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CG STAR Hour ago
Susan Hyams
Susan Hyams Hour ago
I love Paris Hilton ♥ The original of everything she's cool i would love to just have a ☕ with her
Gina Sweeney
Gina Sweeney Hour ago
New found love & respect for Paris💛 Hoping she continues to find strength and happiness.
mikkihendri x
mikkihendri x Hour ago
One of the most haunting and real documentaries about so many important issues that are very relevant not just today but generationally - narcissistic and abusive relationships, they effect of childhood trauma. This needs to be nominated for all the awards it deserves. All thanks to Paris for standing in her truth 👏👏👏 live free Paris you are a role model. ❤️🙏
Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo Hour ago
I've Always asked myself the reason about the hate on Paris. I was under the impression that people were jealous because she was born rich and she was just living her life. I'm sure that almost of the haters would do worse than her if they could live her life.
jay Hour ago
When i seen Paris with her sister and kids that look in her eye of wanting her own family with children and truely to be filled with love
Roksana Zawiasa
Roksana Zawiasa Hour ago
I always liked her, but I have gained so much respect for her, not as a woman, but as a human being. She's perfect in a very unperfect way. Same as everybody else.
Anamolly338 Hour ago
I feel for Paris. Her family owes her a apology, I feel like her mom is making it about her. I couldn't live with myself if I sent my child to a place like where she was.
Sonny S
Sonny S Hour ago
Hey Paris, why are you hanging out with such garbage people? I know you’re better than this mess of a “influencer“ Tana.
BANG MW Wan Hour ago
Salam kenal ba Helton dari indo🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🙂
ziba Hour ago
but how were those schools just plain prison and looking at walls and get accepted by the country if they are abusive and teach nothing? I don't get it
James Rockwood
James Rockwood Hour ago
Shitload of table salt. Then proceeds with 7 turns of Himalayan salt 😂😂😂
HIlda Cabrera
HIlda Cabrera Hour ago
I love how real this is
udang shri
udang shri Hour ago
This is Paris who doesn't know what Walmart is ???
lays cibelle
lays cibelle Hour ago
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Jessica Lafrain
Jessica Lafrain Hour ago
Ok I get it her life isn't perfect but.. she has enough money to retire and live lavishly. So she obviously must like the no sleep, traveling the world and seeing nothing but hotel rooms life.
Irwan Sanusi
Irwan Sanusi Hour ago
Sending a lot love from indonesiaaaa paris. . . .
Paramore Parks
Paramore Parks Hour ago
I see you Paris💚
Mari Mendoza
Mari Mendoza Hour ago
I’m so happy she dosnt have the time to tolerate an abusive relationship anymore you are a warrior godess keep shinning your light on this world it truly needs it. You can overcome your obstacles just keep going keep shinning you got this ! Sending you my love
subLime Hour ago
Summer L
Summer L Hour ago
To the people spoiling everything in the comments 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Kirstie Alex Jiles
Kirstie Alex Jiles Hour ago
I didn’t watch this yet bc I didn’t realize it was free
iiceeglam Hour ago
Her mom isn’t okay LMFAOO
hana Hour ago
Idk why people are comparing Paris and Kim.. They are friends
Jemima Tan
Jemima Tan Hour ago
I hope she sleeps better every single night now :)
wonderingheights Hour ago
I totally hope Jessica and Paris get together and heal together <3
Hobson Beeman
Hobson Beeman Hour ago
Why is any public attention devoted to her??
Michele Bergman
Michele Bergman Hour ago
What did Paris do to get in so much trouble that her parents had her taken away in middle of night like that and put in a Prison style Boarding school? That’s the “ Juicy” Stuff that we want to know??? She never said what she did besides ...not be focused in school???
Baby Ma Reality
Baby Ma Reality Hour ago
I love her even more 💞
Rajan bhai
Rajan bhai Hour ago
Wow. usshow.info/watch/_n3wTFKhI98/video.html
E M Hour ago
This broke my heart ... what I can do for you Paris is to pray for you. WOW... tears fall from my eyes. You are strong but you can't find peace until you find all the pieces then you will see the full true picture of your life. Best wishes Paris... a prayer warrior for you from this day forth. No two people are alike But the pain is ALL the same! How do you wish upon a star when you are that star! Letting go is so much more then handing hands Its letting go and making a stand! When all is said and done at the end of the day Your true happiness deep with in you soul will be reveal in a magical way - some day!
Jab Ipanag
Jab Ipanag Hour ago
Kyle.... ehk
Sonchee Sarkis
Sonchee Sarkis Hour ago
This was so intense! However never judge a book by its cover! I hope she has made peace with her past so that she can move on. ❤️🙂🙏
Tarren Paige Maguire
Tarren Paige Maguire Hour ago
Paris, thank you so much for opening up to us. I know this was scary but you've done such an amazing thing to raise awareness to the torture and abuse from those abominable schools! You're amazing! I hope you get nothing but praise and love because that's what you deserve xxxxxx
Equipos Online
Equipos Online Hour ago
Eso es lo que pasa cuando sos una mina independiente, cuando solo te necesitas a vos misma, los machitos psicopatas no lo pueden soportar.
nctiddy Hour ago
if anyone needs to apologize it’s her parents wtffffff
Millie Hour ago
see how the mom never said sorry
Anissa Gooden
Anissa Gooden Hour ago
I don’t think this woman knows how funny she is 😂
Abner Juweng Napolean
Abner Juweng Napolean Hour ago
the looks on her face when he said "hair and glam 8 am" i just cant
Cleo Hour ago
Sometimes she feels she helped to create a Monster? Sometimes? You certainly did!
El Muchacho
El Muchacho Hour ago
1 hour and 45 minutes of flexing. not bad
Viwern Wong
Viwern Wong Hour ago
Watching this makes me wanna buy all of Paris’ stuff
O Hour ago
Paris is the woman that a ditsy “airhead” persona, when in reality she’s very smart it’s sad how people overlook her knowledge
Nicole Gaines
Nicole Gaines Hour ago
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa Hour ago
Bitte abonnieren Sie bitte in mein Kanal USshow
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa Hour ago
Active Realty Inc
Active Realty Inc Hour ago
Girl where are your gloves
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera Hour ago
At the point where her mother started to cry she should have apologized for placing her in such a place.
Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin Hour ago
J Atwal
J Atwal Hour ago
Blame the ADHD medication, it ruins lives sadly
rosemary keay
rosemary keay Hour ago
This is not a story I expect we to hear. I can understand why she's rebelled the way she has.
Jim Chang
Jim Chang Hour ago
She is so Emotionally intelligent. Switched on. Her mind is so blissful and organized amongst all of this. Take it easy Paris you got this
DelusionDispeller Hour ago
Paris needs a serious chill pill. All that pressure is going to cause her major health problems.
matte beri
matte beri Hour ago
Bel video
Cheyenne Life
Cheyenne Life Hour ago
The guy talking about the million dollar photo's doesn't give a crap about her. The way he told her in bed now, up at 8 am, it was like he was just talking to an object.
R Jay
R Jay Hour ago
I always loved Paris Hilton and never judged her, i always knew there was some kind of trauma in her past, and i love her even more for opening up, it definetly opens doors for people who never spoke up of their trauma to.
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon Hour ago
Is her hair real?
Rachel S
Rachel S Hour ago
You can really see her straining to say that with a straight face 🤣
Youcef TALBI
Youcef TALBI Hour ago
May you find your peace of mind 💙
Potato Panda
Potato Panda Hour ago
instead of talking with their daughter they kept sending her away to horrible places. What kind of parenting is that? what about talking? like normal people do. I hope they know better today.
Kerstin Sobert
Kerstin Sobert Hour ago
Brecht das Schweigen ❤
Nikki .Z
Nikki .Z Hour ago
She is Awesome!after going through so much
El Muchacho
El Muchacho Hour ago
her sister married a Rothschild. what??
Peter Lane
Peter Lane Hour ago
I had goosebumps when she said she hates going to sleep! Ive lived with it all my life! I took drugs to cope !! Trauma is horrendous
Franck Magnaudet
Franck Magnaudet Hour ago
Paris est juste Sublime 😓
Toscano Brasil
Toscano Brasil Hour ago
Go to Braga - Portugal to the ADAMASTTOR SAÚDE & SABOR, try prove Açaí. The life is better alter Açaí. Best regards
diet coke
diet coke Hour ago
on her last words - every brand can be rebrended and this story can be a huge start
Amber Owens
Amber Owens Hour ago
It felt like even while trying to be herself and tell her story Paris was still so closed off. Like she has no idea who she's actually supposed to be at any given moment and if she presents the wrong "Paris" the backlash will be immense. 💔🙁
Kim R
Kim R Hour ago
Watching this has made me realize how Kim Kardashian has used the exact Paris brand to become who she is. Crazy. She was such a Paris bot.
lpurvis Hour ago
This documentary was excellent and I commend Paris' bravery and hope she finds the peace and happiness she deserves.
Yzh Luna
Yzh Luna Hour ago
Paris and Miley are my two fave people in the world. They are always being judged for being “wild.” And yet they treat other people wonderfully and respectfully despite being disrespected and mocked by people. They do their own thing and claims control of their lives.
Laurie Navon
Laurie Navon Hour ago
I am a mom who sent my daughter to one of these facilities. The guilt I have is overwhelming ! I thought I was sending her to a facility to deal with defiance and a eating disorder . I researched with top dr’s to find a place to help her & to survive as she weighed 90lbs at 15 yrs old , would not eat , listen or go to therapy . She grew up privileged, private school , home in Vail, summer camp etc: I also went through a horrible divorce that played a part of it. Today she is married, the most amazing woman you will ever meet. She also still cannot sleep at night afraid they will come take her in the middle of the night, anxiety and PTSD. I live will the guilt of not knowing and the lies I was told about the facility. I got her out after 6 weeks as I saw RED FLAGS and I could not handle the pain I saw in her face when I was allowed to see her. If I could take her pain away and every other child I would. My heart aches for her, you and all the others that have been abused emotionally and physically . Stay strong and know you are not alone . Thank you for telling your story s as and raising awareness. My daughter is very vocal and part of a support group and has stayed close to several girls she was there with.. Thank you from a mom who has guilt , sadness daily . I wish I could turn the clock back , but I can stand with her and you raise awareness and make sure these facilities are exposed and shutdown . Love from a Survivors mom
Fozia Mahmood Ali
Fozia Mahmood Ali Hour ago
No one deserves this. Her parents failed her.
Tina D' Tuna
Tina D' Tuna Hour ago
Damn she's so strong!!! She came out successful and stronger in lifr after all that..
Catherine Kachvartanian
Catherine Kachvartanian Hour ago
why do parents never apologize for anything they do
Leonan Davi
Leonan Davi Hour ago
1:41:38 her smile is just everything
francesco Guarneri
francesco Guarneri Hour ago
Raising money for animals but eating meat from intensive farm... What's the sense Paris???
choo snau
choo snau Hour ago
Her sister kind of sucks towards her...
Samantha Sartin
Samantha Sartin Hour ago
I hope this documentary is a gateway to you taking back your power. Every woman deserves to live her life authentic to herself and happy, no matter how rich or poor
jewel and friends
jewel and friends Hour ago
Ever since I Love Paris ❤️ I can sense that there’s a loneliness behind her fame. Now I could love her even more. I love how Kim appreciate what Paris has done for her.