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Chomez 29 minutes ago
I could never imagine myself saying 'Good Fox' to a Fox that obeyed my command.
Nashee Alexa Elag
Nashee Alexa Elag Hour ago
It looks realy fun
marko milicevic
marko milicevic Hour ago
Didnt russians land there a fee decades ago? Could it be that the russian pod left behind some organic matter from which bacteria could evolve
James Holmes
James Holmes 2 hours ago
Weren’t we supposed to be underwater by 2014 according to al gore and his experts warm8ng models? Turn off your mainstream news or foreve4 live in fear.
Hayley 2 hours ago
So if my normal body temp is like 97.5 does that mean that if my temp is 99, I have a fever?
The Bloop Sound.
The Bloop Sound. 2 hours ago
Dam... what if the Aliens don't even have ears?
Rogério da Costa
Rogério da Costa 3 hours ago
That was so cool watching! Really super entertaining for techies! :) Loved it!
R.I.P Gamer
R.I.P Gamer 3 hours ago
Omg 666 comments
hannah 3 hours ago
ok so this is my highlight of 2020
Caleb Doane
Caleb Doane 3 hours ago
For the people who think we are alone in the universe: you clearly have no idea how big the universe actually is
robinson raphael
robinson raphael 3 hours ago
The Sun is LOOSING ITS GRAVITY, Planets Loosing Gravity moving away from the SUN... Possibly favorable for Lifeforms...
benjie thomas cawood scott
benjie thomas cawood scott 6 hours ago
That thing has no thrust
laqhlan. 7 hours ago
are the cables managed though?
Abbie Roberts
Abbie Roberts 8 hours ago
I’m always between 37 and 37.7. Have been taking my own temperature for years out of pure curiosity. It’s actually w big problem because people often assume I’m sick. I’m just a warm person!
Ashok Porwal
Ashok Porwal 9 hours ago
Imagine going there and coming with a zombie disease by alien bacteria
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 10 hours ago
Extra terrestrials life is just like graphene batteries in phones - we MAY get it one day...
Jamie Kerrnahan
Jamie Kerrnahan 10 hours ago
Wanna get and look younger dont work so much lol
Haris Reyaz
Haris Reyaz 10 hours ago
And they expect aliens to understand it easily....WTF....
The Unknown
The Unknown 12 hours ago
I can sell you some dirt to eat
bluenu 12 hours ago
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Gusti Panji Widodo
Gusti Panji Widodo 12 hours ago
time to colonize the Venusian skies.
Gusti Panji Widodo
Gusti Panji Widodo 6 hours ago
@bouytt guyt what are you doing, stepplanet?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 10 hours ago
venus is just earth's hot sister guys chill.
Aditya Narayan Rai
Aditya Narayan Rai 13 hours ago
Hyper socializing of Animals depend upon Animals' natural behavior,Take Lion for example they can be just like dog if you've been with them whole life but Same thing is not seen with Tiger
Giancarlos Villarreal Larios
Giancarlos Villarreal Larios 13 hours ago
It will be great to explain how the body is after gets Covid. There's a lot information, but at the same time uncertainty about that. Btw already there's more than 20 million people that recovered from Covid-19, maybe they have the same question.
mjgarrett9885ify 13 hours ago
I think it's called state of mind .
Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo
Yimmi Lopez-Hidalgo 16 hours ago
Why didn’t they send a USB instead with a little key ring that has a fully folded strong papyrus with all of the written in fo on it. Because by the time some one finds the message which could be 1billion light years from now, there may not be decks to play the record but most likely there will exist a device for in-putting a USB. And they get to see pictures or even videos. Pls somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Cheers.
Manjunatha Prabhu
Manjunatha Prabhu 17 hours ago
Its 2020 September, still do not have graphene ,waiting for 2050 to have my graphene wheelchair
Charly sosa
Charly sosa 17 hours ago
Too late for earth has ten years left to reach the point of no return for human extinction
MM TAPEZ 17 hours ago
This is our god
Philosopher X
Philosopher X 18 hours ago
I read about that study, it's incredible. Thanks for doing the video.
Torian Cromar
Torian Cromar 18 hours ago
Hey Verge science why don’t you make an entire video breaking down the Movie unacknowledged with Steven Greer and see if he’s lying.
Rosey Chan
Rosey Chan 18 hours ago
aw I thought we were gonna be able to see a comparison in the end. How they were using the buttons before VS after they learned that there was a delay of 5 seconds.
Rosey Chan
Rosey Chan 18 hours ago
why is everyone in this video so aggressive toward elevator buttons
F James
F James 19 hours ago
WE ARE NOT ALONE...That will be cool, aliens on venus
std provider
std provider 18 hours ago
F James
F James 19 hours ago
Evidence is right, we have life somewhere guys don't know
F James
F James 19 hours ago
When we are find out
F James
F James 19 hours ago
Then, it's life on venus..we got it go there
F James
F James 16 hours ago
@TurtleTheThing yes we know
TurtleTheThing 17 hours ago
issue is for venus the surface temperature is nearly 430 Celcius. making even a probe stay there for long would be extremely difficult.
F O'Brien
F O'Brien 19 hours ago
omg fox !
James Spencer
James Spencer 20 hours ago
hows about instead of paying for a test just donate once they will send you a card with you type and rh factor.
Alex White
Alex White 20 hours ago
I'm really really hoping that this can be proven true, it would be such an immensely incredible discovery!
Vyas Chady
Vyas Chady 20 hours ago
Wow, you got evidence of life on Venus??? Meanwhile David Fravor was chasing alien ship a while ago.
erepsekahs 21 hour ago
So all in all, according to her, nothing to get excited about.
F.B.I. 21 hour ago
i wonder what the guy that farted in space is thinking right now
NitroCorn 22 hours ago
We can only hope it's true. How exciting would that be!
Scott Pike
Scott Pike 22 hours ago
Good video. But why does the intensions of a police officer matter. It’s the constitution they should follow not their intentions police have no training in how to not let there ego get the best of them. Many of us watching these videos and are disgusted with their behaviors, would more than likely start letting our egos get out of control to.
rvpstudioscanada 22 hours ago
That is *SO* COOL!
Gilliahn P.
Gilliahn P. 22 hours ago
Seeing those wire cages they had the experiments in really made me realize that humans are selfishly taking animals out of the wild, putting them in tiny prisons that hurt their paws to no end, and making them how *we* want them. Sad.
angelizqn 23 hours ago
Pigs betray the public trust ALL THE TIME. This is nothing new, it's just getting caught on video now.
Karen Whitehead
Karen Whitehead 23 hours ago
This means it is possible to live on Venus
TurtleTheThing 17 hours ago
literally no that is not what it means
Anibal Lopez
Anibal Lopez 23 hours ago
Bring them this way I’ll eat that with no problem plus there healthier then eating beef and chicken
Mrbobinge 23 hours ago
Watched it last year too. Doubly confirms objective Science. Climate change dogma is absent. Perhaps the material for a future Hollywood blockbuster - if ever they survive WokeVid.
Adammrtl27 Day ago
No bugs, no birds... When I was a kid swarms were a thing. Flocks were a thing.. now it's noticably less in both regards. Another thing that isnt as plentiful, at least in my area, are fresh water clams..when I was a kid, local lakes were full of black and white clam shells... The beaches don't have them anymore.
Nick. C
Nick. C Day ago
venus is just earth's hot sister guys chill.
todd hunter
todd hunter Day ago
I'm pretty sure that nature will reset all of imbalances and humans time on the planet will be up then. There is no second chance.
Wouter Vokar
Wouter Vokar Day ago
No they aren't off our pH scale, that's not how the pH scale work.
Kerweba Yerlota
Kerweba Yerlota Day ago
Proving life in venus would greatly impact religions here on earth.
gaming creates worlddd 24
gaming creates worlddd 24 11 hours ago
@std provider so called fallen demons are also fairy tale right
std provider
std provider 18 hours ago
too bad aliens are fairytale creatures 🙊
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 22 hours ago
I guess it would impact some religions & some religious people... but mostly just literalists. For instance, I can't imagine a Daoist or a Buddhist having their whole worldview turned upside down from the news of life on other planets.
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] Day ago
Considering 2020, we got aliens.
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 22 hours ago
Tbh, this is _way_ better than the aliens I thought we were gonna get. With the way this year was going, I figured it was about to get Omicronian up in here, if you know what I mean.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Day ago
This is proof there’s Taco Bell on Venus
Uncle Gruesome Hedsjodt
Uncle Gruesome Hedsjodt Day ago
Id was like; id be like; id be like not woke; it be was like...
nikesback Day ago
Bit reaching.... we don't have that much ice. Plus If it melts it probably won't stay a liquid water.
Am I the only one who's getting Fox News vibes... I mean that's the technique Fox uses to bend the reality
max steel
max steel Day ago
dark side
dark side Day ago
Can this do Samsung Galaxy Watch ??
RegurgiNATE Day ago
So when a person is seem doing something. Then it's easier or almost automatic to have an emotional reaction instead of thinking about the whole situation logically.... Got it.
RandomGoatOnTheInternet Day ago
Gimmie them alien cheeks!!
Achyut Arjun
Achyut Arjun Day ago
We only look for carbon based life forms in extraterrestrial planets....but what if it's based on something else? What if we are searching in the wrong places? Maybe other environments gave rise to other forms of life? How are we going to search for them? And SHOULD we be searching for them in the first place?
gaming creates worlddd 24
gaming creates worlddd 24 11 hours ago
@Achyut Arjun some dog breeds do enjoy chocolate
Achyut Arjun
Achyut Arjun Day ago
@qopoy dnon yeah...maybe some life forms might need the "toxic" gas for's toxic to us...just like chocolate is toxic to dogs...but it's pretty popular among humans...
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Day ago
To be fair, even if the air is too "toxic" in venus, like what Ian Malcolm said "Life uh.... finds a way"
Sheik Jayaluddeen
Sheik Jayaluddeen Day ago
Another Earth
Satch Flight
Satch Flight Day ago
Flying Spaghetti Monster...All Hail!!!
Nikita _
Nikita _ Day ago
Take all of us to Venus and in Mars can't bear covid-19 anymore.
akshay pradeep
akshay pradeep Day ago
Never a.better year to find aliens...
Well we already knew that venus must have had some sort of single cell organisms millions of years ago probs billions even
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 22 hours ago
We did not already know that.
Catwoman Day ago
They’re not Aliens unless they’re more intelligent than Humans. These multicelled organisms are just babies and everyone knows we’re not alone in the universe.
TurtleTheThing 17 hours ago
they dont have to be smarter than humans. life on an extraterrestrial body is what an alien is. it doesn't matter if it's smarter than us or, what it most likely would be most places, microscopic organisms.
std provider
std provider 18 hours ago
anyone with a brain would get out of their blanket of comfort and accept that aliens are fairytale creatures
rjiggy07 Day ago
Hi, I'm a 40+ year Tool and Diemaker in the Detroit area of Michigan, U.S.A.. I've watched and experienced this conversion. It sickens me as a Master Mechanic. No one that has adopted the metric system can understand the preciseness of a tenth of a thousands of an inch. I made details that the tolerances were +0 / -0.0002 of an inch. 0 is, 0, .0002 in metric is .005. No where have I ever seen these tolerances in any print for any detail. Us old schoolers new what a "tent" was. These kids now a days couldn't read a scale within .002". It was a way of dumbing down the US industry, and it worked. ask anyone under 40 what 13/16 is in decimal. They won't have a clue. They'll check with there phone... oh, that's 20.64mm... ??? we're doomed as the industrial giant we were, because of the metric system. mho oh, and you idiots out there that are so glad that you stole our work, stuff it. There are still a few of us that can bury your junk work and there are companies that are seeing this and are getting tired of paying for nip junk. wooh,thatswhyoldschool...
News Network
News Network Day ago
After many hundred of centuries earth will be no more and we stay on sister planet venus because according to its nature of planets venus is also cooling down its temperature where there will be habitual situation i my view first mars got life after along earth got life and many centuries from now venus will be our planet until then we will have mind but out body structure it becomes like scorpions,lizard 4 hands and two legs with one head
Simon Augustine
Simon Augustine Day ago
6:58 sick shades sand guy.
SimpleFreshThoughts!! Indu
SimpleFreshThoughts!! Indu Day ago LIFE IN VENUS CONFIRMED. WATCH THE VIDEO ☝️
TurtleTheThing 17 hours ago
why i just watched this video i get the gist of it.
banana hamhock
banana hamhock Day ago
Sub par video for the money they have.
Frank Granados
Frank Granados Day ago
If there is life, cast it into the fire it’s 2020.
thedivineparagon Day ago
Perhaps there are sandworms on Venus
Nicholas Bogroff Ganssle
Nicholas Bogroff Ganssle Day ago
Alfred Hatch
Alfred Hatch Day ago
I'm curious Wal-Mart sells insulin for 25 bucks where do they get it?