Down With the SICK
10 days ago
I Got Stuck On A Roof
11 months ago
Backyard Stories
Working Late (Scary)
My Crazy Theatre Teacher
Almost Run Over By A Car
The Girlfriend Fairy
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Flight of the Valentine
THERE'S 20,000 OF US!
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The Sochi Hotel Games
Mckinley Bell
Mckinley Bell 5 hours ago
Maybe your pregnant 🤔
Galaxyjack 2000
Galaxyjack 2000 5 hours ago
Why didn’t you just jump of the back of the house I mean it’s shorter
dawid gry
dawid gry 5 hours ago
Mann vs machine theme starts playing
Galaxyjack 2000
Galaxyjack 2000 5 hours ago
Wait you could’ve put the ball on the top of the post then when it was at the end you could jump .-.
Sage 5 hours ago
"I wanna be a ghost story".
Sam Mia
Sam Mia 5 hours ago
Wait so stole or borrow your mom credit card. Me. Becca. Yes. woah I have never did that before ever. 😑
HeartBreakStudios 6 hours ago
Just get better, good luck
Meriah K Tulloch
Meriah K Tulloch 6 hours ago
When all you do is grind for 2 months and only keep your starter
Dorka Eszter Becsjanszki
Dorka Eszter Becsjanszki 6 hours ago
10:49 Ookkkaaayyy Szem(sam) means eye in my my language... DID HE DO THIS ON PURPOSE?!😂😂 My native language is not that well known...
Let me explain my stories
Let me explain my stories 6 hours ago
''shhhhhhhhhh, dont tell them that cartoons are made by adults'' kids: HHHHHmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Victoria Martinez
Victoria Martinez 6 hours ago
This just reminded me of yesterday, when my sister told me " Did you know sand gets colder as the temperature drops?" and I was legit surprised by this. My stupidity is unbelievable for my age.
『Lxvender_ Latte』
『Lxvender_ Latte』 6 hours ago
(Pin this comment pls) Rebecca and Raina T. (an author) should be buddies
spiderconman1219 6 hours ago
I once heard footsteps from my dads basement everyone else was sleeping and the cat was next to me... BOO! 👻
Nickolas Trowell
Nickolas Trowell 6 hours ago
The demon can grow stronger if you become depressed and the Angel can seemingly fade away and overtime you forget about the Angel and begin agreeing with the demon
Kanykei Doorova
Kanykei Doorova 6 hours ago
I got in trouble for something someone else did
Maia Corgoja
Maia Corgoja 7 hours ago
It does happen to me and it's so annoying. My grandma has a habit of telling people stuff like that. My mom was by the door the other day, ready to leave, with her purse on her shoulder. And then my grandma shows up behind her telling her: "Don't forget your purse"
Leah 7 hours ago
USshow: Lets reccomend this in 2020 Me : Why USshow,Why
BlackFireOC - Gameplay, Phone Vlogs And Many more!
BlackFireOC - Gameplay, Phone Vlogs And Many more! 7 hours ago
I want more recaps. I just wanna be in one :o
Unicorn Number1
Unicorn Number1 7 hours ago
Rebecca, if you want a boyfriend you should go see the boyfriend fairy.
Emily Butterflies
Emily Butterflies 7 hours ago
Angelic voice! 🤩
Good Loser
Good Loser 7 hours ago
Yeah. I have been there before. It happen so many time that i have this urge that tell me to make them dump and Miserable but now i'm over it. I am still going make them miserable
sunbright Creations
sunbright Creations 7 hours ago
who else thought rebbca was dead
Skippy. P
Skippy. P 7 hours ago
I'm watching this at 4.32 mil good job Becca
StormWing 15
StormWing 15 7 hours ago
Its only 16 minutes but it felt like have an hour!
StormWing 15
StormWing 15 7 hours ago
That’s a good thing!
leave me alone please
leave me alone please 7 hours ago
Y have a job for you So basically ghosties are real and you gotta get a vacuum cleaner and succ the ghosts and then trap them in a smol box
KLxSHMoŔÎ 7 hours ago
Sounds like that one animated horror story I wonder what wouldve happened if it wasn't a random person or a car or a burst of luck in that situation 🤣
Pyro The Parasaurolophus
Pyro The Parasaurolophus 8 hours ago
ew it has a mouth
KLxSHMoŔÎ 8 hours ago
Oh shit I hope your ight 💪
KLxSHMoŔÎ 8 hours ago
I couldn't wear a hat.......or black outfit IN A OUTTA UNIFORM SCHOOL
Unicorn Glitzer
Unicorn Glitzer 8 hours ago
I watched this video in class back in 2019 with my high school freshman class because the topic was dresscodes. Most people didn't understand anything because you where talking too fast (according to them). Guess I'm above my grade level 'cause I understand everything just fine lol
Zephie Animations
Zephie Animations 8 hours ago
I love your voice!! Its so pretty and so powerful its so amazing!!! And the animation its beautiful aswell!!! I love everyone about this!! Have a lovely day/night!!!!
Blaue Kokosnuss
Blaue Kokosnuss 8 hours ago
When will the Hoodie dissapear from the Shop?
Afgan Ahmad Alrazi
Afgan Ahmad Alrazi 8 hours ago
yandere fan mela
yandere fan mela 8 hours ago
its good art i love it
RelatableYoutube 9 hours ago
Imagine if someone got a girlfriend without rebecca's help, then that person's gotta be some kind of chad.
Liltarlo11 9 hours ago
All i like about it is bill cipher
huffle fluff
huffle fluff 9 hours ago
Your voice is sooo beautiful
Abigail Deckard
Abigail Deckard 9 hours ago
Wait am i the only one who seen the piggy bank and seen waddles like if u know who waddles is
Farzana Gulab
Farzana Gulab 9 hours ago
the answer is DOLLS
Ella-Ella 9 hours ago
you ar e at 3,17 mil CONGRATS
Desiree Stuebe
Desiree Stuebe 10 hours ago
Who is thia
Gacha Sloth
Gacha Sloth 10 hours ago
ngl.. i panicked badly when i saw how much detail there was
Seth McPhail
Seth McPhail 10 hours ago
2:27 Night in the woods mea
William The gamer
William The gamer 10 hours ago
Some comments: Becca water is wet. Me: yeah I feel ya people can be very irritating
Jabin Davis
Jabin Davis 11 hours ago
please take as much time as you need on your next vid
ᑕᖇᗩᘔIᗴ-ᑕᕼᗩᑎ 11 hours ago
Shadowseeker 19
Shadowseeker 19 11 hours ago
Wait a minute your Dad died on November 18? that’s the date of my birthday.....
William The gamer
William The gamer 11 hours ago
Here’s a tip if you wanna launch something. Make it flat but also elevated then place it then it goes up. Physics, who knew?
Jazmin Negron
Jazmin Negron 11 hours ago
Lily and the other dudes and the odd ones out you guys literally said yes when you guys were saying no because you guys had your voices in the video says that it is basically saying yes I will have more guest
McKayden Perkins
McKayden Perkins 11 hours ago
hmmmm w e i r d
That. Weirdo
That. Weirdo 11 hours ago
Lol She a blanket sushi 🤗
Jazmin Negron
Jazmin Negron 11 hours ago
it’s 18 million people that have watched the other video
Arthur Eloy Barbeita
Arthur Eloy Barbeita 11 hours ago
I’m my school if you had a red shoe you are banned and you have to help theater people and we had to wear white shoes that is so shacist get it racist shoes
King GummyBear
King GummyBear 11 hours ago
Rebecca: You know when you get one of those looks from your parents? Orphans: Well yes, but actually no.
Deb Butler
Deb Butler 12 hours ago
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 12 hours ago
?:?? yes *CHILL* (if u now the time stamp plz tell me... sooo might be hard but yeah!)
Jenniffer Gonzalez
Jenniffer Gonzalez 12 hours ago
Is it dolls??
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 12 hours ago
*S I C K* on dr- (banned)
Twilight Link
Twilight Link 12 hours ago
This happens to me all the time. People think I'm a moron because I'm not good at math or science but I thrive when it comes to problem solving and thinking outside of the box. Thanks Becca!
Squirrel !
Squirrel ! 12 hours ago
I knew that kid president was NO GOOD
carlo the kity will eet ur face
carlo the kity will eet ur face 12 hours ago
your laugh frikin scares me
The Fails News
The Fails News 12 hours ago
If you don’t know, Blizzard Beach is a water park in Miami I think. (I just know this cuz it’s one of my favs). SO DON’T SAY SHE’S CRAZY.
Maro M
Maro M 12 hours ago
WANG KAR WEI Moe 12 hours ago
Reed Whitman
Reed Whitman 12 hours ago
Mabel label stabel cable distable all must rhyme but with what short kind maybe its rable or maybe its babel no will never know with my type of slown
Jamie Sani-Flores
Jamie Sani-Flores 12 hours ago
Stevie 13 hours ago
Why did you add the sister trio from Ed Edd Eddy
Brandon Miranda
Brandon Miranda 13 hours ago
You remember of webby from duck tales
{Among us Cookie&cream}
{Among us Cookie&cream} 13 hours ago
Yea I vomited on Saturday
Bishopcat Animates
Bishopcat Animates 13 hours ago
I hope ya'll better! I mean, I know, what it's like being sick. I've not had Covid, but... *Horrible Flashbacks Begin.* Ugh... I'M DONE WITH THE SICK!!!!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN SICK SO MANY GOD DANG TIMES THAT I. AM. SO. DONE. Anyways, love ya'll!
Jeanny Cortes
Jeanny Cortes 13 hours ago
yup that happened to me
The Cool Kid's 69
The Cool Kid's 69 13 hours ago
This is a good vid
Isabel Lurain
Isabel Lurain 13 hours ago
Laugh at your problems .. Hm.. Haha I'm broke Hahahahahahah so broke Hahahahahahahsha I'm living off of ramen HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Dominique Pilon
Dominique Pilon 13 hours ago
3:32 smack reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Peter Oliver
Peter Oliver 13 hours ago
You could of put the ball at the top, let it role down and then jump on the plank.
Ofelia Vega
Ofelia Vega 13 hours ago
You would make a great Slappy squirrel from animaniacs
Raphial Fehr
Raphial Fehr 13 hours ago
I hade a saga to and a wii
Jeanny Cortes
Jeanny Cortes 13 hours ago
yay i’m a which!
Soy-Sauc3 :P
Soy-Sauc3 :P 13 hours ago
Help I can't figure out the elevator, how do I go down!? I've been stuck for days, months, help
Jeanny Cortes
Jeanny Cortes 14 hours ago