Salvage Traders
Salvage Traders 10 hours ago
I’ve just started mountain bike and what’s a good starter bike
Chad Lunsford
Chad Lunsford 10 hours ago
Haha indestructible mach 10 little beast!
Hemant samant
Hemant samant 10 hours ago
Which is your bike please tell me
Alex Reid
Alex Reid 10 hours ago
You should make a 26” hard tail into a dirt jumper
Fergal Lynch
Fergal Lynch 11 hours ago
Play footdown on brakeless bmx
Arnold Priela
Arnold Priela 11 hours ago
Why am I grinning while watching this?
TheGalactic Josh
TheGalactic Josh 11 hours ago
I love the part in the whale tail it's so DRAMATIC I LOVE IT !!! MAN IT'S SO DRAMATIC!!!!!!!!!
TheGalactic Josh
TheGalactic Josh 11 hours ago
I love the part in the whale tail it's so DRAMATIC I LOVE IT !!! MAN IT'S SO DRAMATIC!!!!!!!!!
Alex a war pigeon
Alex a war pigeon 12 hours ago
Is it a 27,5 or a 29
Miles Brigham
Miles Brigham 12 hours ago
I want berm peak back :(
JA MARIAL 12 hours ago
I want mtb :(
mongo dude
mongo dude 13 hours ago
5 human power pub
Philip242 13 hours ago
There is real obsession to take care damned bike.. Isn't easier to buy just low tier model ? This is what happens after you buy expensive item, it is similar to cars, motorcycles. Life has to be simpler.
Hypnotic Beast
Hypnotic Beast 13 hours ago
Sir are Enduro Bikes available in India.
Hypnotic Beast
Hypnotic Beast 13 hours ago
Ever since i started seeing your videos, i am getting these weird dreams at night of Drama and I running behind you, while you ride your Diamondback Release 5c and sometimes you fixing a bike and i helping you. Big fan of you sir. Love from India.
Myrtle Hill
Myrtle Hill 13 hours ago
You are a mad genius, I always love the "freak bike" stuff!
Myrtle Hill
Myrtle Hill 13 hours ago
If you smear dielectric grease on the finger tips of any gloves, it will make them work on touch screens forever even after washing them. You only need a small amount and no it won't make you lose grip either. You can get it from auto parts stores, its used for electrical connectors.
Myrtle Hill
Myrtle Hill 14 hours ago
"if you clean your car it will actually be cleaner" - Seth Alvo 2017
William Stryker
William Stryker 14 hours ago
cassette motors are DANGEROUS. I really HATE when vehicles are electrified without proper sensors or motor placement... Really respect the courage you've had riding this Seth. I'd NEVER ride something this cheaply built (given that it is electrified). Electric cars rely on JUST hub motors, but this mountain bike relies on the torque applied at the crank/pedals (its not as simple as a throttle... the cassette motor can't work properly because humans will always be in a non-ideal gear and apply unpredictable torque to the bottom bracket... If you're going to set a goal from an engineering standpoint, don't take stupid (STUPID) shortcuts and justify mediocre performance and safety by offering a lower price... Maybe a lot of people won't notice what ticks me off about this, but the design isn't thought out and it is dangerous.
Myrtle Hill
Myrtle Hill 14 hours ago
If you ever get too old for mountain biking, you've got your next calling. This was awesome content.
Alejandro Hilton
Alejandro Hilton 14 hours ago
Dude you make it see like it was an scary movie, Hans Rey made it look like the easiest trail in the world 😂😭
ArchitecTJ97 14 hours ago
USshow algorithm brings me back to this old WTF
Scutu 14 hours ago
I got it that you used the cheapest parts not to break the bank (cool, I may wanna use some of the parts as well) ... but wait .. how come a $250 CAD dropper post? :O :O :O
The Explorer Kid
The Explorer Kid 15 hours ago
<---- He's scard
Will Hennarty
Will Hennarty 15 hours ago
After watching these videos I have built my own trail and I’m some cases I really love the building process, thanks Seth!
Engine 301
Engine 301 16 hours ago
0:46 by by Seth deap in to the woods
Engine 301
Engine 301 16 hours ago
I just got a trek 820 hard tail in size small
J Neptune
J Neptune 16 hours ago
So...🤯🤯🤯🤯scary. I m good bruh. Lol
Demigod Drawings
Demigod Drawings 16 hours ago
I stand on my roof and jump from my roof to the bike.
Doggy 16 hours ago
3.45 u gotta be dumb💀 nah but good vid
Deanna Grayston
Deanna Grayston 17 hours ago
Wen he sed mtn dew I was drinking mtn dew
Cash Kelar
Cash Kelar 17 hours ago
The Olight LED Bike Light Bundle - Allty 2000 + RN120 Bike Light is amazing and is totally worth it you should check this out!!!!
MTB Breaking Trail
MTB Breaking Trail 17 hours ago
Hey Berm Peak I have an old Diamond Back 24 is there a person you would know who fixes bikes well in the Tennessee, North Carolina area? I only am about an hour away from where you live. I love your content! You are favorite USshow ever! Stay Gnarly!
The boys!
The boys! 17 hours ago
Bro it pisses me off that she always sits down
David Ugarte
David Ugarte 17 hours ago
In Arizona it never rains
JPD Gaming
JPD Gaming 19 hours ago
Lol my old mountain bike was so bad that when I messed up a jump my dork disk just broke off
Brick Bros
Brick Bros 19 hours ago
This is how many shades of blue this bike has 👇🏻
Matt c
Matt c 19 hours ago
It takes about 5 seconds to manually raise my seat after a trail. I think I'll pass. Besides, the. "cheep" dropper post costs more than my downhill bike brand new!
Brady Skates
Brady Skates 19 hours ago
I would skate it and mountain bike it
95 studios
95 studios 19 hours ago
I'm so sadddd rib
SpectreOps YT
SpectreOps YT 19 hours ago
When is he actually going to build more trail
Steven Grindey
Steven Grindey 19 hours ago
I ride single speed because even with gears I don't change them
Nirvezz 19 hours ago
I traded a 98 Specialized FSR for a Schwinn that the worker at Trek said is more trail worthy.
Bob Fred
Bob Fred 20 hours ago
Yes finally
Ic3 20 hours ago
nice choice of words
Timmie Decker
Timmie Decker 20 hours ago
I've had my same $400 hardtail for 6 years now and this man is buying several full suspension bikes a year?!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 20 hours ago
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one owns them ♦️Non-Duality
Louis_ 20 hours ago
What oil do zoom brakes take
Justin Rose
Justin Rose 21 hour ago
My 1st mountain bike was a trek 4900 lol.
TR5 Productions
TR5 Productions 22 hours ago
Hey Seth I want to buy a mountain bike for my trails in my backyard which on should I get
The 2nd gen
The 2nd gen 22 hours ago
Wait Seth can skate board
topi parkkinen
topi parkkinen 22 hours ago
i would have left the fox fork in there
Poker Channel
Poker Channel 22 hours ago
it is not worth it. It isn't worth it. So, get the hell out of here with videos trying to show off bs.
JPD Gaming
JPD Gaming 23 hours ago
RIP drama
Karen Hermansen
Karen Hermansen 23 hours ago
This is why i subcribed to you
PanCakeYTG 23 hours ago
imaginate the game on contacts
Arbuus 2018
Arbuus 2018 23 hours ago
Get berm peak into decenders lol
Duc Dang
Duc Dang 23 hours ago
"I have more self control than to try anything stupid on this thing" *proceeds to huck a jump on a $50 bike*
Owen Morgan
Owen Morgan 23 hours ago
I love how Seth did this with all park tool stuff 😂😂
Ian Feller
Ian Feller Day ago
I broke my collar bone not to long ago
PawsOfJustice Day ago
We lost a legend.......
Jeff Bratteson
Jeff Bratteson Day ago
Porcupine rim is the most amazing trail ever. I have ridden this out to the bottom and climbed it back up to the top in one day. Earned my burrito and beer that day.
Taem ADHD Day ago
Wait what happened to seths bike hacks
selder 123
selder 123 Day ago
You should really invest in an ATV it will help transfer stuff and going up hill and down hill it will help
omginvalid Day ago
Why didn't you just buy a nice RC car? You're fucking loaded lmao
loise belcher
loise belcher Day ago
Seth make a fire place by the pucker plank so you don't have to run with a human melting stick
charlie sheridan MTB
charlie sheridan MTB Day ago
The man sure do have a LOT of bikes
William Lipinski
William Lipinski Day ago
next video you should make a tabletop
Hype clanyt
Hype clanyt Day ago
Who else finds this interesting
tieguanyin Day ago
I love the ending.. awesome
Please dont put these much ads
Blake Halbach
Blake Halbach Day ago
2:23 what was that noise
Tommy McCallister
Tommy McCallister Day ago
He should go to West Virginia and ride
ROTcoin Mk.2
ROTcoin Mk.2 Day ago
Is that a dirt jump bike u ride in this video?
Anton Krot
Anton Krot Day ago
Hello Seth (sorry if I spell it wrong) can you do overall video about Been Peak Trails. Thank you love your videos!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 20 hours ago
Seth we have the same hobbies =] Mountain biking and Rc cars! I for one say the more videos with them the marrier!
Padzer 431
Padzer 431 Day ago
Imagine being sponsored by diamondback 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Tatum Peiffer
Tatum Peiffer Day ago
Looks like shrek has a good time
Padzer 431
Padzer 431 Day ago
I’d love his job
DARK Day ago
Can you imagine working on Jesus's bike
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe Day ago
American houses, made of plywood and cardboard...