Mr. Gamaliel Avalos Gutierrez M.D.
Mr. Gamaliel Avalos Gutierrez M.D. 8 minutes ago
Rene? Great brother, of the guard?. I miss seeing u?. D.I.? I remembered? The highball formula? In complete detail? Many gals? U know? That gave trying 2 get 2 know what me. And u know great brother? Have not the innocence 2 have bar exam, 2 more the reasons, 4 our trusts 2 help one another? Well, me and u, still share high securities -c what we always wanted? Live 2 love 1st. And, everything shall fallow? Right? I came across of an very old formula compact? (Fab. Airwolf) desighn? And, concluded if this can be used 4 designing a more new entity dia.ound, that still has all the right stuff, 4 saving us? When nesseccary? As royal teamed, kingsman's, and declared 2 help -c @ other? I was hoping, that u might take a closer look @ this ? Form: Xx b, xxx. Xyyt. X. 2 xxxo.
Mikko Ville Valjento
Mikko Ville Valjento 12 minutes ago
Terrible editing. Manages to ruin both the opera and the action scene.
Suman Sarkar
Suman Sarkar 19 minutes ago
movie name pls
Archer 35 minutes ago
Professor Dent is also Charles Swann from Dial M for Murder.
Jim Barrows
Jim Barrows 45 minutes ago
Worst bond ever this dude can't act for shit.the 3 best actors to play James Bond was sir Sean Connery Roger Moore and George Lazenby.
Marco Mx
Marco Mx 53 minutes ago
Amazing movie
Keko Jones
Keko Jones 55 minutes ago
Remake with Daniel Craigh....... please......
funguy29 Hour ago
Isaac bankole is a great actor
James Rose
James Rose Hour ago
The real question here is why Q’s fishing boat has torpedoes, afterburners and underwater capabilities...
Kai Danardono
Kai Danardono Hour ago
That C-X75 Jag was so beautiful, such a shame it went out the same way as XJ220 did.
Dave Smurf
Dave Smurf Hour ago
Ye Olde "Ejecto Seato" Cousin
Michael Scholfield
Michael Scholfield Hour ago
Cant wait!
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez 2 hours ago
Safin worked with Ernst Blofeld.
Ripon singha
Ripon singha 2 hours ago
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 2 hours ago
0:51 The soot and dirt from the explosion splashing the hood and windshield of the truck is an underappreciated practical effect.
Victor Johnson
Victor Johnson 2 hours ago
The bond villains have really gone downhill. This guy looks like a punk that just needs to be bitch slapped. Not like Goldfinger, Bloefield, or Zorin...
Egregious Malady
Egregious Malady 3 hours ago
From Casino Royale to Goldfinger, the greatest threats villains ever made to Bond were directed at his junk
michael paulissen
michael paulissen 3 hours ago
Where's the babes? 85% of the reason to watch 007 is the babes, let's be honest.
Kris Zickyreen
Kris Zickyreen 3 hours ago
John Wick 👍🏻 James Bond ❤️
Jim X
Jim X 3 hours ago
The salmon pink tie is a worry
hector fernandez
hector fernandez 3 hours ago
james Bond asmr
Tom Jimenez Fitness
Tom Jimenez Fitness 3 hours ago
That’s how you get a woman to chase you fellas. You’re the prize. You tell them to join you. You give them your number. You walk away. Sure this is a fictional character but the psychology behind it really lines up. The writers didn’t just make up bullshit. It’s a real thing. 👍🏼 money, game, and looks make your sexual market value high. So aim for all three and level up
Jim X
Jim X 3 hours ago
A Bond film isn't a Bond film without a rip-roaring action scene like this
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 3 hours ago
A funny fan cannon story about james Moriarty and M in the bond films, the Heads of MI:6 are called M because the founder of MI:6 was Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes stories.
Deadwisd Spedn
Deadwisd Spedn 3 hours ago
Kind of feels like a parody
Daniel Natzke
Daniel Natzke 4 hours ago
Ok so the villain isn't foreboding at all but everything else is promising.
Bruno Williams
Bruno Williams 4 hours ago
No time to get woke. I pass
Chuan-Chih Chou
Chuan-Chih Chou 4 hours ago
5:39 Your Vanquish has not one but TWO machine guns that shoot up. Why are you using a paltry handgun to drop the chandelier...?
Jack Blakeney
Jack Blakeney 5 hours ago
Hopefully it will have the more serious undertones as Casino Royale and Quantum did.
Randomly In accurate
Randomly In accurate 5 hours ago
The film that will never be released.
Reeze Vlog
Reeze Vlog 5 hours ago
he’s probably at Stamford Bridge..chilling with Roman.....(even though he’s a Red)🤪☺️👊🏻
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 5 hours ago
2611 2601 Route 18
Armando Sanchez
Armando Sanchez 5 hours ago
Jay B
Jay B 6 hours ago
R. I. P. Commander Bond. The Woke Mob were the bastards that finally killed you.
randy dewees
randy dewees 6 hours ago
I wonder who the cool little basement machine shop belongs to? The studio, one of the employees?
TexasRocks HillCountry
TexasRocks HillCountry 6 hours ago
Not only a double blowout, but what about that nasty gash on the right side of her car!
Darrien Darrien
Darrien Darrien 6 hours ago
Does anyone know when this comes out on iTunes cause that’s the only platform I have to watch this
vojtec 6 hours ago
Ive got a feeling Ana de Armas character dies ... there’s always one that dies... :(
Aureliano Beltran
Aureliano Beltran 6 hours ago
Connery is classic and legendary, but I still prefer Daniel Craig
Mark Berry
Mark Berry 6 hours ago
Q in Skyfall,.... absolutely hopeless. He needs another 25 years in field service to be qualified as a MI6 quartermaster. You need experience and age.
MinaGaming 7 hours ago
I think this should play before No Time To Die. Thank you, Craig. XD
2012 should have been the apocalypse
2012 should have been the apocalypse 7 hours ago
November? This movie's gonna bomb harder than Tenet
Neville Evergreens
Neville Evergreens 7 hours ago
Daniel Craig was the right man after Pierce Bronson, But who will be the right man after Daniel Craig?
JCBro2014 7 hours ago
Bond: What the hell was that?!
MATTHEW TAMAYO 7 hours ago
Freddie Mercury the villain
Aleisha Anderson
Aleisha Anderson 7 hours ago
i am deeply excited for this.
Peter Franks
Peter Franks 7 hours ago
Have to say, Roger Moore had Class oozing out of him
Random American
Random American 7 hours ago
The latest version of Five Nights At Freddy's has taken an interesting turn.
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22 7 hours ago
She a bit dubbed lol
BMSpammer 8 hours ago
007: Freddy Mercury’s great revenge
jjutt87 8 hours ago
When will a dark skinned black woman get a chance to play a bond girl?
TheNext BigBoss
TheNext BigBoss 8 hours ago
The only bond villain super close to killing bond
Glyn Hannaford
Glyn Hannaford 8 hours ago
Looking forward to that one!
308tony 8 hours ago
Martin Dawkins
Martin Dawkins 8 hours ago
A "recycling" of the ski chase from OHMSS.
Fede Manni
Fede Manni 9 hours ago
Pura emozione!
Fede Manni
Fede Manni 9 hours ago
Sarà un grande inseguimento!
Fede Manni
Fede Manni 9 hours ago
Oha tanta roba asssaiii😍😍😍
Fede Manni
Fede Manni 9 hours ago
Godo nella pillraa
Fede Manni
Fede Manni 9 hours ago
Daniel ti amooooo!!!
Sergio Meandri
Sergio Meandri 9 hours ago
Che tesear...godoo
Sergio Meandri
Sergio Meandri 9 hours ago
Hype fortissimimso!!
Sergio Meandri
Sergio Meandri 9 hours ago
Mi fa volare al cacchicoo
Sergio Meandri
Sergio Meandri 9 hours ago
Pompato assai!!
Luciana Santos
Luciana Santos 9 hours ago
Qual melhor 007 🤔🤔🤔
Verinica Pullara
Verinica Pullara 9 hours ago
Grande attore formidabile!!
Lillo Mariaci
Lillo Mariaci 9 hours ago
Lillo Mariaci
Lillo Mariaci 9 hours ago
Daniel ❤
Lillo Mariaci
Lillo Mariaci 9 hours ago
Novembre nel cuorree
Homp Caccapomp
Homp Caccapomp 9 hours ago
Ma caccicass
Homp Caccapomp
Homp Caccapomp 9 hours ago
Mi cillaicosss
Homp Caccapomp
Homp Caccapomp 9 hours ago
Rami tanta robissina
Homp Caccapomp
Homp Caccapomp 9 hours ago
Epico, potente e accico!!
Lillo Sentinilla
Lillo Sentinilla 9 hours ago
Epico e sarticoo
Lillo Sentinilla
Lillo Sentinilla 9 hours ago
Mi fa arrapare proprip!!
Lillo Sentinilla
Lillo Sentinilla 9 hours ago
Bello potente e culatticoxxxxx
Leo M
Leo M 9 hours ago
Maybe it's just me but all those buttons and gizmos seem much cooler than all that on a touch screen or hologram.
Rocco Lomamma
Rocco Lomamma 9 hours ago
Can't wait!!
Akhtar Ali
Akhtar Ali 9 hours ago
Khabib - Send me location
Danny Hurley
Danny Hurley 9 hours ago
"Live And Let Tomorrow Never Be A Day To Twice... Mr Bond" "Wait?... 🤔 What?" ... Proceeds to execute Bond with double tap to the head... Job done.
Danny Hurley
Danny Hurley 9 hours ago
"Live And Never Let Tomorrow Be A Day To Twice?... 😔... Really wish I hadn't killed so easy now"