Josef K
Josef K Hour ago
Give pets a happiness meter or something so their reactions change the more bad or good things you do to them. Idk kind of like training your pet. Either that or pet commands to annoy other players or take small loot. Maybe that's a bit too much but still would be cool.
gameplays yoav
gameplays yoav 3 hours ago
your'e Game suck sea of thieves!
Felipe Cardoso Bezerra
Felipe Cardoso Bezerra 8 hours ago
Accessibility Improvements i love it!
SIJO6658 9 hours ago
support my channel #gamingoryx
Gabby Musallet
Gabby Musallet 11 hours ago
I would play this game again if I didn’t get chased by some idiots for an hour everytime I get on😐
Boxu 16 hours ago
Please bring back a chance for us to get this set again T^T
Donny Morocco
Donny Morocco 17 hours ago
I miss this version, the new content is glitchy and poorly balanced. I'd even be up for kraken removal for a month or two - it's more common than skeleton captains
Jack Spallone
Jack Spallone 19 hours ago
Can u add grounded cosmetics
Mathijs Wolters
Mathijs Wolters 23 hours ago
give us pet crabs!
Shaun Johnston
Shaun Johnston 17 hours ago
I would buy it straight away
William Eckford
William Eckford Day ago
Dixy normas booii
William Eckford
William Eckford Day ago
It had a stiffy
William Eckford
William Eckford Day ago
That volcano had an ejaculation
Jack Spallone
Jack Spallone Day ago
Can u guys add realistic anchors and name plates
David Jimenez Garcia
David Jimenez Garcia Day ago
Voy a dejar de jugar, esta lleno de tramposos con vida infinita y autoapuntado, comunidad de pc cheaters
The man chicken
The man chicken Day ago
possibly the best sea of thieves update
Warmindking Day ago
*Looking for some new crews to play with! My old one got busy and can’t play anymore. Xbox, drop your GT and I’ll play with you!*
Jon Day ago
imagine a 21 players crew, with a real pirate system you know, like 5 people work at repair the ship and drain the water, other 8 guys only works at cannons, the 3 original crew members are the hands of the captain (number 4) helping him to communicate the orders, then the other 4 members works at the rest to help drive ship, captain drives and gives the orders to his 3 pals of course people can do their own if its necessary that would be something scary to find on the sea
MiniPuff-Gaming Day ago
When the fire nation attacks