleep and I started becoming depressed and stopped smiling until today I stared smiling and I got scared cause I didn't know I could smile so big then the happiness slowly left me then I started kinda crying and I couldn't help it he was everything to me I just wish I could go back in town and fix everything I dated him in 5th grade 6th grade and the beginning of 7th grade I'm going into 8th grade now and I will NEVER forget what happened 😭💔 I'm broken because of the break up but at school I smile and say I'm fine but at home I sit on my fucking bed and cry until I fall asleep and then my parents ask am I ok? and I say yes of course! Even when I'm not and I just Spended about 20 minutes typing this at almost 2 in the morning 😭😭💔💔
Natalie Worley
Natalie Worley 5 hours ago
My son look's just like this. Yes I cry everytime I watch this...lots of love..
John Schulte
John Schulte 5 hours ago
my ex girlfriend/fiance who died on Monday night and, I used to listen to this song... never knowing, it would be the story of our life. Although people said she really loved me, she got lonely, and strayed. I moved on way to quick, and got married within a month to a nice lady, but it isn't the same
NetworKing 6 hours ago
This type thing is why Brad is my favorite country artist.
William Ball - AHS 2024
William Ball - AHS 2024 7 hours ago
If war doesn't kill a man, love will, after years of being apart, she will quit on him.
Jessa Ethridge
Jessa Ethridge 7 hours ago
this song was on my paper jamz guitar
Kathy Moya
Kathy Moya 7 hours ago
James Joseph Plante...💔💔💔💔I Died the day U Left Us...A whiskey Lullabye💔💔15 years Later..
John Henke
John Henke 8 hours ago
I think this is the saddest song I ever heard.
spiritusmundi70 9 hours ago
This is me, not the visual just the song. I will never find another.
Teresa Polson
Teresa Polson 9 hours ago
Omg...that is sad!
Chelsea Baker
Chelsea Baker 10 hours ago
I haven't seen my dad for a long time I'm pretty sure he's still alive tho but I miss him so much
The American Sonic Archer
The American Sonic Archer 10 hours ago
Covid will end :) Just don't know when
ZombieKitty 11 hours ago
Ken Andersen
Ken Andersen 11 hours ago
I love seeing Kimberly with a Guinness
Frank_ae Tank_yyteawu
Frank_ae Tank_yyteawu 11 hours ago
The well being of your brothers is what makes you risk your life; but your missus is what pushes you to come home safe.
polux 11 hours ago
hope an acoustic version, this song is too beautiful
polux 11 hours ago
my fav song on the album
Yuma Scott
Yuma Scott 13 hours ago
This would have been amazing to be a part of!!
john donatelli
john donatelli 14 hours ago
the mom was the voice of miss' potato head in toy story
Kids Vogel
Kids Vogel 15 hours ago
ralf Rosales
ralf Rosales 18 hours ago
Why girls cheat ?
Michele Mangels
Michele Mangels 18 hours ago
Mike Perry
Mike Perry 18 hours ago
My heart broke 3 months ago ... I never knew but I understand why he had to go ... I loved him with everything now I sit back and cry some times . I blame myself not miss him but wish him the best .
Mike Perry
Mike Perry 19 hours ago
My heart broke 3 months ago ... I never knew but I understand why he had to go ... I loved him with everything now I sit back and cry some times . I blame myself not miss him but wish him the best .
jennifer hovermale
jennifer hovermale 19 hours ago
Keri McDaniel
Keri McDaniel 19 hours ago
What a beautiful song he has the voice of an amazing Angel
Jacob Sleasman
Jacob Sleasman 20 hours ago
This is my favorite sad song in the world, but I wish the end of the video didn't try to be "happy". It would've been better with a sad ending.
Christa Brown
Christa Brown 20 hours ago
#allthefeels ❤️
Moon Melody
Moon Melody 23 hours ago
This is so cute and heartwarming ♥️♥️♥️ WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER
A L Day ago
I keep listening to this song till day and bawl everytime I listen to this song
jay is trash
jay is trash Day ago
I’m dying laughing
Easton Wilson
Easton Wilson Day ago
Those people don't even realize the absolute guitar clinic he put on
Catlu1732 Day ago
Well, I liked this too, but I'm gonna have to watch a zillion times just to get a look at each person, cause it went too fast.
Alexis Saucedo
Alexis Saucedo Day ago
Why isn’t there a instrumental of this song?
Christina Vargas
Christina Vargas Day ago
This song makes me cry all the time
Fabio Gutierrez
Fabio Gutierrez Day ago
The song that i cry.
nmysights01 Day ago
She didn’t deserve to die. Death was too good for her. She deserved to live with that for at least another hundred years. Anyone with the audacity to cheat on their significant other, especially when they’re putting their life on the line to protect everything they hold dear, deserves nothing short of the cruelest punishment God can give, because the destruction of another’s capacity for love and happiness is the most heinous sin of all.
Willie Williams
Willie Williams Day ago
Six months into my 22 year marriage my wife said this I told her I was fishing before I met u I be fishing long after you gone
James Bell
James Bell Day ago
" he put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger"
Lisa xo
Lisa xo Day ago
Best song! Best video! :)
Abbie Watkinson
Abbie Watkinson Day ago
0:50 paddy from perth lol. tru fellow aussie lol
Abbie Watkinson
Abbie Watkinson Day ago
to all my fellow aussie mates when this is all over and we aint so busy on the stations imma buys yas all a beer
Nick Kilpatrick
Nick Kilpatrick Day ago
When my dad passed away they played this at his funeral. I honestly didn't show any emotion until they played this song. I balled my eyes out. They say things get better but now i miss him even more than ever. I was 14 when he passed and im 23 now.
guy Mannering
guy Mannering Day ago
Loved loved loved this. smiled the whole way through
MusicLover97ization Day ago
I LOVE this song and ive been in similar situations, it hurts, it really does, probably the worse pain ive ever felt. But everytime this song comes on I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't give a single fuck about the woman's point of view on what happened. She made her chose she gets to deal with the consequences...... just sucks those consequences included the death of a man who loved her
graeme farrell
graeme farrell Day ago
Reminds me of someone..not always great but there was some amazing times
Ryan Robichaud
Ryan Robichaud Day ago
Really!!!! 14 second add for this video! Paisley, you're a a douche!!!
Adoree Shank
Adoree Shank Day ago
If I could pick my perfect man. It would be Brad.
Lorenzo Soliz
Lorenzo Soliz Day ago
Her:what’s that tongue do? Me: @4:33