JOEY J 8 hours ago
almost this time you dress like average h2 driver
Golden Lantern
Golden Lantern 8 hours ago
0-60 in 2.5 seconds?! The thing does it in like 2.9 on a good day buddy. Wtf
Rhonda Dawkins
Rhonda Dawkins 8 hours ago
Wow! Good Job! This guy did fabulous. Makes me want to buy one! Hopefully next year 2021.🙏🏽❤
traplord 1
traplord 1 8 hours ago
This comment is. Average
The Life
The Life 8 hours ago
Why can't they make it look like a 1969 Charger for $87,000?
Мармеладов ТВ
Мармеладов ТВ 8 hours ago
so a car for oil arabs?
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 8 hours ago
0:00 This!!!(Laughing) Is A Mercedes AMG G63 6x6 Pickup Truck
Zoodasake L
Zoodasake L 8 hours ago
This car is pretty functional and luxurious
DNT TRD ON ME 8 hours ago
Icon....maybe....ugliest damn Porsche ever....definitely!! It looks like a damn kit car.
kari 8 hours ago
Al Ameen
Al Ameen 8 hours ago
Yeah it's ridiculous... Thank god he is not taller ...😂
youtert 8 hours ago
Looks like it came out of a low-polygon-count 1990s video game.
Joe Wolf
Joe Wolf 8 hours ago
9:08 Middle finger is longer on normal people’s hand. This freak probably doesn’t know that. 🤦🏻‍♂️
outshyne666 8 hours ago
Its a turtle,, so slow, no awd. No open roof option.. they failed on this on imo
Cesar Toledo
Cesar Toledo 8 hours ago
Thank you Doug, all i can say is “God Bless America, and God Bless Detroit “!!! 🙏😸
jbird00 8 hours ago
Doug did you know it was a fiberglass body? Also my silhouette would always adjust itself with some self-leveling hydrolic system
Duck 8 hours ago
Summary of the video: Hexagons
Ron Kol
Ron Kol 8 hours ago
rims look like shit
ifeelit 8 hours ago
can you please review an AE86
Ryan Kyle
Ryan Kyle 8 hours ago
I couldn’t see the third car up for auction. Invisible?
Zoodasake L
Zoodasake L 8 hours ago
12:29 It said Airbag warning
Marius 8 hours ago
When I see the interior of this car, I think of smoking, VHS and curly hair.
cam runner
cam runner 8 hours ago
Was hoping its was 238 miles - per hour Its not a bad looking car
Zoodasake L
Zoodasake L 8 hours ago
3:30 that idea is pretty cool
Fernando Barajas
Fernando Barajas 8 hours ago
With the car being British why would they seal the "bonnet" shut knowing it WILL break down on you.. It can't be British unless it's unreliable...
BErZErko 20
BErZErko 20 8 hours ago
I literally have this on for a horizon 4
Justin Hill
Justin Hill 8 hours ago
This car was the inspiration for car #86 Chick Hicks, the green car from the Disney-Pixar "Cars" film franchise...
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic 8 hours ago
Wait this car has...a a.. a head rest?? Was.. there actual safte..y??..?
Zoodasake L
Zoodasake L 8 hours ago
Designer: coupe Engineer: 4-door Designer: coupe!!! Engineer: 4-door!!! Hyundai: Okay okay 3-door
Z Zz
Z Zz 8 hours ago
Weekend score is 5 points too low. Styling - 9, handling - 7, cool - 8 = 38.
ParadisePickerFL 8 hours ago
Man I hope this depreciates so I can get it in a few years lol
Mohammad Tabbaa
Mohammad Tabbaa 8 hours ago
10 years later the most expensive versions 0001 0007 3000 2020 2030
swoopity poo
swoopity poo 8 hours ago
cote d'ajoure? never heard of that
Fernando Barajas
Fernando Barajas 8 hours ago
The car that GM should have brought to America was the Holden Ute. Who knows maybe it could have gave Pontiac a stay of execution just long enough for us to forget about the Aztec.. P.S. why is speedo in K.P.H. ?
dinga dinga
dinga dinga 8 hours ago
chassis stiffening bar is a designer dazzle and servers zero strenghtening purpose....someonne convince me otherwise.
intellectual TOMMY
intellectual TOMMY 8 hours ago
It’s got the Bmw F30 330i engine 😂 FYI
The Nostalgic Lounge
The Nostalgic Lounge 8 hours ago
See that too... 2020 on the display. Buick had no issue with "Y2K" after all.
John Basil
John Basil 9 hours ago
This guy gets so much twisted. I'm about 8 years older. And it's enough time to know all the things he thinks he knows
Ranting with Ray
Ranting with Ray 9 hours ago
Damn Doug now all the cops know where to search first...
Oliver Closof
Oliver Closof 9 hours ago
Okay tht spoiler is just ugly
Ford Explorer 95 guy
Ford Explorer 95 guy 9 hours ago
I saw I like a 2008 Silverado hybrid but it’s a company truck
Z Zz
Z Zz 9 hours ago
You get used to the touch pad; no annoying prints, failed pressure points, or compromised pixel; recessed, shrouded screen infinitely more elegant than poorly proportioned touch screen afterthought mounted to an otherwise-balanced dash. Excellent work, Lexus.
Orange5quid 9 hours ago
Press the m button to unlock the power of a whole Miata
william 9 hours ago
$50k for a mini? Really
Geoff Nelson
Geoff Nelson 9 hours ago
C8 Stingray Convertible 70,000
zman 9 hours ago
Giovanna = every hip hopper’s dream wheels.
Eugene A.
Eugene A. 9 hours ago
Meh. It does look pretty good and it is quite fast. Definitely a bargain, no argument. But no proper manual (sorry, not interested in flappy paddles under any circumstance) and waaaaay overcomplex for an old 41yo fart like me. I like my cars simple where I do all of the controlling. As Doug went over the features at first I thought it was cool but then when he started really going into submenus, modes, etc, - heeeeeell no. Keep that junk crap on your Android. I just want the damn thing to run. Ok, I can live with 2-3 basic modes with separate buttons but the absolutely last thing I want to do is play around with a crapton of silly menus.
Junior Rodriguez
Junior Rodriguez 9 hours ago
Doug is taller than the c8 on his knees lol
JuanDavid Pazmino
JuanDavid Pazmino 9 hours ago
That exhaust note is PERFECTION 👌🏼
Blake Star
Blake Star 9 hours ago
Should've been a hard top convertible LC F version with at least 750 hp.
Trevor Faas
Trevor Faas 9 hours ago
They can’t develop a manual yet basically built a new car
Mickey McCracken
Mickey McCracken 9 hours ago
That there is a wedding car
joseph stalin
joseph stalin 9 hours ago
For 50k I could buy a mustang gt and blow this thing outa the water no problem
Daniel Loveson
Daniel Loveson 9 hours ago
$46,00o sticker and they couldn't be bothered to put a shark fin antenna... that's mini for you XD
B E J 9 hours ago
too expensive for what you are getting better spent on something else
J St
J St 9 hours ago
“This doesn’t have pinch to zoom.” Then he pinches and zooms without using the plus or minus. This is what happens when a person talks too fuckin much
Brock Kostiuk
Brock Kostiuk 9 hours ago
THIS, is back when Doug didn’t dress like an Hobo.
thecandyred1 9 hours ago
If you have to replace the front fender panel - will it come with the number again?
Dominic Bowers
Dominic Bowers 9 hours ago
How do you have time to still do car reviews when you’re growing cars and bids?