10 days ago
I Gained 100 Pounds
Mocking FaZe Adapt
I Went Bald
Month ago
Tipping My Driver $1,000
The Future of FaZe Jarvis
Raed Sarieddine
Raed Sarieddine 19 hours ago
Who is watching this for the trillion time🤔
Seth Mendoza
Seth Mendoza 19 hours ago
Why does case you’re standing with Jarvis is about to die
MadMotoMan 19 hours ago Will Jarvis return to Fortnite
yung diner
yung diner 19 hours ago
is jarvis still part of faze if not he should change his youtube name to justjarvis
sushi. mare80
sushi. mare80 19 hours ago
do you will be unnbanned? I hope
Ljmv 19 hours ago
imagine jarvis sayying hes hacking
coolboy20 M
coolboy20 M 19 hours ago
I love your vids can you see my vids pls I got 0 subs
Mobile Players-gods
Mobile Players-gods 19 hours ago
This man called an elite agent “elite raider”
Ljmv 19 hours ago
pussy ass aimbotter
Abner Castillo
Abner Castillo 19 hours ago
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar 19 hours ago
Have a great day
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar 19 hours ago
I feel bad for Jarvis because he got banded😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥🤥🤥🤫😓😓🤥🤫🤫🤫🤫🤥
Xavier Brand
Xavier Brand 19 hours ago
Brawls Stars Tik Tok
Brawls Stars Tik Tok 19 hours ago
idk why are you banned
Alladin Cat
Alladin Cat 19 hours ago
I'm sorry but idk u don't deserve having FaZe in your name anymore.... U ruined it....
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar 19 hours ago
Fraser and Jarvis I love you videos I feel bad for Jarvis tell him that😭😭
Anthony21 Garcia
Anthony21 Garcia 19 hours ago
He was crying just for a game tho Lmao 😂😂🤣🤣
Dylan T7299
Dylan T7299 19 hours ago
I asked for an oriental Thai massage at the mall and I got slapped... with a happing ending fee. Totally worth it!
احمد العلاونة
احمد العلاونة 19 hours ago
يا خرا
Jude Playz
Jude Playz 19 hours ago
Holy fuck it’s so hard haha 😂 (Sorry Jarvis). 👉👈
JacobbFN 19 hours ago
also you got to watch some vids the night before if you know what i mean......
gabriel calimerio
gabriel calimerio 19 hours ago
rip finger moment thanks epic games for banning you so they saved ur finger well no cuz probably you claw in other games so yea
Sports Seb
Sports Seb 19 hours ago
7:27 I just was watching memes like that lmao
Daddy Jonah
Daddy Jonah 19 hours ago
Kay fell asleep already
JacobbFN 19 hours ago
THERES A LOT OF TINGZ..... SHIT IM MIGHT HAVE TO SLIDE TO LA Jarvis you down bruv ? lol 😂
Quinn Dijkstra
Quinn Dijkstra 19 hours ago
This is the reason he got band
Aaliyah Golding
Aaliyah Golding 19 hours ago
it's me LOLprecess850 jaives
Austin G
Austin G 19 hours ago
The only time banks Is in a vid is when Nelk is there 😂
bot_gagos 19 hours ago
RTL mini
RTL mini 19 hours ago
Anyone else think Nikon put his tip of his nose in the ranch?
Ian Richards
Ian Richards 19 hours ago
Who else is watching him it in 2020
Inpel-Dwatorot 19 hours ago
The zelda music
Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson 19 hours ago
Are we ignoring the fact that the camera man came second
Tktvines 19 hours ago
BRUUV where is part 2 dming 100 celebs
Rp Crxwn
Rp Crxwn 19 hours ago
PT2 of DMING 100 TikTok celebrities cause Charlie got cheated on sooo Go get the ting
jesus garcia
jesus garcia 19 hours ago
Eww trash
Amani Naja
Amani Naja 19 hours ago
I play valorant too
Ninjx 19 hours ago
3:36 looks like he's really sad
OhRicch 19 hours ago
Guys his keyboard is off at 2:54
Vasil Borisov
Vasil Borisov 19 hours ago
Jellie Fam
Jellie Fam 19 hours ago
I feel bad for Jarvis he didn’t deserve this
Verified 19 hours ago
Deserved ahahha
Im T0XIC 19 hours ago
Bro like shut up no one cares
Awan ZXR
Awan ZXR 19 hours ago
What is ting
Landen Blackburn
Landen Blackburn 19 hours ago
Can you check out my account plz asp it is LandenBlackburn
Kairo News
Kairo News 19 hours ago
Villain 19 hours ago
Lucas get yo girl man!
SwatBunny 200
SwatBunny 200 20 hours ago
i play on the switch, and i'm goated. i think i'm the best switch player ngl
King Sxb
King Sxb 20 hours ago
Can’t Lie I’m kind of addicted to your content I’m from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 السلام عليكم
ibrahim alabbas
ibrahim alabbas 20 hours ago
😢that just broke my heart😔I never new that you got banned forever🙁 I love you fortnite vid 😭 and I will never forget you fortnite vid 😞
Khalifa Khalid
Khalifa Khalid 20 hours ago
Saucey 20 hours ago
Im only supporting rug teeqo nikan and banks from now on
Cormac A
Cormac A 20 hours ago
Jarvis is probably the only one who acc pays them if they win
FaCtS Reaper
FaCtS Reaper 20 hours ago
When part 3 mate
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 20 hours ago
I think I know how you got banned because everybody thinks that you have aimbot
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 20 hours ago
You money
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 20 hours ago
And I wish that you never got banned from fortnite indeed you are probably happy that your brother FaZe Kay keeps doing challenges and keeps giving
Sir Yerfdog
Sir Yerfdog 20 hours ago
Steve just made this video 10 times better Fucking send it
CB Drips
CB Drips 20 hours ago
Just play fortnite and not make videos about it
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 20 hours ago
a study your videos every single day🧐
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 20 hours ago
I'm a big fan
Curtis Miller
Curtis Miller 20 hours ago
Can u get money
Yassin Robbana
Yassin Robbana 20 hours ago
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris 20 hours ago
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris 20 hours ago
Chino S
Chino S 20 hours ago
Who ever wins finna get a slice of pizza instead of the 1k bruh you ion that cap shit my nigga
Aden Diamond
Aden Diamond 20 hours ago
If you are playing on switch and good at fortnite this is just painful to watch
Vision Kobį
Vision Kobį 20 hours ago
more Sommer ray and Jarvis vids
Matrix ____
Matrix ____ 20 hours ago
U act like u can’t play on a different acc
Brody Summers
Brody Summers 20 hours ago
If you get un banned friend me check my Cannle fishynotacat aka my friend cannle but my user is blow fort78
Serbian Fishy
Serbian Fishy 20 hours ago
Blaze is a simp bro
Golden kidd
Golden kidd 20 hours ago
4:08 is that the rap battle meme when they say ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Golden kidd
Golden kidd 20 hours ago
Just wait
V2_Ranger 20 hours ago
V2_Ranger 20 hours ago
you are weird
Christian Barnett
Christian Barnett 20 hours ago
Adapt: Message him and say- Cizzorz: F**k!!! Yea definitely message him and say that
sapphire xdxdxd
sapphire xdxdxd 20 hours ago
If ur watching in 2020 1like=rip for combat
WhoKnowMarcus 20 hours ago
Virgin cries because hes gets banned on fortnite
Alfie Perry
Alfie Perry 20 hours ago
Hi Jarvis. Aka Hacker.
xd hugo
xd hugo 20 hours ago
Jarvis has a skin from chapther 2 season 1
Sate g
Sate g 20 hours ago
When Jarvis could play Fortnite