I Was Wrong
15 days ago
That's a Toilet
That's a Toilet 21 hour ago
Here before bengals guy
TDMK Hippo
TDMK Hippo 21 hour ago
Pat, that was a damn good response. Nice video!
P. Ness
P. Ness 21 hour ago
Oh boo hoo.... I'm sure it would get old after a while but dont forget kids go hungry and people starve to death while you have a full ass meal brought to your baby ass's
Chris Leopard
Chris Leopard 21 hour ago
Hello Pat 👋
PAPAPOWDER 44 21 hour ago
Congrats guys. Happy for all of you.
Devon Faulks
Devon Faulks 21 hour ago
Desean jackson took inspiration from him
Kranthz Esparza Jr
Kranthz Esparza Jr 21 hour ago
I’m actually starting my own podcast
Christopher studio
Christopher studio 21 hour ago
Nestor Heredia jr
Nestor Heredia jr 21 hour ago
I love seeing good people win! You guys have changed the sports talk game an I know this is just one of many big deals y’all will be getting much love to all of you for making my mornings so much better everyday(well mon-fri) FOR THE BRAND!!🤟🏾
d e
d e 21 hour ago
First 100 views squad
B-Rad 21 hour ago
I couldn’t be more happy for you boys. Not gonna lie seeing Nick’s reaction was the best part. Can’t wait to see the moment you crack millions AND MILLIONS of subscribers. Keep up the incredible work!
Jon Lamonte
Jon Lamonte 21 hour ago
Love to hear Wilbon’s take on the deal
Gabriel Vazquez
Gabriel Vazquez 21 hour ago
All that's left is hit that 1 Million Subscribers mark.
Bradley Maravalli
Bradley Maravalli 21 hour ago
Fun, real, raw, entertaining, caring, loving, funny, insightful... so many good words to say about the show.
McNasty_2k 21 hour ago
Pat..... You guys are the GOAT. Best sports podcast ever.
Bruce Beaune
Bruce Beaune 21 hour ago
Wow, really thought Pat was better than this. He was serious when the Brees discussion happened, then treats this as a joke? I see this fuelling the ALM movement if faces in the BLM movement don't condemn all hate.
Teraiwhara Ropata
Teraiwhara Ropata 21 hour ago
Congrats champ , extremely happy for you
Mike Evans is the best wide reciever in the league
Mike Evans is the best wide reciever in the league 21 hour ago
PANDA 21 hour ago
Coming from the god himsrlf
Carter Clarke
Carter Clarke 21 hour ago
Talking about Wake Forest? 1:50
Mike Berbick
Mike Berbick 21 hour ago
Damn that’s love. Gotta take care of the guys
Riley Mikesell
Riley Mikesell 21 hour ago
Way to go pat. Best show in sports media, bar none. Congrats to all you guys. Couple other fellas are right tho. Get rid of them fuckin sleeves.
jarsh 21 hour ago
Kyle Mulkey
Kyle Mulkey 21 hour ago
Couldn't be happier for pat and the boys. Yall earned it!
Husni Samara
Husni Samara 21 hour ago
5:00 pat lookin high af 😂
War Rior
War Rior 21 hour ago
3 mins is tldw. whats the announcement?
TheBroled 21 hour ago
We're about to see how strong the NFL is... the league could collapse faster than an exploded building lmao
John Surdyk
John Surdyk 21 hour ago
Could totally see Rodgers going to the chargers
Alejandro Frade
Alejandro Frade 21 hour ago
Do these people really think that players wont get infected?? Let's be honest here. Do we trust NFL players to be smart and safe???
Jon Harrell
Jon Harrell 21 hour ago
Stand up guy!!!
ANGRY- GUY 21 hour ago
Boycott the NBA.
ViperLee 44
ViperLee 44 21 hour ago
Holy crap he finally said Redskins. Dumb shut doesn't even know the name of the team. The team is has and always will be the Redskins and the true fans will say hail to the Redskins end of story
Kurt Quist
Kurt Quist 21 hour ago
Awesome video... Draft kings is better
Alex Janco
Alex Janco 21 hour ago
32:40 - Reminds me of the scene in There's Something About Mary..."No, no, no. Not six minutes. 7 minute abs!!!"
Slot Stoner
Slot Stoner 21 hour ago
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 21 hour ago
Clayton Vines
Clayton Vines 21 hour ago
SUPER STOKED for Pat n The Boys!!!!! Congrats and well deserved to all. Love the show, stream it everyday, feel weird on y'all's off days. Like Pat and the whole crew, and so happy for youz guyz!!! Keep putting out shows, I'll keep watching
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas 21 hour ago
So he didnt even address it really... I mean if a white dude said what desean did he would have been burned at the stake of the mob.... That is in line with the thinkings of louis faracon who is an actual anti semite who said if he is being compared to hitler then hitler must have been a pretty good guy
RideOrDieRaider 21 hour ago
Yeah, seasons really not gonna happen 😂😭
North Of Nashira
North Of Nashira 21 hour ago
College football may happen but it shouldn't. The first college to have a kid on the team die is going to be sued out of existence. It will also end the season.
Arnold Calvin
Arnold Calvin 21 hour ago
Ain't no way I'm working without pay.
Who care there millionaires. It's only 2 months lol
Matt 2112
Matt 2112 21 hour ago
I feel really bad for undrafted players
Brian Anker
Brian Anker 21 hour ago
Love seeing Matt Hasselbeck. Got to meet him back in 2004 as a kid!
Nap Eli
Nap Eli 21 hour ago
Brad Farren
Brad Farren 21 hour ago
Pat MaCafee that was amazing!!! What selfless individual! That was an awesome sign of gratitude !!! I have so much respect for you even more so now. The way you showed your appreciation to The Boys by sharing, spread and always including Them truly astonishing, incredible. You’re awesome!!!
c roach
c roach 21 hour ago
Enjoying life to the fullest. Thanks for the show.
N8 Dahman
N8 Dahman 21 hour ago
I’ve met Atleast 5 Mexicans named adolf and that haircut is the white boy basic haircut😂
TheRealDeal 21 hour ago
I don't always hate jews... but when I do, I always make sure I'm the victim. Stay racist you douche.
Xavier Lopez
Xavier Lopez 21 hour ago
You should see what they are feeding those quarantined in the military 😂 and they get paid 4x as much lol
Rohan 21 hour ago
IF you were in they're shoes... well Pat... id be doing the one thing I LOVE, with your family (The Team) ALL DAY EVERYDAY, while having food ready, and thats difficult? I just feel bad for the families at home, because who knows what the home life is like, especially if its just one person in the house that has kids to take care of.
Jardo 34
Jardo 34 21 hour ago
Dude that’s awesome. Congrats to you, your family and the boys. Stay hungry
AndyM 21 hour ago
Denver is Colorado dumbass
Natan Levi
Natan Levi 21 hour ago
Damn these guys are so underrated and deserve way more love. Y’all deserve it and grats on partnering with fan duel before the bengals got an indoor practice facility. 🙌🙌
JJKNOW 21 hour ago
Just imagine how many samurai swords Zito will buy with that money
Don’t play With me
Don’t play With me 21 hour ago
If a white player did that he would be kicked out of the league and called a Nazi/white supremacist. There’s a different standard for the blacks.
J Wikie
J Wikie 21 hour ago
Interviews from guys like Josh McCown and Aaron Rodgers are why this show is #1 and deserves the $$$$$$..... old ass nobody's like "Jet" whoever that blew off the show is why their shows are irrelevant and dying! Congrats on the well deserved partnership and many more to come. Keep bringing the actual ATHLETES and people you do for interviews and show commentary...you and the boys are what makes this show GREAT!!!!
Logan Oleary
Logan Oleary 21 hour ago
Why does the actually show never post. All I see are these little clips
Caleb Yutzy
Caleb Yutzy 21 hour ago
Super happy for you guys. You guys have a great show with a lot of knowledge and success couldn’t happen to a better group of guys, keep up the awesome work
John GartnerIV
John GartnerIV 21 hour ago
Way to get that paper boys!
Patrick Green
Patrick Green 21 hour ago
You deserve it, ALL of you🤜🏻🤛🏻🇺🇸🖕🏼👍🏻
Matt Lamparski
Matt Lamparski 21 hour ago
what happened to mcafee and hawk
Antonios Isaksen
Antonios Isaksen 21 hour ago
Where can I find the new banger from Uncle Sam?
sigi60six&6 Schmitt
sigi60six&6 Schmitt 21 hour ago
short youtube question: what's emmett mcmahon's thing with his left hand when he does his minutes? \m/
OFF DA TOP 21 hour ago
Hey Pat love the vid, but how come there were no black ppl bro we can use the money also my brother. Still this was a nice vid congrats!!!!! 🍾🎊🎈🎉
A R Y A N 21 hour ago
who else thought he got the mnf job
Nicholas White
Nicholas White 21 hour ago
Sam J
Sam J 21 hour ago
Don’t play With me
Don’t play With me 21 hour ago
American millionaires complaining about a meal most of the world would kill for.
S. D.
S. D. 21 hour ago
Gotta wonder if it all woulda been different if troy hadnt lined up in the c-gap
Xypherus 21 hour ago
Congrats Pat!
Jungle Jack
Jungle Jack 21 hour ago
There is no way that’ll work. There’s always going to be resistance when it comes to holding back money. Money drives the world
Jungle Jack
Jungle Jack 21 hour ago
ATLsF1N3ST91 fixed it
ATLsF1N3ST91 21 hour ago
The world**
Bradley Houston
Bradley Houston 21 hour ago
I don't even watch sports but I find you extremely entertaining lol Happy for you boys
imapieface 21 hour ago
Lets goooooo!
7,000 Subs Sin Subir Video?
7,000 Subs Sin Subir Video? 21 hour ago
7,000 Subs Sin Subir Video?
7,000 Subs Sin Subir Video? 21 hour ago
Lil Juicy
Lil Juicy 21 hour ago
How does drew brees get more backlash?
Dawn Rago
Dawn Rago 21 hour ago
Do they realize that their following, is dwindling, and just gonna get worse. Rodger Goodall apologized to capernick,and is now allowing and encouraging NFL players to kneel during the National Anthem. I am now completely NFL free. No tickets, no clothing, no shoes.. whatever! They have crossed a line, that can never be undone. So I wish them luck in trying to meet all their contracts. I'm just wondering what the future will hold..👍
Jeff B
Jeff B 21 hour ago
Fuckin Awesome!!!!
Brian Heggie
Brian Heggie 21 hour ago
Don't forget that when these poor people finish these meals they go do important work... They put a ball in a basket. That work deserves our admiration and sympathy.
Ian Broderick
Ian Broderick 21 hour ago
Pat, you are an idiot. But your our idiot. And we love you for that
That Guy
That Guy 21 hour ago
Pretty much "they get what they get", don't care and F them. Hopefully they all get sick along with their families
nick pillow
nick pillow 21 hour ago
Making your friends as well as yourself rich is the dream for me and it’s beautiful
RW3ints 21 hour ago
cant quote hitler but can quote lenin, stalin and mao with no problem.
SaulDad84 21 hour ago
So danced around the subject lol just said he thought DJac was hacked lol
Jeromie Banks
Jeromie Banks 21 hour ago
Kool guy u are everybody first let's get it together. Way to go Pat and the boys🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
ZoTiCEvolved 21 hour ago
You deserve this guys! Keep up the good work!
Jackson Volkir
Jackson Volkir 21 hour ago
DC Justice
Frozen Godzilla
Frozen Godzilla 21 hour ago
These athletes have been put on a pedestal by all of these sportscasters who at the same time ignore what many unemployed people are going thru. Let's just talk about their big contracts and what they get to eat like nothing else matters. These sportscasters are living in some kind of twilight zone. Earth to Pat, everything has changed and get ready to accept empty stadiums, no fans, and most just wondering how they will survive.
C-Snake4 Gaming
C-Snake4 Gaming 21 hour ago
Should we be worried that Boston Connor just got a bag with 50k? Wtf is he gonna do with it? Lol
Jack Hoff
Jack Hoff 21 hour ago
I’m just worried this puts too much pressure on him. He’s getting paid 4x what Brady did so the expectations are pretty high
Spencer Herren
Spencer Herren 21 hour ago
He should be fired
Akash Chohan
Akash Chohan 21 hour ago
“mAKe hiM pUt hiS hELmeT bAcK oN”
Tony Hemetona
Tony Hemetona 21 hour ago
I feel like Pat was looking like Lukaku on the pitch
Patrick Irwin
Patrick Irwin 21 hour ago
Benjamin Sale
Benjamin Sale 21 hour ago
Hell yeah, so awesome when good people get what's deserved! Keep it up boys, best sports show hands down.
Ryan 21 hour ago
Apparently AJ HAWK is hilarious. I had no idea he tackles people at golf courses lol 😂 He's a Rust Belt kind of guy!
Mark Arren
Mark Arren 21 hour ago
Time will tell if it's a good deal for the Chiefs. Let's hope they don't forget that Mahomes needs a defense and an offensive line to be successful.
Edward Davey
Edward Davey 21 hour ago
Do u reckon pat thought it wasn’t real?
Simon Stannard
Simon Stannard 21 hour ago
this is amazing!
DARIEN Ford 21 hour ago
What a bunch of Madonna's
Daniel Kintigh
Daniel Kintigh 21 hour ago
Dear NFL and NBA, and especially Lebron: Silence is violence... speak out on this DJ and SJ thing