ATTACKED at Bondi Beach
Sorina Goste
Sorina Goste 2 hours ago
me:where da heck is mah kidddddddd RESCUE:how does ur child looks like? me:idk..?
mayena 3 hours ago
This must had been in 2006 just before Steve Irwin death.
Cassidy Topliss
Cassidy Topliss 3 hours ago
Me from South Africa there being rain on the beach and no one actually cares everyone is like I’m getting wet anyway
Jasmine Christie
Jasmine Christie 3 hours ago
If they dont want to get hurt why do it man
Kyra-Lee Christians
Kyra-Lee Christians 3 hours ago
Who else watched one video and is now add
James Woolley
James Woolley 3 hours ago
You need to get professional translators that speak many, many languages
Kyra-Lee Christians
Kyra-Lee Christians 3 hours ago
Who else got addicted after watching one video 😂😂
Jasmine Christie
Jasmine Christie 3 hours ago
I'm addicted to this channel it's the best❤❤❤😀😀😀
Jasmine Christie
Jasmine Christie 3 hours ago
They wouldnt be fucking laughing if they were actually drowning tho! fucking dicks😡😡 WELL DONE CAMERA MAN👏👏👏👌😀
Lectya 3 hours ago
whats up with asians going to beaches in usa smh
Jasmine Christie
Jasmine Christie 4 hours ago
I love a good game of tug of war with my mates dog
Evie Moffat
Evie Moffat 4 hours ago
Bob the builder can we find it Bob the builder no we cant
Bcae 4 hours ago
The lifeguards gotten to act fast when the victim has been underwater or either stopped breathing or hurt, something that day. Please give the lifeguard ✊🏻
iiSkixes -Roblox
iiSkixes -Roblox 4 hours ago
DAMM I FREAKED HOW BAD THAT SHARK GOT HIM STRAIGHT. He lifted his skin😖😔🥺I felt how deep that was geeszouz
Jasmine Christie
Jasmine Christie 4 hours ago
Mate I was watching this is school before lockdown and I was laughing my head off and the teacher came over saying hand it over then i showed her what i was watching and she was laughing her head off to and then she took my phone off me lmao
Jasmine Christie
Jasmine Christie 4 hours ago
He was a fast lil fucker him like! God knows how they caught him😂👌 and dang poor camera guy hes carrying all that camera stuff👏
Lilly 4 hours ago
Great work done 👍
Thomas H67
Thomas H67 4 hours ago
What a baby
charlie smith
charlie smith 4 hours ago
97 Meeses
97 Meeses 4 hours ago
Does anyone know what this song is called?
Ultra 4 hours ago
Lifeguard:Korean? Boy: Wrong? Lifeguard:China? Boy: Try Again! Lifeguard: Aha! Asian? Boy: Correct!!!!
Boy VS Girl
Boy VS Girl 4 hours ago
jamesaa aa
jamesaa aa 4 hours ago
OoFerS GooFerS
OoFerS GooFerS 4 hours ago
bondi rescue is the best people who find lost ppl
HI808AF STATE 4 hours ago
Wow. In Hawaii lifeguards rarely never get called for traffic. There is a bunch of beaches we can’t see the road but still. I’m sure they do I just don’t see it and never heard stories
P6-5 LIM ZHI YU ARIES 4 hours ago
it is so cool
sec 3 group 1 nichole
sec 3 group 1 nichole 4 hours ago
Mate piss off
Lorkie 4 hours ago
I just found out this was YEARS AGO lol
I HATE SNAKEU 5 hours ago
me being shocked that men's takes of the ladys brah, but than i actually think about how special and profecional and kind they were, and how important it was to take of her brah.
Aysha Apostel
Aysha Apostel 5 hours ago
cringing from 0:00 until then end of the video, but in the most supportive way. That was super cute <3
CATALINA AVILA 5 hours ago
All I keep thinking in the first one is how the hell did all those people end up that far?
{Giveaways Adopt me!}
{Giveaways Adopt me!} 5 hours ago
This remind me of a very bad thing that happened to me so now storytime: I was about 6-7 years old and me and my family went swimming and at the beach there were some of my friends and they were playing a game and then we went swimming and dumb me decided to swim where the big kids were and the thing was that I didn't know that if it was deep and then some of the kids went further because they were doing some challenge I think. And I let go and I got in the water and I couldn't go up because I was freaking out and like instantly felt like I forgot how and the next thing u know I woke up in the hospital. And the thing was that if one of those kids haven't called my parents I'd maybe be dead rn
girl1213 5 hours ago
Can't blame kids for their screaming: for them it's one part pain, two parts fear.
Crystalmoon 5 hours ago
He's 18 now
Irene Wilcox
Irene Wilcox 5 hours ago
i love bondi beach its so good
BunnyLover Cutie
BunnyLover Cutie 5 hours ago
is it me or am i just thinking of the 'renegade' dance?
BunnyLover Cutie
BunnyLover Cutie 5 hours ago
as soon as i heard that the grandma was deaf i was feeling a really sad feeling i mean how hard would it be just using hand gestures in a beach crowed?
rabs26 5 hours ago
How many children are they
Hannah Osmundsen-Little
Hannah Osmundsen-Little 5 hours ago
Lie Sian
Lie Sian 5 hours ago
I live in jakarta😀😀😀
Angel Jumienardo
Angel Jumienardo 5 hours ago
what a beautiful man. I felt bad for him, i wonder where and how is he right now 😭😭
Aysha Apostel
Aysha Apostel 5 hours ago
this is the best first 2 seconds to a youtube video ever lmao
Wendy lovely
Wendy lovely 5 hours ago
Did anyone realize how Harrison was riding the buggy
Frosty_Madseason 5 hours ago
Hey the kids channel for yt is rioghnach bryne
Aussie kid
Aussie kid 5 hours ago
Can they even keep him there
Fixed my name because it was embarrassing:3
Fixed my name because it was embarrassing:3 5 hours ago
I’ve watched so much bondi rescue- Human: Where you from? Me: Austali- I MEAN. American!
Aquila Bangura
Aquila Bangura 5 hours ago
Sunsxt Gxgi
Sunsxt Gxgi 5 hours ago
I feel bad for laughing while watching.
Ryan Colson
Ryan Colson 5 hours ago
USshow was meant to recommend me this in 2029
deobeautiful seonu
deobeautiful seonu 5 hours ago
why isn't bondi rescue in malaysia though 😭 netflix malaysia step up your game!
somniumcaptionem 5 hours ago
sammah iz ovah
Lie Sian
Lie Sian 6 hours ago
Malaysia!!! i ever went to malaysia it is pretty close to my country i live i indonesia😀😀😀
jUsT tAke iT ofF NoW gIrL
jUsT tAke iT ofF NoW gIrL 6 hours ago
Me: *gets stung by a jellyfish* Also me: *Car alarm intensifies*
Grace Campbell
Grace Campbell 6 hours ago
Wait I’m confused so there’s gonna be no more season 15?
iiVxbes 6 hours ago
Like mate what u doing that chinese guy he dont listen like what is wrong with the father
RESPECT THE VETS 6 hours ago
Oh hell lmao, trying to get on a body board is difficult. So thats why i have strong legs. So i can hang onto it and kick, its saved me a couple on times aha
Charley Klein
Charley Klein 6 hours ago
Roblox gaming Sisterz
Roblox gaming Sisterz 6 hours ago
Guys stop hating on how they dealed with the bees its hard with hiw many people,they have the weather and still haveing to do rescues(ik people are gonna Correct my grammar)
Idiot Does Stuff Randomly
Idiot Does Stuff Randomly 6 hours ago
11:14 Very awkward shot there 😳
Jay YT
Jay YT 6 hours ago
That girl that wanted to stay there and rest is me when I go to the school nurse
Emma Burley
Emma Burley 6 hours ago
Glad you guys did it!!! Well done 😀
• 乙烯丿乛丿丨•
• 乙烯丿乛丿丨• 6 hours ago
Disgusting. *Disgusting.*
Simmonds 2428
Simmonds 2428 6 hours ago
I saw on 9/7 news that some footy guys where gonna come to the beach?🤔
Mafalda Lopes
Mafalda Lopes 6 hours ago
Don't they have flags? I mean in my country green flag you can go to the water, yellow you need to be careful and the life guards get angry if you like pass your waist and red you just can't go. This prevents stuf like this from happening...
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor 6 hours ago
Ahhh, the legendary green flute
Hannah Taylor
Hannah Taylor 4 hours ago
@ツ Oscar honestly same, but id rather not have to be rescued 😂
ツ Oscar
ツ Oscar 5 hours ago
I really want to try it
Panda Its Me !
Panda Its Me ! 6 hours ago
It’s 2020 9th July, 9:50pm in australia. What am I doing here...
iiflowerpeach 6 hours ago
what are we both doing here? lmao
Arielle willis
Arielle willis 6 hours ago
Mom* goes home* beats* never do that again we are never going to the beach ever again!!!
Lucinda Schenck
Lucinda Schenck 6 hours ago
My bday is may 7th
RESPECT THE VETS 6 hours ago
My mother lost slight of me at a packed beach once, there was a whole search for me and everything meanwhile I was literally behind them like 7 feet away following them eating ice cream and looking for someone who had the same name as me. This happened 3 years ago when I was 13, I was clueless as hell but still am!
ElleGacha 6 hours ago
I almost passed out when they lifted his skin up.
RXZOR 8 6 hours ago
10:49 bruh this kid is going super saiyan
Deirdre Turner
Deirdre Turner 6 hours ago
You are amazing 😉
K Busy
K Busy 6 hours ago
“The younger people know it’s not going to hurt them” sorry but that man so stupid it can hurt anyone it’s man made u fool😂
Amanda Wray
Amanda Wray 6 hours ago
I will cry
A Lizz
A Lizz 6 hours ago
Wait what I thought this show was over like 5 years ago
galaxy boy
galaxy boy 7 hours ago
Cris brown is a vet?
shane marz
shane marz 7 hours ago
It's not that bad getting stung by one those jelly fish. I eat em for breakfast with a few spoons of cement rocks..
Straight up cringe
Straight up cringe 7 hours ago
Dude superman came to the rescue
Socialsquid1 7 hours ago
This show really makes me want to be a coast guard
THE COMIX daddlis
THE COMIX daddlis 7 hours ago
i once almost drowned and it sickens me to see that bc of people fake-drowning like this i could have died
Richard Moreno
Richard Moreno 7 hours ago
Why tf can’t people out here in the US just listen!😭
A A 7 hours ago
I thought this show was shot years ago
Nulis Nulisan
Nulis Nulisan 7 hours ago
Jhonny sins is always amazed me for how multi talented he is.. 🤣🤣🤣
Pro_Gamer123 7 hours ago
*7:44** the face u make when u realise the snake might be next to u because u got warned by a 3 year old*
QUEEN OF UTUBE💯% 7 hours ago
Umm... WHY was that man laughing at 6:58??
Evie Scott
Evie Scott 7 hours ago
Bruh just let us watch it seriously 19 days time I’ll forget all abt it
scopxs 7 hours ago
I feel the little kids pain. When I was 11 I was in Hawaii and got stung by a portuguese man o' war, and it is the most painful feeling :(
amanda 7 hours ago
Singapore Pride!!
Esmeetje Efteling
Esmeetje Efteling 7 hours ago
In the Netherlands we call Them aalscholvers
Katyiee Anne
Katyiee Anne 7 hours ago
Firstly don’t put all young people In the same catergory I have been in since march in the uk when we were getting a lot of cases secondly what will it take for people to realise that this is a deadly condition that is killing people. Get a grip have a drink at home
Pavel Ryška
Pavel Ryška 7 hours ago
cute girl
Hollie100 Smyth
Hollie100 Smyth 7 hours ago
Such a savage
GANAT REFAEI 7 hours ago
did anyone realize in the 3rd one.. the guy that said “ her name is jennifer “ you would see the guy laughing in the next seat hdudjuduur😂😂
CAFÉ MEH 7 hours ago
I’m playing eye spy with my self over here by my self BECAUSE NOBODY IS ANSWERING
Rose Thompson
Rose Thompson 7 hours ago
10:33 left side I know my guy ain’t trying to take a picture on the life of me 🤦🏻‍♀️
Molly Pickering
Molly Pickering 7 hours ago
Early ❤️
Denisa T.
Denisa T. 7 hours ago
I don't understand why would anyone go to a beach that packed, coronavirus or not.
CAFÉ MEH 7 hours ago
Wait there’s not going to be anymore episodes?! 😣😔
Lewie Garrod shock
Lewie Garrod shock 7 hours ago
6:10 me when my plates hot out the microwave
Ella Maier
Ella Maier 8 hours ago
Somebody tell me what that green thing they're putting in their mouth is