What Happened To Us
Time to Change.
2 months ago
Finally... WILL SMITH!
Ram Shah
Ram Shah 7 hours ago
youtube advertisement is getting annoying dau by day
AudioASMR 7 hours ago
I'd think yall tryna set me up or some shit kill me ND yall film it or something. I'm such a sketch bag but I would do it. Then again I wouldn't do uber because of same reason. Anthony is the man lmao you only live once.
Joseph Powers
Joseph Powers 8 hours ago
“So we’re taking a water boat” not to be confused with a fire boat
BernandPlayz 8 hours ago
The cringe here is unstoppable
Brittany Hanson
Brittany Hanson 8 hours ago
Imagine if you typed in a different number
Memi Twins
Memi Twins 8 hours ago
i wish i could be that mates friend but no offence did he die and pls sub to my channel
Nate 8 hours ago
My buddy literally just did this and didn't have any problems. He said it didn't hurt by the second day.
Robongun 8 hours ago
5:44 that just made my day😂😂😂
Sarah Bella
Sarah Bella 8 hours ago
Ms. Rona still has not made a trip to this island
Hanasla Rahangdale
Hanasla Rahangdale 8 hours ago
Me: is covid 19 came from there
BernandPlayz 9 hours ago
BernandPlayz 9 hours ago
BernandPlayz 9 hours ago
BernandPlayz 9 hours ago
BernandPlayz 9 hours ago
BernandPlayz 9 hours ago
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez 9 hours ago
The State of Flow
The State of Flow 9 hours ago
It made my heart so full when I went to the comments to say "Add Ricky to the team!" and literally 75% of the comments were saying that. I hope he can somehow fit in long-term!
Vaughn Wilson
Vaughn Wilson 9 hours ago
yo i was just do some fpv freestyle in drl sim at BOISPHER 2
Suso 9 hours ago
"And if you're not offended you're not american" burritos are Mexican tho..
Thegreatone 0707
Thegreatone 0707 9 hours ago
I’ve been here and it was soo cool and pretty
Anna C.
Anna C. 10 hours ago
That cart at Whole Foods must have cost $500+. Makes me grateful to live near lots of farmers markets.
Tonya Hardman
Tonya Hardman 10 hours ago
Go ahead and refund the police and see what happens when someone breaks into your house and you don't have any guns to defend yourselves because liberals are taking them away
Triplets 10 hours ago
Laura Marenych
Laura Marenych 10 hours ago
and you could have named it "my pyramid scheme"
Jhovian Joseco
Jhovian Joseco 10 hours ago
These people are amazinggggg huhu when r u gonna gonna visit PH! ♥️ and probably get me hereee hahahaha
Sara Pfeifer
Sara Pfeifer 10 hours ago
My brother has cp and i want to run for him he is a amazing boy he defined the odds of living pass 2 he is 4 i want to run the iron man at 15 years old for him he is a worrier and i will fight with him
Ami M
Ami M 10 hours ago
I wanna go to a party at the Yes House so bad!! This place looks absolutely incredible. Amazing work!!
Iván Ariel Weinberg
Iván Ariel Weinberg 10 hours ago
T0M 11 hours ago
i love how happy you guys are! :)
Camingo/R6 11 hours ago
Money bomb
erick flores
erick flores 11 hours ago
“We will go full mr beast” that’s got me laughing
Dulce Juana
Dulce Juana 11 hours ago
the girl was the best, she didn't complain, she was super focused!!
Carl Alexis
Carl Alexis 11 hours ago
It’s like asking a homeless man to sleep over to their house.
Rohit Chhetri
Rohit Chhetri 11 hours ago
After two years I still love you guys stay positive and spread the love
FluffyMcChicken 11 hours ago
This is still one of my favor vids from them. Her story always is inspirational and make me tear up everytime.
Glory Adunay
Glory Adunay 11 hours ago
I really appreciate the kindness of people in Tuvalo💕
Annalise Clayton
Annalise Clayton 11 hours ago
my town does not have a gas station
Triplets 11 hours ago
Triplets 11 hours ago
37:30 best part of this video, I appreciate you being vulnerable and cry, thats just amazing to see that you're not afraid to show your emotions.❤😢
Chile Cool
Chile Cool 11 hours ago
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn 11 hours ago
Omg please be friends forever
P D 11 hours ago
0:37 "Epidemic" .. did they know?? or was that actually shot after the "virus" hit? you decide...with 5.7Million subscribers I think these folks might be duping us all...sorry to say....
Amber Dawn
Amber Dawn 11 hours ago
She seems like she has the best personality
höneylemön 12 hours ago
I have a suggestion Call a random number on your phone then ask them where they live tand tell them bot specific place to make it not suspicious and so ask them where would they want to go and ask them to go with you there
Oscar Cabral
Oscar Cabral 12 hours ago
As an entrepreneur going on 3 years (and having made no money so far despite working 12 hours a day), Elon's message is the most comforting piece of advice I've ever heard.
Yeldarb doow
Yeldarb doow 12 hours ago
Come to Alaska an go to Willow there is literally nothing
1000 Subs with no Videos
1000 Subs with no Videos 12 hours ago
Tihami Tahmid
Tihami Tahmid 12 hours ago
What about tundra?
höneylemön 12 hours ago
I have a suggestion Got to instagram and randomly type two letters and choose the person who has the lowest followers then call them ask to join you after quarantine
David Faker
David Faker 12 hours ago
This is the best advertising for 100 Thieves tbh.
Jerry Jerry
Jerry Jerry 12 hours ago
I wish I could subscribe to YES THEORY twice!!! These guys make me feel good and smile endlessly each video!
erwn dar
erwn dar 13 hours ago
Miracles are everywhere ❤️
korpakukac 13 hours ago
They are happy like this. Tourism would be nothing but disgusting poison ruining their way of life.
Elio Aoun
Elio Aoun 13 hours ago
It's the same here in my country except being forgotten... I'm from beirut btw 🤷🏽‍♂️
demamat 13 hours ago
I feel inspired and jealous, but... I'm inspired
Ben Sweet
Ben Sweet 13 hours ago
Man, this is crazy inspiring, keep up the great work guys
Jp willerd
Jp willerd 13 hours ago
How does one of my favorite videos only have 3 million views🤷‍♂️?
5 Minute Tutorials
5 Minute Tutorials 13 hours ago
This is one of the most inspirational videos I've seen
Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer 13 hours ago
Bring his ass back or imma unsub
Emy VanDijk
Emy VanDijk 13 hours ago
I started crying at the end because she was so happy
Charred FrogLegs
Charred FrogLegs 14 hours ago
Everyone was so patient and kind with inadvertently correcting you on how to say Tuvalu. I feel like most other places, the locals would have either blatantly called you out on it or rolled their eyes and given up.
Oliver Crawford
Oliver Crawford 14 hours ago
what a lad
Trisha K.
Trisha K. 14 hours ago
Woooow! I am speachles. So cool experience!
hydiin 14 hours ago
The assgrab at 3:46