It’s over...
13 days ago
this is the end.
3 months ago
Thank You Kobe. RIP
5 months ago
jerry garcia
jerry garcia 18 hours ago
Samuel Fisher
Samuel Fisher 19 hours ago
_Team name_ : *BRAWS GANG* 😂 _Braws_ *pronounced like* _Bros_
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez 19 hours ago
Aww it’s really sad Jackie is not gonna be here but it’s ok she has a life and I understand
Dairugger 76
Dairugger 76 19 hours ago
Book is so cute I just want to squeeze him i wish I had a dog like him😃😃😃😃😻😻😻😻 I wish he was in my family
Jennifer Newsom
Jennifer Newsom 19 hours ago
The reason why nobody says yall get back together is because its basicly are still together bit you and jackie should make it official again yall are the perfect couple
Colin Petit
Colin Petit 19 hours ago
Team name: seven wonders
Ali A
Ali A 19 hours ago
6 musketeers
Vincent Flores
Vincent Flores 19 hours ago
Get back together
Ramon jose Perez
Ramon jose Perez 19 hours ago
Brawadis said Dr pecker
R3VERSE_Issac R3VERSE 19 hours ago
Bring brackie back plz
Mahmoud Suleiman
Mahmoud Suleiman 19 hours ago
Team awadis
Ziyad 19 hours ago
If you eat ur just gonna get hungry 3 hours later 🤷🏽‍♂️
Tasmiya Goder
Tasmiya Goder 19 hours ago
Who else knows the " my house is haunted" videos are coming in a couple of weeks
Kika Val
Kika Val 19 hours ago
Im srry to tell u this but tiktok is gonna get banned so your life will be boring
TT Gamer #2
TT Gamer #2 19 hours ago
Get bk togther
ZOMBIE HUNTER 19 hours ago
I think the next video we will see Jackie in Brawadis bed
Noe Gomez- Chavez
Noe Gomez- Chavez 19 hours ago
my sister has that same blue bottle
Terminator T-800
Terminator T-800 19 hours ago
I really miss the old intro 😢
Patricia Mezher
Patricia Mezher 19 hours ago
Brandon u havw to make a vid " i asked My Ex-girlfriend to lives with me" it will be dope🤩
Noa Gonzalez
Noa Gonzalez 19 hours ago
11:50 Booker looks so aad
Christian Peraza
Christian Peraza 19 hours ago
Love vid
Aarav the Fortnite Kid
Aarav the Fortnite Kid 19 hours ago
OG vids and days
GrxxnBeem 19 hours ago
I’m dead idgaf about keemstar😂😂🤣
jr _mono8
jr _mono8 19 hours ago
Brandon: “Why make your bed if you’re just gonna sleep in it later”. Me: “Why wipe your ass if you’re just gonna shit later?” Lmaooo just make your bed g
Marilyn Sandoval
Marilyn Sandoval 19 hours ago
i think brawadis and jackie should get back together like and comment if you agree
Marilyn Sandoval
Marilyn Sandoval 19 hours ago
i think so too
Patricia Mezher
Patricia Mezher 19 hours ago
Brandon pleaaasee u have to ask jakie to be your girlfriend 😑😑😑💕
Mobile Games
Mobile Games 19 hours ago
You should do a vid called dog Olympics were bosley vs lola and booker that would be a fire vid I got booker
Ulises Ramos
Ulises Ramos 19 hours ago
Jackie is a gold digger
Maria Avila
Maria Avila 19 hours ago
I could see Jackie moving in soon hehe.
Aryan Lachman
Aryan Lachman 19 hours ago
What was your lock screen wallpaper XD
Laura Najera
Laura Najera 19 hours ago
Get back tohgeder
Kacie-Leigh M0ss0n
Kacie-Leigh M0ss0n 19 hours ago
He called her cute 😂❤️❤️❤️
XPERT HiTM4N 19 hours ago
ur wings
ur wings 19 hours ago
My favorite part off the video was when he proved that he was a sandwich 🥪 artist am I right 😃
Noelia Villalobos
Noelia Villalobos 19 hours ago
Who thinks Jackie and Brandon should get together
Edgar Baez
Edgar Baez 19 hours ago
xPlayyz 19 hours ago
8:24 he’s looking at
GotSkillzz 19 hours ago
How do you buy a house with no pool especially in California the house is nice of course it is but it just didn’t fit him at all
xPlayyz 19 hours ago
Wait thier no Pool in this house
Jason Foster
Jason Foster 19 hours ago
First of all she ain’t little second of all she’s ur gf
EverythingUnboxPro !
EverythingUnboxPro ! 19 hours ago
Jackie gets his views look at the views and likes ova 100k likes in a day and 1.2 mil already this better than faze rug sometimes
connor sonon
connor sonon 19 hours ago
get back together bruh ur messed up in da head
Alexia Pena
Alexia Pena 19 hours ago
brawadis:yall heard the queen 😮😮
Shaha Selim
Shaha Selim 19 hours ago
I d0nt rlly don't watch faze rug and Barbados anymore
Mark Montoya
Mark Montoya 19 hours ago
This video is soooo
TG_ Say-_-
TG_ Say-_- 19 hours ago
U guys need to get back together
Toms Salmins
Toms Salmins 20 hours ago
somebody is going to get some
Shivangee Dhar
Shivangee Dhar 20 hours ago
Thank god she is not dating him gwad her mind is a fuss
Mari Diaz
Mari Diaz 20 hours ago
“I can’t watch”
U broke Kid
U broke Kid 20 hours ago
Here come my house is haunted videos😂
kawshar beeharry
kawshar beeharry 20 hours ago
The title should have been "second house tour"😆
AceSense 20 hours ago
Bruh they used the same song like 100 times in this video it just feels so unoriginal and like they’re reading off of a script the old brawadis was better
Bri Laflamme
Bri Laflamme 20 hours ago
Get back together!! ❤️ 🥰
Ashley Abolmoluki
Ashley Abolmoluki 20 hours ago
Jackie's accent pisses me off
Darkstar Traw
Darkstar Traw 20 hours ago
Jacking good diggin ignorant ass, you should, be happy even if it was a 200k house tf wrong with you, I would’ve kicked her to the curve
Darkstar Traw
Darkstar Traw 20 hours ago
Ik you ain’t joking quit lying
Tony King
Tony King 20 hours ago
Watching this in quarantine and if I was like that I would just flip out TBH cause of the employee’s attitude
Stefany Hi
Stefany Hi 20 hours ago
Get back together
iTrustStream 20 hours ago
If your planning on having the same habits on wearing your shoes in the house . Maybe keep the carpet. May hide all the stains
Kenny Villa
Kenny Villa 20 hours ago
But where is the basketball court??
Verified B
Verified B 20 hours ago
No cap they FWB
Amratash Baghel
Amratash Baghel 20 hours ago
They are just giving too many hints I think they are gonna surprise us after the 'little break' that they were getting back together
GTA Fun Playz
GTA Fun Playz 20 hours ago
Get back togeather
Mireya Reyes
Mireya Reyes 20 hours ago
I will kill my neighbor if he did that
Cosmetic Gaming
Cosmetic Gaming 20 hours ago
Awadis fam
Muhammad Muhammad
Muhammad Muhammad 20 hours ago
19:57 WHAT DID U MEAN🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😆😆😆😆
Farida Fawzy
Farida Fawzy 20 hours ago
Maybe flush your money down the toilate
Dangerous Bro
Dangerous Bro 20 hours ago
OMG I love it when faze rug got excited ha ha
Ryan Zhu
Ryan Zhu 20 hours ago
7:41 I thought it was gonna backfire
Ace Ramerez23
Ace Ramerez23 20 hours ago
anthony is going to be the frist 1
Baby Uno
Baby Uno 20 hours ago
I hope Jackie is okay you can still see she’s not her self AT ALL
Amratash Baghel
Amratash Baghel 20 hours ago
I personally think that the master bedroom is too big for Brawadis to live in alone some one should fill it, and who is better than Jackie, they broke up so long ago but doesn't feels like it, they have really good relationship and I think all of us wants them to get back together
Darey Moreno
Darey Moreno 20 hours ago
Get back together again
Eli Mancini 2.0
Eli Mancini 2.0 20 hours ago
Peace Squad
Miguel Nunez
Miguel Nunez 20 hours ago
They already know Jackie was lying fake ass acting
Cody Burke
Cody Burke 20 hours ago
Brackie for life
DedicatedXP 20 hours ago
what is the intro song please help? @Brawadis
kingBenjamin B.J
kingBenjamin B.J 20 hours ago
IQ_jhonmar 20 hours ago
Okayy is it just me or im in love with Jackie's new hair style....
Joseph Montoya
Joseph Montoya 20 hours ago
Never mind i said that to earlie
Joseph Montoya
Joseph Montoya 20 hours ago
No hate but i feel like jackey is a gold digger
daniel hilburn
daniel hilburn 20 hours ago
Just marry Jackie already or I will.
ali lootah
ali lootah 20 hours ago
Are u dumb that’s ur blood give him a chance why are u like this Like he’s ur brother
dream au
dream au 20 hours ago
This is how many people want Jackie and Brandon together
Gillybilly4209 20 hours ago
You guys need to get to gether
DecayR6 20 hours ago
This is how many people want Jackie
Abel Lopez
Abel Lopez 20 hours ago
Can you give me a shout out for my USshow channel because I want to give content to people and make people laugh like you guys make me laugh
Android 18
Android 18 20 hours ago
I mean does Jackie even have a house lol
Chase Kowalczyk
Chase Kowalczyk 20 hours ago
bruh leave the skits
Nemesio Rodriguez
Nemesio Rodriguez 20 hours ago
Get back toghether
Agdbdn Zndndnfnc
Agdbdn Zndndnfnc 20 hours ago
Team agules
VixienFN 20 hours ago
Who else went to the comments and said get back together 🤣
sammy kvng
sammy kvng 20 hours ago
Jackie is so rude
Olimpicjellybean 20 hours ago
Me trying to deal with my family: 4:55
Xxgl1chxX Trash can
Xxgl1chxX Trash can 20 hours ago
And get back together ❤️😍🥰😘👌👌👌😐😐😐
Ibrahim Adi
Ibrahim Adi 20 hours ago
get back together!!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!! please if you love god you 2 get back together please for my. love bj
Yuliya Positiv
Yuliya Positiv 20 hours ago
Xxgl1chxX Trash can
Xxgl1chxX Trash can 20 hours ago
Do a prank
king15 2K
king15 2K 20 hours ago
i think theyre back together secretly
lola donaldson
lola donaldson 20 hours ago