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Hi Sisters
Year ago
No More Lies
Year ago
Titiksha Agrawal
Titiksha Agrawal 13 hours ago
James I don't know if it is offending or something but I personally like you more with you natural look .
Frean hope Tiberio
Frean hope Tiberio 13 hours ago
Congratulations James We loved you forever 🥰🥰
Venera Isabekova
Venera Isabekova 13 hours ago
Tstal 10
Tstal 10 13 hours ago
Wow 😳 nice video
Marlet Sanchez
Marlet Sanchez 13 hours ago
Me noticing the little remote in the corner of his car omg we have the same garage remote
Diamond Marshay
Diamond Marshay 13 hours ago
James went from "its a piece of cake to make a pretty cake" to " bᴙɘAk iT dowᴎ biTↄH"
Lamija Čirkinović
Lamija Čirkinović 13 hours ago
Does James read comments? If he does i gotta ask hin something. Can you come to my birthday?🥺
Sofiya M46
Sofiya M46 13 hours ago
His "horrible" makeup looks better than my " good" makeup
Vivian Ho
Vivian Ho 13 hours ago
I wonder how 5 Minute Crafts has got (around) 40k extra subs than this sister <3
Luthfa Ali
Luthfa Ali 13 hours ago
Yas girl
Munich Vlogs
Munich Vlogs 13 hours ago
When she's happy I am like so happy to
Brandon Yip
Brandon Yip 13 hours ago
ok but like imagine being their neighbor and just constantly hearing sirens and larray like “omg there’s been some muderin” or something
Eliza Logofetescu
Eliza Logofetescu 13 hours ago
Noah doesn't speak, hahahahahahaha
Gauri Joshi
Gauri Joshi 13 hours ago
I am seeing this video in 2020
Layan Humran
Layan Humran 13 hours ago
grey 。
grey 。 13 hours ago
👀👄👀=peppa pig is the most random thing you will see here....
Reina Marie
Reina Marie 13 hours ago
Avani:about to be done on here eyes James:Still not done on his one eye Lol
Xazan’s toys review
Xazan’s toys review 13 hours ago
Falelua Niumata
Falelua Niumata 13 hours ago
I saw ur tiktok post so here i am watching the video I LOVE U JAMES
aleesha frhna
aleesha frhna 13 hours ago
Imagine having a house this big, you can use it to play among us.
YOURD0VE 13 hours ago
please do niki's makeup 🙏🙏🙏
aleqsandra 01
aleqsandra 01 13 hours ago
please please please i'm your biggest fan could you do a lime lemon makeup
aleqsandra 01
aleqsandra 01 13 hours ago
please please please i'm your biggest fan could you do a lime lemon makeup
Diamond Marshay
Diamond Marshay 13 hours ago
James new youtube channel intro: Hi sisters! Welcome back to cooking with makeup
Phoenician 13 hours ago
Larry and james i ship
Ismail Muammar
Ismail Muammar 13 hours ago
Lmao I loved this soo much
sunflower emily
sunflower emily 13 hours ago
wait are his eyes two different coulers?!!!
Aliyah ny Cruz
Aliyah ny Cruz 13 hours ago
Is cute
Its me Kitty
Its me Kitty 13 hours ago
The most FANCY among irl I've seen so far!!! Duh! No doubt Its james charles😏😁
Franz Emerson Tan
Franz Emerson Tan 13 hours ago
aleqsandra 01
aleqsandra 01 13 hours ago
please please please i'm your biggest fan could you do a lime lemon makeup pleassseeee
Grace Daheun Lee
Grace Daheun Lee 13 hours ago
*puts ramen in a broken toilet* me: TrIGgeReD
Rugilė Sajytė
Rugilė Sajytė 13 hours ago
pov : i imagine the notification -James charles liked your comment.I have good wishs ;)
Julia Hill
Julia Hill 13 hours ago
Does that eyelash glue last long I always use hair glue which they made a eyelash glue out of but I could never find a nice strong long lasting eyelash glue I am expecting to start school in January at Paul Mitchell and use you as motivation
You din't even say any bad words
Ayesha zac
Ayesha zac 13 hours ago
Just amazing as heaven!!! ❤️
Jasmin Canasa
Jasmin Canasa 13 hours ago
damn i checked the website and i reallyyyyyy wanna like literally wanna buy anything james charles related!!!!! but yeah back to reality, I have no money bcs $10 there is P500 here and there's no Philippines there. sad for me.
Lyn Tunu
Lyn Tunu 13 hours ago
OMG i love quens wierd side
Ketura S .
Ketura S . 13 hours ago
love this whole moment here this friendship is everythinggg
Daniella Slabbert
Daniella Slabbert 13 hours ago
Are you married ?
Lamar Ali
Lamar Ali 13 hours ago
معليش ذا بنت ولا ولد
Thandanani Zuma
Thandanani Zuma 13 hours ago
Curtis is kinda pro at this game
Sodah Ahiadome
Sodah Ahiadome 13 hours ago
part 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Gurshant Singh
Gurshant Singh 13 hours ago
Alicia Diaz
Alicia Diaz 13 hours ago
My sis can sound so Much like James and I can tell her to make a tiktok
BedRiddenAngel 13 hours ago
You guys should make more!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Antonio Manaserian
Antonio Manaserian 13 hours ago
Purple: Laughs hasterically Purple again: Damn... I hate being an imposter😂
Aarya Kathaley
Aarya Kathaley 13 hours ago
Yes we want tooooooooooooooooo watch another video oooooo
ahmedtejeno bendano
ahmedtejeno bendano 13 hours ago
we want NOAH to become an impostor on episode 2
Chloe Sheridan
Chloe Sheridan 13 hours ago
You are a beautiful singer
Varin Kamal
Varin Kamal 13 hours ago
Hi iam James Charles this is my friends phone using but my eye shadow and eyebrow is the worst sorry
Carmen Grauwels
Carmen Grauwels 13 hours ago
Lil Nas X is dope 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
alfo pp
alfo pp 13 hours ago
you know your friends are real when the tell the truth❤️🤗
Celest JE
Celest JE 13 hours ago
Celest JE
Celest JE 13 hours ago
Uhhhhh did boys can makeup?
Fatima Mussa
Fatima Mussa 14 hours ago
Josefina Castro
Josefina Castro 14 hours ago
Sista what wrong with inposter killing you. Not Rude sista
Ace Laguna
Ace Laguna 14 hours ago
This is really fun i’ve been laughing the whole time
vasiliki yiannarakis
vasiliki yiannarakis 14 hours ago
Nicko Cahatol
Nicko Cahatol 14 hours ago
Bree Yang
Bree Yang 14 hours ago
Bruh James better reach 1B subs soon
Fatima Mussa
Fatima Mussa 14 hours ago
noor alajmi
noor alajmi 14 hours ago
She looks way different and good
Arfa Naveed
Arfa Naveed 14 hours ago
what about mascaraaaaa?? i came forrr thatt
Ms.parmawii Pari
Ms.parmawii Pari 14 hours ago
Hi james..its me among us on said check me my channel on youtube i seee
LP 14 hours ago
We need the Miley Cyrus collab we need ittttt
Miro yusuf Ocampo
Miro yusuf Ocampo 14 hours ago
Lol I was watching this 4times 😳😳
Ethan Carpenter
Ethan Carpenter 14 hours ago
ofc alex chose black...
Silvana Felicio
Silvana Felicio 14 hours ago
3:16 these face crayons are for halloween make up, scars and everything
Andrew Ruiz
Andrew Ruiz 14 hours ago
you most likey never see my commit but its ok
الين احمد
الين احمد 14 hours ago
Charlie 😭😭
Ari ana
Ari ana 14 hours ago
Imagine doing this to an event lol
sala computer
sala computer 14 hours ago
i just notice that his ring is on his ring finger :)
Andrew Ruiz
Andrew Ruiz 14 hours ago
hey james im a big fan im Andrew Ruiz hope ur having an awesome day ...i have depression and u being here making videos make me smile so thx...its ok ill be fine if ur wondering..i been depressed since i was 10 im 16 now 2004 march but its ok things will get better day... anyways love u so much have a great day..... p.s love ur makeup lol the blue one was my fav btw
Penelope Wagner
Penelope Wagner 14 hours ago
Period love👁👄👁also I watched the TikToks before and thought that Charlie was the mom I’m so dumb isn’t she still a minor
KnoggZ NBA
KnoggZ NBA 14 hours ago
You are so beautiful xoxo
Tiffany Perdue
Tiffany Perdue 14 hours ago
i enjoy this so much i laugh so hard at y’all we need episode 2!
Neenee Phillips
Neenee Phillips 14 hours ago
S’mores pop tarts are good🥰💕