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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!
Wh0isTh3D0ct0r 14 minutes ago
Have you heard about the RTX 3080 "Paper Edition" listings on eBay? There are tons of them on eBay right now, and they're just listed as a piece of paper with a PICTURE of an RTX 3080 for HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars. Some fools out there are actually bidding! 😳
GamingElliot 22 minutes ago
Preordered the Trinity OC for $730 on Amazon and it's expected to be available on the 30th. Thank you for the review!
grey_fox503 25 minutes ago
They were never available lol
LordGames 27 minutes ago
all bots are happy today !!
ERROR ___ 27 minutes ago
Boycott the Manufactures, the USshowrs, the entire process. Crypto, now Bots. WTF?
Ace 28 minutes ago
I got an order in for the Zotac in this video as well as a EVGA XC3 black card, which preorder should I keep?
ERROR ___ 30 minutes ago
No one can buy at MSRP, time for a boycott. Fix the sales practices! Pay double at launch or wait a year to get at MSRP ridiculous!
FLCivic 36 minutes ago
I got a Zotac preordered
Israel Miramontes
Israel Miramontes 40 minutes ago
zotac is available for preorders on amazon
Dovydas Vilcinskas
Dovydas Vilcinskas 49 minutes ago
Are ppl really that desperate to buy from resellers?
Jared Rentz
Jared Rentz 52 minutes ago
Thank you for the vid. I was ready to give up on my custom build but you helped. If anyone has issues with the boot of Windows, grab a new USB or format an old one.
Charles Salway
Charles Salway 56 minutes ago
If you weren’t able to buy the founders edition manually you’re just too slow. Easy cop.
Farmageddon 59 minutes ago
i hate you for having 4 of them
shtk asasin
shtk asasin Hour ago
Pc is way better than consoles lets do pros and cons Consoles pros Exclusive games Cheaper than pc Console cons Low fps and fps drops compared to pc Controller imput deley like ms Most of console players need tv to connrct ps4 Ps network and xbox live are also paid Free games (mostly) are on only like ps plus and xbox one s for exemple fall guys Massive ping in online games sometimes 100 ping and more Disadvantage when playing against pc players Only for causual playing while pc can used for competitive And annyoing console kids (not talking about all console players but most of them are kids)
Grym Reiper
Grym Reiper Hour ago
I charge Family members. *No one gets a free ride*
Johnny Twice
Johnny Twice Hour ago
Sold out in 30 minutes. Now have to wait for a month
Nike MD
Nike MD Hour ago
Look at all the 3080's I have, not sure why you guys weren't able to get one
Oscar Topp
Oscar Topp Hour ago
Misleading title I see 👀
Robert Hour ago
Available today...Like a unicorn?!
Jackson Roye
Jackson Roye Hour ago
go to liquor store and get a bottle or ever clear. ethanol evaporates faster and isnt as harsh as isopropyl alcohol
Marco Esteban
Marco Esteban Hour ago
The invisible non existent GPU
David Ellison
David Ellison Hour ago
No wonder theres none available, you and all these reviewers get them
Chris jj
Chris jj Hour ago
I been trying to upgrade my 2012 pc for a few years now and everyone always says wait wait wait the new stuff is coming and now I know these 3080’s are gonna be in the dark for the next few months
jim glass
jim glass Hour ago
and check out joker productions video at 144p some of the top games are using 7.2 of v/ram now if your playing at 4k 10GB of v/ram mite not be good in 1 years time as new games will need more than 10GB of v/ram when your at 4 k gaming
Rogelio Hour ago
and... it's gone.
Efren Martinez
Efren Martinez Hour ago
So this is why my order was canceled, people ordering more cards than they need like this guy 😂
krishauer9000 2 hours ago
all these cards or sold out guess it will be a couple months before i can get one fucking scalpers
Paul M
Paul M 2 hours ago
What does it have? I don't know and I don't care because I will never own one. I won't even shell out $200 for a motherboard. There's literally no reason to spend that much.
jim glass
jim glass 2 hours ago
you could get 1 on ebay for £60.000
debasht85 2 hours ago
next video: my 30xx ist not enough for 4k 120fps for 80% of the games 2020
Helmy Ihsan
Helmy Ihsan 2 hours ago
I've been watching Paul since he was in Newegg i thing in 2010, and here i am still enjoying your review video... Good job mate...
PrimeMrCosmic 2 hours ago
Arrived my ass nobody but bots, scalpers, and youtubers got one.
Sonny Fellers
Sonny Fellers 2 hours ago
meh, still happy with 2080 Super for 1440p ... going to be interesting when 3090 drops tho
mytube001 2 hours ago
"If they do sell out." Heh... :)
Murasaki Gilulu
Murasaki Gilulu 2 hours ago
one guys buy 3 card no wonder it's sold out so soon
JacobMTK 2 hours ago
I mean, it either is an April fool's or Paul is slowly drifting into madness due to long term 2019 exposure. ...And i'm pretty sure we're not in April!
behind you
behind you 2 hours ago
Double the power, triple the price...
Kongolox 2 hours ago
ill wait for a rtx 3080 white.. for my new white build with gold trim..
Rahman 2 hours ago
Between these Zotac is most nicer, now waiting to see how it performs compared to others temp wise......
TMA1 2 hours ago
yeah hype powered by amps - kinda appropriate given the architecture name ...
TheMadnes5 2 hours ago
That's at least something, 60-70% average faster then the 2080 for about the same price is fine. Or 30% more fps then a 1200$ dollar gpu, the real loser is the 2080 and ti, they offered so little compared to the 1080ti (expect rt). Maybe the 2080/ti were horrible, but maybe the 1080ti was just too good, and still holds its own.
jon99 2 hours ago
really appreciate the 1070 benchmark comparisons!
Bobnice31 2 hours ago
I almost feel like they put out like 100 cards worldwide but sent 99 of them to reviewers
Bobnice31 3 hours ago
"They are still available." The phrase that will go down in infamy
ioiong 3 hours ago
Do You do Temp test on each Custom cards ?
Franck Picard
Franck Picard 3 hours ago
Should have gone for Noctua's air cooling system instead of Cooler master :/
TX_Reaper 3 hours ago
Pump burned up because side mounted ports instead of bottom
jerry bresee
jerry bresee 3 hours ago
thank you! have a great weekend!
Bancroft Hulme
Bancroft Hulme 3 hours ago
Great video, I enjoyed watching. Your sense of humour made the disappointment of today's launch availability fade away, thanks!
Laser Shark
Laser Shark 3 hours ago
This thing sooooo many people are forgetting. ITS NOT ABOUT THE 2080TI! ITS ABOUT THE 2080! The 2080 was $1200 this is half the price and almost 2x the performance.
12345bomber 3 hours ago
is it jsut me or does the founders editions look by far the best ?
I Love You
I Love You 3 hours ago
Yup i have Out-Of-Stock Edition, it's really The Best VGA nowadays.👍
Aditya Prasetiyo
Aditya Prasetiyo 3 hours ago
You forget Type : can it run crysis?
mortimus maximus
mortimus maximus 4 hours ago
A commercial with linus in it. Wtf??
Corey Logsdon
Corey Logsdon 4 hours ago
Where can I buy one of those knives Paul?
WOMBLES 4 hours ago
Gigabyte ruined it this time.. non symmetrical fans.. and that shitty SLI notch..
Rodney Hutton
Rodney Hutton 4 hours ago
Hi Paul. From looking through the stats, it seems like unless you are running in 4K, there is little advantage in running a 3080 over a 2080TI and only a slightly larger advantage over a 2080 card. I was looking at what sort of difference btn the cards running at 1440P as i am getting a new 27" 144Hz/1440P monitor next week. I can only assume the difference would be an mid point btn all the cards from 1080 and 4K. Does that sound about right? Cheers Rob
RENDER TUCUMAN 4 hours ago
Un i7 8700k con una mother Asus z370e, evga G3 750w gold, cual seria la tarjeta gráfica indicada de la serie 3000 sin que llegue a cuelo de botella?
Jack Vanerian
Jack Vanerian 4 hours ago
Good work Paul, smiles for miles! Thank you Paul for a genuinely ridiculous and enjoyable respite from the B.S. reality that we are faced with these days. Just what i needed. My personal break down of the the TechTuber Nexus has YOU at the top, Kyle at a close second, Jay and Steve are a tie for 3rd, LTT, HW Unboxed, then some other note worthy ones would be Good ol Gamers, Tech of tomorrow, not an apple fan. Just sayin! I know that times have been sorta tough so hang in there. Before USshow was a big thing for the Tech community I used to watch you on NewEgg. We aren't super well off but I think I'll drop you a donation or buy some swag!
Oscar Oscar
Oscar Oscar 4 hours ago
I guess GPUs will never get small like other Computer components.
Felipe Vaiano
Felipe Vaiano 4 hours ago
$700+ for a GPU is abusive. 3080 should be sold for a maximum of 500. How did this happen?
Ed beagle
Ed beagle 4 hours ago
More content i understand the lack of child care stay safe
Daniel Otoole
Daniel Otoole 4 hours ago
You got more cards than the whole country got.
ThinWhiteDude 4 hours ago
So all the YT twats get about 6 each and the paying customers get fuck all. Nice one.
Acecool 5 hours ago
I tried the NVIDIA site on 5 browsers trying to buy the 3080. Kept saying BUY NOW, but it opened a small dialog window which was blank. Now it says out of stock. Yay. Broken Javascript on a website.
Acecool 5 hours ago
What would've been more helpful than claiming the RGB on Zotac is as good as a performance vs quiet switch would be to list the specs of each in the description.
madac219 5 hours ago
Guess bots N reviewers got all the cards then... Not gonna lie really salty seeing the thumbnail owning 3 + cards, while the supply is gone.......
Acecool 5 hours ago
The Zotac looks pretty poor... Why did they extend the backplate so far, and they only have some small slits cut into HALF of the extended part instead of slotting, or getting rid of, the entire piece which extends beyond the PCB. It makes no sense.
gabi po
gabi po 5 hours ago
that hate with the 12 pin conector
Acecool 5 hours ago
I can't stand RGB... It adds extra heat, is too bright, flashy and ugly. It doesn't serve any purpose.
Acecool 5 hours ago
If I spend a lot of money on something, I'd rather all of that money go into making the product better rather than a 'shiny' box.
Starlord 5 hours ago
So 3080 is a overpriced hot brick...l honestly dont think it a good buy..more heat and power is a step backwards. It should be faster its huge a.nd uses 75 w to 100 w not much of a advance in tech....l. will wait for rdna2. Nearly 2021 and nvidia still cant do 4 k 144 fps ...not being funny bit the price of these should be able to..u better off getring next fen console keeping current card until rdna2 comes or even rdna3 if u alread hitting 100 plus fps at 1440....
Quick599 5 hours ago
Looks like USshowrs got 99% of the world stock of the RTX 3080.
Jaco Oosthuizen
Jaco Oosthuizen 5 hours ago
Fucking sell them i cant find any fucking nvidia 3080's here in southafrica.
RevanParker 5 hours ago
Yeah, but not really
Dylan Angel
Dylan Angel 5 hours ago
Hannah now an employee? in charge of test benches and PR i presume ?
Player187 5 hours ago
shut up
Marty's random art
Marty's random art 5 hours ago
The 3080 be like > <
jeremys924 5 hours ago
im surprised you didnt talk about eatx 2x8pin on the high end boards.
toastynotes 5 hours ago
Thanks for showing how they look like powered on in the case. I always like the way Zotac's cards look like they got pulled out of Adam Jensen's body or something.