Disney's Mulan | "True"
Disney's Mulan | "Fight"
Iris Estrada
Iris Estrada 16 minutes ago
No one: Not even burr: People with out Disney plus in their country: I WANNA BE IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENSSSS
`,Jacky , ́
`,Jacky , ́ 23 minutes ago
Ok but I saw this video and someone counted how many times they said the room where it happens and apparently it was said 50 times so all I gotta say is I think he really wants to be in the room where it happens
Sofia 25 minutes ago
YESSS one of my favorite parts of the show!!
Nathangomin G
Nathangomin G 27 minutes ago
0:20 that LEGWORK BRO
Perris Kertroy Fortson
Perris Kertroy Fortson 29 minutes ago
This number alone is like a musical theatre masterclass
Monica Rivera
Monica Rivera 42 minutes ago
I read the book like 7 times when I was 12 and I could never put it down. I did not need the movie version to make me cry but now it will. I hope you do the book justice Disney.
Gloop 43 minutes ago
The trailer for films is usually a lot better than the film, this trailer was shit
Ediomo Ekanem
Ediomo Ekanem 44 minutes ago
cleanse your eyes.. usshow.info/watch/WPK0bLyxVbM/video.html
basicallyanedit 45 minutes ago
*chefs kiss*
LiberoAzzurro 46 minutes ago
Johnny's new job after beating his wife
Holy Water Squirtgun
Holy Water Squirtgun 48 minutes ago
0:39 I probably would've fell down doing that tbh
Gabriella Wisetsarakool
Gabriella Wisetsarakool 48 minutes ago
Love his run tho🤣
Matt T.
Matt T. 57 minutes ago
I feel this is arguably the best song in the whole musical (getting ready for guns and ship fans to destroy me but still)
Sofia 16 minutes ago
I agree! my number one is wait for it but this is a strong second!
Layla 37 minutes ago
Agreed! Everyone is always gushing about Wait For it as Burr’s best song, but I beg to differ.
monicazhen 58 minutes ago
That tablecloth pull was so smooth!!
pushpin1er 59 minutes ago
Very painful to watch and listen
pushpin1er Hour ago
The longest 2 hours of my life.. if I wanna learn history I’ll just read a book ty
Hans Michael Fanunal
Hans Michael Fanunal Hour ago
This is probably my favorite Hamilton song, Leslie Odom JR killed it
John Reddy
John Reddy Hour ago
*Gorilla Lives Matter*
David Emanuel Rosini
David Emanuel Rosini Hour ago
Paula Cabrera
Paula Cabrera Hour ago
He MURDERED the whole show. What an incredible and talented man.
itsjemmabond Hour ago
Can she adopt me please?
Torrence Sampson
Torrence Sampson Hour ago
Disney can Please give Wander Over Yonder a season 3. Also can the people in the comments section sign this petition. www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3 #SAVEWOY
Torrence Sampson
Torrence Sampson Hour ago
Disney can Please give Wander Over Yonder a season 3. Also can the people in the comments section sign this petition. www.change.org/p/walt-disney-encourage-disney-to-make-wander-over-yonder-season-3
Reinba And Solaris
Reinba And Solaris Hour ago
I already watched the musical fully but I'm still gonna watch this lol
Jessy-sYouTube 9 minutes ago
para0302 Hour ago
-Inspired by an incredible TRUE STORY -Have animals talk to each other in english Only Disney
Evaniya Thomas
Evaniya Thomas Hour ago
this always give me the CHILLS
So the Mulan girl is the girl in So Young 2 (never gone)????
TheAnonY RiceCake
TheAnonY RiceCake Hour ago
Astri Monika Irianto
Astri Monika Irianto Hour ago
Why im crying?😭
endee s
endee s Hour ago
I was so excited for this. *So* excited. Now? Think I'd have been better excited about watching toenails grow.
BlackMidKnight Hour ago
click *B O O M ! !*
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker Hour ago
Forget Disney+. This should be seen in theaters. This is what people need to see. If it's good, that is.
Janabug Hour ago
Leslie Odom Jr's voice is amazing
Eric Rossoni
Eric Rossoni Hour ago
John Bolton’s book. A phrase of his title he took.
mia g
mia g Hour ago
Hamilton,jefferson,Burr and Madison are a bunch of girls like they left burr out of their group and then they try to take down hamilton as well 🤦
Akash Dew
Akash Dew Hour ago
This is the first time that i know the song in trailer
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Hour ago
Books: Artemis is a villain and slowly over the books become more human, connecting with others and even giving up his wealth and power for others. Going so far as to even give up many of his criminal acts. Movie: MY DAD'S BEEN KIDNAPPED T-T
B1loner Hour ago
Leslie is no doubt one of the most Impressive actors of all time
Simone Annika
Simone Annika Hour ago
I'm willing to wait for Disney+ to be available in my country
Lilia Eini
Lilia Eini Hour ago
i really like this movie and especially how my dogs name is sparky too! if ur into dog movies and Disney i would recommend this for you:)
Fan of most things
Fan of most things Hour ago
I love Leslie Odom Jr so much. He’s so talented.
321GameTime Hour ago
Leslie steals this show and I am completely fine with that.
cintrondiego Hour ago
Joe Ludwig
Joe Ludwig Hour ago
Finally watched it last night, and with the close ups it brought to my attention how long Leslie was out of breath from this. He holds it together so well during "Schuyler Defeated" and in Cabinet Battle #2 finally gets to dab his head with a handkerchief.
A. Seed
A. Seed Hour ago
That run tho
garcia adrian
garcia adrian Hour ago
They should make a new movie of Walt Disney
Lenny Hour ago
I’m just dying slowly because how amazing his vocals are
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Hour ago
President Moon and I will be in the room where it happens. Where Korean reunification happens that is
Captain Bowen
Captain Bowen Hour ago
Racist play
Georgia Hutchins
Georgia Hutchins Hour ago
How is it racist? No like tell me. The play is based in a time where there were slaves, so they couldn't just ignore it. The cast has lots of people of color and lots of white people too. I'd like to know what makes you think Hamilton is racist. Also, if you think it's so racist, don't watch it! Simple as that.
EvilGame Hour ago
I love it
Catalina Of Aragon
Catalina Of Aragon Hour ago
Noor Marzouk
Noor Marzouk Hour ago
The question is how many times did he fall off that table before perfecting it?😂
Agus 40 minutes ago
If the table was steady enough, I don't think it would've been a problem
razor blade
razor blade 40 minutes ago
You copy pasted that joke. Anyway, it's a very safe table jump. The ensemble guy is watching and waiting for Leslie to jump before his pulls the cloth. Leslie is also looking down as he jumps so he can anticipate his landing.
one person
one person Hour ago
I know right? I was actually scared he would fall when i saw that.
Anna Maddalena Capasso
Anna Maddalena Capasso Hour ago
🎶And no one else was in the room where it happened!! I'm in love with this awesome song!!! 🎶😍 It is in my mind everyday!!!❤❤
Quin Oop
Quin Oop Hour ago
Anika J. de Guzman
Anika J. de Guzman Hour ago
That one dislike doe :(
Mamdouh Moustafa Megahed
Mamdouh Moustafa Megahed Hour ago
I love this film I hop so pehind films
PWR GRL Hour ago
Leslie Odom Jr is SO talented! ❤️
Foxclaw24 Hour ago
On of my favorite songs
Justin Pedi
Justin Pedi Hour ago
Has this man ever hit a wrong note in his life, wtf
Anika J. de Guzman
Anika J. de Guzman Hour ago
Me when my parents say you don’t need to know *i wanna be in the room where it happens :(*
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk Hour ago
Damien Llomo
Damien Llomo Hour ago
The movie out January 16
TheQuacker Hour ago
And what for? Boring politics.
TheQuacker Hour ago
@Allen N. I know I know I've watched it. I'm just talking about this scene. My comment was supposed to be funny and failed as it seemed
Allen N.
Allen N. Hour ago
I mean the first act is mostly about fighting the British, so the politics are in the second act but even then there's more of Hamilton's life in it than the actual politics. Besides, the point of this is to talk about history in a NOT boring way. But you are entitled to your own opinion 🙂
Jennifer Torres
Jennifer Torres Hour ago
Que precioso!🤩 Like si te gusta como canta Aaron Burr👍👍👍
Pigmy Peanut
Pigmy Peanut Hour ago
Why would anyone not like this??? I’m here when there is only one dislike and I feel proud. I don’t know why.
Anika J. de Guzman
Anika J. de Guzman Hour ago
Hamiltrash Hour ago
I love his little dancing and fierce and sassy expressions
Kate Hernandez
Kate Hernandez 26 minutes ago
Arudizu Hour ago
We were finally in the room where it happened!! Leslie is so talented!
Reese R
Reese R Hour ago
David Officer
David Officer 20 minutes ago
@Ryan Faure Angelica, thank God Someone who understands what I'm struggling here to do
lukety9 Hour ago
This can be taken 2 ways
Ryan Faure
Ryan Faure Hour ago
@Weronika Stan DAMN
Weronika Stan
Weronika Stan Hour ago
All the way from London?!
Rita Aguiar
Rita Aguiar Hour ago
GoodOldFashioned Hamilton
GoodOldFashioned Hamilton Hour ago
The ensemble is just... AHH!!!!!
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Hour ago
Room where it happens? It’s the Zoom where it happens in this current climate
Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim Hour ago
SenPaw Libra I think AnimeGamer meant to reply to a different comment
SenPaw Libra
SenPaw Libra Hour ago
TheAnime Gamer ?
TheAnime Gamer
TheAnime Gamer Hour ago
The person who took the thing was holding him in the back in case he fell
Rachel Kim
Rachel Kim Hour ago
The breakout room where it happens
N1 Hour ago
Okay but honestly the way that they went back in time and showed us what Jefferson and Madison were talking about while Burr and Hamilton were talking was *chef kiss*
David Officer
David Officer 22 minutes ago
Ikr! The creative team really know how to tell a story, in the album Helpless/Satisfied are pretty low on my tier list, but I absolutely love watching it being performed, and they've actually become some of my favourite songs now.
L. Josino
L. Josino 41 minute ago
yeah! i like this instance of repeating time from different points of views as much as i liked it when they did it with a winter's ball/helpless/satisfied
Celebrity Quarantine Videos
Celebrity Quarantine Videos Hour ago
Thank you for Hamilton
[aesthetic_cream] Hour ago
staciemwahhaha Hour ago
Leslie Odom Jr is so talented! The vocals! The choreography! UGH!
httydgirl74 Hour ago
He deserved that Tony Award he won!
Damien Llomo
Damien Llomo Hour ago
@lets Movie out January 16th
lets Hour ago
He is better in this live recording than in the album
H̸o̶m̴i̴c̵i̴d̴a̶l̷.̷l̵i̷u̵ .̷s̶u̸l̵l̶y̷
H̸o̶m̴i̴c̵i̴d̴a̶l̷.̷l̵i̷u̵ .̷s̶u̸l̵l̶y̷ Hour ago
It out already and your doing this
Aril _da
Aril _da Hour ago
Sophia Rayome
Sophia Rayome Hour ago
bro like ive never been this early but i luv this sm give me more thank u
Master_of_the_Wicket Hour ago
Enoch's Lego Laboratory
Enoch's Lego Laboratory Hour ago
Twilightspirit609 2 hours ago
That gorilla can get it..
da guy
da guy 2 hours ago
No Eddie Murphy dragon ..how can you do a Mulan movie without the Eddie Murphy dragon
Christopher Nguyen
Christopher Nguyen 2 hours ago
ReeeRG 2 hours ago
_crying in the corner with my broke ass (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)_
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Dynamic Panda
Dynamic Panda 2 hours ago
Does anyone remember reading this book?
Tahiel Racciatti
Tahiel Racciatti 2 hours ago
I thought we were over talking animals
لولو العبس
لولو العبس 2 hours ago
Jsuehdkdnbeidbd end
prentice1215 2 hours ago
What's with Danny DeVito playing characters involved with circuses the last few years..?
Yamileth Suarez
Yamileth Suarez 2 hours ago
OMG. Simba is so cute
Martín Adriazola
Martín Adriazola 2 hours ago
Great, they talk
Dana Dana
Dana Dana 2 hours ago
Im sorry, but where is the handsome prince?!
Yamileth Suarez
Yamileth Suarez 2 hours ago
WOW 👏👏👏
Jeff Ruben
Jeff Ruben 2 hours ago
Yamileth Suarez
Yamileth Suarez 2 hours ago
Yamileth Suarez
Yamileth Suarez 2 hours ago
Yamileth Suarez
Yamileth Suarez 2 hours ago
This. Si. A. CAT!!
Yamileth Suarez
Yamileth Suarez 2 hours ago
Barbara Santos
Barbara Santos 2 hours ago
Ah mas vai demorar um ano pra chegar no Brasil,já tô até vendo