Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer 3 hours ago
It’s a centipede, not a whale 🐳 lol
Avilasha Ghosh
Avilasha Ghosh 3 hours ago
No shade but why is granny's face ten times lighter than her body tone In 2:59 like WTH??!
Julia 3 hours ago
-_-nothing here to look at
-_-nothing here to look at 3 hours ago
It's been 4 years, 👁️👄👁️this video is where I. First found the merrell twins
김혜진 3 hours ago
I think that vanessa is going to win💜
Julia 3 hours ago
Tara Plummer
Tara Plummer 3 hours ago
I'm a triplet with 2 sisters . I'm tara.. My sisters are sara and kara
octovina911 3 hours ago
I hope you didn’t get some in your eye @2:42 🥺🤢
Karina Yeremenko
Karina Yeremenko 3 hours ago
Shahar Reem
Shahar Reem 3 hours ago
I like you videos in your channel
Vidushi Baya
Vidushi Baya 3 hours ago
🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕for tiger
Ariana chowdhury
Ariana chowdhury 3 hours ago
Is there episode 5???.
Shahar Reem
Shahar Reem 3 hours ago
Hi merrelltwins
17 _ Lona Kamel
17 _ Lona Kamel 3 hours ago
I think roni
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 3 hours ago
Nessa bedrom way bigger no fair spollied
Kzy De Guzman
Kzy De Guzman 3 hours ago
Aysha Aza Munaser
Aysha Aza Munaser 4 hours ago
5:00 marrinette 🤣🤣🤣Lol
Atia Ali
Atia Ali 4 hours ago
Like - nessas room Comment - ronis room
Keerthi Sujin
Keerthi Sujin 4 hours ago
Unicorn_ Playz
Unicorn_ Playz 4 hours ago
Wort video Among us ever not TV show
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 4 hours ago
I thought frany would be better
Lovely LoLo
Lovely LoLo 4 hours ago
I can tell u guys apart by ur dimples and nessa has a bit rounder cheeks
alliyah nadine ramirez
alliyah nadine ramirez 4 hours ago
(5 yrs ago) it was nessa now ronnie but ronnie is more scary than nessa
Leah Mae Regalado
Leah Mae Regalado 4 hours ago
wow im so excited and roni was so beuty
Neha Singh
Neha Singh 4 hours ago
I wish I have a twin😂
Raghad Alblooshi
Raghad Alblooshi 4 hours ago
Not a big fan
Valeria Briseno
Valeria Briseno 4 hours ago
Did somone said sh! Word orchip
Sogdiana Rakhimova
Sogdiana Rakhimova 4 hours ago
Can u shoot this kinda moody movies or series
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson 4 hours ago
only true fans can tell nessa and roni apart
Xhaynnah Montalban
Xhaynnah Montalban 4 hours ago
Who think that while shooting this they keep laughing 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Hailey Christmas
Hailey Christmas 4 hours ago
Is it just me or did Nessa look like a young Demi Lovato in some moments?
Charlotte ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Charlotte ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 4 hours ago
2:52 then skip 15 seconds
Kailash Rao
Kailash Rao 4 hours ago
Play it at 2x speed 🤣🤣
The creative sisters
The creative sisters 4 hours ago
i think nessa and roni are both beautiful
Paulina Martinez
Paulina Martinez 4 hours ago
I look so bad in green but they can both ROCK it
Sara Demucha
Sara Demucha 5 hours ago
love this video prom knight is my favorite video those videos made me want to become a actor and it would be a dream to one day meet you guys i hope I become a actor so one day I could act with you guys p.s. you guys are my favorite youtubers also i have been watching you guys for 3 years and you guys are amazing byee :)
Lamar Almulla
Lamar Almulla 5 hours ago
This is my fav song cause i love u guys
Jagadeesh Bandika
Jagadeesh Bandika 5 hours ago
i liked the song do more songs
AcinTreasa 5 hours ago
Hey twins.Can u please make one more video where u google yourself?The other one was sooo much fun to watch. Like this comment if u support this idea.
Deborah Mcliesh
Deborah Mcliesh 5 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 there good
Antonio medina
Antonio medina 5 hours ago
I think Vanessa is going to win
joy Mercado
joy Mercado 5 hours ago
Go go go go go go go yes yes yes yes yes yes😀😀😀
joy Mercado
joy Mercado 5 hours ago
Go go go go go go go go go go go
sianne 5 hours ago
100% they kiss
Ridhu Silasni
Ridhu Silasni 5 hours ago
What is tiger’s breed?
QT- DLDUB 5 hours ago
So did the game come out
NOCAPMIRACL 1.46k 5 hours ago
The song Ight
Zero 5 hours ago
Paul: I felt a lot of guilt after I did it..... Also Paul: AND ILL DO IT AGAIN BOP BOP BOP!
Keisha Zackary
Keisha Zackary 5 hours ago
Love this
Carolyn Sierra
Carolyn Sierra 5 hours ago
I love how nessa has a whole house, and roni is so humble and let's nessa have the room. I was like oop ok, but I would honestly have Veronica's room, it's more comfy to me.
Shitseino And bitseino
Shitseino And bitseino 5 hours ago
Can you do a part 3
sharlett alexa
sharlett alexa 5 hours ago
I love how nessa & roni do the baby voice Its just sooooooo cute ♥
Zarahlya Delgado
Zarahlya Delgado 5 hours ago
Victoria Marzuca
Victoria Marzuca 5 hours ago
Thick Chick
Thick Chick 5 hours ago
The video was entertaining
5 hours ago
You belong to the streets
Cadence Holt
Cadence Holt 6 hours ago
4:54 her face literally says mission accomplished!
Lydia Chaffee
Lydia Chaffee 6 hours ago
I think nessas going win
lamisah shaira
lamisah shaira 6 hours ago
I like Nessa's theme and Roni's set up.
Kelsi Durci
Kelsi Durci 6 hours ago
My brother has a crush on mrs mustered
Sogdiana Rakhimova
Sogdiana Rakhimova 6 hours ago
I really want next seriesss
cuthbert gultia
cuthbert gultia 6 hours ago
nessa goin to win
cute little demon
cute little demon 6 hours ago
Dacey Randolph
Dacey Randolph 6 hours ago
This is way better than the WAP song no offense Cardi and Megan
Manaswi Shrestha
Manaswi Shrestha 6 hours ago
Guess what the Queenss are backkk
Crystal Ramos
Crystal Ramos 6 hours ago
Hi 👋
sAChiMo 6 hours ago
lol MT News has so many bloopers
Sahaja Kakumanu
Sahaja Kakumanu 6 hours ago
Roni and nessa are the most grateful and kind humans on this earth we need more people like them.😁😁
Frenzo 7 hours ago
I hate guacamole and this song is fire
Monse Serrano
Monse Serrano 7 hours ago
I do think roni is funny I always laugh at her jokes!
Karo Bless Asongamine Kundju
Karo Bless Asongamine Kundju 7 hours ago
Angel W
Angel W 7 hours ago
There makeup lol. Not hating love you
SHREYA SHARMA 7 hours ago
I am late...😐. Love ur videos....pls like my comment . Pls pls pls
Patricia Jenkins
Patricia Jenkins 7 hours ago
Sabrina PlayZ
Sabrina PlayZ 7 hours ago
I still have an iPhone 6 or 7 lol I’m broke
ISABEL BUSSE 7 hours ago
Nessa gave Roni the BEST makeover!! Now roni...I'm not sure...
Jazz T
Jazz T 7 hours ago
I have a friend that is like half of those friends u mentioned lol
Gianna Ross
Gianna Ross 7 hours ago
The queens dropped the mic 👑👑 Your not heathers heathers Wanna be you 🥴🥺🥰
Audrey T.
Audrey T. 7 hours ago
I love how they're acting like they're characters are other people when its just the whos playing the characters since ep. 1
Audrey Lynn
Audrey Lynn 7 hours ago
My favorite characters are James L and Helen,carol
Muffin 7 hours ago
This is for decoration, to show people that I have money. And you don’t